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Due anni fa @BebeRexha, famosa cantante e compositrice (ha collaborato tra gli altri con #Eminem, #Rihanna, #NickiMinaj, #Pitbull, #LouisTomlinson, #geazy, #DavidGuetta, ecc.) ha detto che PER VINCERE i Grammy SI PAGA.

#GRAMMYs #sony #maneskin #showbiz #billboard #charts
@BebeRexha #Grammys, parte 2 🏆

Nel 2021 @ZaynMalik, ex #OneDirection, ha parlato di razzismo, favoritismi, interferenze e mancanza di trasparenza nonché di regali e mani da stringere per ottenere le nomination ai GRAMMY.

#showbiz #racism #maneskin #billboard #spotify #charts
@BebeRexha @zaynmalik #Grammys, parte 3 🏆

Dopo le accuse di corruzione e "comitati segreti" da parte di @theweeknd, la @RecordingAcad ha cambiato le regole ma Abel, coerentemente, 2 anni dopo ha continuato a ignorarli non presentandosi a ritirare il premio.
Anche @Drake e @silksonic li boicottano.
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An update For those following this thread #Racism #RepublicansInSD #JoelKoskan #BudMay I woke up this morning to find an insulting, guilt-tripping dm from a member of the SD Legislature. He accused me of being “on a soapbox”, warned me that the victim doesn’t want Koskan to be/1
punished any further than the proposed plea & suggested she may refuse to testify further because of the publicity. I asked him if he was her spokesperson & he didn’t answer. After he harangued me in a few messages, I told him to not be surprised if I put his messages on blast./2
He promptly blocked me. This is the caliber of politics in SD. It’s called bully with insults and veiled threats to silence free speech. I’m beyond disturbed by such tactics. And I’m sure there will be more.
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When Eton College gave Farage a platform, what did they think was going to happen?

Boys directed racist & misogynistic abuse at state school students invited to join them for a speech by Nigel Farage

🧵#Eton #privilege #racism #cheating #cocaine 1/…
#Eton boys ‘sanctioned’ by a school that saw fit to offer hospitality and a platform to Farage and thereby, predictably, exposed state school children (Eton’s guests) to racist and misogynistic abuse

Eton,where Boris Johnson was educated/radicalised…

The unsurprising #Eton #Farage scandal speaks volumes about UK establishment and the school that's groomed so many narcissistic sociopath politicians & journos

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Lots of sadness about Twitter potentially going or significantly changing among the #LongCovid & #ChronicIllness communities. Also remember how It amplified voices that could’ve not been heard otherwise on issues like #pandemic #science #racism #GenderEquity. But don’t despair 1/
We know how to do it now so we’ll do it again. Preferably on platforms not totally controlled by billionaires and not using our connection to gain massive profit and increase inequalities. I’m an optimist on this. Because life is change. Nothing stays the same. However 2/
It’s important that those who found solace & empathy on here don’t lose that. I’m now using Mastodon (non-profit SM platform with far less hostility and toxicity so far) and I see a place for less heard communities getting established there. Find me on 3/
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Leading names of British theatre and film have criticised the cancellation of a prestigious lifetime award to the playwright Caryl Churchill because of her support for Palestinian rights, saying the move is “nothing less than modern-day McCarthyism”.…
The artists accusing institutions in Germany of “deep-seated anti-Palestinian racism” include actors Miranda Richardson, Miriam Margolyes, KhalidAbdallah, Juliet Stevenson, Maureen Beattie, playwrights Abbie Spallen, Hannah Khallil, Nicholas Wright…
Director Mike Leigh on modern-day McCarthyism of the @SchauspielS, 'systems of silencing and intimidation' when it comes to Palestine, attempts to de platform one of the greatest playwright of our times, Caryl Churchill Image
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#Racism in the Met Police. These are the words of a female officer who served in the Met for 26 years. I will be sharing her full statement on my website shortly, and also a second 🧵 on the misogyny she faced. Her words are shocking. #InstitutionalRacism #MetPolice (1)
‘I served in the Metropolitan Police Service for over two decades. I thoroughly enjoyed my job serving and protecting Londoners. It was the internal canteen culture that prompted me to make a heart-breaking decision to take early retirement.’ (2)
‘It was never my intention to retire before the age of 55. I had no choice but to cut my losses by losing a significant amount of lump sum from my pension.  It was not an easy decision to make, but it was for the best interest of my mental health and wellbeing,’ (3)
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JUST IN: #BNNUS Reports.

Chicago police said that, they have begun an investigation after a noose was found at the construction site of a building, which is dedicated to the legacy of former US President Barack Obama (@BarackObama) and First Lady Michelle Obama (@MichelleObama).
A noose, which is deliberately placed is considered a hate crime or a threat, because of the allusions to lynching. #BarackObama #MichelleObama #Racism #Noose #Crime
Governor JB Pritzker (@GovPritzker), wrote on Friday, "Hate has no place in Illinois. The noose is more than a symbol of racism, it is a heart-stopping reminder of the violence and terror inflicted on Black Americans for centuries."
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Quick 🧵: Now that the anecdotes and the sciences have aligned to confirm that #WhiteSupremacy is ✨in fact✨ an #embodied experience,

I’ve been revisiting my own hesitancies around blindly trusting all-White, all-cisgendered male leadership teams of humanitarian organizations.
2/5 I’m reminded that it takes muscle memory— not mere thinking— to see issues of inequity when they pop up in systems.

