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I may be on an airplane wearing RBG socks, tweeting and watching the favorite. #blessed
RBG socks, please no one make fun of my enormous feet I’m very sensitive.
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Ano bang meron ang #MayWard at the moment. Yung mga current ganaps ha?😂

@mor1019 #DyisIsItManila Kakayanin Kaya by Maymay Entrata
Focus nga muna tayo sa anong meron. Wag na munang isipin ang anong wala.😁

#DyisIsItManila No One Else by Edward Barber
#MayWard #Blessed

1. Newly-released single ni @maymayentrata07

Lyric video:
Official MV:

More views, likes, positive comments, shares sa iba't ibang socmed.

#DyisIsItManila Kakayanin Kaya by Maymay Entrata
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I have written a short story entitled “Rational Approaches to Counterterrorism Strategy on Twitter: An Experience.”

I hope you enjoy it.
I dedicate this novella to @LibyaLiberty and @HindMakki.
It’s always a “Mike,” for some reason. I have an entire album of lunatic trolls screaming at me called “People of the Internet.”

About 50% are Mikes.

I know, I know...correlation isn’t causality, but still. Fascinating.
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I just received, by divine intervention, the comedic catharsis that everyone reading my Twitter knows I desperately needed.

Fun "college town life" short (short) story time!!!
Picture this: it is 4 am, outside my office building on campus. I am taking a cigarette break before I get back to grading.

(Preemptive strike like the Bush doctrine but without the war crimes - I have a PhD so I'm smart enough to know that smoking is "actually bad" for me)
(Now is not the time for a "well, actualllllly" enlightening pathos-laden public health PSA / Dr. Phil intervention attempt in my mentions. I am trying to quit smoking, so trust me...I know smoking is idiotic)
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oh all kinds of reasons

-light pollution (for all folks who moved to the burbs for their renowned… uh… stargazing)(also easily fixed w light curtains)

-more traffic! (not much actually)

-working-class people might work there (yup)

-emotional baggage about what 'farm' means
There was some kerfuffle when Yardley, PA (burb outside Philadelphia) let Brightfarms build a greenhouse. It was on land that was deeded over by a retiring farmer to stay as farmland... and it did... and people got mad
This gets us into issues of "when people say 'saving farms,' do they really mean building viable food chains"
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I wake up to the distant soothing sounds of the M1, thumping my alarm clock to release the sleep midichlorians.

Breakfast is some water, maybe with ribena if I’m having a “cheat day”.
Then I put on my rose-tinted spectacles to block out negative light.

#blessed #timeswellness
2) On my way to work, I close my eyes for five minutes and recite soothing mantras to myself.
I have a feeling other drivers don’t really appreciate me doing this, but little do they know I’m helping them to appreciate life THAT much more

#blessed #TimesWellness
If anyone wants to commission me to write about my daily #wellness regimen, I’d be very happy to s̶e̶l̶l̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶ ̶a̶ ̶b̶r̶i̶d̶g̶e̶ write you an article about it.
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Wow. I've been harassed online before, but @teemedlin- I have no idea who you are, nor was I at a conference/meet-up/event w/ you 4 days ago. Lying about this is next level- also, ++ photo is from my @NewCo article I published years ago/from a conference 3 years ago. Get a life.
Seriously, @teemedlin why on Earth would you post this? I'll wait.
This is fucking unreal, dude.
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Not sure whether to watch the Brexit film myself or just watch UK politics Twitter dissect it on here.
Oh yes, I forgot that Channel 4 has ad breaks, so I can do both
You know what, I can’t do it. I’ve got better things to do with my time than watch a film on how things went to shit.
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Here comes the much awaited thread of the top ten lesson that I learned in 2018. Some of them I knew already, but they became even more important this year. Every experience, good or bad, is a lesson and we only fail if we miss the lesson. Here we go #My2018Lessons
Lesson 1: 1. There is a strength in being outside the establishment or someone that is seen as being naive or new to the culture/game because only you can have the audacity to play the game differently from how it has been played historically. #My2018Lessons #blessed #grateful
Lesson 2: Being an underdog and a misfit gives you the freedom to try things that no one else has ever dreamt of. This may attract criticism and that’s okay, as long as you are authentic. Just keep doing YOU, the underdog. #My2018Lessons #blessed #grateful
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Wife just reminded me that she witnessed me teach myself to ride a bike along this stretch of park when we were 13. Feeling emotional thinking about it; it feels like a vivid metaphor for the way I have had to teach myself so many things that people usually learn from family
But also how cool that this woman has been next to me for 15 years? I think all in all I am net #blessed
We are here having dinner with her parents, who disapproved of our relationship for a decade - which was the primary source of misery and despair in our lives during that time. Now we’re here laughing and joking with each other over ribs and beer. Life is such a wild trip.
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2018 was a year of loss & pain (I cried a lot); a year of laughter & celebration and a year of learning & growth. This week I will share some of the highs/lows, as well as opportunities & lessons. I’ll also share picture of some of the phenomenal people I have met. Thread 1:
Losing our 20 year old son to a car accident in Feb is something that we will never recover from. Getting notification that i was shortlisted for VC job just 2 days before the burial and then coming back to work to face the excruciating recruitment process was just too much!
Thank God I survived! I am grateful to all the colleagues & friends - for the hugs, encouraging messages, reassuring conversations & smiles. They helped me keep my head up. Thanks to all the very many amazing people at UCT who came through for me during my time of need 🙏🏾
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Thanks to everyone who has bought a copy of The Existential Millennial! Every dollar we earn with impacts mental health research and suicide prevention. We hope you have as much fun with the book as we have had making it! 🤯🥑
From idea to shipped in 50 days! Feeling #blessed to work with @SethGRosenberg & @_amarcus
And if you haven’t bought yours yet head over to 🤯🥑
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From a family of privilege, @GeorgeHWBush enlisted at 18. At just short of 19 he became a Navy pilot. At 20 he was shot down over the Pacific by a Japanese fighter. In short, like so many other millions, he exemplified the #GreatestGeneration
He loved baseball. And was good at it. Hell, he loved sports. Of all kinds. Even horseshoes.
This man from Yale grew to love @TAMU placing his library and papers there. He & Barbara could be seen all over campus & at sporting events & cheering on @AggieFootball He will rejoin his beloved Barbara at their resting place on campus in the coming days.
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Touched by Angels.

