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I am relieved that #DerekChauvin was convicted today for murdering George Floyd. I breathe in this rare moment when the public recognized the value of a Black man's life and held an officer accountable for taking it. I am, as always, hopeful. And yet...
I am concerned about the political naïvete in some of the public commentary about the #DerekChauvinTrial. Some well-meaning and excited folks are saying things like, "This sends a message to police departments that they have to respect Black lives."

But... does it?
Think about how extreme #DerekChauvin's actions had to be to elicit this outcome.

Observe that the prosecutor made clear that the case was *only* about the 9 minutes and 29 seconds that Chauvin knelt on George Floyd's neck.
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LIVE UPDATES: The verdict is about to be read in the trial of #DerekChauvin, the ex-police officer charged with killing George Floyd.

Click here to get the details on the charges he is facing for the death of #GeorgeFloyd:

Stay with us for updates. Image
The jury has found #DerekChauvin guilty of second-degree unintentional murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. Image
The judge has confirmed with all jurors that their verdict is unanimous. They found #DerekChauvin guilty on all three charges.
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The judge now giving instructions to the jury right before closing arguments #DerekChauvinTrial #closingarguments
I implore everyone to listen as the judge go down each charge and read Descriptions of what each mean and what a jury is to look for #DerekChauvinTrial
Closing arguments nicely being laid out so far #DerekChauvinTrial
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CLOSING ARGUMENTS: Judge Cahill on the bench, instructing jurors right now. Closing arguments coming up shortly. Prosecutor Steve Schleicher will be up first. Followed by defense attorney Eric Nelson. Then prosecutor Jerry Blackwell will deliver state rebuttal. #DerekChauvinTrial
SUPERSEDING CAUSE: Judge Cahill instructing the jury on a potential superseding cause of death. "Defendant is not criminally liable if a superseding cause caused the death."
Prosecutor Steve Schleicher began his closing argument at 9:30am CT. He begins with a biography of #GeorgeFloyd. "His name is George Perry Floyd, Jr.. he died face down on the pavement.. a knee to the neck for nine minutes and 29 seconds." #DerekChauvinTrial Image
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COURT IS BACK IN SESSION: Several issues to address. Defense has filed a motion for acquittal after the state's case. Pretty standard stuff here. Judge Cahill likely to reject. Defense atty Eric Nelson arguing now. #DerekChauvinTrial #GeorgeFloyd
Nelson arguing state did not prove the case against #DerekCahuvin beyond a reasonable doubt. Citing use of force threshold not met. Also health, cause of death has not been established again, beyond reasonable doubt. Prosecutors arguing against motion now. #GeorgeFloyd @FOX9
Judge Peter Cahill DENIES motion for acquittal. #DerekChauvinTrial
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Did y’all know this? 2 Years before Minneapolis police officer #DerekChauvin knelt on George Floyd, Zoya Code says he did the same to her.
“He stayed on my neck and wouldn’t get off. But I survived. “
She shared her story during protests for #DaunteWright Wright & #GeorgeFloyd
Now to be clear the judge said it was too prejudicial for the jury to hear her testimony about Chauvin.
Since some folks don't believe this happened.…
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COURT IN SESSION: Attorneys arguing about expected evidence & upcoming testimony from defense today. Specifically related to Park Police officer Peter Chang, who looked up #GeorgeFloyd info on squad computer during deadly encounter w/ #Mpls police officers. #DerekChauvinTrial
#DerekChauvin defense attorney Eric Nelson fighting for officer Chang evidence, specifically relating to group of bystanders on sidewalk. Were they a risk/threat to officers dealing w/ #GeorgeFloyd? Seems Nelson is going to stick passionately w/ idea crowd was threatening. @FOX9
Defense has some editing to do on Police officer Chang's body worn camera video. Specifically cutting out #GeorgeFloyd personal info we are told is clearly visible on in-squad computer screen. Nelson asks for 10 minutes to do that. Judge says jury will come in for 9:30am start.
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This weekend, when I spoke with teachers, I shared how important it was we make our work inside of the classroom every day relevant to the world outside our classroom, so when trauma happens in the world, we've made the space to process it in a way that is connected to our work.
I felt that strongly today. After the killing of #DuanteWright, I walked into my classroom with a heavy, heavy heart. Again. And I told my students that as I watched the news unfold, I thought about the work we had been doing together about bias.
We've been working to confront our own biases and working to investigate how the things we read, shape the biases that we carry. I told my students that perhaps we are working to identify gender bias present in media and fairy tales, but we are also doing something far greater.
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NEW: LAPD Chief Michel Moore, L.A. County Sheriff Alex Villanueva , & other community leaders holding a press conference to call for non-violence in Los Angeles given the ongoing tensions in Minnesota w/ the #DerekChauvin trial & the deadly shooting of #DaunteWright. @FOXLA
LAPD Chief Michel Moore says #DerekChauvin showed callousness and a lack of humanity during the arrest of #GeorgeFloyd and that video of the shooting of #DaunteWright is only making tensions and a lack of trust even worse. @FOXLA
L.A. County Sheriff Alex Villanueva says he pledges to protect peaceful protesting, but says if people show up at 10pm at night looking like they’re ready to play “tackle football” with helmets & goggles, they’re looking for trouble.
Says looting & violence won’t be tolerated.
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Just walked the Hennepin Co Government Center perimeter. Doesn't appear to be any obvious beefed up security measures outside. A heads up, court calendar now showing an 8:45am motions hearing in #DerekChauvinTrail
In terms of this morning's #DerekChauvinTrial motions hearing -- the buzz around the courthouse is the defense is objecting to one final expert witness prosecutors want to call. Attorney Eric Nelson arguing it's "cumulative," and there's been enough state expert analysis already.
One other issue I will be looking for this AM. Does Judge Cahill address events of last 24 hours in any way w/ the jury? Poll jurors to know who saw what, whether they have been prejudiced at all by the deadly police shooting & overnight unrest? #DerekChauvinTrial #GeorgeFloyd
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The People v the Klan, hanging of 19 yr old Michal Donald in 1981.

