Here are their main assessments on Russian, Chinese and Iranian intelligence ops against the Czech Republic, see below:

Full report: bis.cz/public/site/bi…
The message is clear. In 2014, the Russian state organised a bomb explosion in Czech town Vrbětice, which led to two thirds of Russian diplomatic (and intel under diplomatic cover) personnel kicked out of Czech soil in April 2021.
Czech counter-intelligence agency explains:

Russian espionage uses WWII memorial events for cultivation and recruitment of intelligence assets on the Czech territory.
This is actually funny.

Czech counter-intelligence agency shows how absurd Russian state propaganda is:
Czech counter-intelligence agency says it out loud:

Every Chinese citizen must serve as Chinese intelligence asset if asked by Chinese agencies.

Chinese law is explicit about it, @biscz can see in their daily operations that it is how China operates inside of Czech territory.
Fact that China has an explicit law forcing its citizen and companies to serve as espionage assets is also a core of Czech cyber agency @NUKIB_CZ decision to legally push out Huawei + ZTE from Czech critical information infrastructure.

Czech counter-intelligence agency agrees.
Chinese technological espionage on the Czech soil has clear targets, all in line with official Chinese state strategy:
Iranian intelligence works on Iranian dissidents are journalists working in Prague.

But also tries to get nuclear energy research for their military plans, Czech universities are vulnerable here.
People often think that if Russia or China steal their private conversations, there is no harm if it is not classified.

Well, then the enemy creates a full psychological profile of you, your social networks and relations, makes it easier to recruit you.
And here is a great example why we need strong and smart investment screening. Czech Republic has the new law since spring 2021, plus we need to adopt more policies on our economic security.

• • •

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9 Nov

INCOMING: Czech Republic will have the most hawkish govt in our history.

Yesterday, the incoming 5-party centre-right coalition announced its official coalition agreement.

Let me review foreign/defence/EU/security policy plans:

(full doc: starostove-nezavisli.cz/fmfile/0/files…)
New Czech government:

Expected key ministers:

Prime Minister: @P_Fiala (ODS)

Foreign Affairs: @JanLipavsky (Pirates)

Interior: @Vit_Rakusan (STAN)

Defence: @jana_cernochova (ODS)

Trade: @VeslavM (STAN)

- strong EU+NATO focus, Visegrad Group cooperation (note: possible future disagreements here between conservative and liberal govt parties ), “we subscribe” to Three Seas Initiative

- human rights, civil society and democracy promotion is “moral and beneficial”
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6 Nov
(THREAD) @_EuropeanValues Center just published this report: HOW TO PROTECT THE CZECH ECONOMY FROM FOREIGN PREDATORS?

Supported by @CIPEglobal @CIPE_EEA, authored by @phamphi, @MarcikFrantisek, @RichardKraemer7 & myself.

We talked to 30 Czech key govt & business leaders:
We asked the Czech govt & business leaders: How to safeguard Czech democracy and fair business environment from (mainly) Chinese state-organised predators?

Full report: europeanvalues.cz/wp-content/upl…
For EVC as mainly national security-focused think-tank, we benefited from @CIPEglobal approach (thanks to @eric_hontz & @jeffdlightfoot and their teams) on how to think about defending fair business environment from foreign predators.

What Czech govt insiders + business say:
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5 Nov
(THREAD) Why I brought a Czech Think Tank to Taiwan

I just moved to Taiwan.

Let me explain why - in my article for @Newsweek.

FULL STORY: newsweek.com/why-i-brought-…
THE BIG GAME: The Chinese Communist Party wants to crush liberal democracies and dominate the world order. China wants to conquer and subdue the free and sovereign island for the same reasons Russia invades and murders the people of Ukraine or Georgia.
Taiwan is our first line of defence against Chinese aggression, the same way Ukraine is facing Russian hostilities.

That is why we are opening our@_EuropeanValues office in Taipei.
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4 Nov
(THREAD) How Chinese political-intelligence gathering institute based in Hungary hired a Czech anti-Semite and entered Czech Academy of Sciences:


Ladislav Zemánek is a Czech neo-Nazi. He was a vice-chairman of a far-right extremist party.
Zemánek traveled to a Russia-organised propaganda trip to Donbas - later got sanctioned by Ukraine.

In 2016,Czech court found him guilty of antisemitic crimes, spreading hate against Jews.Attended team-building meetings of Central European neo-Nazis, like Slovak Marian Kotleba:
Ladislav Zemánek is contractor (his LinkedIn says “analyst”) working for Budapest-based China-CEE Institute. China-CEE Institute is a Chinese-government funded institution paying thousands of EUR to CEE academics for delivering updates on political developments in their countries
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24 May


EUROPEAN POLICY FAILURE: Why does Russia (and its proxies such as Belarus) keep doing major hostile operations such as using a terrorist-style tactics to kidnap a journalist from a civilian airlines?
Since 2014,Russia has been conducting openly hostile na often murderous operations against European democracies:

from violent coup attempt in Montenegro

assassination operations in UK, Germany or Bulgaria,

to blowing up arms depot on NATO soil in Czech Republic or Bulgaria
It is known that Russia effectively controls the intelligence service (KGB) and armed forces of Belarus.

So the RyanAir kidnapping operation could not happen without Russian state approval or support.
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19 May
THREAD: Crash course on possible Czech October election winner:

Czech Republic holds general (parliamentary) elections in October. Current governing parties (centrist/populist ANO, corrupted social democrats ČSSD and treasonous Communists KSČM) are all losing the popular support
NOW: ANO dropping to some 20+%, ČSSD and KSČM dancing around 5% threshold needed for entering the next chamber.

POSSIBLE WINNERS: The centrist-liberal coalition (Pirates and Mayors party (STAN)) leading polls with 27-30 %. They are nicknamed “PirSTAN”.
Yesterday,PirSTAN launched their election manifesto which is worth digging into as they might win October elections:

General foreign policy:

Usual EU/NATO priorities,Eastern Partnership + Western Balkans: usual Czech mainstream foreign policy, including future EU memberships)
Read 15 tweets

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