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Presenting the @RollingStone Creators Issue cover star — Miss Internet 🌐 Emma Chamberlain

From YouTube to podcasting, she’s made an art of winging it, being herself, and getting everyone to follow her lead.

Story/Photos:… Image
At a time when influencers were #blessed and living their "best life," 16-year-old Emma Chamberlain showed up on YouTube zitty, frenetic, and irresistibly awkward.

Read how her on-camera personality and editing style redefined a genre of new media ⬇️…
After Emma Chamberlain racked up millions of subscribers (and dollars), she's pivoted primarily to podcasts.

Few have ever discussed their mental struggles the way she does on 'Anything Goes,' Spotify's third-most listened-to podcast in 2022.… ImageImage
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i love folks and life is good but I don’t wanna be weird about it
diction like “i am so crazy blessed with such amazing people in my life you are all rockstars and I am humbled that I get to brush shoulders and hearts with each one of you” feels sweet but not particularly meaningful to me
it’s not pure empty calorie sweetness like instagram-coded “GAH so much love and light to these AMAZING cuties i am so #BLESSED to spend the week with 🥰😍🥰🥹”

but if the latter is high fructose corn syrup, then the former is like, idk, honey, maybe?
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I've sent a lot of deeply embarrassing threads in my life so it take it from me: this is a deeply embarrassing thread.
1. Person cites stat X

2. Second person says "ACTUALLY" and cites stat Y

3. Bird note is added saying that the first person was citing a different stat

4. Second Person does breathless self-righteous thread about how the sacred "actually" is being abused against them.
it's all fun and games until you're the one getting "context added"
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Okay okay.

Villacher Fasching. Ich gehe rein.
Thread jetzt muten am besten.
Peter Kaiser schunkelt in der ersten Reihe.
Er schunkelt für die Sozialdemokratie.
Er schunkelt - für Kärnten.
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Millions are missing
And the cooper’s wife is too
So we hold our silent vigil
For a girl in a gown too blue
Lost in halls and hospitals
A silver talisman bears true
The diagnosis they doubted
With “Maybe it’s just you?”
“Maybe it’s your fault
Did you ever think it might?
It sure looks like anxiety
Caught in fight or flight
This isn’t an emergency
I’ve no time to spare tonight
For another hypochondriac
Who thinks her Google search is right”
The words echo again
We’ve heard them all before
Generations of us girls
Lost to fable and to lore
Seal wives and fae women
Changelings left by the door
You wouldn’t hear our screaming
So now you’ll hear our roar
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[Jyanino Channel 25/12]
#191 <A World's First> The Day We Held The Quickest Interview ever

Good evening, everyone ♪
This is Jyanino Channel!!!!
You did well for the past week🙇‍♂️
We wish you a Merry Christmas🥽
That being said, how are you spending your day?🐞

When I walked in the streets today, it was decked in Christmas colors🐥
The innocent couples were so beautiful, they were *whistles*🦆
Merry Christmas💁‍♀️
That being said, please enjoy today's video too ♪

T/N: If anyone can decrypt the meaning of Nino's emoticons, pls let me know
☆🎄Merry Christmas🎄☆
We're bringing you today's video from this location☆
I'm sure you already know☆

㊗️Celebrating Sexy-Zo's* Dome Concert
When Mr Accounting Went To Celebrate

Nino: Ninomiya is finally here at the venue~ Yay~! It's Sexy Zone!

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Alright, you guys wanna hear a funny/gross cancer story?
So one big headache throughout this whole thing has been my gallbladder. Whether due to the large stone in it or the proximity of the giant tumor in my liver, it’s had a tendency to flare up and cause a lot of pain
Normally they’d just go in and take it out, but the cancer complicates things. If they tried to remove it and things went south and they had to open me up, it could delay chemo by a lot
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1/ On Wednesday, the Croatian Cultural Centre is hosting Let Freedom Reign with Christian nationalist Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson. The event is a mess of bigotries and Convoys, but let's look at anti-LGBTQ2S+ "activist" and friend to neo-Nazis Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson! #vanpoli
2/ This story is a bit dark and depressing, so a warning that this thread features neo-Nazis, trans- and homophobia, racism, and a whole lot of hate. As a palate cleanser, here is the time Laura-Lynn was felled by, um, a single sign at @SportChek. Facebook screenshot of a photo of a sign with a Pride flag a
3/ In 2020, Laura-Lynn spoke with neo-Nazi Paul Fromm at one of his CAFE events in Vancouver. His introduction of Laura-Lynn includes homophobia and support for anti-LGBTQ2S+ "activist" Bill Whatcott, with bonus racism and white supremacy against @theJagmeetSingh.
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#blessed #grateful

