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Time to highlight another article I link to often.

“Whitewashed: The African American Opioid Epidemic”
by @ChiUrbanLeague

Quote thread 🧵


#racism #overdosecrisis #opioids
“...portrayed as a problem affecting young whites in suburban and rural areas. In Illinois, the Midwest, and indeed much of the United States, this is a wholly inaccurate depiction. The prevailing narrative neglects how people of color have been profoundly impacted”

“•African Americans are dying from opioid overdose at a rate higher than the general population in several states, including Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri, Minnesota, and West Virginia, and in Washington, D.C.;”

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Given the importance of the Latino🗳,

it’s worth reminding ppl of Trump’s support & belief in RACIST #eugenics:

Ppl who think they have superior 🧬 only should breed, a noxious theory adopted by Nazis & 🇺🇸 1880: mid-1900…

Trump also had a copy of of “My New Order” a book written by Hitler initially told his ex Ivana and then confirmed by Trump himself in a Barbara Walters interview.

He got the wrong 📚 name too. He thought it was Mein Kampf—it wasn’t—which is even worse…
Charles Davenport, racist eugenicist,
wrote a friend in 1920 (the end of 2nd wave of migration in 🇺🇸) to ask,

“Can we build a wall high enough around this country so as to keep out these cheaper races?”

Sound familiar?
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Lantos (holocaust survivor) Congressional Fellowship - Dr. Katrina Swett, #mormon Church, Marietje Schaak #D66 Dutch politician and Humanity in Action Mw.#Goldstein connections.…

#KOZP #Blacklivesmatter #racism 😉🤓 ImageImageImageImage
Marietje Schaake - #D66 EU Nederlandse 'ex-'politicus
Sinds 2019 docent én directeur Int. beleid bij het Cyber Policy Center van de Stanford universiteit en o.a. vz van de TWG conferentie in het #Rockefeller complex in Italië.… ImageImageImage
Marietje Schaake #D66 & Annenberg 🤓
Let it sink in that Annenberg sr. was a 🕎-hardcore gangster doing racketeering for Hearst Corp. who promoted Hitler in the USA. His descendants & politicians are your censors, happy now?😂
#FreeSpeech #COVID19 😎…
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#Hitler and all his leading associates were #Jewish!
A German Jew named Dietrich Bronder claimed this fact in "Before Hitler Came".… (Ordo ab Chao article)
📚🤓 Bronder Before Hitler Came (1975)… ImageImageImage
I always wonder "what if Hitler & co were puppets on a string with the endgame to destroy the Germanic people and thus creating the state of Israel, meanwhile killing the religious jews and keeping the satanic ones alive"🤓🤔
65 Rare Color Photographs of World War II Taken by #Hitler's Personal Photographer

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Oh did you want a long early morning rant #thread? Yes? No? Too late, here it is. Let’s talk about how the insistence on returning to college football not only a reflection of racism & capitalism, but also the deep failures of patriarchal culture. Ready? Let’s go.
Ok so yesterday I talked a bit about racism & capitalism in the organized sport industry particularly football. Here’s that thread. Note: I’m sure there are scholars who have written about this, this is just my Black feminist quick take.
So football relies heavily on the athletic performance of Black men for the entertainment & profit of predominantly white men. In the NFL when players protest, they’re told to shut up & play or that they make enough money so they shouldn’t care (racist capitalist perspective).
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“Don’t really get all the #BLM stuff?
400 years ago white people enslaved black people.
And sold them.
And treated them as less than human.
For 250 years.
While white men built the country and created its laws and its systems of government.
While 10, 15 generations of white families got to grow, flourish and make choices that could make their lives better.
150 years ago white people "freed" black people from slavery.
But then angry white people created laws that made it impossible for them to vote.
Or to own land.
Or to have the same rights as white people. And even erected monuments glorifying people who actively had fought to keep them enslaved.
All while another 5, 10 generations of white families got to grow and accumulate wealth and gain land and get an education.
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Action Femen au musée d'Orsay (13 septembre 2020, Paris)

Why Does #FEMEN never Stage Their Obscene Stunts in #Synagogues, #Jewish Neighbourhoods or #Israel?…
The Italian magazine IL Foglio did its own investigation into Femen/PussyRiot and uncovered some tantalizing facts. Il Foglio identified an American #Jewish businessman called Jed Sunden as a key funder of Femen😉
(foto Jef Sunden)
David Duke seems to be banned from FB & Twitter, sofar we praise the EU & Jewish ADL for their Stasi Censorship. You can't criticize the loudmouthed tribe and their evil deeds.

#racism #BlackLivesMatter #Israel #Zionism
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Today is the start of #SHW2020! Each day this week, I'll be tweeting about Britain's long, tempestuous and ever-so-slightly bonkers love–hate relationship with its #sexualhealth.

