Exciting news about Facebook! They removed some annoying restrictions in search. Which problems are solved? Next tweets (1/...)
Till recently, you weren't allowed to list employees from a company or inhabitants of a city. It was mandatory to know their name. The workaround was to search for any letters of the alphabet, abcdefghijklmnopqrtsuvwxyz mimicking a letter in a name (#osint #nerdalert) (2/...)
But suddenly, Facebook removed this restriction. If you want to find people who work for a very small company in a small German town, restrictions will be lifted, if your keyword is the town itself. Let me explain (3/...)
1. Your keyword MUST be the city, as shown here.
2. Click on People
3. Add the city once more, not as keyword but as Location
4. Add the company (4/...)
Most of you, depending on your friend list and location, will get at least one or two people now. (5/....)
For this particular example, it is also possible to search for employer (keyword), but don't forget to click People --> add name of employer once more. Example: facebook.com/search/people?… (6/...)
It was also not allowed to search for residents of a town at random, without knowing a specific name. That has changed as well. We will continue our example of that small German town, Neustadt an der Aisch. All you have to do is enter that town twice, as shown here. (7/..)
Some of you might think I have a solution for a problem that no longer exists, but that's exactly my point :) Some of us in the OsINT community had to fall back to link-editing that is now not needed anymore, at least for now. (8/...)
For those fellow-nerds: you do have to include the name of the city in @sowdust tool! Go to graph.tips and enter the ID of Mark Zuckerberg (4) and Berlin (111175118906315) but do enter BERLIN as keyword again. (9/...)
Now you well get the public photos in Berlin, posted by Zuckberg, and you can combine it with a certain time frame. Here is the link: facebook.com/search/photos/… (10/...)
The former formula is really needed, you can't do that in normal search, as shown below. (11/...)
Other limitations, searching for a specific day, month, or period in Facebook (FB only allows searches for a certain year), are lifted by whopostedwhat.com. (Tnx to @freetechacademy team30, we learned this morning some stuff can be done more easily now) (12/12)
It's also possible to search for profession now, in combination with employer. Some of the results are not that privacy friendly I think, see below. (13/..)
And suddenly you can search for pilot instructors in Berlin again : ) (14/14 ..(?))

• • •

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24 Nov
Reverse image search using Google Lens is often superior to Google Reverse Image Search. Officially, Google Lens is only available in iOS and Android apps, not on the desktop. How do you get it running on your PC or Mac? Next tweets! (1/....)
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A possible suspect of the attack of @PeterRdeV is a 21-year-old rapper, some media say. Here is a photo, unverified, of him as a 14-year-old boy, watching So you Think You Can Dance, RTL 5. RTL is the same station as the victim is working for. (1/...)
His former company was into dancing, to be precise, into "singing, giving performances, dancing, and production". The company was only dissolved recently, on May 27 of 2021 (2/...)
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Google search tip: search hundreds of newspaper archives via news.google.com/newspapers
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es (Spanish)
eng (English)
de (German)
etc.. (2/...)
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In this Telegram channel, people are appalled that Facebook removed their group. And they need moderators (2/...)
It's not the only Telegram channel. Another one has now 115 members. (3/...)
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