"Evolution of @Tetranode": NFTs art & Crypto stereotypes; a thread 🧶 1/25
In order to understand the figure of @Tetranode in the cryptoverse, we have to review some concepts, which may seem obvious. The first being, that Tetranode is not any whale, but an orca, this is, a killer whale 2/25
Why is this important? In the early days of #BTC, with little liquidity, the market was easily manipulated by large sums of capital; this type of investors were denominated "whales". They would "move" the market in their own benefit, feeding on smaller fishes panic selling 3/25
The figure of the "whale" is created in the collective imaginary of #crypto users as an evil entity, —usually from large corporations— who manipulates the market in order to buy BTC at discount 4/25
Those whales are the very archetype of Herman Melville's Moby Dick. The book narrates the obsessive quest of Ahab, captain of the whaling ship Pequod, for revenge on Moby Dick, the giant white sperm whale that on the ship's previous voyage bit off Ahab's leg at the knee 5/25
Although this book is based on the real story of Mocha Dick and the vessel Essex, the archetype of the whale is all over history. In the Bible can be found as "Leviathan"; a marine creature and its land counterpart the "Behemot", oddly enough, a bull-like creature 6/25
Back to tetranode's orca avatar, some reports state that the name "killer whale" was a mistranslation from the original term in spanish "asesina de ballenas". The real correct term would have been "whale killer", so, @Tetranode wouldn't be Moby Dick, but Captain Ahab 7/25
Taking all this into account, @Tetranode's orca avatar has been wisely picked up. 8/25

This is Tetranode:
This is also Tetranode: 9/25
What the heck happened in between this two images? "The Evolution of TΞtranodΞ" happened. As everybody knows, we use images to mock people we dislike, criticize politics, advertise, etc,. But this is not new, we humans have always made use of arts for mockering 10/25
Notice this poem from Spanish Golden Century author Francisco de Quevedo mocking Luis de Góngora 11/25
Look now at this royal family portrait of Goya. Look at the face of Carlos IV and tell me he was not a mouth breather. Look at the painting disposition, with the queen in the middle instead of the king, who did not know that the queen was cheating on him with Godoy 12/25
We are visual driven and the convergence of the avatars have perfectly matched the NFT art world. I can not think of a better example of this two worlds colliding like the Curve Wars by @DgenFren 13/25
The painting is "The Coup of 18 Brumaire", narrating the coup which brought Napoleon to power as First Consul of France and in the view of most historians ended the French Revolution. In this case, instead of France, we talk about Curve liquidity gauges 14/25
The images have the power to transmite a concept in an easy and quick manner. We can see and spot all the implicated agents, doing an analogy with the story behind the painting. It is pure fantasy 15/25
This is the power behind #cryptopunks, the identification of anons in the metaverse. The charisma of @Tetranode is supported by his character. Since a logo/image is associated and aligned with his morale and principles, he can promote his narrative efficiently 16/25
In such a manner, @Tetranode is crowned by the peasants as the whale killer, the market mover, the punisher of exit liquiditooors, the savior of McDonalds employers and he advocates for new narratives 17/25
As an investor of @RariCapital, @OlympusDAO, @dopex_io, @ConvexFinance, @MIM_Spell he is starting a war against VC who invest in early stages to exercise exit liquidity against the peasants 18/25
We are witnessing new fortunes that, instead of flipping projects exiting liquidity, they aim for ulterior goals, seeking a shared benefit as a community. It is not a fairy tale about coins with ponzikonomics, it is about investing in a business and offering a good service 19/25
All of this can be showed in the whole imaginary that surrounds @tetranode and that some well-known artist are portraying. Tetranode is becoming a patron, backing new artists, which is the best move when it comes to crypto. It is really a win-win 20/25
The right-click savers still can't fully comprehend what is hitting them. In a world full of anons and scams, an NFT can be used both as ID and art. Having and NFT would be proof enough for verification in any social network. Still anons, but with the benefits of being ID'd 21/25
Every single painting will have its metaverse counterpart, impossible to fabricate. And, as an NBA hall of fame ring, any NFT tetranode related will be worth large sums of money. Some day, just clicking in someone`s avatar, we will see If is just a right-click or a real NFT 22/25
The next move will be to register various images under one contract address, showcasing multiple images that could all be used as a single user, the same we have different clothes 23/25
The synergy of @Tetranode and @danielesesta tandem is hard to believe but true, nonetheless. @danielesesta avatar is another exit of marketing done right. All started with some loot pixel art, and look at it now, a full grown and defined character, the envy of any writer 24/25
All in all, If you have large sums of capital, you can move the market, but If you have a well constructed character, you can change the narratives which shape the markets 25/25

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