“But it will overwhelm our hospitals!”

Hospitals are operated for the benefit of society. For almost two years, we have forgotten that, and endeavoured instead to operate society for the benefit of hospitals.
Yes, it’s possible that in some places, rising infections may reduce standards of care for a time. Your hospitals will not ColLapSe or MelT DoWN, but it may be more difficult to get treatment.
In most of our countries, containment has already effectively restricted access to treatment for a long time now, so this state of affairs will not be new, it will just be more of the same.
The problem of OvERWheLmEd HoSpiTAlS is moreover not unique to Corona, and it did not suddenly befall us in the earliest months of 2020. Annual flu seasons have, for decades now, pushed hospitals across the west to the limits of their capacity.
There are a lot of forces at work here, including corporatist economising, cost disease, and above all, increasingly elaborate, resource-intensive, dehumanising, and ultimately futile end-of-life care. The latter is a big part of what is happening in your OvERwHelMEd HoSPiTALs.
The vast majority of the healthy population does not need constant access to medical care, and a lot of the care our healthcare systems provide is of highly questionable utility. Millions and millions of people have not seen the inside of a hospital since all of this took off.
All virus restrictions need to be lifted, & hospitals need to prioritise care & manage resources as best as possible through the winter, as they always have. They will not melt, though some diseases may go neglected for a time — as they have already as a result of restrictions.
If more capacity is truly needed, then governments should go about actually encouraging its development in the longer term, rather than house arresting their entire populations in futile and increasingly insane efforts to eradicate pervasive respiratory viruses.

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25 Nov
In reverse order: The only point in interacting with you, is to ridicule you before my followers as a dimwitted adherent of plainly failing policies, and to point out that your thoughts are as undisciplined as the rest of you.
It is 'obvious' that the ExPOnenTIaL GroWTh (lmao) of cases would not last forever, because SARS-2 is at base another respiratory virus and it is bound by the same constraints as the rest of them. These viruses infect people according to regional and seasonal patterns ...
... and there is basically nothing to do about them. There is nothing to do about influenza, there was nothing to do about HCoV OC43 (which probably caused a similar pandemic at the end of the 19th century, and is now indistinguishable from the common cold) ...
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24 Nov
A lot of you need to stop worshiping your enemies. Every time I poast about the idiocy of Corona policy, 10% of my replies are people telling me actually I'm the deluded one and it's a supersecret plan to depopulate the earth via Pfizer/BioNTech vaccines.
This is a terrible approach. First of all, the vaccines aren't bad enough to depopulate the earth. They're just bad enough to be a total embarrassing failure, which is what they are. But when you poast things like this, you stop pointing out their stupid failures.
Newsflash: Dumbasses like Klaus Schwab love being portrayed as evil geniuses. It is massively preferable to the alternative, which in his case is being revealed as the bumbling incompetent idiot that he is.
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22 Nov
One of Twitter’s most vapid Corona hysterics retweeting a “myth busting” (lmao) Gurdasani thread about how the vaccines really do reduce transmission even though their effectiveness “may be markedly reduced” after the 5-month mark.

For “markedly reduced” read “zero” OK? Image
Or in the longer term, against symptomatic infections: Image
Their only conceivable application is to protect those most at risk of severe outcome in advance of seasonal peaks. Anyone saying anything else is stupid or lying.
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19 Nov
Feeling pretty sick (not Corona lol) and at the limits of my ability to type rn, butam so outraged & hardened in my position by this insanity.

From start there has been this rhetoric that exceptions like over-occupied ICUs can suspend ‚basic rights.‘ That is not what right are.
Rights are theoretically things the government *doesn‘t own.* Rights are the things the government doesn‘t touch, because there is a prior agreement that *you own them.* I don‘t care if your ICUs are MeLTiNg DoWN, these things are (again in theory) not theirs to limit.
Secondly, it just has to matter at some point that this nonsense is totally worthless. Literally all the assholes demanding this shit are unfathomable idiots. The vaccines don‘t stop transmission, places with 85%+ vaxx rates have huge case spikes still, there is no win here.
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15 Nov
one like, one obviously true fact about Corona that is bizarrely ignored by official discourse.

until my glass of scotch bottoms out.
infections unfold according to obvious seasonal and regional patterns that are so powerful they wash out all other measures
Corona is harmless to children
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15 Nov
Germany Continues to Post Record SARS-2 Infections.

A brief look at the latest "Situation Report" from the Robert Koch Institut.

The 7-day incidence (per 100k) broken down by five-year age brackets – basically higher rates of infection across the board.
So much for "higher infections / hospitalisations among youngs show the vaccines are working."

The hospitalisation statistics we saw last year are re-forming right on schedule, with the heavily vaccinated 80+ cohort leading the way.
Read 4 tweets

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