1. Dont go by what the media dodos tell you about BCCI and Halal meat and such crap... These LIARS will make it all about "Halal meat" and completely overlook the backstory of such crimes... It starts with @NarendraModi and none else..
2. During the 90s or so.. The UAE.. esp Sharjah was famous for cricket matches which became the driving force for gambling, betting and "Cricket crimes" & harboring criminals like Dawood.. It reached a point where AB Vajpayee Cricket in UAE by BCCI..
3. The Sharjah nonsense was a heady mix of "Anti-nationals, Dawood gangs, Bollywood, Cricket criminals"... all of turned bigger and bigger till Azharuddin paid a price... It was good that the UAE masala cricket was ended by ABV..
4. "Enter The Modi" in 2014... He wants to wash his taint of "Anti Muslim" & sucks up to Islamic countries... His Pandu Havaldar is on good terms with ME so "Engineers" some "Whitewash awards" for Modi.. Natur-Ali... the favours have to be REPAID..
5. The first "Repayment" that Modi allows UAE is "Brokering" Indo-Pak dialogue & LOC ceasefire enforcement... There is some minor success but it again fails... Then Modi hands over complete Development of Kashmir to Dubai..
6. UAE has ZERO experience in developing anything.. all their town planning, buildings are done by the British... but Modi has a DEBT to REPAY.. So sell Kashmir to the Desert Sheikhs... and while that happens... Little Jay Shah also sells them cricket..
7. INTERESTINGLY... While pol rallies were held in India.. the IPL and T20WC (Which was to be held in India) are both given to Ooh-Ay-Eee... LOL! If those desert stadia could hold matches w/o people.. why not India?... But thats the trick you see..
8. To facilitate debt repayment by Modi.. UAE.. which had ONLY 1 stadium in Sharjah.. built more in Dubai, Abu Dhabi.. So @BCCI is now in the Harem of UAE Sheikhs & with money comes OBLIGATIONS.. BCCI is now controlled by UAE.. Thats how Halal comes in.. @Timesnow @Republic END!
Correction: Please read the last line in attached tweet as "AB Vajpayee BANNED cricket in UAE by BCCI"...
PS: Since Vajpayee banned UAE cricket.. Cricket died in UAE for years.. Till Modi arrived on the scene.. Now @BCCI is in the Harem of UAE & DIKTATS like "Only Halal" come from there.. Not from @SGanguly99 or Little @JayShah.. LOL! Thats how you sell a country! @Timesnow @Republic
BTW... On @Timesnow ... @RShivshankar says the BCCI note says "No Pork"... Hahhaa.. That should tell you that the "Halal" nonsense has definitely come from Islamists and no one else...
Hahaha... You think Little Potla is capable of all this?... I doubt he even knows what "Pork" is... The thread above explains the whole "Halal" scandal of @BCCI...
ICC had already moved its HQ to Dubai long back because theres no Income Tax in Dubai... I think corrupt BCCI is being taxed in India... If theyre taxed... they too will shift to Ooh-Ay-Eee....
The tweet refers to "Little Potla" (of BCCI) ... not to the Senior Potla...

• • •

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23 Nov
1. The problem @MinhazMerchant is.. Modi himself is a village bumpkin so naturally afraid of talent... He wants to play some Swami Daridendra Moody when the Opposition & antinationals want his blood.. Look at his systematic foolishness..
2. When the farmer protests broke.. for months Modi played Ludo at home.. he then sucked up to Sikhs in Kutch, then Sikhs in Bhopal.. then ran & crawled at Rakabganj Gurudwara.. EVERYTHING except confronting the rioters.. Modi slept on Rday violence too..
3. What are the signals Modi is giving the Oppn & the public? With the biggest mandate in decades Modi still acts like a wimp, often breaking down instead of CONFRONTING the Oppn & Rioters. Like Jesus he tells BJP dodos "Pl love Oppn MPs".. @MinhazMerchant
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23 Nov
Clumsy Covert Frauds - @NarendraModi thinks hes the Emperor.. He will destroy temples in Kashi but will grandly donate land to Hindu-hating Bhutan for a Buddhist temple.. Why the donation & Why a Buddhist temple in the holy Hindu land? Why not in Aligarh? mediacrooks.blogspot.com/2021/11/clumsy…
Clumsy Covert Frauds... CONSISTENTLY @NarendraModi (Appointed Emperor by Ma Ganga) tramples on Hindu sentiments.. BJP loots temples.. but buckles down & crawls for Sikhs, Xtians, Muslims.. Whose PM are you anyway?.. Minorities?
We have overlooked the fact that @NarendraModi renovated the OLDEST mosque in Maldives as a humanitarian gesture.. But he doesnt hesitate to donate Holy Hindu land to Hindu-haters Bhutan & destroys OLD temples in India.. What bigotry!
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22 Nov
Incorrect... the appearance being communicated is that of a Sadhu... mild variation in colour doesnt matter... BTW.. Whats the Rudraksh mala for?... Thats also routine dress in the North?..
Great... Thanks.. looks more professional...
Read above... IRCTC has changed it.. good..
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22 Nov
1/3... Along with BJP's troubles, Congress posing a challenge again... there is also Kejriwal who is trying to make inroads into Uttarakhand... I feel BJP wont come back in Ukhand...
2/3.. While we still mock Kejriwal.. I have to say that since his early days as a rioter & drama queen.. he has matured as a CM & politician... and a lot more sober.. His tactic of appealing to "Women votebank" like Jayalalitha shouldnt be taken lightly..
3/3.. AAP may make good gains in Punjab & Uttarakhand where BJP, Congress, Akali are on a downslide.. but in UP they just want to disrupt the power setup & attempt to be kingmaker...
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22 Nov
Why should Malik resign? Because you dont like his statement?.. The Sikhs at Tikri/Singh did LOUDLY proclaim that Modi will face the same consequences shouting "Hum ne Indira ko uda diya.. Modi kya cheez hai".. So why dismiss his statement?...
People like @ashokepandit @MihirkJha want the US kind of absolute freedom of speech on their choice of topics... but when others speak their minds freely.. they want them punished... Funny guys..
Some Sikhs threatened Modi directly from the rioters lot.. Malik merely pointed out that the Sikhs were a violent, martial lot for centuries & could have posed a threat to Modi... He did not threaten Modi..
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21 Nov
"Mai jab chota tha... itne bade bade crocodile se khelta tha"... Image
Baar baar crocodile story sun ne ke baad.. Yogi got his pet tiger and showed him to Modi... Modi went off.. but Cameraman Raju clicked him... Image
Yogi must be thinking... "Saala khada hua crocodile mai ne kabhi dekha nahin"...
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