Darlings, brace yourselves. 💋 #SHW20 Image
We begin with the Victorians, who, contrary to popular belief, were obsessed with sex. In the C19, the only known #STIs were syphilis and gonorrhoea. Diagnosis depended on observable symptoms (no blood tests/smears). Effective treatments were non-existent. Image: @ExploreWellcome Image
In 1864 the British government introduced the Contagious Diseases Acts, intended to protect the armed forces through 'regulation' of 'common prostitutes'. The Acts gave police almost-unlimited discretionary powers to arrest any woman they thought might be soliciting. Image: HCPP Image
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4 strategies to mitigate implicit (& explicit) bias & #racism in the hospital - laid out by @DrQuinnCapers4 et al via powerful clinical cases:
1⃣alleviate physician burnout (which predicts bias)
2⃣remove pt photos (to reduce implicit bias from seeing pts' color/garb)
3⃣"eliminate discretion" (adhere to clinical guidelines, not amorphous values)
4⃣ enhance diversity among decision-makers (OF COURSE)
5⃣ "workshop" bias mitigation strategies (practice makes perfect)

full article here:…
Now imagine: instead of reading about it, how powerful would it be to have anti-racism case discussions as a standing part of M&M, weekly conference, & work rounds?

An actionable call, indeed.
cc @twilsonferrone @Eugenia_South @JSchuurMD @uche_blackstock @DrFNA @AdairaLandryMD
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@Sandra2nd1 Ze is meestal een klagend deel van de negroide bevolking die zowel in NL als in het voorouderlijk land keihard discrimineert. In NL wordt dit deel gesubsidieerd en getraind om onrust te zaaien tussen zwart en blank.#racisme
"Onze vuile was ligt op straat"…
@Sandra2nd1 De grote grap vh #BLM theater in het #Catshuis? Raissa Biekman & Co. van HIA zijn getraind door de club van mw Goldstein, in het Catshuis waren zij in gesprek met Rutte & Koolmees die de belangen van #Israel boven die van de '#Afrikanen' stellen. FAKE #RacismeDebat 😉
@Sandra2nd1 #racism in #Israel vs #Africans
“We have a problem in Israel, hundreds of thousands of black refugees from Africa!”
“The women of Israel belong to jewish men!”
(🕎 David Sheen video 2012)
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Dit is wat je krijgt wanneer zwarte amerikanen *bewust* de gevoelloosheid mimicken die onder (alt)rightwing mensen heerst rond #BLM , #PoliceBrutality , #Racism en #Slavery


En als *iemand* dit gevoelloos vindt, besef dan dat bij het verschrikkelijke 9/11 ongeveer 3000 mensen omkwamen (maar wsch nog +/-500 PoC “illegalen”

Daarna volgde een domme oorlog met 10duizenden PoC moslim (!) Burgerslachtoffers
Daarmee werd ISIS gekickstart dat vooral in Arabische landen PoC slachtoffers maakte, maar intussen was Islamofobie voor Westerlingen “normaal”. En hoewel iedereen zich Theo Van Gogh en Charlie Hebdo herinnert, BLEEF men in heel EU PoC moslims, Sikhs en Hindi belagen en doden
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1.The City of #Austin has paid a group called The People's Institute for Survival and Beyond over $200k for citywide training.
This type of critical race theory training has been directed to end at the Federal level. It is “a sickness that cannot be allowed to continue.” #racism
2. Founded in 1980 by long-time community organizers Ronald Chisom and Dr. Jim Dunn of Ohio... Through this process, it supports a cadre of anti-racist organizers who build leadership and accountability in the communities where they are organizing.
3. "...the trainers introduced a controversial assertion: All white people are racist."…
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1. News: Norwegian Lawmaker Nominates President Donald Trump for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize for Brokering Diplomatic Ties Between Israel & United Arab Emirates - Thread 9.9.2020

FINALLY! @realDonaldTrump IS MOST DESERVING!… Image
2. News: Critics Believe Next Phase of the TREASONOUS ‘ROLLING COUP’ Against President Trump may Involve the U.S. Military -

3. News: MORE FAKE NEWS: The Hill Bashes Trump Supporters for Not Wearing Masks at NC Rally… But Look Closely at the Photo they Use!

