Reminder: Steve Bannon was the least likely to testify out of all these creeps, because he's under criminal investigation in New York. The 1/6 committee subpoenaed him first, knowing he'd refuse, so it could make an example out of him by having him arrested. Now others will cave.
Not everyone will cave. But the committee doesn't NEED everyone to. They just need a few to cooperate and incriminate the others. Then more dominoes fall. It's how the process works.
When they subpoenaed Bannon first, it was obvious what they were doing, and Palmer Report explained as much. But you can be forgiven if you couldn't hear it over all the "Bannon is magically going to get away with it no matter what" noise coming from every other corner.
Another thing: now that the 1/6 Commitee has gotten the DOJ to indict a big name like Bannon for contempt right off the bat, it establishes precedent for the DOJ indicting other people like Trump and his family for contempt when they’re subpoenaed and fail to cooperate.
You’re thinking “there’s no way the DOJ will indict Trump for contempt.” But you thought there was no way the DOJ would indict Bannon for contempt, and that happened.
Once certain lines are crossed or certain ground rules are established, there’s no going back. It’s why the committee started off by going after a big name it knew wouldn’t cooperate. Get the contempt indictments rolling. Then it’s not that big of a leap from Bannon to Trump.

• • •

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25 Nov
The worst possible election messaging for our side is "We're about to lose our democracy" or "We're slipping into authoritarianism." That kind of fearmongering paralyzes the people on our side into inaction, and no one in the middle believes it anyway. Just stop with this stuff.
"But it's true!"

That doesn't matter. This isn't about who gets to sound the alarm the most earnestly. This is about WINNING. We need messaging that inspires the people on our side to put in the work required to win, and makes voters in the middle want to side with us.
You especially don't talk about how everything is on the verge of going to hell if you're the current majority and you're trying to convince voters in the middle to keep you in the majority. They're just going to blame your side for whatever you're "sounding the alarm" about.
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23 Nov
Alex Jones says he’ll plead the fifth during his 1/6 Commitee testimony. But this is not a magic wand. If he pleads the fifth to every single question, they can still go after him for contempt. If he pleads the fifth to specific questions, that tells the DOJ what he’s guilty of.
You’d need to be really disciplined and savvy to thread the needle of pleading the fifth without incriminating yourself in the process. Jones is the opposite disciplined and savvy. Hard to imagine him successfully pulling this off. Yet his other options aren’t necessarily better.
If the committee tries to get under Jones’ skin with leading questions, there’s a good chance he’ll start angrily blurting out things that incriminate himself and/or others.
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23 Nov
We all just watched the judge single handedly tank the Rittenhouse trial, so naturally the media is now trying to convince us that the verdict was the fault of prosecutors or witnesses – anyone but the judge. These are the ratings driven games the media always plays.
If the media just acknowledges that it was obviously the judge, then there's nothing for the media to add, and therefore no reason for us keep watching the media, because we already watched the judge do what he did. So the media pulls this contrarian nonsense instead.
Were the prosecutors and witnesses perfect? No. Would they still have gotten a guilty verdict with any other judge? Absolutely. So their minor imperfections aren't relevant. Except when the media decides to go contrarian in order to extend the story and keep us tuned in.
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22 Nov
The more clear it becomes that Trump is a senile walking corpse who can’t possibly participate in 2024, and the closer Trump gets to criminal indictment in New York and Georgia, the more the media will ramp up its “Trump 2024” hysteria. The media always does things this way.
The “Trump 2024” narrative is the only thing that’s producing enough ratings in 2021 to save the media from mass layoffs. And now that reality is intruding on that narrative, the media starts to see reality itself as a threat – so it pushes the narrative even more loudly.
In the coming weeks, as it becomes more clear to more people that Trump is finished, the media will more frequently “sound the alarm” about Trump in 2024. They push the Trump 2024 narrative 24/7, and then “sound the alarm” as if they weren’t already obsessively talking about it.
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22 Nov
The least effective narrative out there is "we're running out of time before our democracy is doomed." That doesn't motivate anyone to stand and fight. It just tells people that they might as well not bother because we're screwed anyway. Stop using this dumb narrative.
First of all, "we're running out of time" is NEVER accurate, unless you're referring to an election next week or something.

We have nearly a YEAR to make voting rights legislation happen. Stop falsely framing it as if we only have five minutes left before we all die.
Second of all, NO ONE wants to roll up their sleeves and fight for what they're being told is a losing cause anyway. This defeatist talk about how our democracy is nearly gone, is just so idiotically self-defeating. It motivates NO ONE to do ANYTHING.
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21 Nov
Days after New York started bringing Trump Organization criminal indictments, proving Palmer Report right and everyone else wrong, anonymous trolls hijacked our Wikipedia page in retaliation and changed it to falsely claim that we’re “fake news.” Legal action is still pending.
Legal action is complicated by Wikipedia’s status as an international entity, and the difficulty in obtaining the true identities of the “Wikipedia editors” in question. But we’re going to crush everyone involved.
And if we determine that these anonymous Wikipedia “editors” are coordinating with news outlets who compete with us, we won’t stop pursuing legal angles until those news outlets cease to exist as business entities.
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