Just 365 days ago, many of us were cloistered inside our homes, isolated from family, still not working or in school, and cut off from many of the things that add to our quality of life. Some of us were even seriously physically ill, and didn't know if we would make it.
Last year this time, we were staring at the teeth of daily death counts, escalating infection counts, overrun hospitals, and were heartsick at the sight and cries of overwhelmed and exhausted hospital worker, first responders, and essential workers who sacrificed themselves...
...to keep the basics of life available, and to keep safe the rest of us safe and healthy. And, the problem was still getting worse not better, with no leadership, no real guidance, and no care coming from those responsible for providing for the general welfare of us all.
At the same time, we were looking at a madman, weakling, incompetent who was - and still is - desperately trying to undermine our democracy and our way of life. He didn't succeed, but the danger continues, and it's real.
So, while #COVID19 isn't over - far from it, the threat of insurrection and domestic terrorism aren't over, our economic trials aren't over, I am still thankful for many things this year.

First, I am thankful to my God for protecting me and my family.
I am thankful for my precious wife who has hung with me through thick and thin, even while shut in with me during the quarantine periods, making sure that every detail is covered, that I don't forget my masks, that I am comfortable, and for being that angel on my right shoulder.
I am thankful that I and my family have made it through relatively unscathed in good health, while recognizing the pan of those who were not as fortunate.
I'm blessed that my mom is still with us and, at almost 90, she's relatively heathy and as sharp as a tack (she likes to debate politics, too.) As our matriarch she a blessing.
I'm thankful that all of our needs are met, and that we are blessed with the ability to share with others. That wasn't always the case.
I am thankful that my family continues to grow and thrive.

I am thankful that, despite the chaos, wickedness, and inhumanity, I still run into kind, friendly, dear people who help to bring joy to life, and they don't believe it's robbery to share a smile or a few kind words.
And I am thankful that 52 weeks since the last Thanksgiving holiday things feel like they have the potential for turning the corner under new leadership. President Biden and VP Harris are not perfect. I never expected them to be. and we continue to be in for rough times.
The fact of the matter is no leader has ever faced the set of circumstances that our leaders face. The obstacles before them have been severe and the hurdles extremely high - so is the deliberate and malicious obstruction.
They have made mistakes. They are supposed to as humans, not machines. Yet they have approached every challenge with grace, competence, steadiness, humility, and I have yet to hear them complain. They have accepted every challenge, and accepted responsibility when they failed.
That's what you expect from leadership.

The battles we face as a country, as a society are real. the fights are deadly serious. And we will take some losses. But I feel like there is hope and a real chance for improvement.
But they need our continued support to get there.

They have mine.
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25 Nov
Remember this case? If not, you should. This case sums up everything that's wrong in this country about the treatment of black people in the "justice system," the systemic negligence, mistreatment, and revictimization of abused women, the fallacy of Stand Your Ground laws.
And before you start with bogus, nonsensical, the stand your ground laws and Castle Doctrine are two different things, don't even bother. The arbitrary, abusive, discriminatory outcomes are the same for victims no matter how you pretend they're different.

So, save your breath.
When outraged mobs whine for justice and mercy for men with guns and complain about unfair treatment - almost always white men, always with guns - the "justice system" ignores women in life-or-death situations who get no such consideration often from guess who? Men with guns.
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22 Nov
A few weeks ago, there was a big upheaval over the disparities and inequity of the media and law enforcement treatment of missing white women and girls and missing black women and girls. Too many people want to believe that it's not real.
Yet another stark and cruel disparity is how blacks - especially black women - are mistreated in the criminal justice system. Women generally don't seem to be able to get away with claiming self-defense when it's between them and a white man regardless of the crime committed.
Black women are even less likely to be believed or to prevail. There are cases across the country where black women had to defend themselves in life and death situations, including Kenosha, yet ended up victimized by the very system that failed to protect them in the first place.
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20 Nov

There's been lots of talk lately about infrastructure and BBB, how they need to pass, and how they'll benefit America.

All of that's true.

Here's the thing: In addition to voting for all of that, black America has had other concerns, too. Issues of life and death.
Voting rights were on the ballot in 2020, police reform was on the ballot, too. Right now, those things are dead in the water. And while people want to blame Kamala Harris of inaction or worse, failure, the fact is it's not her fault.
The fault belongs largely to white males on both sides of the aisle who are too busy, or too self-interested, or too afraid to consider anyone but themselves and their donors. Yes, "both sides of the aisle" is completely accurate.
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19 Nov
The outright damn shame of it is just like the cop who shot Jacob Blake walked away, shooter who killed the protesters seeking justice for Blake walks away, too.

And people wonder why shit gets burnt up when there's injustice and they call for peace???
Why is it that the people who suffer the most and greatest injustice are ALWAYS asked to be calm and peaceful about it?

It's because people don't want to feel guilty about their own bullshit.
This is precisely why racist whites don't want CRT or black history - history generally - to exist. The criminals are helped to escape by the system then they try desperately to rewrite the history. And nobody wants to face their own wrong shit.

Welcome to gaslit racist America.
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18 Nov
So you think (more like pretend) that CRT isn't real, or it's real but it's evil, or it's intended to make you feel badly or guilty? Well sit down and pay attention because school's in. Here's today's lesson on the collision of White Privilege, Racism, entitlement, and CRT:
The prosecutor has renounced the conviction of the life sentence in the #KevinStrickland case in MO, yet Gov. Parson refuses to acknowledge his innocence. Likewise, with the Julius Jones case in OK. He's scheduled for execution today, yet Gov. Stitt pretends he doesn't exist.
These governors are such evil, racist monsters and small men that they require human blood sacrifices in order to entertain and appease their voters for their next elections. If these men aren't political prisoners, then the expression is completely devoid of meaning.
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12 Nov
It's weird to hear the media sort of whining about how other than Bannon, the other's claiming executive privilege may have stronger claims. That's nonsense.
We spent 4 years with Don McGhan and Bolton's deputy, Charles Kupperman, in court challenging their requirement to testify based on executive privilege claims. It's been adjudicated.
SCOTUS has already ruled that there is no privilege that protects Trump admin staff particularly when crimes or national security are at stake. Individuals cannot assert them privilege; the administration must assert it.
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