I don’t care if you dislike my art, but you may want to reflect on your assumptions here.

These aren’t images of “lame Arab homes.”

They’re famous images of American atrocities in Vietnam and Iraq.
Fun fact: I know that account was trying to insult me, but it was an accidental compliment.

Why do you think I used so many mirrors on a piece about American war crimes?

Reflection and projection is actually…the point. 💅🏽
For those interested, no, those aren’t images of Arab homes, “lame” or otherwise.

That’s the Hooded Man from Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, and ‘Napalm Girl’ — from the Vietnam War.
Yes, I know the history of both images

And that’s why I selected them.

Unfortunately, Twitter’s character limits don’t really allow for the full “artist statement” and in-depth essay some of you apparently need to see.
“I don’t follow you to look at pictures of your shitty art”

What a coincidence cause —

I don’t come to my own timeline to post specifically for you, random stranger with whom I’ve never interacted.

God love you, Bird App Dot Com.
Just because my mentions aren’t obnoxious enough right now, here’s the progress update on some art for you to get mad about:

Gives a much better sense of the effect made by all the mirrors on the top, sides, and back.

• • •

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More from @MsEntropy

25 Nov
If you don’t expect Jews to celebrate the Holocaust, don’t ask me to celebrate Thanksgiving.
It’s also pretty shitty to recognize the month of Thanksgiving as ‘Native American Heritage Month.”

Always struck me as “hey indigenous folks, they didn’t manage to wipe out everyone, so give thanks today!”

thank u next

Yes, I’m ungrateful for genocide.

Perhaps you should read some history — and your bio.

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22 Nov
Mr. Twitter egg, that’d be 10 years of ‘fringe articles’ on white supremacists — as well as ISIS, and other ‘imaginary’ political violence — for the United Nations, global think tanks, and the top academic journals.

If you’re so triggered, why bother reading? 🤷🏻‍♀️
PSA for all the new trolls who’ve just found their way here — because your time is valuable!
Feel free to use for your own @‘s, y’all.

Because sharing is caring! #Blessed

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21 Nov

Those pro-Rittenhouse stickers don’t just imply racism because someone put them over Ida B. Wells’ face.

The circular halo-like emblem is called a sonnenrad (black sun), and it’s an explicitly Nazi emblem.

The sonnenrad appears in a lot of contemporary Neo-Nazi and white supremacist propaganda.

The perpetrator of the Christchurch massacre used one as the cover for his manifesto, ‘White Genocide.’

And that’s not all.
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21 Nov
I guess you missed the whole “Walter White’s only redeeming act is his slaughter of the Neo-Nazis in the finale” part.

Oh, and the shaved head part, you know … cancer.

(JFC this is painful to read as someone who actually works on white supremacist groups.)
“Judging from the reactions to my extremely flawed Walter White analysis, everyone but me is stupid.”


Y’all want an *actual* white supremacist Walter White — not a fake deep rant from someone who managed to miss pretty much all of Breaking Bad?

Meet Walter White of the Southern California KKK!
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20 Nov
Oh, that reminds me - I’ve got a crazy anecdote about the impact of Charlottesville / Unite the Right while we wait for the Sines vs. Kessler verdict.

This one deals with “reformed” Neo-Nazis (and I don’t mean Heimbach and Schoep).

This story deals with the Neo-Nazi who allegedly assassinated George Lincoln Rockwell: John Patler.

Rockwell coined the slogan “white power,” founded the American Nazi Party, and was allegedly shot to death by his fellow Neo-Nazi in 67.

(Schoep’s NSM is today’s ANP)
John Patler was a member of Rockwell’s American Nazi Party and his printer - Patler tried to assassinate Rockwell before 1967.

He was also Rockwell’s printer, a Marine who wore his uniform to ANP rallies — and one of William Pierce’s enemies.

ANP expelled him in 1967.
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19 Nov
While we wait for the Sines vs. Kessler jury to return a verdict over Charlottesville, warning: don’t get complacent if it’s guilty.

Remember, Metzger lost his 1990 case — he wasn’t stopped; he just got more careful & deeper underground.

[Nazi Telegram noted the same thing.]
I feel bad for the jury, but I hope that verdict doesn’t come today.

In conjunction with the Rittenhouse verdict, regardless of which way Sines vs. Kessler goes —

— that’s potentially very bad timing.
In fact, Metzger saw his 1990 court loss as a victory (and not just as a spinned one, either).

THAT is when he went full force pushing the “lone wolf” approach — and became far more cautious about white supremacist organizational and security strategy.
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