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Psalm 127 (KJV)

Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.
It is vain for you to rise up early, to sit up late, to eat the bread of sorrows: for so he giveth his beloved sleep.
Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.
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BREAKING!! New SMS phishing campaign pretending to be from the United States Post Office being pushed out to cell phones today. So far the link in the SMS being used is this domain m9sxv[.]info. Here are a couple of sample texts we have collected. #infosec #malware #smish #osint
The m9sxv[.]info domain was just registered today and here are few sample links we have collected so far. @kyleehmke @RiskIQ @ydklijnsma #infosec #malware #smish #osint
There is a fair amount of victim fingerprinting going on based on the device ect... Here m9sxv[.]info immediately redirects to a jtuzd.rdtk[.]io link. #infosec #malware #smish #osint #phishing
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This week I followed Arabic language Tweets around 9/11 and noticed disinformation around Qatar. A look at this topic shows the use of hacked verified Twitter accounts for coordinated inauthentic activity is still prevalent. #disinfo #OSINT (thread)
Initially I noticed several angry Saudi accounts subtweeting a verified account that had posted a video about Saudi Arabia being behind the attacks. This account appears to be hijacked (and has since changed its handle), so I looked into it further.
@FernStrategy was a verified account out of Silicon Valley. Look at the timeline it is clear that whoever hacked this account deleted all previous tweets and removed all accounts in the following list.
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Tried my best to stay away from this whole sordid #SSR drama/ modern day salem witch trial in order to preserve last remaining vestiges of sanity.
What follows is a thread on how bot-like and inauthentic accounts are being mobilised to hack Twitter trending in the country. So heres a 101 on how to spot a manipulated hashtag - #RheaArrested now you're on my turf. #OSINT #socialmediamanipulation
Earlier today, local media reported that #RheaChakraborty was arrested by Narcotics Control Bureau ostensibly for the possession and consumption of marijuana.…
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Recent news report on current Russian election meddling said that one propaganda #infoOps by the Kremlin was 2 convince Americans that instead of having a childhood stutter, Joe Biden was actually suffering from dementia cc @jonkarl @donie @oneunderscore__
Looking at our archives we confirmed seeing something very similar 2 the draft bulletin titled “Russia Likely to Denigrate Health of US Candidates to Influence 2020 Election” from DHS analysts that was submitted to their public affairs office 4 review on July 7 but never released
As an example of Russian efforts to raise doubts about Biden's mental acuity, the draft bulletin points to a March story on a Russian proxy website that "refuted media claims that the candidate’s gaffes are a result of a stutter, instead arguing they were symptoms of dementia.”
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🚨 #BREAKING [UNCONFIRMED] A Chinese #PLA Air Force warplane has been taken down, likely by Taiwan air defense systems.


#OSINT #Military #Aviation
#TaiwanStrait #China
⚠️Chinese pilot of the PLA Air Force warplane which was taken down by Taiwan, US air defense system is injured.

#Taiwan #China #Military
#OSINT #TaiwanStrait
CONFIRMED ⚠️ Pilot of Chinese PLA Air Force is seriously injured after his warplane Su Kai 35 was shot down by Taiwan ADS.

Further escalation is inevitable!

#OSINT #Military #Aviation
#China #TaiwanStrait #Taiwan
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1)Cuando @lawwait comenta que el CNI está investigando una intrusión en varios ministros y que "consiste en la recepción de un enlace que hace explotar una vulnerabilidad del sistema operativo del teléfono móvil de la víctima."

No me extraña nada.
2)La metodología que voy a usar es siempre la misma utilizando la aplicación de Dante's Gates Minimal Version y OSINT. Podéis ver algunos resultados en este artículo que @Quantika14 ha publicado en su blog:…
3)En el caso de Juan Carlos Campo (ministro de Justicia) es posible obtener su CV desde una intranet que tiene el PSOE. Actualmente, no es accesible. Pero si tiramos de archive:
¡Vualá! 😄
Además, su email del congreso quizás haya sido una de la fuente de infección.
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@adithyan_ak As I re-read this, you frame this as a guide to help
TraceLabs CTF competitors. This is the exact opposite of #OSINTForGood and what the Trace Labs mission stands for. I don’t think they would endorse this type of unethical #OSINT in their competitions ever
@adithyan_ak Your techniques are unethical for this sort of engagement and banned in the competition. I am intimately familiar with the competition as both a competitor and a judge.
@adithyan_ak The note to the crush is disturbing. If she is okay with this, why not tell her about it? The language in this has a downer creepy vibe and TBH, makes my skin crawl.
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Quran burning in #rosengård #malmö #sweden escalated.