FBI agent #JamesBodman solved the case 2 yrs after, when others just wanted it “closed”. HE cared!

So let’s just rename the people found guilty in Mobile, Ala.

*James “Tiger” Knowles
*Henry Hays
*Frank Cox
*Benny Jack
*Teddy Kzar

They should be remembered as “haters”.

Just like
#DerekChauvin of today.

Just like police in Windsor,VA Last Dec. 5 who pulled over Lt. Caron Nazario and shoved guns in his face - for what? Those officers: Joe Gutierrez & Daniel Crocker...
3/... “Haters”

“Generations of
Gross injustice”

Those of us who are not haters need to work with #BLM and voice our feelings about what is going on!
Don’t just hashtag it - SPEAK OUT!


#AsianLivesMatter also!
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Day 10 #DerekChauvinTrial thread. Expert medical testimony continues.
State calls forensic pathologist Dr. Lindsey Thomas.
The Hennepin County ME Dr. Andrew Baker who performed #GeorgeFloyd's autopsy is also expected to testify today.
#ChauvinTrial #DerekChauvin #ChauvinOnTrial Image
"Rectal" administration of drugs is referenced again today at #ChauvinTrial.

Yesterday "hooping" was referenced. Image
Dr. Andrew Baker, Chief Medical Examiner for Hennepin County. He performed #GeorgeFloyd's autopsy.

