All three men guilty of murder in the killing of #AhmaudArbery.

I will never believe that "justice" will be found in our criminal legal system, but I am happy Ahmaud's family can exhale a little more.

Be clear: The real justice is Ahmaud still being alive. Period.
Over the years, I’ve learned that courts are not designed to provide justice. The real justice is rooted in a dead body not being the catalyst to go to the court to decide our humanity the first place.
Though these moments do make me understand why Black people are excited, it also makes me wonder how many of these “victories” we’ll have to juxtapose with courts that won’t ever see us as equal.

The whole damn system continues to be guilty.

• • •

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3 Jul
I want to be clear: rules are not neutral because institutions are not neutral. There’s a troubling trend with what’s happening at the Olympics and if you’re just hyper focusing on Sha’Carri Richardson (and she was wronged, period) you’re missing the larger issue.
They are banning particular swim caps that would help Black women swimmers with natural hair/afros.

They have changed rules for gymnastics because of Simone Biles being “too good.” Isn’t that the point?!
They are disqualifying Black female athletes who just happen to have higher testosterone levels. Women like Namibia's Christine Mboma and Beatrice Masilingi have recently been withdrawn from the 400m race. As we know, the same rules are affecting Caster Semenya and others.
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23 Apr
The problem is: we expect police brutality to always look like Rodney King, George Floyd, Philando Castile, and others who are bloodied and bruised. In many instances, it’s what we hope for because it makes our arguments and calls-to-action easier.
We believe this despite us only seeing one guilty conviction in years even after repeated brutality caught on tape — and that was just 3 days ago.

And this isn’t to minimize or diminish the obvious harm we’ve witnessed or that these people have endured.
But it does manipulate us into believing that we must be defenseless, choked out, kicked, and billy clubs hit over our heads for us to experience anti-Black police violence or for us to honor the lives of Black people who have been killed by cops.
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23 Apr
I’ll always believe that our people will be safer without police. Always.
I reflect on this often. I’ve been saying this for so long and there are many people who have been saying this much, much longer than me.

Can I see a world without police? Absolutely. Will it be in my lifetime? Of course not.
Imagining it doesn’t mean I have to experience the benefits. It means it’s how I envision a world beyond myself and for my children and my children’s children.
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21 Apr
Ma’Khia Bryant being killed by the Columbus Police Department at the time we were awaiting a #DerekChauvin verdict proves our exact point about why this case was a drop in a bucket in the criminal punishment system. We need much more than police reform. We need abolition.
There were many things the police could have done to to de-escalate what they saw as conflict. But they don’t know how. The fact that many people can’t believe that to be true means the police have convinced us that there entire job is to kill first and ask questions later.
De-escalation does NOT require or demand using deadly force.

If the police only job is to kill people, then why do we need them? We could all do that.

The fact that so many people desperately believe the police HAD to kill a young Black girl is... exactly how it seems.
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7 Feb
ANYTIME we try to criminalize COVID (mask violation/home orders/etc.) it will disproportionately impact Black people more than others. Criminalizing public health doesn’t help anyone and in fact hurts more Black people. Criminalization negatively impacts public health. Period.
This isn’t hyperbole. As more research continues being conducted, we know what the data show. BIPOC—who are already bearing the brunt of the pandemic—are more likely to be policed and punished for COVID-related orders. Criminalization is not a solution.…
What we must focus on is distribution AND administration of Black folks being vaccinated. It is important.
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22 Dec 20
It’s heartbreaking that we are so used to this country “giving” us crumbs that we are expected to willingly acquiesce to the little they give us. This is not about being thankful or grateful, but about political ping-pong that will always impact marginalized folks.
As if we don’t see billions going to “democracy programs” in the same places we’ve actively started conflict and war. As if we don’t see airlines being bailed out and as if we don’t recognize corporations being given billions.
And to be clear, none of this is just given to us, which is why conditions (taxes, income levels, etc.) have been placed on it as a condition of receipt. This is OUR money.
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