so far wearing a mask and being exceedingly polite has made me a number of friends at British Airways, I checked a third bag and the lady at the desk didn’t even charge me
PS anyone out there who is also chilling in the PDX international terminal, I’m the girl in the black dress and the gray backpack and I have about 25 extra masks and 5 extra packs of disinfectant wipes as well as two Covid tests so HMU if you need it
did I overprepare slightly? PERHAPS
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I am blessed to live in a "time of noobs" ❤
I am an impostor and a noob.

There is so much I do not know.

Why am I blessed? Because I can openly share my path of learning all that stuff.

This way I can show that it is normal to struggle while learning.

What if we all "suffer" from impostor syndrome?

What if...
What if impostor syndrome is something that makes us human?

#impostor #noob #blessed
How to apply it to yourself?

Learn openly, whatever matters to you and your community most.

We, the friendly army of noob friends, need you.
We need you to be yourself.
We need your streams of learning & doing stuff.

You are so much better than any "code ninja".
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Happy Halloween from Pittsburgh’s 11th Ward, all!
Where folks take both yard signs and holiday decor very seriously
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the world is actually fairly okay. there is no compelling reason for anyone with a job in a rich country to be miserable and angry all the time. inequality mostly doesn't impact most peoples' daily lives. the best evidence we have suggests it's been falling for a few years now.
i think more of us need to publicly disagree with "the world is totally awful" statements because i see a lot of them and they just don't make sense, but they clearly wreak havoc with a lot of peoples' lives.
life 102:

don't expect people on twitter to be your therapist.
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The problem with poverty porn is—Privileged folks are going to skim through this, post hashtag #blessed, & go on living their carefree lives. But those who lost their life savings to a flood are going to read this, internalise its message, & repress their own suffering

Many folks think that photographing the poor simply counts as poverty porn. Actually what counts as poverty porn is more complex. But, taking a photo of the poor *and then* using a caption to judge people living richer lives is absolutely poverty porn.

Poverty porn won't make rich people be grateful. Poverty porn is more likely to be weaponised by the rich to build their "nobody wants to work anymore" narrative, while complaining the minimum wage hike is cutting too much of their wealth to have their annual trips to Ubud

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I'm positive I have COVID.

[let's say that differently]

I'm positive, I have COVID.

So a quick 🧵 with the new @CDCgov county measures. Unsurprisingly, not great news.

61% of the country lives in a high-level county, based on the hospitalization risk measure.

1/ Stacked bar chart of CDC risk levels in the country. The per
Here's your updated map.

I'm used to saying whoa...Florida.

This week I said whoa...California.

2/ This is a county map of the United States, with the color of
You can really see the rapid rise in the % of people living in high-risk areas in places like California, Illinois, Kentucky, West Virginia...and even a resurgence in NY and NJ. Other places have remained high.

3/ Stacked bar charts for each state showing community risk lev
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My @flo_mask Pro finally arrived. Can't wait to test it out in full this weekend. Excited to see how well it performs in the 🇵🇭 climate. What I can say though is that it was really easy to tinker with the parts. No issues installing the filter either. 🥰 Image
Today in testing the @flo_mask Pro:
☑️ Used the Everyday Filter & inhaling feels fine. No odd plasticky smells. Feels quite cool underneath w/o air leaks on exhalation.
☑️ Unlike w/ N95s, it doesn't get dislodged while speaking. Chin is free!
1/🧵 #COVIDisAirborne #CovidIsNotOver Image
☑️ My 🕶️, w/c have become essentials post LASIK, fit perfectly on that notch.
🥺 Smiling feels weird. Like there's a leak over the nose bridge. This pandemic isn't anything to smile about anyway. Right @JoshuaCAgar,
@mdsynic, @white_bite?
2/🧵 #COVIDisAirborne #CovidIsNotOver Image
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Now ministering is our Senior Pastor, @danayidu
Topic: Healing From Christ
If you don't care for your body, you will get sick. If you defile your temple (unhealthy lifestyle) you would impact negativity on your health

Sin also can destroy your health. (Psalms 107:17) Mist of the affliction people suffer today, is as a result of sin.

