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Yesterday I took a drive after calling the ER @ coming in to get tested for the #ChineseVirus. I have a Chronic illness and have been sick since late Nov 2019. Being I have developed a cough, I asked the nurse over the phone if there were still markers in place for testing in FL
(was only over 60 w/fever last I checked (I'm not either). I have to admit-the nurse I spoke with was quite rude and told me that she "didn't know." I responded hastily with, "I don't get it. What do you mean 'you don't know'. Aren't you informed of who you can test or not?
I'm not understanding, again, I'm asking you, what do you mean you don't know?" Her response: "I don't know if you can get tested. You have to call the health line." When I told her I did already and they advised me to go to the ER she, and I quote, responded
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A parable on power and merit. Thread.

You and I both have farms. We both start with 1 acre, just trying to raise enough crops and animals to survive. Then I realize that if I had more crops and livestock than I needed, I could sell them to make money and live more comfortably.
So every month I come by your place, beat you up, and take a bunch of your produce and some animals off to market to sell them for 100% profit. You'd fight back, but I'm bigger and have a gun. I stole yours first, see, and you're new in town so you don't have any friends to help.
So you try to stay alive, & I get quite rich. I buy more land, hire some workers (or maybe just some toughs to beat up other farmers too), take *your* land and make you keep working it, and it all compounds to make me quite wealthy. You though are still just trying to stay alive.
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My paired list is complete for my fave films of the decade. I’m still doing write-ups for some of the pairs, but there were 11 that were so singular for me I couldn’t pair them. I guess these are my favorite? Full list to come but here we go.
An expertly crafted marvel of emotion and cinematic storytelling. @BarryJenkins crafted- for me, the decade's most beautiful, empathetic, heart-wrenching and universal film. A movie so far from my experience that spoke exactly to the human condition. Perfect.
@BarryJenkins TREE OF LIFE
Saw this film the month after my father died, and to say that I went on an emotional journey would be wild understatement. Malick's flawless direction, Chivo's greatest cinematography & Chastain and Pitt's finest work explore our clash of spirituality and primality.
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Twas the night before solstice, and what was amiss?

There were no signs about of the #WarOnChristmas!

Had the godless and liberals all given up?

Fighting Christmas, perhaps, demands more than a cup!
But then what to our wondering eyes should appear?

Tis the start of a thread bringing secular cheer!

* * *

Because as you know, the war on Christmas isn't over till it's over. And the #WarOnChristmasAdventCalendar must go on!
So hark ye herald evildoers, it's December 20, and there are only 5 persecuting days left till Christmas! Five days to make sure you speak inclusively to our FOX-loving fellow Americans, so that they can be whiny martyrs.

Seriously, that's the best Xmas gift you can give them.
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Watching Andy Biggs try to filibuster Noah Feldman is kind of fun.
WiFi on my @Amtrak is not great but at least I have a backwards facing seat. #blessed
I’m being sarcastic, backwards facing seats are the worst
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1000% sarah. "lol omg he said i should pretend to be his sister. this man is wild."
"k the sister plan backfired. now i'm queen of egypt."
"bummer moving again. anything for my man tho."
"aha g-d literally just spoke to me and was like you're pregnant and i was like nuh uh."
"today 2 strangers came to the tent and i was like wow i am not presentable at all today. like we don't even have water. and my man was like DINNER IN 10!!!!! (1/22)"
"him: babe what's wrong?
me: nothing.
him: is this about hagar?
me: no jfc just like can i have some quiet?
him: you just said i could have her
me: *leaves the tent*"
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Heejin likes Hyunjin but Hyunjin doesn't know she exists. In an attempt to get Hyunjin's attention, Heejin joins the baseball club.
✎ quote; don't reply
✎ timestamps don't matter
✎ characters will be introduced as we go along
✎ if u tell me nice things about the au i might actually update it
✎ feel free to leave questions/comments in my cc !!
author's note before we get that bread !
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[stray kids x hyunsung au]

hyunsung roommates au where jisung walks in on hyunjin... well... y’know... and suddenly he’s got feelings he never thought he’d ever have in his entire life.

nsfw themes and language but really it’s just going to be dumb and fun 🥴
• please completely ignore dates and times hehe
• i haven’t really structured this whole thing out but. we love figuring things out as we go!
• i want to kind of build a world so that we understand the dynamic before we actually get into the point of the story dlsjshsl
• for my first au i didn’t write anything, it was just completely a text/twt au but! with this one i want to insert writing in parts that i feel deserve it!!
• itzy are also in this au!! uwu.

let’s get into the introduction shall we
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Powerful Emancipation Month Opening ceremony at #Queenspark today.

