Here is today’s court proceedings. Vindictive conditions. It’s appalling.

CGL conditions are pouring salt on the wound. Ensuring this won’t be easily resolved. Inflaming tensions between government and FN.

Guaranteed that’s heavily influenced by Kenney. It takes the heat off of him. As premier, he can order AIMco to demand the injunction.
Triggering CGL’s request to have the injunction enforced immediately. Creating chaos and seeping the wedge between FN and LPC. Without it being an overt attack on PMJT.

This is who he is. Self preservation, and a chaos agent to inflame tensions.
That is his political talent and why conservatives revere him. He enables the grift.
Like I said before, Kenney is under no threat of being removed. He’s a master strategist at subversion. Far more slick than a bully. He operates by proxy. Just like his kamikaze candidate strategy.

I’m proved correct in my analysis again and again.
Harper and Kenney combined efforts are the largest national security threat in Canada right now.

Like Trump’s proxies are creating havoc in US. Kenney and Harper are creating havoc in Canada.
Remember, PMJT promised significant action in the first 100 days after parliament opened.

That started today. Tomorrow is the throne speech.

How much do you think LPC will get done when they’re distracted by the dumpster fire Kenney’s interference is creating?
I don’t know what to do to be taken seriously. But almost everything I predicted months ago is proving correct.

Like GOP operatives in US, the point isn’t governance. It’s subverting democracy and national unity. Using racial tensions and ideological beliefs.
The end goal is to break up the nation and sell it for its parts.

CGL is a prime example. Canadian LNG is not Canadian owned.
Canada LNG is owned by investment corporations and primarily benefits several state owned LNG corporations. China, Korea, Netherlands/UK, Malaysia. All state owned corporations who stand to profit from natural gas extraction and LNG.
Not Canadians or even BC FN residents who own the resource and the land.

This is who owns LNG Canada:… ImageImageImageImage
The only investor that isn’t state owned is Mitsubishi. Image
Petronas is wholly owned state corporation of Malaysia.

The resource has already been promised and sold by CPC. Kenney assures the CGL pipeline by using AIMco as a proxy to order RCMP enforcement of the injunction. Of which even the court questions the validity. ImageImageImage
The Wet'suwet'en protests are far more complex than FN rights and colonialism.

There are several foreign corporations invested who stand to make trillions in profits.
The disintegration of Canadian democracy and national unity was always the CPC ambition. The removal of treaty rights to clear a path for pipeline approvals is the objective.

Many are counting on the demise of Canada to make them wealthy.
Those are the people pushing Kenney to act faster and carry out the job he was elected to do.

CPC has never been interested in a unified nation. They operate on behalf of the oligarchs of the globe. KKR’s Kravis invented predatory capitalism.
Canada is just another corporation to the oligarchy; to raid its natural resources and sell it for its parts.

There have been many efforts to create infighting in FN communities to accomplish this objective. Wet'suwet'en is the evidence that it works.
How many other nations have fallen victim to the same subversive tactics?


The list is endless. Mainly developing nations were targeted. But Canada is viewed as a prime target for resources.
Creating polarization within previously peaceful and cooperative populations is a telltale calling card of the organized criminal cabal masquerading as a government and political parties.

People get hung up on culture war differences and miss the entire point.
The wealthy & powerful don’t care about the cultures and people they destroy. They care about easy access to natural resources and removal of the regulations and treaties blocking them from developing resources they’ve claimed as theirs. All at the expense of the regular people.
Contemporary times are the Gilded Age 2.0. This time it’s not just Europeans who are colonizing the Americas. It’s Asian nations as well (that includes Russia). Siphoning profits at the expense of North and South Americans lives, environments and destroying democracy.
Our egocentrism exposes us to grave dangers. We think local when foreign adversaries are attacking Canadian sovereignty at every turn. We attack each other rather than unite and fight off foreign invasion.

This strategy has a name. It’s called Reflexive Control or Maskirovska.
A Soviet Russian strategy honed over the last century for its effectiveness at subverting national unity and resistant governments and populations.………
There are tons of research that explains the strategy and individual tactics.

