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23 Nov, 4 tweets, 1 min read
Flu/common cold is a respiratory viral illness, We need bi-annual vaccine shots among vulnerable (& in many countries where flu prevalence is low children & adults) to prevent severe pneumonia, hospitalisation & deaths.
Most Flu vaccines have a far lower efficacy than many Covid vaccines and that efficacy varies from year to year.

We use flu shots for elderly, children, HCWs in India & across the globe & where mandated among young adults.
Covid19 is respiratory viral illness and also associated with severe inflammatory response which primarily leads to severe outcomes & long Covid.

So, I really can’t understand what is the damn hue & cry about needing a booster for Covid19 if need be?
I really haven’t seen Indian genetic make up making any difference as to how Flu or HIV or Covid
or for that fucking matter any Infectious disease behave any differently in Indians.
Infact we are the only country which saw a friggin Mucor epidemic post Covid.

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23 Nov
Came to know about 2 doctors who became Covid+ recently in a single hospital in Delhi.
And, the part which outrages me most is, that If, IF we had anything Ben remotely like Test, trace & Isolate - Their respective departments & staffs should have been monitored, But
Instead, we have nothing - Zilch, Nada. One of the doctor it seems has the entire family infected.

The colleagues & the staff know & the departments are functioning routinely, single or part masking.

Can we expect anything better from common people on the streets?
Had it been upto me, I would have Isolated the staff, traced & informed patients who would have been in touch with them, understood the source, immediately got down to assess the mask mandates & infection control procedures.
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29 Sep
For eg - Not everyone wants to or needs to share their mental health diagnosis or their reproduction related medical history or maybe a diagnosis of HIV with an employer - how will the Digital Health ID ensure this autonomy for people?
You may says that govt will provide options but then an employer may add a clause that not sharing your Health ID will make you non-eligible for workplace insurance….

These are real time issues that happen & have happened in countries that use digital ID
A common question that is asked from women of reproductive age groups at the time of a job interview in India is - Are you planning to start a family - A lot of times getting the job or not depends on the answer - How will the employer be limited from not demanding digital ID?
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28 Sep
Majority of people (medics as well as non-medics) who are going ga ga about Single National health ID have got no clue about the issue, intricacies involved as well as fallouts (many of which can be extremely serious) & have done no background research on this.
Just because it is digital and just because it is unitary DOES NOT (AND I REPEAT DOES NOT) make it - Correct or sensible or the perfect solution.
Before we even talk about a single National health ID or system we need a lot of transparency & data security discussions on table
This is NOT something that you can announce as a policy gimmick for your political Limerick.

If you want to educate yourself about digital health IDs & the legal safeguards needed look to the EU digital health laws & requirements - We are nowhere near.
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27 Aug
What is the point of announcing - “We anticipate so many lakh cases in the 3rd wave per day” when despite all of this, the entire country will behave complacently about - Precautions that can prevent such numbers??

And don’t kid yourself about not being complacent because…
1) Go to any market place/mall/shop (I have sample sizes Delhi-NCR) - 80-90% of people will be having a mask hanging in their neck or no mask but a cloth covering their mouths not noses, people will be interacting from close distances while their masks are hanging.
2) Closed space eateries with shared Air space, simple ACs, no air filters functioning at full capacity, with at any given point in time 25-40 people eating with their masks down. The distance between 2 seats in less than an arm!!!
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25 Aug
Based on Phase 1 safety data of 82 patients 😶🙄😐
Matlab I would like to meet the biostatistician who came to the conclusion that an 82 subject study can provide statistical significance in this case. Has to be some really big shot genius & we should learn from the genius. Hats off to the dude.
And then hats off to the the folks at DCGI who found after evaluation of the data submitted to them that this number provided statistical significance enough for nod for next phase approval.
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25 Aug
I kid you not.

This absurd pricing where 90% of Cost Price will simply go to Hospitals & Insurance companies as their profit is a situation which is already a reality in some private sector hospitals.

This translates into unaffordable or insanely expensive procedures.
When Foreign Investors or funds make & are allowed healthcare acquisitions worth 1000’s of crores (90% of large scale private hospitals are now owned by these investors) how can we expect that the cost of healthcare will remain rational?
These healthcare acquisition costs are a direct indication that these investments are considered profit yielding entities & by a common sense business corollary you are not going to do a 1600 crore acquisition to do charity & they donot do charity.
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