Thank you Coco laRain Veira for sharing your son’s powerful words. And thank you for sharing
Jordon Veira with the world.

“Freedom is fought for.” And we will fight 4 Black Liberation 2day & every day.✊🏾💜✊🏾
Always honoured to share space with @SenatorWanda.

Lesson 1: Let’s make national recognition of Emancipation Day an election issue.

Lesson 2: Our ancestors fought for our right to vote. Let us honour them by being civically engaged 2day and every day.

Ashe! 💜✊🏾💜
Reflecting on #EmancipationDay and #EmancipationMonth comes in all forms.

#Blessed to honour my ancestors & spiritual tradition as I sang to Ellegua at Queen’s Park. Ashe! ✊🏾💜✊🏾
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[ about time / seulrene tagalog au ]

"Kung ang tadhana na ang gumagawa ng paraan para magkita tayo, bakit sa pagkakataon na 'to ay hindi mo na ako maalala?"
ツ notes

⤷ first time ko gumawa ng socmed au and seulrene ang bida kasi i'm a 🚢 per? (char ang waley)
⤷ you know the rules !! YEAR lang mahalaga sa timestamps, kung may pake kayo
⤷ if ever na may pagkakatulad 'to sa ibang au, bigla lang pumasok 'tong plot sa isipan ko +
it's pure coincidence!! Pero sorry na kaagad kung meron man.
⤷ hindi ko na rin binago pangalan nila, walang basagan ng trip hehe!
⤷ lastly.. enjoooy 🌶

you know the 🗝
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I was kinda getting concerned about KSA’s failure thus far to slaughter AAAAALLL the children of Yemen yet - but the president’s going to veto!

Pro-life presidents are the best. #ThanksTrump

“US Senate to hold vote to block arms deal with Saudi Arabia”…
It’s such a wonderful feeling to know I can never go on hajj because I’ve trashed Saudi Arabia and MbS so much on Twitter.

Much ra7ma. Wow ummah. Very mutadayyin.
Thomas Friedman would be allowed to do hajj before me.

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So a funny thing that I mentioned in passing - after I had my nice wholesome “just sittin’ here by the goddam Pacific Ocean, waow, #blessed” moment at the 🌉, I was randomly walking my way out and ended up at Sea Cliff, which I believe is where rich people live
The folks who live here have an incredible view from their backyards, and the roads are in obviously good condition. But as you walk south...
The conditions of the street start getting progressively worse, in a surprisingly (to me) short amount of time. Within minutes you see cracks and potholes, and a few minutes later still you start seeing homeless people lying on the ground
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Most of the elf hentai doujins made are by actual elven women who live a very conservative looking life but actually desire and fantasize up to a fetishistic extent several liters of semen flowing inside them where gently or by force.

and several liters is already a low estimate
Now, I can't say were exactly but there are legitimate news articles here that talk about how elven womenprefer human men

female high elves

royal female high elves

on actual news articles

i'm dead serious
Contrary to popular belief, orcs don't really have much difference in semen volume compared to humans once you factor in diet, health and other controllable variables sure there are extremes but would you really count that as the norm?

Also orcs don't really masturbate if at all
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So what am I cooking today? 🥣😋😃

Dinner for guests and I've been given a task. Prepare something veg for them. I think would be Benaras Ka Babu today. A very special Paneer gravy straight from the land of ghats.
Khoya-Makhana Matar Paneer
खोए-मखाने का मटर पनीर
Green chilies
Black cardamom
Green cardamom
Shahi jeera
Black pepper
Bay leaves
Kewra water
Makhana (Foxnuts)
What's the difference between Jeera and Shahi Jeera? What you see on the left is normal Jeera used everyday. On the right is Shahi Jeera. It is smaller in size and dark in color compared to other one. It's far more aromatic too.
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For those of us who are Christians, this is the day--THE day--that is both the evocation and commemoration of our faith. The sorrow of #HolyWeek is past and the joy of #Easter is here. #Alleluia alleluia.