#ChauvinTrial #DerekChauvinTrial Image
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Chuavin’s knee remained on #georgefloyd ‘s neck 3 minutes after there was no pulse. This is murder. Protect and serve, where? 😡 #blm #whitesupremacy #neverforget #racist #derekchauvin #america
A medical expert in the physiology of breathing testified in the murder trial of Derek Chauvin that the way George Floyd was restrained — handcuffed behind his back, face-down on the ground, with a knee on his neck — prevented him from breathing properly.
Dr. Martin Tobin, called as an expert witness by the prosecution, said the cause of Floyd's death was hypoxia, or a low level of oxygen that led to asphyxia, or suffocation. The overall effect of the restraint was almost "as if a surgeon had gone in and removed the lung,"
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#DerekChauvinTrial thread

This thread is going to contain triggers that I cannot label every time, including police brutality, murder, torture, medical descriptions, etc.

I also won’t pretend this is unbiased. I am an anarchist and #derekchauvinisguilty.
Annnnnnd they just called a 20 minute break lol be back shortly.
Alrighty. We’re back.

The prosecution is continuing with the lung specialist.

At first glance this might seem like a pretty dry expert witness, but this will go a long way to illustrate with George Floyd died of suffocation regardless of drug use.
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ON THE RECORD: #DerekChauvinTrial back in session. Quick record made about upcoming expert medical witnesses & eventual testimony of Henn Co Medical Examiner Dr Andrew Baker. Jury is seated. Our gavel-to-gavel trial coverage right here --
Dr. Martin Tobin, Chicago area Pulmonologist – Expert in how people breathe, the lungs. State retained expert. The medical evidence & testimony portion of this case is now underway. Expect a couple days worth of state witnesses. Defense will have their own. #DerekChauvinTrial
Interesting to point out Dr. Tobin has been an expert witness in medical malpractices cases. Both sides, medical professional as well as a patient. But this is his very 1st criminal case. He was not paid by the state. Volunteered to offer his expertise on #GeorgeFloyd death.
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Ich hab' die letzten Tage aufmerksam den Prozess
gegen den US-Polizisten #DerekChauvin verfolgt.
Der soll durch unbegründete, unverantwortliche Gewalt
(Use of Force) den Tod von #GeorgeFloyd verursacht
haben. Für über 9 Minuten hatte der Officer sein linkes
Knie auf dem Hals...
von einem Verdächtigen, der wegen der Bezahlung mit einem
vermutlich falschen 20$ Schein, mit Handschellen auf dem Rücken
in Gewahrsam genommen war.
Floyd vermutlich unter dem Einfluss von Schmerz- und Aufputschmitteln,
(Fentanyl und Methamphetamine) hatte sich bei seiner...
Festnahme leicht gewehrt. In der Folge zeigte er sich kooperativ und
gab notwendige Informationen. Die zunächst alarmierten Cops
wollten Floyd dann zum Revier bringen, dieser weigerte sich jedoch
sehr heftig in den Streifenwagen einzusteigen.
Es kam zu einem heftigen Gerangel.
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BACK IN SESSION: Without any formal explanation of yesterday's abrupt end, #DerekChauvinTrial is back in session. LAPD Sgt Jody Stiger resumes his testimony. If looking for a quick listen, I joined NPR's Up First podcast early this AM to discuss the case.…
Prosecutor Steve Schleicher having Sgt. Jody Stiger walk the jury thru video screenshots of #DerekChauvin knee on #GeorgeFloyd neck area. Says knee positioning did NOT change during the full 9 minute & 29 seconds of the restraint even after the ambulance arrived. @FOX9
Sgt. Stiger points out a "pain compliance technique" where officers squeeze a subject's hand to get compliance as #DerekChauvin is seemingly captured here with a handcuffed & prone #GeorgeFloyd. #DerekChauvinTrial
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Day 13 of witness testimony will pick back up w/ LAPD Sgt. Jody Stiger. He is the state's first paid expert witness. Stiger's testimony ended abruptly yesterday. Still not sure why, but Judge Cahill told jurors they'd start at 9:15 today.

Watch Live:
Use of force was the target of Tuesday's testimony. @KirstenKSTP spoke w/one expert about that testimony.

