Guilty of malice murder.

Guilty on all *nine* counts.

Greg McMichael guilty on 8 out of 9 counts.
William R Bryan guilty on at least 4 out of the 9 counts - I lost track

• • •

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1 Nov

We really need to talk about how big an intelligence failure Jan 6 was.

This excellent WaPo piece is a good place to start.

How did this all go *so* wrong? 1/16…
“While the public may have been surprised by what happened on Jan. 6, the makings of the insurrection had been spotted at every level, from one side of the country to the other. The red flags were everywhere.” 2/16
On Jan 2, Donell Harvin, head of intelligence at DC’s Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency (HSEMA), was freaking out enough that he called Mike Sena, his counterpart in San Francisco, who confirmed his office was also awash in warning chatter. 3/16
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6 Oct

Let’s talk 2022, shall we?

Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but 2022 is the most important midterm election you will *ever* vote in.

It’s not hyperbole to say the fate of the Republic hangs in the balance in 2022. 1/8
If we don’t expand our majority in — or at least keep — both chambers of Congress, the country is in serious trouble.

If we lose the Senate, Mitch McConnell gets to block another Supreme Court Justice, and we could ultimately end up with a 7-2 GOP SCOTUS. 2/8
Do you realize how long it would take the country to recover from a 7-2 SCOTUS?

If you’re not thinking at least half a century, you’re not even in the ballpark. 3/8
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17 Aug
Good question, let’s talk threat spectrum!

I find it best to think of the threat spectrum as sort of a sliding scale.

All the way on the left side of the spectrum would be “no threat” and all the way right would be “terrorists have weapons of mass destruction”
If you were plotting it from left to right, it would look something like this:

No Threat > Lone Wolves > Coordinated single attacks w/ 100s of casualties > Multi-pronged, simultaneous attack that can kill thousands (think 9/11) > Terrorists have nukes and/or biological weapons
Right now, the Taliban is somewhere between ‘Lone wolf’ and “Coordinated single attack” on the mock spectrum above.

One of the absolute fundamentals of counterterrorism is that you keep pressure on the terrorists to stop them from planning new attacks.
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2 Aug
Few random thoughts:

It’s time we acknowledge Covid is almost certainly here to stay and boosters are going to be a way of life.

Delta is too contagious, and too many YouTube Virologists, Facebook Pharmacists, and Parler Physicians in the US are refusing to get vaccinated. 1/X
It’s also not just about the United States — a worldwide goal of zero Covid just flat-out isn’t feasible at this point.

That’s not to say we shouldn’t try.

Unfortunately, the math isn’t in our favor. Also, the longer we delay, the more variants we’ll get. 2/X
If we take Delta’s mean estimated r0 (6.5), that means every person infected with Delta, on average, infects 6.5 others.

Most experts put the required herd immunity threshold to combat something that contagious at roughly 85% vaccinated. 3/X
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30 Jul
Let’s talk Delta for a second, shall we?

Most of you probably know by now, but the basic reproduction number, or R0, is how epidemiologist gauge the infectiousness of a particular virus.

It’s also looked at as the average number of people an infected person will infect. 1/X
You may remember early on in the pandemic, Covid-19 was estimated somewhere around an R3, meaning that every covid positive person was likely to infect around 3 more.

Not great, obviously. 2/X
You may also remember talking about how we had to “drive the R down” via methods like masks, social distancing, capacity limits, etc.

The goal is to get R under 1, meaning that every infected person would infect less than one additional person. That’s how you slow the spread 3/X
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24 Jul
Let’s talk “unmasking” and the latest Fox News bullshit tornado, shall we?

It’s no secret that the US intelligence community routinely—and lawfully—collects the communications of foreign persons of interest.

So what happens when a US person is caught up in that collection? 1/X
There are strict minimization requirements in place to protect the identity of any United States citizen or permanent resident that is incidentally collected while monitoring a foreign national.

This shows up as “US Person 1,” etc. on intercepts. 2/X
If a senior official feels that the identity of one or more of the minimized US persons is necessary to understand the context of the communications, they can request that the originating (read: collecting) agency reveal (‘unmask’) their identity. 3/X
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