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Claim: #Russian Forces are Evacuating in the #Zaporizhzhia AO.

A fact-based thread tracking communications regarding this evolving claim & related events.

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mapclips: @DefMon3 Area of claims observation: Russian forces "evacuating
1️⃣🇺🇦 18:00 UTC+2

On Thursday 01/12 the #GSUA stated in its daily report that individual Russian units & officials were repositioning, or evacuating, from the #Zaporizhzhia AO.

Specifically IVO settlements:

#Polohy (city)


2/ GSUA Daily Report Statement. December 01, 2022.

The statement conveys that Russian units & occupation admin. officials are leaving positions in public & private structures & spaces. It is specific to the point of naming the buildings that units are using.

There is no *official Russian response to claim (1) on Dec 1.

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#OSINT: Análisis de investigación sobre números telefónicos (#WhatsappDataBreach), difundidos en canales de #Telegram, con el uso de técnicas y herramientas para la obtención de información en #Socmint #AnalistaOsint #DataBreach #ToolsOsint #ManuelBot #Leaks #CiberINT
🧵HILO🧵 Image
1⃣ Hace poco, en un canal "X" de telegram, vi que compartían archivos (que me llamó mucho la atención), en relación a una violación importante de datos que había sufrido WhatsApp, por lo que decidí investigar y saber que información se encuentra expuesta (#HuellaDigital)

⬇️ Image
2⃣ Para este caso, descargué un archivo de 38.4 Mb (de los muchos que había), que contenía alrededor de 17.95M registros de Números filtrados en la última Brecha.

✅ Según informes, los datos de alrededor de 500 millones de usuarios de WhatsApp se han filtrado en línea.

⬇️ Image
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Is the Russian Army becoming hypothermic? A companion thread 🧵 to my video? #ukraine, #ukraineRussiaWar #hypothermia #osint…
The Russian Federation Army does not have any special ability to fight better in winter. An Army tends to reflect its population and 75% of Russia's population lives in urban areas.
As in all armies, the poor tend to have greater representation, it is certainly possible that there is a larger percentage of soldiers who know cold weather survival and fieldcraft from their time growing up hunting and farming.
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Terrorist groups are increasingly adapting to technology to recruit, to disseminate illegal content and to promote violence. #OSINT can help identifying these networks and understanding the way they operate online. Here's a list of tools for researching terrorism:
1. Archives Library Information Center (ALIC) -…
2. Counter Extremism Project -
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Hey #OSINT, Data visualization is the graphical representation of information and data.

Investigations become easier with visual elements like charts, graphs, maps, & tools. #DataVisualization

Here are some must use Data Visualization tools for OSINT investigators.

A thread🧵
1. Osint Combine’s Data Visualization Tool -…

2. Gephi -

3. ArcGis -

4. Cytoscape -

5. SocNetV -

#OSINT #JournalismIsNotACrime #Data #DataVisualization
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#OSINT: Investigación iniciada desde un Documento Público, con el uso de técnicas, recursos y herramients, que sintetizan y profundizan el trabajo de un #AnalistaOsint🔎.
#Cybersecurity #CyberINT #DataBreach #ToolsOsint #EmailOsint #leaks #GoogleCloudShell #ManuelBot
1⃣ Hace poco, vi un documento público (Docs Google) que era compartida por un usuario (Con las iniciales "V") en un grupo de Telegram, por lo que decidí escarbar, y saber hasta donde puedo llegar (como #AnalistaOsint) con ese dato encontrado en TG.

⬇️ Image
2⃣ Así que como siempre, ejecuté el #GoogleCloudShell🔎 e instalé la herramienta #Xeuledoc (excelente #OSINTtool que sirve para obtener información sobre documentos abiertos/ desprotegidos/públicos en Google Drive).
✅ Tool:…
✅ Creator: @MalfratsInd

⬇️ Image
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Some weeks back Dave asked a good question, and I've given some time to think on it. What I've arrived at is exploring how info is used, how I use it, and why context matters.

Spoiler: I'm not publishing a list. *You* need to define that.


First, it's important to ask the question "Why are we here?"

I suppose the answer comes in many forms: political leanings and motivations, military & conflict analysis, offering moral support, news updates, and an intrigue in events beyond one's borders.

For any answer, what does that tell us about what information we seek, what it means, and where it comes from?

It would be foolish to assume everyone is out for the #facts. This flies in the face of personal & collective biases, and dampens the emotions that come with them.

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Hey @daxe , pointing out some likely inconsistencies in your recent article for Forbes.

In short: there is still no substantive evidence of a landing at Kinburn, as you state.