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How do Confederate monuments perpetuate racism? Let me count the ways. #ScholarStrike…
Since 2015, it's been patently obvious. Why were Confederate monuments placed on the grounds of government in the first place? #whitesupremacy #racism #ScholarStrike…
Charlottesville demonstrated to everyone that Confederate monuments appealed to white supremacists. #racism #ScholarStrike…
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Folks on here complaining about #HillaryClinton are wildly out of touch with reality. Hillary Clinton warned you about who Trump was and what he would do. You fked up and let your misogyny get in the way. And now nearly 200k Americans are dead & the courts are stacked for 30yrs.
Third party voters are as much to blame as Trump voters for Trump's presidency. #Hillary lost PA, WI & MI by a mere 77k votes. 3rd party votes in those states were 800k. HRC won the same number of votes as Obama 2012. Trump was ensconced by a few dozen party apparatchiks.
#HillaryClinton warned us about everything: that Trump was "Putin's puppet," that his verifiable #racism dated to being investigated by Nixon's DOJ for racial bias, that he was a virulent xenophobe who'd harm immigrants and a misogynist who'd set back women's rights, and more.
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The term originates in the systematic psychological manipulation of a victim by her husband in Patrick Hamilton’s 1938 stage play Gas Light, and the film adaptations released in 1940 and 1944
In the story, the husband attempts to convince his wife & others that she is insane by manipulating small elements of their environment & insisting that she is mistaken, remembering things incorrectly, or delusional when she points out these changes.
The play's title alludes to how the abusive husband slowly dims the gas lights in their home, while pretending nothing has changed, in an effort to make his wife doubt her own perceptions.
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11 Ways Trump’s Condition Undermines Our Republic By Vince Greenwood, Ph.D. -- a thread:

#DutyToInform #DutyToWarn #UnfitToBePresident
1. Because of his greater than normal need for stimulation and impulsivity, disruptions to our government’s legal, financial, and administrative functions will accumulate.
2. In the exercise of his duties — at every choice point — power and dominance will prevail over others’ welfare. #DutyToInform
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.@govkristinoem @IanTFury @SenatorRounds @SenJohnThune @RepDustyJohnson BIPOC are disproportionately affected by #COVID__19. What are you doing right now abt the deep loss the first nations in South Dakota are experiencing due to your overt #racism & malicious inaction?
A minimum of TWO heritage speakers have been lost in the past week alone. All linguists will tell you losing a native speaker is more than just the loss of a single soul. Language & culture cannot exist without each other. When speakers are lost, culture is lost.
This is genocide. Plain and simple. You are complicit, if not source and executioner. These are not simply mothers, sisters, grandmothers. They are keepers of a culture which you are, by your malignant inaction, participating in slaughtering, before our very eyes. We see you.
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For my fellow Catholics, Christians, others: Fr. Olivere said in his sermon at this morning's Mass on @6abc, the Church is not a building, it is us as we represent our faith. Today, represent your faith with love and charity toward others, irrespective of their beliefs.
Fr. Olivere also urged us to pray for an end to #racism & for racial equity. Of course our prayers are merely the foundation for our actions: We must commit to anti-racism and all the hard work that entails. Remember our foundational message from Jesus is The Sermon on the Mount.
Also critical is that we reject false prophets--those who claim Donald Trump is sent by G-d are blasphemous. No politician is sent by G-d and in fact Jesus threw the representatives of the State out of the temple. Jesus demanded separation of Church and State. So must we.
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Has anyone ever had a positive outcome in reporting #racism to higher ups or HR?
Has anyone ever had a positive outcome in reporting #racism to higher ups or HR?
Interesting you say?
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#zealAndArdor published this picture on their Facebook.

We expect great things, musically and politically >
> if you don't know them, Zeal and Ardor is an "avant-garde #blackmetal" project by these guys. Yet, avant-garde black metal is quite reductive as a definition >
> the music is actually a mix of #AfricanAmericanSpiritual and #BlackMetal. Now, the project has started when Manuel Gagneux, engaged in a discussion on 4chan, was told by 2 users to fuse "black metal", with "nigger music" >
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#racisme oplossing? Image
Racistisch Suriname en zijn racistische bewoners 😎
"in harmonisch #Suriname, waar mensen van allerlei rassen vredig naast elkaar dienen te leven, #racisme nog altijd de boventoon voert en verdedigd wordt". (Marvin Hokstam)… Image
Tuurlijk mogen mensen zelf kiezen hoe ze zichzelf presenteren, in #Israel lukt dat prima. Niks aan de hand gewoon een feestje. Het is niet aan zwarte mensen om daar een mening over te hebben. Image (purim KKK feest in Israel)
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1. News: Democrat Insider Details Mail-In Voting Fraud Operation: ‘This Is a Real Thing’ -Thread 8.31.20… #WhistleBlower #Voting #MailInBallots #Fraud
2. News: Indiana Rep Jim Banks Introduces “Support Peaceful Protest Act” To Prevent Rioters Arrested For Looting, Vandalism, or Acts of Violence From Receiving Federal $ Benefits… #Riots #Terrorism #PeacefulProtest
3. News: 'I am 100% Antifa': Alleged Portland shooter of Trump supporter (also an ardent BLM supporter) was previously arrested—and released—for bringing illegal loaded gun to a riot |… #Riots #Terrorism #PeacefulProtesters #Murderer
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Investigation: African migrants 'left to die' in Saudi Arabia’s hellish #Covid19 detention centres.

'The guards just throw the bodies out back as if it was trash,' #BlackLivesMatter #Racism #KSA

Read:… Image
Note: Saudi trolls screaming "this is fake" or "not true" in the mentions below.
@TwitterSupport handle the MBS botnet in the replies to this tweet, thx
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