I bring this up the 'left/right' framing because there's a certain breed of (very stupid, *Eurocentric*—I won't tediously say racist, but) political commentators who have ceased paying attention to Afghanistan now that the popcorn munching bits of it are over. But it's important:
Almost every political ideology of import (the wish of 2004 era pretentious types for people to care more about politics, not sports or celebrity came true by the monkey's paw) the Anglophone political-media sphere knows of originated in Europe and is oriented on these axes
This is, and again, I won't be so cute as to call it racist, deeply Eurocentric. It's why State, CIA and DOD were capable of little more than cynically approving themselves budgets for a 'Global War on Terror'. The absolutely worn out takes on Afghanistan miss something crucial:
"oF cOuRse yyOu cAn'T maKe a naTioN-StAte fRoM a tRiBaL soCieTy"—yeah, *whatever*

But look at the model of State that DOES exist, has existed for 20 years, and is now effectively governing from Kabul, engaging with the Japanese, cannabis companies, which defeated the US Military
it's effectively a movement governed network-state;

the core strength of the Taliban and the factions which composed it is a fanatical religious devotion, one that *pre-selects* alignment and commitment before any kind of tasking, one that survives literal decapitation strikes
the 'cloud' from which the State cohered is an abstract religious one, but the State is now *very* corporeal. It has guns, armored vehicles, they are carried and driven around by men of flesh and blood


Tiebout's time has come

• • •

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24 Nov
Dicalcium phosphate dihydrate is found in everything from breakfast cereal to pharmaceutical tablets. It is simple and cheap to make, used in massive quantities, and demand is non-stop. A lot of it is made by Lubrizol, a Berkshire-Hathaway company:
Isn't it weird they do this same stuff of making everyone play along with the social priorities of screechy college seminar busybodies?

There is endless discourse on the mechanism by which these ideologies take root and propagate, and more still on how they exact compliance,
Forget all that. Who cares.

What I propose is that *you do not need* to have the right ideas about social sustainability, or whatever, to create, package, and ship dicalcium phosphate powder for anti-acid tablets and toothpaste emulsifier makers.
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22 Nov
It's quite true that in civilized societies ordinary people ought not need to take up arms to be safe—but Liberal policy has, incredibly, recapitulated both the situation of the Frontier, and also the period in between the Restoration & Glorious Revolution. So arms are in order!
I'd point out to @michelletandler and any SF moderate reeling over getting guns is the first Americans didn't just face royal dragoons of Generals Howe and Gage, hostile natives and wildlife, but as *Englishmen*, inherited Common Law's memory of James II disarming Protestants.
Whose remedy from King William III & Queen Mary II was that "subjects which are Protestants may have arms for their defense suitable to their conditions and as allowed by law" in the English Bill of Rights.

This informed our Constitution's 2nd Amendment in Anglo-American Law.
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14 Nov
Sure, VR stuff is goofy and niche...NOW

But in 2021 attractive young women who aren't pizza faced arcade nerds make great money playing videogames for people to watch, and thousands more watch more prototypical teams take home millions from a billions of dollars esports industry
Maybe the framing of pretty women vs. nerds is "problematic"

I'm just calling it as I see it. In 1970 people spending lots of time on computers were fugly dorks. By 2010 the hottest status symbol for hot girls was an iphone. Gaming and crypto have gone the same way, even faster.
Like a gentrifying neighborhood, racing, etc., it's fair to say the presence of women, particularly attractive young women, signals something isn't just being 'commodified', but coming into it's own, becoming part of human culture, literally perpetuated in reproductive adjacency.
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11 Oct
The most slutty, feminist, addicted, financially/mentally unstable women I know went home during peak COVID.

They're *over it*; don't want their phones blown up, or to go 'out', hate social media. They LOVE TLOU/Walking Dead, are getting into 'simple living' & 'country things'.
They are talking about the modern world, from bars, clubs, and booze, to social media technology and being overly accessible, like Ted Kaczynski and Pentti Linkola talked about it. They are spending time with their grandparents. They are saying sex positivity was bullshit.
I dont take them at their word, because none seem to have admitted the engine of our enslavement to the technological hellscape economy was its orientation towards the career and consumer desires of liberated, unmarried, childless, sexually free women of now three generations
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2 Oct
@mollistan @0x49fa98 @sherylsandberg I personally think that most men who marry DO indeed marry older women. Because very few women attain the age of 45 having never been married;

However, think about the year you got married vs. 2016's numbers of unmarried women in their 30s. The paradigm you lived is ending; Image
@mollistan @0x49fa98 @sherylsandberg Essentially, the extent to which women sleep around while delaying marriage for education, earning, and experiences and the number of women who do, has reached record highs

This is totally unprecedented (and a huge market for Lululemon!)

What is beginning to happen is the end; Image
@mollistan @0x49fa98 @sherylsandberg If you look back at the never marrieds graph, @mollistan , @0x49fa98 you will see that the manosphere is lying:

Women do not hit a Wall at 30 wherein the ghost of Pook or whatever whooshes into the unmarried girlboss fertility clinic and begins singing:
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2 Oct
@0x49fa98 dalrock.wordpress.com/2017/10/02/she…

Most anti-natalism (particularly from TRADS!) is the position that women should get married and have children—but not waste more than even ONE day of their youth on their husband than necessary to exercise fertility.
@0x49fa98 Secular feminists emphasize that women should be banging lots of dudes, then find a nice pliant provider— @sherylsandberg of Facebook put it this way in Lean In:
@0x49fa98 @sherylsandberg Traditional Conservatives, like @DennisPrager assert that the 70% of no fault divorces initiated by women (Dennis, that's just like those 'elective abortions', btw—the woman wasn't abused in anyway, but she was...unhaaappy!) are no biggie!

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