When you’ve lived in a body that’s so rarely minoritized/ marginalized (i.e., White and cisgendered male), it’s easy and common for you to overlook inequity.
3/5 This is uncomfortable to hear, but it’s true.

We’re learning more and more that #WhiteSupremacy is not— at its core— a matter of ideas.

It’s a matter of the patterned responses to the “Other” that are embodied in folks’ core beliefs, emotions and knee-jerk social reactions.
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So ummm,
quick question for @POTUS, I know election season and all but ANYWAY:
Why is @tomcoderre getting to decide political appointees,
and why did Brooke M Feldman, UPenn 3.98 GPA Commencement Speaking @soledadobrien TV star,
even get a call or reply about my application? 🤔 why did I NOT EVEN GET A RESPONSE?…
Could it mayyyyyybe be…..
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🧵 This evening I attended the premier of Holocaust Learning UK’s newest film ‘Out of the Darkness: Steven’s Story’ at @JW3London by @TapestryPics narrated by @jasonsfolly. The film is aimed at year 9 students learning about the Holocaust. @HolocaustLearn
The (free) 1h film is INCREDIBLE. Please please tell your #history departments all about it. I’ve been learning about the #Holocaust since I was 11 and learnt so much I didn’t know from this film, which centres on the impact of Nazis in Holland. @histassoc @HolocaustLearn
I didn’t know that 300,00 Dutch workers went on strike after Nazi roundups of Jews in Holland.
I didn’t know that Dutch resistance members sacrificed their lives to burn town records to try to protect the identities of their Jewish neighbours...…
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Thread on illegal reservation of visas by @USCIS in 2022 for ROW leading to retrogression for India EB2 & stagnation EB3 India cutoff dates. #greencardbacklog #discrimination #racism #lawlessagency @David_J_Bier @BradBanias @gsiskind @ckuck @cyrusmehta @immlawACHall @blesjm1
By holding up & refusing to process ~77K EB2/3 AOS from India born applicants & seeking other applicants instead, @USCIS violated INA 202(a)(1), 202(a)(3), 202(a)(5), 203(e) & 203(g).
I would be happy to be proven wrong. Let @USCIS show they did not already have majority of the pending 77K EB2/3 India inventory in Q1 FY2022. They processed majority of AOS in order of priority date(PD), i.e., processed EB2/3 India pending from Oct 2020 BEFORE RoW EB2 PD 2021/22
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I wanted to ask u all a question and I want u to really think abt it.
Have u ever wanted to give ur child(ren) an American name, so that they won’t be targeted during college applications and job opportunities?
How abt criminal targeting, like the gov looking for spies? How about joining a religious group that’s dominant in America so ur child will be accepted?
That’s where we are in our family. My heart is breaking while I struggle w the fact that we’ll be changing their names.
This is what being a Chinese American means in America. 💔💔💔
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New thread🧵10clips #10Clips
Immigration multiculturalism and the destruction of Western traditions culture and values since 1960 please comment/challenge/question
#Migrants #Multicultural #Immigration #CoudenhoveKalergi #Brexit #Frexit #Crime #Calais #RefugeesWelcome
1 of 10:
New thread🧵10clips #10Clips
Immigration multiculturalism and the destruction of Western traditions culture and values since 1960 please comment/challenge/question
#Migrants #Multicultural #Immigration #CoudenhoveKalergi #Frexit #Crime #Calais #BlackHistoryMonth
2 of 10:
New thread🧵10clips #10Clips
Immigration multiculturalism and the destruction of Western traditions culture and values since 1960 please comment/challenge/question
#Migrants #Multicultural #BLM #CoudenhoveKalergi #Brexit #Diversity #Crime #RefugeesWelcome
3 of 10:
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The #Ontario municipal elections are October 24.

Here are 5 things municipal leaders can do to fight #Antisemitism .

Share and tag your local candidates and urge them to pledge to take the 5 steps, if elected.

1/6 Image
1. Stand up and speak out when #Antisemitism is present in your community.

2/6 Image
2. Learn from and work with your local Jewish community to ensure #Jewish safety, security, and inclusion.

