In this disinformation war, discernment is paramount. It bears repeating because it’s a perishable skill.

I start by assessing the motivations of the sources I consume, determining who is in it for the right reasons (of which there are many) and who just wants to divide.
There are plenty of honest, good people doing great research who sometimes get things wrong. Not out of malice but simply by mistake. Those are the best types, especially if they can admit their mistakes and learn.
Then there are others who push good, reliable info but then knowingly lace it with disinfo or division. These are the ones to watch out for because they’re tougher to spot.

I have no one in particular in mind while tweeting this, but you all know the type.
My operating principle is simple: I do not know everything. Thus, my mind is always open to being shown new information even if it contradicts things I thought I knew.

Being willing to do this is the only way to test the mettle of one’s opinions.

Beware of those who don’t.

• • •

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7 Sep
There's more to this ongoing struggle than just information warfare and partisan polemics.

The polemics are, largely, a distraction designed to keep us fighting ghosts rather than unifying against our true enemies. The disinformation is used to ratchet up the hate and hostility.
Keeping yourself informed and honing discernment are important in the midst of the great Disinformation War of the 2020s, but it's not what will win the day.

This is a transitional period that is actively destabilizing multiple elements of our society, culture, & relationships.
The spiritual warfare raging around us goes almost unnoticed outside of the devout among us. We are each being tested, daily, sometimes hourly, to examine our own lives and actions.

This is important inner work we all must do, and it's this work that the fearmongering prevents.
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11 Jul
This is an inversion of reality. The DS, or whatever word you choose to use, did not "fully take over this country" in the past few years. In fact, they've been in control for the totality of everyone's lifetime who's using this platform this very moment.
The shift that's been ongoing since 2015-2016 has been an awakening of the masses to this reality. Every bit of blowback and fallout since has been the result of the establishment trying to regain its chokehold on the consciousnesses of millions who've woken up.

They failed.
This transformation of our reality was never going to be a smooth transition.

It was never going to be "instant".

And a single savior was never going to come do the work for us.


It's on all of us. And it's going to take millions of us to get it done properly.
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17 Jun
To me this is all the more reason to embrace the holiday, it offers a chance to counter the historically ignorant narrative currently being pushed.

Those who say America is rotten to its core because its founding was intertwined with slavery only prove their own ignorance...
Anyone can dissemble the current CRT/Marxist revisionist history push with a simple regurgitation of historical facts - starting with:

1) Slavery existed since time immemorial, it touched every culture, every race, every creed - slavery was THE WAY OF THE WORLD prior to America
1 con't) ... It was not until over a century's worth of Enlightenment philosophy and turmoil culminated in Jefferson's pen inking the Declaration of Independence that "slavery as the normal human condition paradigm" began to change.

And it changed quickly.
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24 May
The moving COVID Narrative:

2019-early 2020: "It came from a wet market! Any discussion of other possibilities is not only crazy but RACIST!"
Mid 2020-The Election: "It came from a wet market! Any discussion of other possibilities must be silenced from the internet, media, and called out as crazy, racist AND Trumpian!"
Post Election 2020-early 2021: "Okay, so maaaaaaybe the lab leak theory has some merit, but if you mention it at all you'll be silenced, insulted, and called a racist."
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17 May
A great thread here from Jeff on a topic close to my heart. It's inspired me to share my own thoughts and experiences on a topic many once considered "fringe" but has become more mainstream by the hour - especially over the past decade.

The question is: Why now? I have answers.
I'll begin with by sharing my own experiences with this subject. As with most things in my life, I started out thinking one way (UFOs/UAPs aren't real) and quickly was shown that I was wrong.

Over and over and over... until my eyes were fully open.
I began as a skeptic, determined to prove my best friend wrong about the topic way back in 8th grade. I devoured every book I could on the subject - both pro and con - and spent my time talking to people who had experiences with the phenomenon.

I was certain I was right.
Read 31 tweets
14 May
The experts demanded we "follow the science", even at the expense of our personal and professional lives. How'd it go?

* Mask wearing (they got it wrong three times)
* Social distancing (they pulled 6' out of the air)
* Contact/Surface transfer of the virus (they got it wrong)
We now have definitively learned, even though many had screamed this for over a year, that "the experts" were NEVER following science.

They were playing politics with people's lives and livelihoods.

There's no other explanation for missing so badly on these three dictums.
These three dictums, more than any other, cost people their lives, their businesses, their social lives, they robbed people of the ability to worship as they please, hug their families without being shamed for it, and seek preemptive medical care.

And it was done on purpose.
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