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On Monday the #EZLN came to Dublin to meet our movements.

You could tell the story of Dublin’s #SocialMovements through class:

they met working-class community groups, housing activists, migrant members of the new Irish working class, trade unionists and many shades of left. Welcome to Dublin
But you could also say that we talked about #patriarchy and violence against women, #racism and colonialism, land and ecology, autonomy and rebellion. For the #EZLN as in actual communities, these are not separate struggles:

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Q2 From MJ (@manijadegarcia): It seems uncommon to associate mental health struggles w/ disability. I do see discussions of this during #DEHEM21, which I feel hopeful about.

Academic culture is ULTRA VIOLENT & TOXIC towards people with mental health struggles.


(@manijadegarcia) I am in a #ClinicalPsychology PhD program & have found that clinical psychologists are among the MOST violent & most likely to stigmatize #MentalIllness, mostly due to shame from avoiding confronting their own struggles & training in Western medical models.

(@manijadegarcia) Applicants/trainees in clinical psychology are—as a rule— told NOT to discuss their mental health & are punished for disclosing.

This culture mixes in ugly ways with other core -isms in clinical psychology, like racism.


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Long thread by Mr. Harriot, unrolled at….

His basic argument is that Gifted & Talented programs are #RACIST!!! and show class privilege, and reflect nothing but the income of the parents.

This happens to be untrue.
His same arguments, when he has them, are made in relation to IQ tests, and they have been shot down again and again. E.g., the racial differences in the IQ distribution remain when you use tests without language, like progressive matrices. Or adjust for parental income.
He makes the elementary logical fallacy of imputing anti-black racism to teachers for watching black kids more closely for misbehavior, when the reverse may be true: a demonstrated history of misbehavior results in greater surveillance.
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#bernardhoganhowe AND #CressidaDick WHO ARE NOW PUSHING ME OVER THE EDGE AFTER THE TWO LAST #newsalert #NEWSUPDATE #CressidaMustGo HAS MADE.

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We’re now 40 years into the #HIV response, with a great infographic from @UNAIDS highlighting key accomplishments, but there is still much work to be done! #ph260720 Image
Despite incredible progress expanding #access to HIV treatment to over 27 million people worldwide, we are still leaving some groups behind #ph260720. Which groups do you think are being left behind?
HIV treatment #access for children has always lagged behind that of adults, with only 54% of children living with HIV on life-saving treatment compared to 74% of adults #ph260720
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This account fucking sucks, and making comments like this as a wh1te leftist - towards a native person, no less, is some egotistical racist shit.

White Adult leftists obsessed w/ kids shows insist on treating Nazis and yt nationalists as victims more so than oppressed people? ImageImageImageImage
Folks @CapriTheUnruly don’t actually care about liberation or equity for oppressed people like BIPOC or POC in general - their activism is performative, and treating every GODDAMN NAZI like they’re White Diamond waiting for a redemption arc is not a belief based in reality.
It’s 100% a naive/disingenuous ability to think most or ‘all’ Nazis are redeemable - treating propaganda like an unavoidable magic trick, claiming ‘oh it’s so easy to fall down this hole’ - because they themselves have no ethical resilience or backbone. It’s about looking nice.
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#Canadian #COVID19vaccines Adverse Health reactions to Sept. 17th
▶️16,090 AH
▶️4,288 Serious;11,802 Non-serious AH
▶️191 deaths;858 cases of blood clots
▶️3,018 Special Interest AE’s;774 myocarditis/pericarditis cases
▶️71%⬆️in cases (1,133,457) since vaccines started #Canada
#Canada Post-#COVID19Vaccines, to Sept 4th
▶️#COVID19 Cases ➡️Vaccinated: 1&2 Doses: 95,517;13%
▶️Hospitalizations ➡️Vaccinated 1&2 Doses: 6,157;16%
▶️Deaths ➡️Vaccinated 1&2 Doses: 1,574; 19%
#cdnpoli #InformedConsent #DutytoWarn #RomeStatute
▶️“The majority of adverse event reports were from females (74.7%). The rate of reports for females was 41.9/100K doses administered, compared to 15/100K doses administered for males.”
▶️Higher proportion & rate of females reporting AE’s observed in #US, #UK & other countries.
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Today, me and my grandkids were driving to North Battleford and a black Dodge Ram 3500 came right up behind us and then drove so close to us to pass it seemed he was trying to force us off the road. The passenger put his arm out and showed us the white nationalist symbol and
they stayed beside us as he kept showing me the sign. They followed us for 40 kms. I can't tell you how my grandkids felt and how I felt. It was beyond a sense of terror. Indigenous people do not deserve to be treated like this on our own lands. #Racism #SkHasARacistProblem
We tried to get a plate # but the plate was very dirty and half was almost unreadable. Not sure if the RCMP even found them but we told them where they turned into North Battleford and we have no cell. We have a phone but no service plan, we got a video of them following us.
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As I catch up on a rich, moving, diverse set of reporting and stories about 9/11 in a very emotional morning full of sobs, anger and vivid memories here is my recollection of the day’s events. My girlfriend at the time, Vibeke Fonnesbech and I had just come back from NYC where
We had visited my old offices, met friends and dined at the word trade centre where I had been working a few months before. I was at work, trading derivatives, on the phone to a broker in the WTC, when the first plane hit. He did not make it
We watched in horror the scenes from NYC when someone in the room screamed at the sight of the second plane headed straight towards the WTC and the sickening - let the ground swallow me - moment that followed when the plane hit and many of our lines with colleagues went dead
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It is a cruel jest to say to people who have suffered inhumane treatment for centuries to unite with those who have caused a lot of pain


