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This morning I sent a tweet to someone who was clearly smearing #Corbyn I started by saying "You joined the Lib Dems because you are a #Tory You line your pockets on the hard work of others." For my troubles I received a lot of abuse.
Nice to know that remainers consider a nurse and veteran a cultist dickhead. I actually voted remain, but would rather see Corbyn negotiate a trade deal that keeps many of the freedoms we have than have a no deal Brexit!
To debate and discuss the nuances of brexit etc. Is one thing but to use #Antisemitism #Racism #Cult and the notion that Lib Dems are progressive is another.
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Thread by @SJLGuardians
Members in the world. I got out actively pursuing #Nazism about two years ago. I began training #DonaldTrump in 1997. I had known him for a while but he expressed interest in the #Nazi Movement to me
2) in 1997. He asked me to train him. I accepted. We started out slowly, I led him
through subliminal #mindcontrol techniques at first. I told him that repeating things over& over especially short phrases- #brainwashes people to do your will. He learned how to repeat things over
3) and over in a way that would control the masses. From mind control, we began
working on “importance” of being white. As a trainer, I fed him lines about dangers of minorities. I told him that the black and Mexican communities were dangerous and must be stopped -
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The USA is guilty of multiple counts of mass murder.

How do you go about trusting a mass murderer to do the right thing?

Apparently the heads of European states have no problem doing so.

Are they mad, or are we?

#Racism #US #State #Terrorism

The USA finds it easy to kill millions if they aren’t white. The native Americans, then came the African slaves.

Later, the Japanese, then the Vietnamese. In recent times the Iraqis, Libyans, Syrians & Yemenis.

#Racism #US #State #Terrorism

Is it just coincidence that the USA can kill millions of non-white people & few to no questions are asked by the heads of state in western Europe?

Are those heads of state racists too?

Conscious racism or not.

#Racism #US #State #Terrorism
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Hi #pediatricians, our work on #disparities in #disability id. was just cited by the @AmerAcadPeds in their #policy statement on the impact of #racism on children's health. Our most recent study was cited. If helpful, here is a thread of our work to date. #RacismAndHealth (1)
@AmerAcadPeds Here is the abstract and link the the study cited in the @AmerAcadPeds policy statement.…. We find that children of color are less likely to be identified as having disabilities than similarly situated students who are White in U.S. schools (2)
@AmerAcadPeds Here is an example finding. Of U.S. 4th grade students displaying clinically significant reading difficulties, 74% of White students are receiving special education. The contrasting percentages for Black, Hispanic, and American Indian students? 44%, 43%, and 48%, respectively (3)
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Surreal and extreme serious. “Die endgültige Lösung ist erforderlich” - the final solution is required. It was with this #Nazi phrase used to murder #Jews, that Estonian MEP Jaak Madison, a longtime Nazi sympathiser, addressed the #immigrants in Europe.…
The concerns with the new Government in #Estonia have overflown the country boarders. A Government where the junior partner, the extreme right party Ekre, looks the de facto leading force.… #fascism #FarRight #racism
Can the political situation shift in #Estonia? A "silent" maybe accordingly to the last general election winner, the liberal @kajakallas. But the concerns with the extreme right and junior government, party Ekre, continues to grow.… @ALDEParty @RenewEurope
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"We Hate N***rs Cause They Smell,They Don't Work,So We Should Bring Back Slavery To Whip Them N***rs"

If The Young One's Are This Vile & Rotten, I Can Only Imagine How The Old One's Feel.

If This Is What We Call Progress, Black People Want None Of It.
#racism #KKK #slavery
If They Actually Go To The School They Have On Their Hoodies, Let The School Know About This. Here Is There Twitter Handle

@AuburnTrojans What's The Consequence For This Kind Of Behavior Though? Let Me Guess,,, They Get Counseling And Diversity Education? 🤔
If You Don't Punish Them For This Behavior, Then It Is Fair To Assume Your School Is Complicit With This Behavior.
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1. Sacramento Police Officer Sarah Stambaugh Points A Gun At A Hispanic Civilian's Head After Pulling Him Over For A Tint Violation And Being Informed He Owns A REGISTERED HANDGUN Located In His TRUNK. Open Thread For Full Video.
#Racism #PoliceBrutality #California
While The Male Officer Remained Calm After Taking His Information And Seeing He Is Indeed A Registered Firearm Owner, Office Sarah Repeated The "Nazi" Conversation She Had With Him To The Officer To Justify The Use Of Unnecessary Force And Behavior.

