I'm Building a SECOND BRAIN for myself

Here's why every creator should do it too!

A THREAD on my

βœ‹ Why?
πŸ–– What?
✌️ and How?

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Before you read the thread

Here are 2 images that explain how building a Second Brain helped me BIG TIME

I also spent a shit ton of time designing them on @PicmakerHQ

You better appreciate this πŸ˜‚
I'll start with my 'Why?'

Why am I creating a Second Brain on @NotionHQ
Do you ever think about the amount of content you consume every single day?

I do!

and it's just way too much! πŸ’£
I love to read and learn new stuff every day

Every time I learn something new

an internal switch flips inside my head

and releases a hit of Dopamine (The feel-good chemical) πŸ’₯ πŸ’₯ πŸ’₯ πŸ’₯
2 months back

I was reading a blog post and wondered

Do I ever retain all this stuff?

I learn so many new things every day

But when I try to look back

I remember a very infinitesimal number of it πŸ€”

(INFINITESIMAL == Very Small or Minimal)
I thought to myself

'What good are all those learnings, if I don't even remember them???'

That's when I realised that my brain is a 'Forgetful Bastard' πŸ₯²

I also realised that I needed to come up with a system

A system

βœ… To remember
βœ… To recollect
One fine day

I was scrolling through YouTube

and found a video on a peculiar topic

It was from one of my favourite YouTubers - @AliAbdaal

It was titled - 'SECOND BRAIN - A Life-Changing Productivity System

You can watch the video here:
That was exactly when I found the perfect solution to my problem.

After watching the video I was hooked on the idea and decided to build a Second Brain for myself!
Now let's dive into the 'What?' part of this thread

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What is a Second Brain?
A Second Brain is a place to store all your

βœ… Ideas

βœ…. Thoughts

βœ…. Learnings

βœ…. and any information you have ever consumed5.png
The concept of the Second Brain is to

offload your brain of all the load

and give it space to do what it does best - THINK

@AliAbdaal says this better in his video

βœ… 'Your brains are for having ideas, NOT storing them'
This is the main concept of the Second Brain

Store Ideas and give your brain the space to think
Also, your brain can only remember so much

By storing your learnings, you can use them as a reference point in the future
Pablo Picasso once said

'Good artists copy, Great artists steal'

By creating a system to note down everything

You can easily steal these ideas whenever you need them in the future

It is sort of your own digital library
Now that we're done with our 'Why?' and 'What?'.

Let's take a look at the how.

How did I create my Second Brain?
I am a big fan of @NotionHQ

and after learning about the concept of a Second Brain

I was sure NOTION would be my Go-To choice
So I set up a tab on Notion

(I call it a tab, I have no clue what these productivity experts call it)

I named it 'Jaga's Second Brain' (TYPICAL!)

and then I created 4 templates in it

1️⃣ Books

2️⃣. Blog Posts

3️⃣. Videos

4️⃣. PodcastsScreenshot 2021-11-23 at 5.21.24 PM
These will serve as the foundation for my Second Brain.

Anytime I consume information in any of these 4 types

I'll click on it
grab a template
and start taking my notes
For example:

When I click on 'Template for Books'

A new card for books is created

When I click on 'Template for Blog posts'

A new card for blog posts is created
Once I get the relevant card, I add all the necessary information like

🍈. Name of the Post
πŸ‡ Author's name
🍊. Link to the Post/Video/podcast/Book
πŸ‹ Relevant tags
πŸ₯­. Notes
πŸ₯‘ Any External links (if necessary)
For example, here's a card I created after reading a blog post by @nateliason

I've added the relevant tags along with the basic information

I've also written down detailed notes for each point
Here's the most fascinating part about my Second Brain - The tags!!

The tags in here are much similar to your hashtags on Instagram.

Adding relevant tags will help you find the most relevants cards

when your Second Brain become bigger!
For example:

If I type 'Career' in the search bar, my Second Brain is populated with all the cards that contain something related to the keyword 'career'.

At this moment, I just have one card.

but this will grow exponentially in the coming days
With the power of NOTION

You can convert your Second Brain

into a small search engine

Pick the right ideas and skim them effortlessly!
So that was all about my

1️⃣ Why?
2️⃣ What?
3️⃣. How?

for my Second Brain!

You can check it out and make a copy here: aback-chef-195.notion.site/Jaga-s-Second-…
Before I wrap up

I just want to leave you with something important

Not everything you consume needs to be collected in your second brain
If it makes sense to add only blog posts - DO IT!

If it makes sense to only add Twitter threads like mine - DO IT!
The idea is to build a Second Brain while you have fun

FUN is the keyword here

When I started out building my Second Brain - 2 months back

I pressured myself to enter everything into my second brain


It was terrible
Now I use it to only add the things which I find

Really Interesting
or Definitely share-worthy
If building a second brain feels like too much work

Dial It Down a bit

The world won't end if you don't have a Second Brain6.png
Or as I'd like to say

'Chill the Fuck Out'

This is also a mental note to my future self
Here's a TL;DR if you skipped through most of the thread.


1. I explained how I got the idea of a Second Brain and how I implemented it
2. I've also explained why everyone should build a second brain
3. A PRO TIP to avoid burnout while building your Second Brain
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