Rumors beginning Nov 11/12 are outcomes of channels (Russian/Ukrainian, official & non-official) essentially repeating, then refuting, similar claims. Some of those claims were repeated verbatim.

This thread tracks those claims in high-detail, and with all sources of claims.

Second, you reference a Nov 22 statement by Vitaly Kim as confirmation.

However, he states "we have three settlements left" which implies they remain legally-occupied as part of Mykolaiv thus there is no proof of their release by the AFU).


3/ Image
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"Ukrainians 🇺🇦 in the World Cup of Qatar 🇶🇦 arrested for spreading Nazi symbols."

This "report from Al Jazeera" gets 391K views on Telegram. 😲

Fake or real? Let's investigate!🧵👇1/...

#Verification 📽️
#GeoLocation 🌍
#WorldcupQatar2022 ⚽️
"Three drunken Ukrainian supporters were arrested in Qatar. The reason? They made a Nazi salute and vandalised posters at the Al Bayt stadium by drawing a Hitler moustache on the World Cup mascot La'eeb. When arrested, they showed no resistance."

Source: @AlJazeera Really? 🤔2/
@AlJazeera The video features Al Jazeera's official logo 👆, has high quality and looks professionally made.

Any video on (right) has an almost identical layout to the video circulating on social media (left). 3/...
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🧵1/ Nine months ago today, Putin ordered the invasion of Ukraine. Since then, our #EyesOnRussia project has investigated, verified & documented thousands of incidents from the conflict.

Our Monitoring Map has over 6600 entries. It's free for everyone.…
2/ The team is made up of investigators and volunteers from around the world, including from the UK, France, Ireland, Norway, Germany, Romania, Ukraine, Canada, the US, Mexico, Portugal, South Africa, Kenya, Thailand, Tunisia & more. Below is just a snapshot of their work👇
3/ In April, @hengenahm investigated the Yalivshchyna burial sites, after the withdrawal of Russian forces from Chernihiv. His work was sadly an indication of the growing cost to civilians caught in Putin's war.…
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1/2: RUS fake film of UA SBU "saboteurs" arrested while attempting to blow up the South Stream gas pipeline in Volgograd, Russia. They had an unencrypted phone with messages from the UA SBU on it. Why didn't they blow it up underwater like the Nordstream?

2/2: There is credible speculation that RUS is building a false-flag scenario for some new atrocity--Offensive from Belarus, declaration of full war, martial law in RUS Oblasts along the UA border? Time will tell.

Here is another fake... "In the Voronezh region, a terrorist cell of 3 militants who were planning attacks on military and energy facilities was liquidated." Note how faces of "saboteurs" are always hidden.

Something is brewing...

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#OSINT is increasingly accepted as evidence in court. Where police once held the monopoly on investigating, internet has opened up this possibility to many other interested parties.

A thread 🧵

Civilians have the internet to use their voice and skills, enabling them to access data about crimes once only available to the police.

Here's a list of research papers on OSINT for crime investigation and what could be the impacts:

1. ‘Uppity civilians’ and ‘cyber-vigilantes’: The role of the general public in policing cyber-crime -…

This research argue that civilian policing of the internet is both relevant and prevalent in today’s society.

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Everyone always shares a cropped version of this picture and it drives me crazy b/c the context really matters here.

This group 'Teens for America First' is/was a known anti-Semitic group in Florida that had many FL GOP elected officials in their private FB group.
When people continue to share the cropped version, they seem to be unaware Jason Pirozzolo was there too.

Also the campaign stop happened on this same day that almost all of Joel Greenberg’s "contractors" donated to DeSantis's PAC.
Jason Pirozzolo has a private pilot's license. He flew DeSantis around as an in-kind donation.
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Anything you can obtain via online as well as by traditional media research can be used for #OSINT. Here's a list of curated resources that you might find useful.

#OSINTForAll #Resources

A thread 🧵
1. INNSIGHT – Leverage Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) for Monitoring & Actionable Intelligence -…
2. Social Engineering by MindPoint Group -…
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#OSINT Recopilación actualizada de recursos para Investigaciones, para analistas e investigadores #Socmint🔎.

#OSINT Updated compilation of resources for Investigations, especially for analysts and researchers🔎.
#AnalistaOsint #Osint #Socmint #ManuelBot

1⃣ - WEB TOOLS PE OSINT. Es un recurso indispensable para analistas #Perú, la cual recopila la mayor parte sitio webs de entidades públicas, estatales, entre otros., para la obtención de información en fuentes abiertas. #Osint

✅Creador: @ManuelBot59
2⃣ - IMAGSTODON. Herramienta que sirve para extraer y verificar usernames de un conjunto de instancias en Mastodon, brindando como resultado cualquier perfil que coincida con los criterios de búsqueda.