#PoliceBrutality #Racism
Even Though This Man Took His Case To Court And Won, This Incident Further Proved To Him That White Folks Can Open Carry Without Being Harrassed But A Minority Can't Enen Conceal carry Without Risking Their Life.
#racism #PoliceBrutality
Share If U Care !
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On this week's cover—A Series with @genome_gov presents an overview of efforts to implement the exciting & maturing area of #genomicmedicine, including to identify rare & undiagnosed diseases & to enhance risk assessment through family health records
@genome_gov "China’s determination to improve #occupationalhealth is a welcome step towards translating its economic gains into health benefits for all workers in China."

Editorial: Occupational health in #China
@genome_gov "Children and their families are the right starting point to disrupt the vicious cycle of racial inequity"

Editorial: A call for #paediatricians to tackle #racism
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Baltimore residents keep speaking out. Thank you @fleccas for exposing more truth on Baltimore.
@RepCummings @donlemon @andersoncooper @ChrisCuomo @VictorBlackwell are these black people racist. Perhaps you should speak to them. #Baltimore #Racism
Would love for the liberal news to interview these men and women. Black people must stop protecting lazy black politicians who do absolutely nothing for black communities. Obama in office for 8 years with 2 black AGs and what change was made? Trump got prison reform.
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A letter from Dr. Denis MacEoin, a non Jewish Professor, to the motion put forward by The Edinburgh Student's Association to boycott all things Israeli, in which they claim Israel is an "apartheid regime".
1) #Israel #apartheidregime #bds
Denis is an expert in Middle Eastern affairs and was a senior editor of the Middle East Quarterly.
Here's his letter to the students:
TO: The Committee Edinburgh University Student Association.
2) #ProfessorDenisMacEoin #MiddleEasternAffairs
May I be permitted to say a few words to members of the EUSA? I am an Edinburgh graduate (MA 1975) who studied Persian, Arabic & Islamic History in Buccleuch Place under William Montgomery Watt & Laurence Elwell Sutton, two of Britain 's great Middle East experts in their day 3)
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Far-Right Extremists Have Been Using Ukraine's War as a Training Ground.

They're Returning Home. #whitesupremacists…
Ukrainian ultranationalists, many with barely disguised neo-Nazi or white supremacist views, had been a driving force in the revolution.
“I believe Europe is in great danger,” Alberto Testa, an expert on far-right radicalization at the University of West London
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"#OpDeathEaters #Guam #opdegod "The pastor sent the sobbing 13-year-old altar boy away with a warning:
“If you say anything to anybody, no one will believe you.”… #CatholicChurch
"Denton told his mother, but says she accused him of making it up. He told another priest, but that man did nothing & later turned out to be an abuser himself."

What mother in her right mind would think a 13 yr old boy would make something like that up #OpDeathEaters? #opdegod
"thousands of pages of court documents reviewed by The Associated Press, along with extensive interviews, tell a story of systemic abuse dating from the 1950s to as recently as 2013. They show a pattern of repeated collusion by predator priests" #OpDeathEaters #opdegod
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@rlefraim wrote, "Donald Trump, before he decided to run for President, was praised by Civil Rights Organizations routinely.

But he dared to run for President, and suddenly he became a racist ?

That’s what the left wants you to believe. 1) #Democrats #LeftWingAgenda #racism
And now, they would also have you believe that anyone who opposes a Left-wing agenda must be a racist.

Reminds me of Stalin accusing anyone who objected to his policies as “counter-revolutionary and deserving of the Gulag or worse. 2) #deplatforming #racist
If you don’t conform, the left will make false accusations, harass you, threaten you, & even threaten to injure or kill you, & some of them try.

Look at the crowd outside Senator McConnell's home this past weekend, with yelling threatening his life. 3) #TheLeft #McConnell
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I still haven't quite worked out the resistance of racists supporting a racist president to being called racists despite how proudly and emboldened they are to say racist things. Instead, they call their critics racists for objecting to #racism.
Likewise, Obama, for pointing out inequalities and sympathizing with suffering minorities, is labeled racist by the racists. He's called divisive by those Trumpers. He, like so many others before him, is called a "troublemaker".
That crowd denies they or their president are racists. They claim they're being unfairly maligned for mere political differences. They actually get upset when you say they're racists.
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AUGUST 3 1964
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👀👀 #AntifaTerrorists 6 days apart the shootings in #GilroyGarlicFestival & #ElPasoShooting
and to add more butter This kid changed his party affiliation right around #FakeNews push #QAnon a Terrorist…
OMG. @realDonaldTrump @SenTedCruz
Report: Far-Left Groups Plan ‘Siege’ On El Paso, Texas, To Push ‘Border Resistance’…
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“Racism”. Is the judging of someone by there color of their skin rather than the content of their behavior. Simple? I think so. 1) #Racism #USA
Racism - is also lower expectations based on someone’s race, or on a group’s race, meaning expecting or excusing behavior based on race - whether being harsher or less harsh based on race of who and what group is being judged.