(John 5:14) Now that you have been delivered from sin, don't go back to it.

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Good morning and welcome to church. Service starts Now!
God richly bless you as you worship with us.

#PraiseAndWorship #RoyalAmbassadors

🎶 I've got joy, joy, joy, oh joy
Joy overflow in my life
I've got joy, joy, joy, oh joy
Joy overflow in my life🎶

#PraiseAndWorship #RoyalAmbassadors

🎶 My God is a good God
Yes, He is
My God is a good God
Yes, He is
I feel like singing (I feel like singing)
I feel like dancing (I feel like dancing)🎶

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Now ministering is our Senior Pastor, @AyiduDan
Topic: Breaking Financial Hardship
Text: 3 John 1:2
God's desire for you is to prosper and be healthy. He is delighted when you do well. (Psalms 35:27)

(2 Corin 8:9, John 8:36) Your freedom is not complete without financial freedom.

Kingdom Strategy for Financial Growth
1. Have a vision and financial plan. A vision is a picture you see of your financial future. (Luke 14:28)

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#PraiseAndWorship #RoyalAmbassadors

🎶My hallelujah belongs to You
My hallelujah belongs to You
My hallelujah belongs to You
My hallelujah belongs to You🎶

#PraiseAndWorship #RoyalAmbassadors

🎶You deserve it
You deserve it
You deserve it
You deserve it🎶

#PraiseAndWorship #RoyalAmbassadors

🎶Every praise (every praise is to our God)
Every word of worship
Every word of worship with one accord
Every praise (every praise) every praise (every praise)
To our God 🎶

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Happy New Month and welcome to God's Royal Assembly online platform. We are excited to fellowship and worship God with you this morning. Thanks for joining us!.

#ImpactClass w. Min. Amos Udoma

Topic: The Power of Commitment.
Commitment is dedication, steadfastness, allegiance to a particular course .

Steps To Commitment
1. Availability. (Luke 24:49) Until you make yourself available, you cannot serve. Your ability will not help you if you do not give your availability.

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Well, what have we here? When @KariDziedzic @SusanKentMN and @karlabigham were at @cottagegrovemn city hall for #ShelettaDay, one of 'em must have accidentally dropped this invite on the ground. I picked it up and I'm crashing the party #TONITE at @GovTimWalz's #StateOfTheState.
Folk here are much to #MinnesotaNice to stop me from busting up in events I'm not technically invited to. Fifteen years ago when I won my first Emmy, I went as @bethjett. So it should come as no surprise when I show up at @GovTimWalz #StateofTheState as @karlabigham...
I'm trying to figure out which of my new @nashona_ outfits I should wear when I crash @GovTimWalz' #StateOfTheState address tonight. He ain't ask me to come, but I found an invite on the floor the last time I was at @cottagegrovemn City Hall. I wanna look good for my mug shot...
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Thank you for all the prayers, Love & Support today ! .. #BLESSED

I will keep everyone posted on Angel, it’s Time To Heal ..
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Bishop @silviojbaez : "#Jesus opens our eyes to reality: we're called to 'beatitude', to be #blessed; we will be from the moment we place ourselves on God's side: using the goods of this world without turning them into idols, but rather sharing them with those in need."
All these photos show the partnership between🍚Feed My Starving Children @fmsc_org and the @Fabretto Foundation in #Nicaragua, which was one of the NGOs recently shut down by the dictatorship. It's one example of what Bishop @silviojbaez says in his homily today🔺
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You’ve done your homework on Bitcoin and are learning about Lightning or just set up a node. You aren’t sure how it works and are nervous about losing funds

What’s involved in backing up a lightning node?

I’ve been using lightning for years, let me break it down for you 👇
Your Bitcoin is in cold storage. You stamped your mnemonic into a piece of solid steel.

It won’t be destroyed in a flood, fire, or acid bath.

You can finally sleep at night knowing your Bitcoin are safe.

With Bitcoin covered, you are excited to experiment with Lightning.
You fully expect a similar security model when booting up your lightning node for the first time.

I’ll get a seed phrase and stamp it into another piece of steel.

Unfortunately, it won’t quite be as simple.

What makes lightning more difficult to backup and secure?
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