Here we go again in the continuing battle to reveal intelligence that could put Canada’s national security in jeopardy.
Good to know that every opposition party considers taking that risk preferable to dealing with the situation at the CSIS oversight committee, the National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians.

All parties have representation on that committee.
But opposition parties want to make the information public. Even though it’s a threat to our national security and international relations.

I must admit, I’m curious to know what happened. But not so curious that I can’t wait until it’s appropriate to be publicly released.
That would be after the criminal espionage investigation is completed and any court actions associated with that investigation.

Revealing that information now would compromise the investigation, reveal sources, embarrass China before and if charges are laid.
It is unsurprising that Robert Fife is writing these articles.

It was tag team partners Garnet Genius and Jack Harris who demanded to have the papers and information released. Calling a Public Servant to the Bar. The govt is responsible for national security. Not parliament.
Parliament is responsible for legislation that protects national security, not for national security itself. That’s the executive branches role as governing party.

I checked.…
So demanding to oversee the government’s handling of events that occurred at the Level 4 Lab in Winnipeg is not the responsibility of any committee but the National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians. (NSICP)
Especially since the committee making the request is an ad hoc committee created to oversee the government’s relationship with China. It’s not a standing committee.

Conservatives and NDP have made accusations on the inability to manage the relationship to justify the committee.
One being the inability to have the 2 Michaels released who were held as political hostages by China. That situation was resolved. The Michaels are now on Canadian soil.

It’s NOT the rule of opposition to oversee decisions the governing party makes in foreign relations.
They can criticize them, suggest alternate methods, but it’s not the ad hoc committee’s role to direct the governing party.

If you want to govern, you first need to win the federal election and form the executive branch.
Opposition parties do not have the power to redesign how parliament works to suit their agendas.

So one has to seriously wonder why NDP and CPC are so desperate to review the criminal espionage investigation and the people involved.
There is already oversight of the institutions responsible for the investigation (CSIS & RCMP). So what more do they need to know if the NSICP is populated by all parties and overseeing the national security of Canada in a sensitive investigation?
Revealing the investigation to this special committee while it is still being investigated could jeopardize the investigation. Since it’s a criminal espionage investigation, derailing that work is definitely not in the best interests of Canadians and national security.
The public needs to push back on opposition parties who are willing to risk national security and harsh economic sanctions from China by making this information public at the wrong time.

I suspect there is a reason opposition wants this investigation derailed.
I don’t know the reason. But it sure is curious and odd that all opposition parties are aiming for transparency on a compromising situation.

Really odd.

• • •

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25 Nov
When the indigenous community states that genocide is ongoing, this is what they mean.

Most of the children in care who died were indigenous children.

While the institution changed, the result is the same. Children dying in record numbers.
If every child matters, make these children matter the most.

Society should be doing all it can to provide for these children and young adults.

Shuffled from home to home. Familial ties cut or severely strained, these kids are vulnerable.
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Inflation is about to get worse because the supply chain is broken, we just had a catastrophic disaster in BC crippling transportation infrastructure, the rest of the globe is still struggling with covid (sans vaccines), vaccine passports are kicking in.
What part of covid is still impacting global trade negatively don’t people understand?

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CGL conditions are pouring salt on the wound. Ensuring this won’t be easily resolved. Inflaming tensions between government and FN.

Guaranteed that’s heavily influenced by Kenney. It takes the heat off of him. As premier, he can order AIMco to demand the injunction.
Triggering CGL’s request to have the injunction enforced immediately. Creating chaos and seeping the wedge between FN and LPC. Without it being an overt attack on PMJT.

This is who he is. Self preservation, and a chaos agent to inflame tensions.
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22 Nov
I have to laugh because there is no alternative.

Many NDP supporters are criticizing Jagmeet Singh because he’s commenting on the American Rittenhouse verdict, but not on the BC floods or Wet'suwet'en arrests of protesters and journalists.
The situation is not funny. But laughing is all I have left.

So deluded about their leader, NDP supporters are suffering a bit of cognitive dissonance because Singh is avoiding major issues in our own nation and fostering emotional angst of injustice over state side events.
They’re struggling to understand why the leader they trust is appealing to American racial injustice and a corrupt judicial system Trump & GOP created by installing corrupt and partisan judges.

Something that only tangentially impacts Canadians.
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20 Nov
People should be alarmed, but they’re not.

Barely anyone pays attention to news anymore. People don’t put any of these actions into context.

Most just go on with their daily routine and don’t give this a thought.
That’s how fascism creeps in. That’s how police states are formed. Slowly, incrementally. Then you wake up one morning and all the socialists are being rounded up. All the activists prosecuted and persecuted.

We bicker about who should intervene.
But provincial pipelines are provincial jurisdiction. What’s happening in BC is entirely provincial. Note worthy because it’s happening during an extreme crisis.

Whether the protesters have a case or not, protesting is not an illegal activity.
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20 Nov
I just thought I’d something.

Trudeau’s (LPC’s) strategy was to recruit the people critical of government inaction. Then get them to make the changes in cabinet positions.

Some worked out like McKenna. Others didn’t, like JWR.
It’s not an ideological approach. It’s bringing in the people with honed skills to perform for government.

The real power is at the decision table. Not in protests from the outside. So bring the protesters into government to make the changes.
Brilliant strategy.

There are many good people who have great ideas that just require the opportunity to implement them. While bureaucrats can be a support, they cannot lead. Cabinet ministers lead the agenda. You need effective leaders to get the job done, not politicians.
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