#Biden #Trump #GOPDeathCult #VoterSuppression #AbortionBan #racism #BlackLivesMatter #HumanRights #Truth #Facts #humanity

We give each other a chance when both sides deserve it

What have YOU done if now #racists give you a chance?

Why don't you give JUSTICE a chance?


#Biden #Trump #GOPTraitors #racism #VoterSuppression #HumanRights #BLM #Truth #Facts

#VoteBlue to make your dreams untrue
Vote red & you are dead

There is 3rd option - A new party that will represent the interests of the people

#Biden #Trump #FascistGOP #racism #VoterSuppression #AbortionBan #BLM #Truth #HumanRights
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What humane human beings can do:

1. Stop denying #racism exists.

2. Be educated on racism as a grave issue of prejudice, harnessing and abuse of power, and manipulation of privilege.
3. Commit to being informed about systemic issues and about the daily devastation of racism.

4. Pay attention to those who say they are being violated by systemic racism and discrimination.
5. Care.

6. Study the global and national impact of racism and white supremacy.

7. Honestly examine systems constructed with and infiltrated by racist ideals.

Examples: Healthcare, education, criminal 'justice' (school to prison pipeline, prison industrial complex), housing…
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#OnThisDay in 1906, #OtaBenga was put on display with the monkeys at the @BronxZoo. The zoo is owned by @TheWCS. Ota Benga committed suicide 10 years later.

The WCS President Cristian Samper has apologized for the treatment of Ota Benga & the extreme #racism of the organization's founders – only 115 years too late. He challenged the WCS to “do better” and to “never look away whenever and wherever injustice occurs.”

But they’ve already failed at this challenge; it seems the WCS hasn't changed very much at all.

@TheWCS is supporting illegal evictions in #India’s tiger reserves.

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You cannot educate white men out of their #racism.

Their racism is not the result of a lack of education, not about subcontinental cuisines, or any other subject.
The racism of white people is not the result of a lack of intimacy with people of color, it is the result of their desire to place themselves at the top of a social hierarchy and their intent to enforce that hierarchy by any and all means available.
Neither accuracy nor evidence nor sincerity are important in this endeavor. They are not making an argument, they are communicating their disdain, denigration, and intent to demean. They are showing their colors to attract compatriots and opposition alike to their banner,
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Australian sex buyers are having a normal one, casually discussing the mass sexual exploitation of Asian women and poor foreign students, as well as how to get away with raping children. All on legal websites. But hey, "customers" like any other - right?…
Also, sex buyers looooove what the #sexwork movement is doing. If they're loving you, you're not in the business of putting power into the hands of the seller. You can bet on that. Deregulation which is the current trend down under mostly benefits buyers & pimps and they know it.
Amazing that being pro #prostitution is cast as the anti-racist position when sex buyers are out there talking like this 👇 Women are not cuisines. And, duh, sex buyers know the women wouldn't touch them if they didn't desperately need money. Sex buying is classist violence too.
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@davenewworld_2 1/ Civil rights activist[Vauhxx Booker @Vauhxx] faces charges[charged in his own #hate crime] after reporting racist attack in Indiana. Read more by @AP via @GuardianUS [end #racism end #hate]
2/ Vauhxx Booker condemns ‘retaliation’ [charged in his own #hate crime]after he reported that white men assaulted him and threatened to ‘get a noose’.Read more by @AP via @GuardianUS [end #racism end #hate]
3/ Booker[Vauhxx Booker @Vauhxx] condemned the decision[charged in his own #hate crime], calling it an “outrageous act of punitive retaliation and prosecutorial vindictiveness”. Read more by @AP via @GuardianUS [end #racism end #hate]
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⚠️ Racism is alive here:

