1. The problem @MinhazMerchant is.. Modi himself is a village bumpkin so naturally afraid of talent... He wants to play some Swami Daridendra Moody when the Opposition & antinationals want his blood.. Look at his systematic foolishness..
2. When the farmer protests broke.. for months Modi played Ludo at home.. he then sucked up to Sikhs in Kutch, then Sikhs in Bhopal.. then ran & crawled at Rakabganj Gurudwara.. EVERYTHING except confronting the rioters.. Modi slept on Rday violence too..
3. What are the signals Modi is giving the Oppn & the public? With the biggest mandate in decades Modi still acts like a wimp, often breaking down instead of CONFRONTING the Oppn & Rioters. Like Jesus he tells BJP dodos "Pl love Oppn MPs".. @MinhazMerchant
4. The biggest law enforcement action by Modi's cops is enforcing firecracker rules... Seriously... with 56inch undie all you can do is confront firecracker nonsense?... Is that what your police is good for? Modi danced with Trump while Delhi was on fire..
5. The truth should dawn on even the worst #ModiBhakt that hes just a poor village bumpkin who seeks glory for himself.. trained to be "Ajatshatru" by Jaitley (which is not possible in politics except for Durbari Jaitley) bec Modi already many enemies..
6. Modi is gifted with great oratory & persona.. but NOT with great Thinking & Proactive Prudence.. Thus, he has to cover himself with lipstick glory... Those who seek Lipstick Glory WILL NOT surround themselves with talented people... QED.. @MinhazMerchant END OF STORY!
PS: At the start of his second term.. Modi sent "3 Wise Kings" on Camels.. with Phulawar to Rani Soniamata to beg her to allow the Parliament run smoothly.... Hahhahaa.. Dear @MinhazMerchant ... Its sometimes OKAY to be CRAZY... Its NEVER OKAY to be OUTRIGHT STUPID... LOL!...
Yes... Modi was crawling for a person who he had promised to punish (He promised to punish the corrupt).. He even said "got them to the gates of jail"... then crawls for Sonia.. PM hai ya worm?... Is liye vote diya tha tum ko.. ki you crawl for Sonia?
Excessive theatrical/lipstick symbolism... At least in the remaining 2.5 years... @narendramodi must strongly assert his authority, enforce law (Evict criminal rioters from Shingu) and show the lumpen Oppn hes the Boss... This wimpishness is unacceptable..
The problem is NOT "Talent" or resources of any kind.. What "fans" of Modi are unwilling to admit is... The problem is Modi himself.. and no one else..

• • •

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30 Nov
1/5.. More Indians, esp Hindu UCs, will make their mark in the US.. Reservations are one big cause but there are other reasons too.. Govts in India, incl GOI are into doing things they SHOULD NOT be doing.. Like building "Ambedkar Teerths" @NarendraModi..
2/5,, Govts in India promote "Mediocrity" from colleges/Univs to highest levels of govt.. @NarendraModi is unable to raise the general level of performance of certain groups.. so breastfeed them for life & tolerate their INCOMPETENCE & worse.. bring others down to their level..
3/5.. Excessive indulgence of GOI/States in "Religion management".. Seriously.. you are in the business of building "Ambedkar teerths" & managing Hindu temples? Our higher education systems are built not for performance.. but to accommodate meritless passengers.. @NarendraModi
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29 Nov
FRAUDULENT LIE by @TusharG .. Ghanta Bapu purchased... He was given a small Ashram in Kochrab (Paldi in Ahmdabad).. The so called POVERTY-QUEEN was unhappy and DEMANDED more.. So they donated him a bigger land on Sabarmati banks.. Ghanta he "purchased"..
Mind you.. The Kochrab ashram itself was palatial.. It had enough rooms to house 300 women @TusharG ... But poverty-raja MK Gondhi wanted more and more and more so that he can be poor... So they gave him more land for his goats.. In pic is Kochrab..
The Kochrab ashram is still there... it too was near the Sabarmati banks before other buildings came up near the banks... Greedy Gondhi wanted more more more more... The avarice in seeking more land had no piety about it...
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27 Nov
The Kashi Kaand – Kashi is not a barren desert. Its the living proof of Hindu civilization.. @NarendraModi's passion for beautification comes by destroying Hindu temples & heritage.. It matches the brutality of Aurangzeb. Nobody wanted Las Vegas in Kashi.. mediacrooks.blogspot.com/2021/11/the-ka…
LOL! Lord Vezooo has gifted all the brains to Modi and to doderlings like you... we are just writing stuff from thin air.. STFU you dodo.. Sell your stupid peanuts elsewhere...
Foolish statement... Nowhere does anyone say dont clean up or dont beautify... That can be done without wanton destruction too.. Are you assuming we are bigger mortals who love filth and garbage?..
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27 Nov
Thats because India had the highest number of typists when the Constitution was being copied from many countries... Each typist was assigned to copy from one country... Ambedkar used 13000 Fevisticks to stick all the pages together..
At over 1 lakh words.. the Constitution is the equivalent of SIX paperback books of around 200 pages each.. LOL!
I wanted to download the Instruction Manual to a Canon DSLR camera and print it... When I downloaded the PDF... that itself was 324 pages... Hahhaaa.. Who the hell will read a manual of 324 pages.. I decided to browse only a few pages.. @sri9011
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26 Nov
An "Eco system" is created over a long period by political powers... Unfortunately... Modi too is a Commie & therefore subscribes to the eco system of Commies... he regretted not winning over Lutyens.. So this Commie eco system survives by DEFAULT...
Read tweet above.. Eco systems survive because those in power feed and nurture it... Modi, BJP and RSS talk more like Congress eco system (that of Commies).. Thats why you dont have another eco system.. cuz BJP is a Commie pig too.. Padma for Johar? LOL!
The Congress rewarded their coolies like Barkha, Rajdeep, Shekhar, Teesta, Teesta's grandma with Padma for services rendered... Which decent journos from the opposing camp were given Padma?... @kanimozhi Barkha was waltzing army, navy, airforce even after Modi became PM.. LOL!
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26 Nov
1. #BarkhaDutt was not in Mumbai on 26/11 evening when the attacks started.. nobody really knew what was happening... everybody in authority was groping... The CM, HM, Police chief too didnt know what was going on... @Bdutt rushed to Mumbai on 26/11..
2. @Bdutt reached the Taj zone on 27/11 & immdtly started her pathetic histrionics & "Shoddy journalism".. she was foolishly talking to victims families asking them where their near ones were hiding.. Chaitanya Kunte described it as "more goats to slay"
3. Late evening on 26/11... Hemant Karkare & co rushed to Taj area.. they didnt know what was going on.. He was fully on to the camera.. donning his vest and gear for the camera.. an hour later he & his team was gunned down.. died without firing a bullet..
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