But the Canadian public is too caught up in the culture wars that have been created to take notice. Egged on to self annihilation through culture wars while the oligarchy robs Canada blind.
So if I can figure this out, why can’t Canadian media? I know LPC has this figured out. It would be helpful if the public figured it out and stopped fighting each other and started fighting those who mean to destroy our nation, it’s constitution, democracy & human rights.
Here’s Kenney throwing fuel on the dumpster fire he created this week.

And AB NDP are currently doing no better. Support for legal protests is great. But let’s talk about the meat of the matter. Reflexive Control by cons masquerading as govts to serve the oligarchy.

• • •

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25 Nov
When the indigenous community states that genocide is ongoing, this is what they mean.

Most of the children in care who died were indigenous children.

While the institution changed, the result is the same. Children dying in record numbers.
If every child matters, make these children matter the most.

Society should be doing all it can to provide for these children and young adults.

Shuffled from home to home. Familial ties cut or severely strained, these kids are vulnerable.
Why bother removing them from their caregivers if they end up dead from suicide, substance abuse or physical abuse?

Much like churches (Protestant & Catholic) profited financially from residential schools, private (non profit) agencies profit from children being placed in care.
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25 Nov
Here we go again in the continuing battle to reveal intelligence that could put Canada’s national security in jeopardy. ImageImage
Good to know that every opposition party considers taking that risk preferable to dealing with the situation at the CSIS oversight committee, the National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians.

All parties have representation on that committee.
But opposition parties want to make the information public. Even though it’s a threat to our national security and international relations.

I must admit, I’m curious to know what happened. But not so curious that I can’t wait until it’s appropriate to be publicly released.
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25 Nov
Inflation is about to get worse because the supply chain is broken, we just had a catastrophic disaster in BC crippling transportation infrastructure, the rest of the globe is still struggling with covid (sans vaccines), vaccine passports are kicking in.
What part of covid is still impacting global trade negatively don’t people understand?

How self centred do you have to be to feel angry because Christmas GHG not be as decked out as usual this year? People are dying in developing nations where products and supply chains are.
You want to fix the supply chain? Demand wealthy nations coordinate vaccine delivery to their populations.

You worried about inflation? Suck it up. Those of us who have more should be filling food banks and Holiday/Christmas gifts for families and kids.
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22 Nov
I have to laugh because there is no alternative.

Many NDP supporters are criticizing Jagmeet Singh because he’s commenting on the American Rittenhouse verdict, but not on the BC floods or Wet'suwet'en arrests of protesters and journalists.
The situation is not funny. But laughing is all I have left.

So deluded about their leader, NDP supporters are suffering a bit of cognitive dissonance because Singh is avoiding major issues in our own nation and fostering emotional angst of injustice over state side events.
They’re struggling to understand why the leader they trust is appealing to American racial injustice and a corrupt judicial system Trump & GOP created by installing corrupt and partisan judges.

Something that only tangentially impacts Canadians.
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20 Nov
People should be alarmed, but they’re not.

Barely anyone pays attention to news anymore. People don’t put any of these actions into context.

Most just go on with their daily routine and don’t give this a thought.
That’s how fascism creeps in. That’s how police states are formed. Slowly, incrementally. Then you wake up one morning and all the socialists are being rounded up. All the activists prosecuted and persecuted.

We bicker about who should intervene.
But provincial pipelines are provincial jurisdiction. What’s happening in BC is entirely provincial. Note worthy because it’s happening during an extreme crisis.

Whether the protesters have a case or not, protesting is not an illegal activity.
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20 Nov
I just thought I’d something.

Trudeau’s (LPC’s) strategy was to recruit the people critical of government inaction. Then get them to make the changes in cabinet positions.

Some worked out like McKenna. Others didn’t, like JWR.
It’s not an ideological approach. It’s bringing in the people with honed skills to perform for government.

The real power is at the decision table. Not in protests from the outside. So bring the protesters into government to make the changes.
Brilliant strategy.

There are many good people who have great ideas that just require the opportunity to implement them. While bureaucrats can be a support, they cannot lead. Cabinet ministers lead the agenda. You need effective leaders to get the job done, not politicians.
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