Now, who in America is Racist? 2) #Racism #racist
Anyone who ignores a serious problem with crime & shootings in an American city because they refuse to honestly say it is a sociological problem in one part of the population. 3) #sociologicalproblem
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Don Lemon a political activist and bigot is actually moderating a fake news CNN debate? That’s not a debate but a meeting of radical activist.
What is racism and identity politics? The fact that blacks in South Bend, Indiana have rejected #PeteButtigieg and overall he has zero support from blacks yet the liberal media still push him as a viable candidate and somewhat dismiss blacks who are running. #racism
Crazy Bernie strikes again. #BernieSanders #Detriot #CNNDebate
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Did you know that Constitution explained the difference of the two branches of Congress (the House of Representatives and the Senate)?

The people of the state were to elect the Representatives to support them in Washington DC.

The Governor of the state was to appoint the Senate
And the Senate was to represent the States in Washington DC.
So this has bothered me for a long time.

And when I see @aoc and @RepCummings and the rest of these chickensh!t REPRESENTATIVES should not be doing press conferences at the #MexicoBorder.

They should be in #NYC and #Baltimore to fix their damn communities!
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#racism #influencer #abetterworld
#parenting #leadership

I had no choice of "color" I was born this is me. poverty was my upbringing. My Mom , Aunts, Grandparents taught me to respect, fo be thankful, say please ,thank you. Not to lie, not steal, not to tease or call names.
I got "woppins" lots of woppins..

I can say who I turned out to be today is from what I learned by age 10 ( the hard way) .

As poor as We were, Single Mom three kids. The biggest thing I learned from my family. Is to never take pitty, to always be proud of what we have.
To never place yourself below anyone because your shoes have holes. Or come from second time around store. Usually the school bus driver would have the school donate me cloths and shoes. To stop the teasing. It would make Momma cry. I never let that bother me.
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MINI-THREAD: The right's #ColorBlindSociety talking point. Please RT widely if you agree.

After Trump's racist tweets, I hear it a lot on the right. So now instead of recognizing that people have different color skin we want to be blind to it, i.e. ignore race all together?
That's an ostrich-hiding-head-in-the-sand move. It's benevolent on the surface, masking people's #racism & giving it legs. I am sure Trump will pick up this verbage as well because that's a good distraction point. Here's why it's really bad for any #democracy, even a mature one.
As a society, we don't need to be blind to race. We must recognize & validate people's identities & experiences. We need to realize that we are all different. But we are all EQUAL. Compassion and respect of equality must drive our relationships & conversations, not #RaceBlindness
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1. #News ~ Crazed Antifa Terrorist Who Attempted to Bomb ICE Center and Was Shot Dead

— Left an Audio MANIFESTO - Was saying Goodbye To His Comrades, Planned To Die & Take People w/ Him. #DomesticTerrorism


#Trump @realDonaldTrump #Qanon #WWG1WGA
2. #News ~ REMINDER: An AOC-Inspired Terror Attack Against ICE Was Committed by ANTIFA Last Saturday…

#Trump @realDonaldTrump #Qanon #WWG1WGA
#DomesticTerrorism #Terrorist #Terrorist
3. #News ~ New York Times Exploits Children to Demonize ICE and Border Enforcement - This is the type of propaganda that led to the ANTIFA terrorist attack this past weekend.

#Trump @realDonaldTrump #Qanon #WWG1WGA #CRISIS #DomesticTerrorism #EnemyOfThePeople
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14. United States decided to label #IRGC terrorists. But who are the real terrorists? Who created, trained, armed & financed the worst terrorist groups in the world?

#Hypocrites #DoubleStandards #Liars #Warlords #USRealTerrorists
Wrong US policies in the Middle East. Sanctions against Iran. Sanctions used by the USA as a war weapon🤨👇🏼
1. United States decided to label #IRGC terrorists. But who are the real terrorists? Who created, trained, armed & financed the worst terrorist groups in the world? 🤨👇🏼…
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🔴 PREMIERES at 8pm ET:

"No matter your race, no matter your gender…if you work hard in America…you will be just fine."

@LarryElder on American Thought Leaders 🇺🇸 with @JanJekielek at #WCS19

Subscribe to The Larry Elder Show:…

"I could not find any pattern of deadly force used against black people."

@LarryElder deconstructs myths about #Racism on American Thought Leaders 🇺🇸 with @JanJekielek at #WCS19
American Thought Leaders 🇺🇸 with @JanJekielek at #WCS19

@LarryElder dismantles the #Reparations narrative: "We've had 50, 60 years of race-based preferences…the idea that America has not tried to make up for historical wrongs is simply not true."

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