3/6 Image
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Ultimate thread of how @UTLAnow & @CecilyMyartCruz mishandled #covid at the expense of the kids of @LASchools #LAUSD living in #LosAngeles
When @UTLAnow refused to reopen schools in 2021 unless all police were removed from campuses…
When @UTLAnow used teacher's dues to spy on parents that wanted schools open in 2021…
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Anyone who stands aside watching a bully in action and does nothing is a bully enabler.
Meet the team at Sunrise morning show in Australia where bullying Meghan is normalised.
#bullying Image
Anyone who stands aside watching a bully in action and does nothing is a bully enabler.
Meet the team at Today morning show in Australia where bullying Meghan is normalised.
#bullying Image
Today morning show in Australia Director and Producer - Steve Barling & Thomas Kaye
It seems the daily reminder to the team is Meghan must never be afforded unabiased reporting & never be treated like a human.
#PrinceHarry ImageImage
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reuters story about how #erdogan tamed #turkey's newsrooms. it boggles the mind why #kurdish #media are not even mentioned, despite them playing a big role in getting important stories out. #journalism…
it's an institutionalized story from @reuters. example: if you check which papers don't get state advertising anymore as a financial punishment, you won't stumble upon #kurdish #media because they never got it in the first place - and would refuse it. #journalism
also the piece lacks historical perspective. it only says '... the turkish mainstream #media, once a more lively clash of ideas'. not really. some reporters have covered real stories about the #kurdish issue but the editorial lines always followed the state narrative - willingly.
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1) It's w/ sadness & chagrin I post this. As they say, silence is violence. Silence suggestions support or agreement and I cannot sit idly by. Kenora, ON is my hometown. I love it even when I'm not there. It's full of good, kind and caring people.☑️🗳️
#Kenora #MunicipalElections Image
2) I knew Bob Bernie tangentially years ago through mutual friends. I don't know what's happened to him. I hope he is okay. He seems to have scrubbed his social media now that he is running for Kenora Council in the upcoming Ontario Municipal Elections.🗳️ Image
3) The scrubbing indicates to me an awareness his views may not be very acceptable to many. Here are screen shots from Bob's Twitter account:

Minimizing Residential Schools

Calling Covid the Wuhan Flu (while referring to Canada as a gulag)
#Kenora #Racism #MunicipalElection ImageImage
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A list of required/recommended* readings on race/ism and white supremacy from my courses (cont.) #SocAF #SocTwitter #AcademicTwitter

A 🧵(sorted by theme):
Readings on #Whiteness & #WhiteSupremacy

White Rage: The Unspoken Truth of Our Racial Divide-@ProfCAnderson

"Whiteness as Property” in Harvard Law Review-Cheryl Harris

The Invention of the White Race, Volumes 1 & 2- Theodore Allen
The White Racial Frame: Centuries of Racial Framing and Counter-Framing-@JoeFeagin

White Women, Race Matters: The Social Construction of Whiteness-Ruth Frankenberg

White Kids: Growing Up with Privilege in a Racially Divided America-@MaggieHagerman
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Top ten #HumanRights' #Concerns.
World indicator: 22/33 (year/week).

1️⃣↔️ World food crisis.
2️⃣↔️ Severe violation against #WomensRights♀️ in #Afghanistan🇦🇫.
3️⃣⬆️ Threats to peaceful coexistence in #Kenia🇰🇪.
4️⃣↔️ Growing #Xenophobia and #HateSpeech in several countries. Imran Khan, former prime mi...
5️⃣↔️ Foreign challenges to the territorial integrity, commercial freedom and security area of the People's Republic of #China🇨🇳.
6️⃣⬆️ Sharp deterioration of the rule of law in #Pakistan🇵🇰 (arbitrary arrests, reports of torture, internet blockades, rise of hate speech, etc.)
7️⃣↔️ #Lawfare (unfair legal persecution) against political opponents, layers and journalists (like #JulianAssange), worldwide.
8️⃣↔️ Armed conflicts in #Ethiopia🇪🇹, #Ukraine🇺🇦 and #Yemen🇾🇪.
9️⃣⬆️ Increasing religious discrimination & attacks on freedom of conscience.
🔟⬆️ #Racism.
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"The searing takeaway was not [KKK klansman David] Duke himself, but nearly 700,000 Louisianans who, knowing what he stood for, voted for him anyway."

#Racism #USA
"On Election Day 2016, nearly 63 million Americans voted for Trump, giving him more than 300 electoral votes and the White House.
The takeaway?
They, too, knew where he stood and voted for him anyway."

#Racism #USA
"Four years later, the impeached, scandal-scarred president went before the American people once again.

By then, Trump was known all too well.

In his losing bid for reelection, Trump attracted 74.2 million votes."

#Racism #USA…
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I've held off saying too much about this interview in @guardian with virologist Angela Rasmussen by @lfspinney, because I have great overall respect for Laura as a science journalist and she has been a good friend for a number of years.…
But my conscious has been bothering me because the framing and content of this interview is really pretty outrageous. The subhead says that Rasmussen "who has been abused online for defending a ‘natural’ origin" of Covid-19, and in the interview she is allowed...
to talk about the toxic nature of Twitter and how she has been attacked personally: "I’ve had rape and death threats; I’ve had to call the police. I’ve got pretty high self-esteem, but it wears you down." Obviously any such attacks are reprehensible, but they are not...
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