@Mandoline_Blue Elephants in the room are:

- since 2010 central government funding for English local authorities has fallen from 2/3 of their revenues to 1/5;

- social care is a fundamental need for those whose circumstances require it, when they require it, for as long as they require it. /1.
@Mandoline_Blue Like high quality healthcare, it should be provided according to need, free at the point of use. It should be neither a postcode lottery nor a “privilege”. That can only be achieved by parliament and central government mandating it and paying for it. /2.
@Mandoline_Blue The exact mechanism by which payment happens and the functioning of the system is overseen can be discussed.

This should really be for the UK as a whole, not just England. But messing around with the devolution settlement would cause other problems. /3.
@Mandoline_Blue In any case, via the funding formula for Scotland etc, any such national programme for England would result in similar levels of funding (relative to population & need) being provided from the UK Treasury. /4. End

• • •

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21 Nov
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20 Nov
I’ve been asked why I think there mightn’t be another general election in the UK if the decent majority in the House of Commons doesn’t take back control now.

(i) I see what happens around the world. The UK’s in trouble.

(ii) The offence of misconduct in a public office.👇 /1.
It has its complications, being an offence at common law, with a centuries-long history.

Still, here’s a thing. It carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

The definition of the offence centres on “abuse of the public’s trust”. /2.
And the case law specifically involves “frauds & deceits”. Another closely related term which comes to mind is “corruption”.

There’s also “wilful neglect of a public duty”.

This is taken from the Crown Prosecution Service guidance. /3.
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19 Nov
The UK’s Manchurian Cabinet & its facilitators are destroying the country. Bleeding out the economy. Wrecking security.

But there’s a parliamentary & popular majority for decency & sense.

There mightn’t ever be another election.

So, what now?

A 🧵/1.

rebootgb.today/opinions/guest… Image
If we don’t move fast, we’re toast.

The Vote Leave Johnson-Frost Brexit is being carbonised. Not least by its fundamental inability to cope with the Ireland/NI dimension.

But that’s no comfort.

If it continues, it’ll set fire to us all. /2.

rebootgb.today/opinions/the-u… Image
There’s a patriotic foreign policy available - to protect & promote the UK’s security, prosperity & well-being.

One which can command the support of a majority of MPs. And of the country.

An “Alternative Foreign Secretary” already set it out👇 /3.

rebootgb.today/foreignsecreta… Image
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13 Nov
Let’s step back from the #COP26 text.

What’s the actual global situation?

It’s probably too late for the Greenland ice sheet.

The Gulf Stream could collapse any time.

We’re headed for well over 2 deg warming, not well below.

In brief: we’re out of time.

A 🧵 /1.
Unless the #COP26 outcome is rapidly, radically enhanced, with far more extensive & binding commitments & associated urgent, sustained actions.

The alternative is a high probability of hell on Earth. Sooner than your think.

You absolutely ain’t seen nothing yet. /2.
Nearly 20 years ago I had the great privilege of leading the UK’s first ever international energy & climate strategy - on the back of the publication of the UK’s first energy (& climate) white paper in decades. /3.
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10 Nov
Britain & the world deserve better. It’s very, very urgent.

What should the next Foreign Secretary say? What should the next government do?

Here’s the speech the Alternative Foreign Secretary just gave. Eat your heart out @trussliz, @DavidGHFrost, @BorisJohnson.

A (long) 🧵/1.

When you’re Foreign Secretary, there’s no time to sun yourself. Even with your mobile phone on. As the outgoing holder of that centuries old office discovered to his cost. /2.
The job’s often described as being ‘the country’s chief diplomat’. Which is true.

But I’d put it differently.

It’s about patriotism. Upholding & promoting the United Kingdom’s security & prosperity, & the well-being of its population. /3.
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3 Nov
The good news. After today’s disgrace in the House of Commons.

13 Conservative MPs voted against the govt. For integrity & democracy. Dozens more abstained. All in the face of a 3-line whip. It takes 50 - 60 to oppose the govt to bring it down.

Bear with me.

A 🧵. /1.
If, after today, you still think a free & fair UK general election will take place, I respectfully suggest you’re as far out of touch with reality as Owen Paterson is with his better self. Sure, there’s a possibility one might. But that’s now low, & getting lower by the day. /2.
Govts are formed by whoever can command a majority in the House of Commons. We clearly, desperately & urgently, need a parliamentary majority & govt which respect democracy, the rule of law & proper constitutional order. Such a majority already exists. But no such govt. /3.
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