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Just to show how short-lived public memory is & why there is no fear of the consequences of our actions (or inactions), let's take a quick trip down memory lane.

On January 7th 2010, Sub Inspector Vetrivel from the Alwarkuruchi Police Station in

Tirunelveli District near the southern tip of Tamil Nadu was driving on the road on routine duty, in uniform. SI Vetrivel was a decorated cop as he had been part of the Special Task Force that hunted down Veerappan.

Out of the blue, he was attacked by three assailants with crude country-made bomb. They knew he was a cop as he was in uniform, yet chopped his legs and left him bleeding on the road, crying out for help. The event occurred in broad daylight.

Luckily for Vetrivel, a convoy happened to pass by a few minutes later. In the cavalcade of cars were the then Health Minister of Tamil Nadu and Youth and Sports Development Minister. Accompanying them were the District Collector and a horde of cops, Vetrivel's colleagues.

Unluckily for Vetrivel, this was a group of insensitive, incompetent, callous politicians, bureaucrats and policemen. The cavalcade stopped, the District Collector M Jayaram, a State Govt Officer promoted to the IAS cadre after 11 years of service, cautiously approached the

bleeding Vetrivel who was pleading for help. Journalists who were covering the ministerial jaunt were capturing the developments, or rather the lack of it. The Collector dithered and hesitated about what to do for a full eight minutes before calling for an ambulance.

Even with 2 VIPs visiting, the ambulance never arrived.
They waited
Twenty minutes later, the bleeding policeman was bundled into a car from the cavalcade & sent to the nearest hospital
But, it was too late!
He was dead on arrival, over half an hour after the murderous attack

The Ministers did not get out of their air-conditioned cars for the entire period but, in their defense, they claimed they were the ones who ensured he was attended to and offered a car from their cavalcade. Their sacrifice melts one's heart.

Public outrage followed but the same public forgot soon enough
The Ministers went on to contest the subsequent elections & won!
One of them got elected from the SAME district, his apathy not a factor in the elections
Another is the State's current Agriculture Minister

The IAS Officer got transferred two years later. Believe it or not, he was first posted as Deputy Secretary of State Human Rights Commission and then promoted to Secretary

Vetrivel's widow & 2 kids got Rs 7 lakhs and their family a preference in Government job.

Now, here's another twist
D Sivasubramanian was an SI at the Kadayam police station in the same district. His estranged wife Sivakami had filed for divorce citing dowry harassment. On that fateful day, she had put out a contract on her husband and the gang, which included

her brother & a relative of the intended victim, attacked SI Vetrivel in a case of mistaken identity

Except for the actual perpetrators who ended up in jail, those who contributed to his death by negligence of their duty, got rewarded, by the Government and by We The People

As long as our judiciary remains dysfunctional and public memory fickle, those in office will not take their responsibilities seriously.

Food for thought! 🙏


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17 Sep
Thread alert
Today, apart from the birthday, two monumentous events have occurred
1 Over 2 crore Indians vaccinated
2 State-of-the-art office for Indian Army inaugurated

Till the actual events occurred, the thresholds crossed, the targets achieved, they was little or no talk
Till yesterday, we were proud of vaccinating a crore, didn't imagine we'd do two today

Till yesterday, we were celebrating new bullet-proof vests & OROP for our Jawans, with no idea that the Army hired trained monkeys to chase away wild monkeys from their offices

Whether for a construction or vaccination, the planning, tendering, procurement, execution happened quietly, smoothly, away from the public gaze

To administer 2 crore vaccines, staffing, their tea & lunch breaks, vaccines & their cold chains, staff morale & updating COWIN

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28 Aug
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At a Clubhouse earlier today on "Hindu Unity" I shared the following thoughts:

1 "Hindu Unity" is NOT a goal in itself. What do we do after uniting all the Hindus? The focus must be on goals & outcomes. Bringing people together is an ever, ongoing process

2 Are Hindus united?
Answer: Yes & No. If the cause is good, doesn't hurt anyone, is legitimate & is legal, Hindus rally behind the cause. Raising ₹ 5500 crores in ~2 months by collecting small donations from households across the country is the best example I can think of.

Raising lakhs in a few hours for Ramalingam, the murdered activist in Tamil Nadu, is another

If the cause is hurtful, traumatic, involves violence, confrontation, deceit or breaks the law, Hindus will NOT congregate in large numbers. Even if it is essential. Why I will

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27 Aug
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We've witnessed startling developments in #Afghanistan
Where a mighty USA succumbed to a loosely knit group of religious zealots
What was supposed to be an end to the never-ending war will now spur a different kind of never-ending war

We hear so much of the American military-industrial complex,
Of how a never-ending conflict means never-ending profits & basically caters to Corporate profits
This thread seeks to walk you through how such a complex thrives
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The humble Penny

Worth one hundredth of a dollar & minted as a 2.5 gram coin with 97.5% zinc, US Mint churns out roughly 8 billion pennies every year, ⅔ of their capacity

Even with just 2.5% copper, they cost more to produce than they're worth

Risky if swallowed due to Zn
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26 Aug
How was this temple built?
For every layer of stone they placed, they filled the surrounding with sand from the bed of nearby Cauvery, till the reached the top. The inner, hollow triangle fromed by the interlocking stones alone was strong enough to bear that weight

For the Vimana, they built a 4km ramp. Once it was placed, the sand was excavated to reveal the majestic temple, which was believed to be the King's stairway to heaven ❤

FYI, the rock used is not native to the area & must have been hauled from over 100 kms away

A side story
While on a hunting expedition, Raja Raja Chola stopped & asked an old lady for water which she happily gave him. The grateful king granted her a boon & she asked for a replica of this temple in her village. So a miniature was built in Darasuram, near Kumbhakonam!
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6 Aug
Long thread alert
My challenge to you is:
Can you read up to the last tweet?

The latest, longest ever list of things names after the infamous Nehru-Gandhi-Vadra parivaar
Its a sign of the dominance of a dynasty
India's subservience to one family

Please feel free to add, edit, or suggest deletions
Excludes Govt schemes, slums, minor roads & Pidis

1 Rajiv Gandhi Gold Cup Kabaddi Tournament
2 Rajiv Gandhi Sadbhavana Run
3 Rajiv Gandhi Federation Cup Boxing Championship

4 Rajiv Gandhi International Tournament (Football)
5 NSCI – Rajiv Gandhi Memorial Run, New Delhi
6 Pulinkunnu Rajiv Gandhi Boat Race, Kerala
7 Rajiv Gandhi International Artistic Gymnastic Tournament
8 Rajiv Gandhi Kabbadi Meet

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29 Jun

Sir M Vishveshvariah went to meet Gandhiji. He sat down on a chair offered to him. Gandhiji chuckled.

Sir MV asked him why.
Gandhiji replied "You are wearing a suit, carrying a gold handled cane and have a gold watch in your pocket. So you have to sit on a chair.
I'm like the poor in this country who have only one cloth to wear and don't have a chair to sit on."

Sir MV replied "Mahatma, I'm the son of a poor temple priest who could hardly make two ends meet. I saw an Englishman ride in a carriage drawn by horses with a

gold handled stick, with all the people looking at him in awe. I decided that I should do better than him. So, I toiled hard, studied and earned this position.

If all our countrymen think like you, in the future, we will sit on the floor and others will rule us!"

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