✅Creador: @SEINT_pl
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12 recursos gratuitos de OSINT (libros, manuales, presentaciones y documentos de investigación traducidos al Español) para pasar de cero a héroe.

#AnalistaOsint #Osint #LibrosOsint #DocumentosOsint #ManuelBot
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Hey #OSINT, these are 15 Free OSINT resources (Books, Manuals, Presentations & Research Papers) to go from zero to hero.

Follow the thread 🧵🔍

2018 version -…
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A thread with some more details on what we saw with @BBCkatyaadler & @jadominguez_a when we filmed the site of the Nord Stream explosions with the help of an underwater drone, including some unpublished pics & videos plus bits from the sonar. (1/17)
#nordstream #osint
Our main finding is that large sections of the pipeline have been blown off and moved great distances away from their original position. Our sonar data verifies the information published by the Nord Stream 1 consortium, that debris is spread over a large area. (2/17)
While we could find some small debris in the area, it was either in the scale of max a few kg, or very large. We saw no medium size debris.
Obvs we were there after the Swedish and German investigations. But we did pick up this piece of metal. (3/17)
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It is done! This should have been released a long time ago but I am glad I took the time to finish it.

For those of you who are into #osint or for #threatintel I am releasing my OSINT Notebook to share with you all.… Image
This notebook provides an overview of the tools, techniques, and resources that I use for a variety of situations for performing reconnaissance and OSINT operations. This Notebook has helped me in many situations to learn more about OSINT.
If you do not use Joplin I have provided raw markdown files that you can use to integrate into the note taking tool that you use.
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🧵Let's talk about #Telegram - here are ten useful cybersecurity groups and channels we watch:

A thread:
1. Cyber Security News (30k+ members)

Cyber Security News is a feed channel for links to breaking news stories across the internet, everything from #TechCrunch to #Portswigger. It’s a one-stop shop for cyber-related news with your morning coffee.…
2. Cyber Security Experts (23k+ members)
A great channel for exchanging #information about #cyber, #IT, and #security. Mainly used to get answers to questions and help other security experts to enhance their security maturity.…
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Dear Special Counsel Smith
We are counting on you

It may be that you are better suited for this role than Merrick Garland. I certainly hope so.

by Jim S…
A lot of us are afraid its Mueller 2.0, in which case you may as well be the Grim Reaper for America.

You have a chance to change that w/ethics & courage in the face of brutal propaganda, malign influence ops & outright terrorism in efforts to stop you from getting to the truth.
The insurrection on January 6th, 2021 was an audible called by Mike Flynn after the first plan to overthrow the government to keep Donald Trump in power failed to materialize. 1/6 was PLAN B of a large, well-organized conspiracy that is still ongoing.…
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🧵 1/10 From early on in the war Skadovs'k has been a hotspot for 🇷🇺 officials. For example on 19th of may, this was the spot of an organised tour for western chronies to show how wonderfull live was in the occupied territories. ⬇️
2/10 The local governement working for the occupier is located at Alexandrovskaya str. near the local police station. An extensive publication about the collaborators active in Skadosv'k was done by partizans on 13-06-2022 ⬇️

3/10After the "goodwill gesture" of leaving the right side of the Dnipro river,the Regional governement of the occupier moved to Skadovs'k and needed an office of their own, so according to local sources they took up residence in resort Slava on the edge on the east side of town
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Indications that a #Ukraine 'maritime drone' attacked Novorossiysk last night

Story was reported in local Russian sources but some are now being taken down. Story may be being suppressed in #RussiaIsLosing

#OSINT unconfirmed but credible…
Actually the #RussiaIsLosing was an auto-fill error. Just meant Russia, try not to be prejudicial. Maybe true though?
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I can now tweet about this rare moment when we find ourselves in the middle of a spy movie scene. We were at the #NordStream explosions site, inside 🇸🇪 EEZ, when a Russian vessel approached the area.
A Danish spy plane soon arrived.
Photo through a pair of binoculars.
The Russian vessel was NEFRIT (IMO: 9297773) an Offshore Supply Ship that was built in 2004. She was there to conduct the Russian investigation of the site. The plane, likely a Bombardier Challenger CL-604 of the Royal Danish Air Force @RDAFRBLX. Here's the scene:
There were three more vessels nearby. Two Swedish ones and one Danish one, inside the Danish EEZ at a few miles' distance, if I'm not mistaken.
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