On Easter we re-dedicate ourselves to Christ's selflessness and love.🌿
Jesus offers us a message of love that transcends death. On #Easter, as the gospel tells us, Mary Magdalene went to Christ's tomb & found he was not there. She is the one who announces the Resurrection. In her we see ourselves, opening our minds & hearts to Christ's teachings. 🌿
The #Resurrection that we celebrate on #Easter is our annual baptism and re-birth into our faith. It is the story of how much we are loved by Christ and how the one and only thing Christ asks of us in return is to love others as we are loved by him.

Can we do this?
We must.🌿
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🇵🇭 Bureau of Fisheries and Director EDUARDO GONGONA : Orders Filipino fishermen to stay away from Scarborough Shoal

🇮🇩 Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries SUSI PUDJIASTUTI : Orders intruding Chinese fishing vessels to be sunk or blown off the water
Considered to be one of the most bad-ass government officials of Indonesia, (and of this planet) Pudjiastuti gained the respect of her countrymen and the world for for ordering the seizure and sinking of foreign fishing vessels intruding into Indonesia's fishing grounds.
Yep, that's her doing stretches on the deck of an Indonesian warship.☝️

...and this is her taking lying under a machine gun, while smoking 👇
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I may be on an airplane wearing RBG socks, tweeting and watching the favorite. #blessed
RBG socks, please no one make fun of my enormous feet I’m very sensitive.
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I have written a short story entitled “Rational Approaches to Counterterrorism Strategy on Twitter: An Experience.”

I hope you enjoy it.
I dedicate this novella to @LibyaLiberty and @HindMakki.
It’s always a “Mike,” for some reason. I have an entire album of lunatic trolls screaming at me called “People of the Internet.”

About 50% are Mikes.

I know, I know...correlation isn’t causality, but still. Fascinating.
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I just received, by divine intervention, the comedic catharsis that everyone reading my Twitter knows I desperately needed.

Fun "college town life" short (short) story time!!!
Picture this: it is 4 am, outside my office building on campus. I am taking a cigarette break before I get back to grading.

(Preemptive strike like the Bush doctrine but without the war crimes - I have a PhD so I'm smart enough to know that smoking is "actually bad" for me)
(Now is not the time for a "well, actualllllly" enlightening pathos-laden public health PSA / Dr. Phil intervention attempt in my mentions. I am trying to quit smoking, so trust me...I know smoking is idiotic)
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Wow. I've been harassed online before, but @teemedlin- I have no idea who you are, nor was I at a conference/meet-up/event w/ you 4 days ago. Lying about this is next level- also, ++ photo is from my @NewCo article I published years ago/from a conference 3 years ago. Get a life.
Seriously, @teemedlin why on Earth would you post this? I'll wait.
This is fucking unreal, dude.
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Here comes the much awaited thread of the top ten lesson that I learned in 2018. Some of them I knew already, but they became even more important this year. Every experience, good or bad, is a lesson and we only fail if we miss the lesson. Here we go #My2018Lessons
Lesson 1: 1. There is a strength in being outside the establishment or someone that is seen as being naive or new to the culture/game because only you can have the audacity to play the game differently from how it has been played historically. #My2018Lessons #blessed #grateful
Lesson 2: Being an underdog and a misfit gives you the freedom to try things that no one else has ever dreamt of. This may attract criticism and that’s okay, as long as you are authentic. Just keep doing YOU, the underdog. #My2018Lessons #blessed #grateful
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Wife just reminded me that she witnessed me teach myself to ride a bike along this stretch of park when we were 13. Feeling emotional thinking about it; it feels like a vivid metaphor for the way I have had to teach myself so many things that people usually learn from family
But also how cool that this woman has been next to me for 15 years? I think all in all I am net #blessed
We are here having dinner with her parents, who disapproved of our relationship for a decade - which was the primary source of misery and despair in our lives during that time. Now we’re here laughing and joking with each other over ribs and beer. Life is such a wild trip.
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2018 was a year of loss & pain (I cried a lot); a year of laughter & celebration and a year of learning & growth. This week I will share some of the highs/lows, as well as opportunities & lessons. I’ll also share picture of some of the phenomenal people I have met. Thread 1:
Losing our 20 year old son to a car accident in Feb is something that we will never recover from. Getting notification that i was shortlisted for VC job just 2 days before the burial and then coming back to work to face the excruciating recruitment process was just too much!
Thank God I survived! I am grateful to all the colleagues & friends - for the hugs, encouraging messages, reassuring conversations & smiles. They helped me keep my head up. Thanks to all the very many amazing people at UCT who came through for me during my time of need 🙏🏾
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