When did things start to change in America? I'll show you the EXACT moment:
-Trump, then candidate for POTUS, had his lawyer pay off Stormy Daniels to keep quiet about his affairs. His thoughts were that the Christian, Family Values Republicans wouldn't vote for him if they found
out. He was wrong. They voted for him ANYWAY making him realize he could have saved money.
-A tape was released of Trump stating he would walk up to women, married or not, and touch them between their legs and kiss them. It was a bombshell because the Christian Family values GOP
couldn't POSSIBLY condone THIS right!? Wrong...again....they voted for him ANYWAY.
-Trump asks a foreign country to investigate his political rival and its all ON TAPE. THIS was the final str...NOPE. THE GOP said what he did was wrong but "didnt rise to the level of impeachment "
-Trump tells a crowd "if you dont fight like hell, you're not gonna have a country anymore" and accuses the country of allowing his reelection to be "stolen". They storm the capital bringing pipe bombs and a makeshift gallows. AGAIN not impeached smh.
We lost our way back THEN

• • •

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20 Oct
Last night I had to take a patient off the ventilator again. I stood ny his bedside as the family said goodbye over the IPAD. I listened to their goodbyes. The "thank you for keeping us safe when we got lost in the woods". The "Thank you for being the best Dad." I pushed out of
my mind the realization this human being that was so loved and cherished wasnt vaccinated. In this moment it was just compassion. I held his hand as they spoke so he would think they were in the room...then I took him off the ventilator. Mind you, I have other patients so I'm now
expected to go right back to work. Thats why I didnt write this until this a.m. Now that I let myself think, feel and react I am angry. Angry that I've had to do that too many times to count. Angry it happens so often I can't remember all the names.
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28 Sep
At this stage, being in denial about #COVID19 and the need to #GetVaxxed is ridiculous, but because I STILL meet these people I want to post what I see ALL THE TIME:
1) At first the covid denier and antivaxxer arrives in the hospital (strange huh) still in denial about the
serious nature of what they just got.
2) They will many times still sit with their Fox News and their social media, complaining about the alarms in the room.(the alarm annoying is alarming because their oxygen levels are dropping but they dont feel it.....yet)
3) After the oxygen level has reached a level where the organs aren't getting enough oxygen to survive, we place them on a higher flow. What does that mean you ask? Well
4) The air you breath every day has 20% oxygen in it. (Yup thats right). When you're placed on that little
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26 Sep
Not only is this an awesome circle, it shows you how much I stay informed on ALL sides of the issue. I see it all so I can call out the ignorant and embrace the logical. Image
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30 Jul
What happens to a patient with #COVID19 ? Let me clue you in:
1) So far youngest I've seen is early 20's.
2) The air we breath is only 20% oxygen (did u know that?) The people in covid ICU end up being hooked up to 60 Liters of flow (10 times that little nose cannula in movies)
3) the oxygen percentage on average is between 50 and 100% oxygen.
4) You can't match these on home oxygen so you're staying in ICU.
5) Despite these incredibly high numbers some end up breathless and are intubated and put on ventilators.
6) You're not awake on a ventilator. You
are at the mercy of medical personnel that are busy with you and all the OTHER people that have come in either unvaccinated or immunocompromised and are dying
7) There are many doctors and nurses but the MAIN person running these high flows and ventilators are Respiratory
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14 Jul
On the subject of #CriticalRaceTheory I had a conversation with a person that is against it. I found out the misguided reason they dislike it so much. Here it goes.
-The main issue for them is that CRT tells them America is inherently racist and built on racist policies. My reply
1) That is NOT what CRT wants to teach. Critical Race Theory is an ADMISSION that America did not ALWAYS stand for what we learned after the civil rights movement.
2) There would have been no NEED for a civil rights movement without a LACK of civil rights brought on by racism
3) CRT teaches that America built itself into a new nation where all men were created equal, but at the time they did not consider African Americans even HUMAN
4) When freed, Jim Crow laws and other policies resulted in a message that: "you are free, but we dont have to accept u"
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12 Oct 20
I want to share a personal story with all of you about watching #racism be born. When my daughter was in Kindergarten, she began to learn things other than colors, paint and naps. She came home one day and said "Daddy, today I learned about Martin Luther King" I was excited. I
told her to tell me what she learned. She said: "Martin Luther King was a good man that tried to teach people to love each other. but, he was killed by White people." My heart sank. WHAT!? Did they really word it like this to her?? I said " Baby, the teacher said it like that?
She said yes. She then looked out the window and told me: "does that mean my friend (Caucasian friend) cant get along with (African American friend) anymore?" My heart was breaking. I got to the house, parked the car and looked her in the eyes. " Baby, Martin Luther King was not
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