Excited to experience 11:11 this year!

I PRAY! 🙏 And He hears me! And #WeThePeople defeat their dark designs on this last [RED OCTOBER] Day!

“There is no fear in LOVE. But perfect LOVE drives out fear...”
-1 John 4:18

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Seldom is @jaketapper this wrong - shows the incredible disconnect at CNN
@jaketapper Let's start with the first official CNN statement about the bomb-looking devices.

It blatantly blames Trump for the bombings.

And Sarah Sanders for good measure.
Then, you have articles like this.

Blaming Trump for the "real consequences" of the bombings.
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Turning 30 today has made me super reflective lately, thinking about what I’ve learned each year so far in my life:
1 - Family is the foundation of everything.
2 - You go much further when you listen more than you speak
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Midnight trip to A&E because I cut my finger doing the washing up. Yes mate!!!
I've got it wrapped in fucking packing tape. Just so fucking delighted. And just realised I left my wallet at home. #blessed
There was a crazy amount of blood and some light gore. It's super minor in the grand scheme and something I'm very embarrassed to go wait in an emergency dept for 4 hours with BUT my fingerprint is no more so I can restart my life as a cat burglar.
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Okay, babies. Let's do a thing. 1 like = 1 cover song.
It's possible that only most of them will be Time After Time.
1. IT'S ALL COMING BACK TO ME NOW, as recorded by Meatloaf.

Fun fact: This song was written for him, but only recorded for Bat out of Hell III because of a long rift between him and America's number one vampire/ghost love song balladeer Jim Steinman.

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Why I believe in a personal, real God, and why I believe he/she/they love me: too many times in my life, things have worked out for me way better than they should have.

I don't understand why me, when so many suffer, but I sincerely believe I'm #blessed
Today was another crazy thing that just worked out. I'm going through a rough time and through complete irresponsibility and poor planning, I ended up $310 in the hole in my checking account. Last night I drove to work wondering if I would make it there, I was so low on gas.
Last pay period, I had been sick and my kids had been sick and I missed work. My paycheck was going to be unusually small, so I had bills to pay and I didn't know how I was going to pay them. I went to work knowing my paycheck would be direct deposited at midnight and
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“What do you do?” has been asked. Writer and speaker, okay. “What do you write about?” Disaster averted by the server taking orders. For now. #Exvangelical
I have shamelessly ordered a nine-ounce Malbec. I’m here with my parents and their small group; they wanted to introduce me.
Snagged the lone olive in the salad. #Blessed
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Theodicy (why people suffer) quick thread.
1) “fallen world” is really Christian language. Don’t have time to unpack now, but will later sometime.
2) here’s one thing with some of my theodicy in it:…
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I took a walk around Portage+Main today! I know lots of Winnipeggers experience it from their cars, so join me as I go on an adventure!

1st thing spotted while approaching on NW corner, full bike rack. 21% of 'peggers currently bike regularly. #portageandmain
My quest: make it across the intersection to the BMO building! It's so pretty. I've lived here for 17 yrs, just realized I'd never actually been there. So, you know, there's a hint that something's not working.
Starting the clock! ⏱️
3/ Ok, so 1st thing to note, you can't "just go one extra block" around, when that block doesn't actually connect. Here's Lombard, but I can't reach it from here on the W side of Main.
I see you over there Lombard!
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I am simply overwhelmed today. The support pouring out since yesterday is amazing. I love & appreciate y'all so much, especially long-time followers who help to answer questions. To all the new eyes/minds just learning these ugly truths, Thank You & Welcome. #SayBraveThings
I'm not even going to try to get through all the notifications. If you sent me something in the last 24 hours, chances are I haven't/won't see it, but know that I appreciate all that you are doing to help end this evil. Keep shining the light so the darkness disappears forever.
And just like that, after 3 weeks of radio silence, we are blessed with #NewQ!!! #Qanon @POTUS #TheGreatAwakening #WeThePeople #MAGA
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(1) #TeamTrump #PhotoThread: Visit to Europe July 2018 - Part IV.

Tea with HM the Queen at Windsor Castle.

(2) I found a lot of photos from this event with the Queen smiling or laughing with POTUS and FLOTUS. The pics are not always the best technical quality & later on I may do a fresh thread with better pics. For now, the key message is: This 92 year old really, really likes Trump.
(3) I've been observing the Queen's body language in public for decades, and she rarely shows this much emotion... the Trumps "click" with her, which will be driving a few people even more insane today than they were already. Lulz.
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