A Cross For Every Farmer Murdered ✝️

The world has ignored #SA farmers' pleas for help—while Western media is pushing the #BLM narrative!

Farmers killed on their farms, just for being White, out of hate, by Blacks…

🧵 (Part 1)
🚨 If the world is not looking, do their lives still matter⁉️

When does *mass murder* become #genocide?!

Why is the international community not saying anything — is it because the victims are White, and the perpetrators Black?


🧵 (Part 2)
Meanwhile in the US:

“I can't wait until Black people lynch White people!”

Antifa/BLM activists at a protest against a Christian event near Seattle shouted anti-white racist statements, “Death To America!” and burned US flags…


🧵 (Part 3)
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Black Conservatism is NOT Lily-White Conservatism

"Authentic black conservatism has always had the fundamental and explicit goal of opposing white supremacy."

— Kareim Oliphant

If Burkean conservatism is a response to the French Revolution, then African conservatism is also a response. It emerges out of, and in response to the shock of both Colonialism and The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade — the largest forced migration in history.…
The LARGEST, long-distance, coerced migration in human history — The Atlantic slave trade is the backdrop, for the dissimilar attitudes, values, unique differences, between, Anglo conservatism, and what is referred to as African or "black conservatism".

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Now that #Oklahoma and #Texas have officially withdrawn from the #Big12-2-2-2, several academic institutions in the league have started the process of backchanneling (while of course remaining committed to the Big12-2-2-2) for a new home.
Not wanting my own beloved college cast aside to a G5 league that is more aligned with our aspirations and history, I’ve taken it upon myself to produce a similar piece, so that another elite league may choose to add us and carry us on their financial shoulders.
I of course, am speaking of University of #West #Virginia. There are several things that set #WVU apart from your average D1 entity. These unique qualities define us, and should give us immediate consideration for our admission into either the #ACC, #BIG16, #PACnumber, or #SEC.
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@mauscuba7500 @ggreenwald Please share with me the s[c]ience & how it works in those 3 books you presented as "evidence" & how they are based in empiricism (not anecdotes, feelings or magical thinking)

BTW you STILL haven't answered my original question

You're all over the place!
@mauscuba7500 @ggreenwald Did you even look at my thread

Especially the later Tweets on #Eugenics & #Euthanasia

"Political '#Left' and '#Right' Properly Defined"…
@mauscuba7500 @ggreenwald '

From the Lefty "liberal" #Guardian again

"#Eugenics: the skeleton that rattles loudest in the left's closet"…
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A blanket of smoke is covering #Alberta today.

Climate change events like this are becoming more frequent. So here is a short thread on air quality.

#cdnpoli #ableg #abpoli…
Right now there are air quality advisories across the province.

Health Canada uses a 1-10 scale where 1 is nice clean air and 10 is a like a #Conservative government in your lungs.

Alberta uses the same scale.🔗

#ableg #cdnpoli #absmoke ImageImageImage
A 1-10 scale is beautiful in it’s simplicity, but it also fails to communicate what’s really going ok with air pollution.…🔗

@environmentca does offer explanations for these numbers, but you have to go looking for them. Image
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 07/17/2021…
Racism is magnifying the deadly impact of rising city heat…

#racism #cities #temperatures
Christian attitudes surrounding abortion have a more nuanced history than current events suggest…

#christianity #abortion #history
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