"I can't tell if both knees are on his back if he has one knee on the ground, so we'll never know the pressure."

Steve Schleicher, for the state, is now recapping where they left off yesterday w/LAPD Sgt. Jody Stiger. #DerekChauvinTrial Image
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RIGHT NOW: Tune into @FOX9 for ongoing #DerekChauvinTrial coverage. Motion hearing underway for Moriess Hall, #GeorgeFloyd companion. His atty says Hall has no immunity, no protection and thus plans to invoke his 5th amendment right against self incrimination. Image
Morries Hall's attorney particularly concerned about a 3rd degree murder charge given his potential testimony about #GeorgeFloyd drug use in relation to Floyd's death. #DerekChauvinTrial
SPOTTED AT THE COURTHOUSE: Our pool reporter says on the skyway level of the Gov Center, Benjamin Crump & Rev. Al Sharpton were seen w/ some members of the Floyd family waiting for an elevator. Gwen Carr, the mother of the late Eric Garner, was also there just behind Sharpton.
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It's day 18 of the Derek Chauvin trial. Testimony started w/a lot of emotion from witnesses, but it has since shifted...We expect that to continue this week with other experts & witnesses, including Chief Arradondo. #DerekChauvinTrial…
Court has started this morning, but first going over some motions about body camera video evidence.

Watch Live:
Judge Cahill said earlier that tomorrow they'll have to go over "Mr. Hall's invocation of his rights." #DerekChauvinTrial
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Getting ready to live-tweet another day of testimony in the #DerekChauvinTrial. Motions begin shortly. Here's my wrapup of testimony Friday:…
Today we *expect* to hear testimony from an ER physician, and possibly Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo.
Motions were supposed to begin at 8:30, but the courtroom reporter says the judge is discussing something with the attorneys this morning and ordered no audio/video. However, the 2 courtroom reporters were allowed to stay in the room & report on the matter later.
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Getting ready for week 2 of witness testimony in #DerekChauvinTrial. A reminder where we left off Friday w/ testimony of long-time #Mpls police Lt Richard Zimmerman. Today, expecting Chief Medaria Arradondo on the stand. He has called what happened to #GeorgeFloyd "murder."
Judge Cahill is back on the record. We are certainly lacking details. But Cahill has ruled there was "no jury misconduct" after speaking to the panel w/ audio & video shut off. So we'll figure out what that was about. But certainly some drama already this AM. #DerekChauvinTrial
State has just informed the court it has two (2) use of force experts above & beyond several officials w/ #Mpls police department. Judge Cahill expressed some frustration with that idea. Explaining at this point, it feels like piling on. #DerekChauvinTrial #GeorgeFloyd
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Police: “If YOU PEOPLE would COMPLY you wouldn’t be killed.”

The people in the crowd COMPLIED by morally begging, #DerekChauvin not to murder #GeorgeFloyd—WITHOUT physically interfering.

He STILL killed Floyd—AND the crowd’s souls with racial trauma.
What does it say about policing that what you demand most from Black people is COMPLIANCE & what you expect most from police is maintaining CONTROL?

The police code of ethics is the same value system of slavery. #CharlesMcMillian #DerekChauvinTrial Image
My @Harvard @Kennedy_School colleague Desmond Ang has found police killings have a negative and long-lasting impact on the educational and psychological well-being of nearby high schoolers. I can only wonder what the #DerekChauvinTrial is doing to children.
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After a few follow up questions from Assistant Attorney General Matthew Frank, Hansen is dismissed.
The next witness, Christopher Martin says he was about two months on the job at Cup Foods on May 25 2020. Martin explains it’s a busy store.
Martin says he noticed #GeorgeFloyd when he came in the store because he was so tall.

He describes asking Floyd if he played baseball and Floyd responded he played football. He says Floyd responded slowly so Martin thought Floyd seemed under the influence.
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