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An #OSINT thread on Foreign Funded Agents in Pakistan.
1. As a member of Pakistan's #OSINT community, I try to unearth grave threats to national security that mainstream sources refuse to discuss because of their own treacherous agendas. One thing I am increasingly concerned about is foreign money being used to recruit local agents.
2. In the ten minutes I spent on Google looking for evidence of these conspiracies, I was stunned to discover that actors working at the highest levels of government and policy have been taking foreign money for years! ImageImageImageImage
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How embarrassing for @aaronjmate to be a favorite for Russian intel officer Konstantin Kilimnik. Aaron has been one of the biggest dupes on the far left to push the #RussiaHoax / #Russiagate idea in the 2016 elections. #infoOps #osint
@/PBaranenko was revealed 2 be the pseudonym 4 Russian intel officer Konstantin Kilimnik in Vol5 of the Senate Intel report on Russia. He interacted with & promoted all the usual suspects on the far left that have long sought 2 discredit the Mueller Report
The top URLs & hashtags pushed by Konstantin Kilimnik's accnt @/PBaranenko are mostly as expected. John Solomon gets alot of love as well. Looking forward to the new pretzel knots the #RussiaHoax / #Russiagate dupes will tie themselves into now #infoOps #osint #disinfo
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[Thread] - How CPD Watches Social Media: Their Tools, Techniques, and Methods

If you wanna learn about CPD Intelligence operations, including the events that occurred overnight, follow this thread.

#Chicago #ChicagoScanner #CrimeisDown #ChicagoPolice #CPDSOMEX #CPIC #OSINT
The 1st thing to know is that CPD has several units that come together to gather intelligence.

Just recently, I published a more detailed, up to date, complete listing of CPD units from within the CPD CLEAR Data Warehouse

#Chicago #ChicagoScanner #CrimeisDown #CPDSOMEX #CPIC
Before we can get into CPD's intelligence gathering methods, tools, and techniques, we first have to understand the internal structure of CPD's intel operations.

#Chicago #ChicagoScanner #CrimeisDown #ChicagoPolice #CPDSOMEX #CPIC #OSINT
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Very interesting new take down of a Romanian Troll farm of accounts posing at African Americans posing as Pro-Trump. Just Breaking story by @oneunderscore__ #infoOps #disinfo #osint #infosec…
The suggestion is this troll farm was run by this cutout fake account David Adrian @DavidAdrian_USA. This is his account before he changed it to a new one that got subsequently suspended. #infoOps
Here are a couple of memes David Adrian @DavidAdrian_USA from the Romanian troll farm recently tweeted. I was just able to pull them from the Google Cache. Guessing there will be more interesting stuff to glean from Archive[.]org
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VIDEO from Beirut, Lebanon where explosions are reported at/near port area.
VIDEO # 2 from Beirut, Lebanon.
VIDEO # 3 from Beirut, Lebanon.
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The Watergate2.0 operation began in June 2016.
Minus the hotel rooms, plus smartphones.
Hot-mic audio streaming, screen capture, and file transfer, all through deceptively invoked web browser components (e.g. WebRTC + Wowza, pub/sub frameworks).
fringe political elements (the kinds with servers hosted in Moscow) wiretapped a ton of political targets (eavesdropping for leverage).
They used WebRTC to hot-mic target phones as well as their own devices (in order to place or carry near targets).
And for fk's sake, the feeds went through Mir Telematiki's Moscow hosts (the same Wikileaks host ASN operated by a known Russian hacker with Kremlin ties).

Treason and sabotage on a massive scale. How was this missed??
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Over the weekend a small group of Portland protestors decided 2 burn a Bible then a flag. The incentives are not clear & its also not clear how this relates 2 protesting Police Brutality. In any case Russian Ruptly was of course in exactly the right place to film it all. #InfoOps
Breitbart[.]com, saraacarter[.]com and zerohedge[.]com all used portions of the Kremlin aligned Ruptly video, but not showing initially the 2 protestors struggling to ripe the cover off one Bible & then place it correctly in the fire so the Ruptly cameraperson could zoom in on it
Again "a Bible" & "a flag". The two protestors that lit the flag on fire started waving the flaming flag on a long pole also conveniently caught on Russian backed Ruptly. Later the images were digitally altered to then make it appear protestors were burning a cross. @ushadrons
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Information previously classified, but has now been downgraded by US Officials so they could more freely discuss it, found Russian GRU intelligence officers are spreading disinformation about the #coronavirus pandemic through English-language websites.…
Two Russians, Denis Valeryevich Tyurin & Aleksandr Gennadyevich Starunskiy, have held senior roles in Moscow’s military intelligence service known as the GRU & have been identified as responsible for a #disinfo effort meant to reach American and Western audiences #osint #InfoOps
The three English websites that were singled out in the report were InfoRos[.]ru, Infobrics[.]org and OneWorld[.]press. A fourth site that targets a French audiences also appears to be linked ObservateurContinental[.]fr #disinfo #osint #InfoOps #infosec
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Dziś jest święto wszystkich funkcjonariuszy @PolskaPolicja Wykonują niezwykle ciężką,niebezpieczną i odpowiedzialną pracę.
Wielu też zginęło #Katyń🇵🇱
Mam dla nich i Państwa niecodzienną niespodziankę i "prezent"😉😎 @MariuszCiarka @stumbras3 @A_Pawlikowski
#BiałyWywiad #OSINT
Wielu z Państwa wie że w ramach #BiałyWywiad #OSINT badam zabójstwo śp księdza Franciszka #Blachnicki #Gontarczyk #wieszwięcej
Dużo jest wiadome ale po ukończeniu,blog przekażę prokuraturze @ipngovpl i ona zdecyduje czy ten blog będzie upubliczniony @PolskaPolicja @MariuszCiarka
Funkcjonariusze @PolskaPolicja w ramach prowadzonych śledztw,korzystają też z technik #BiałyWywiad #OSINT.
"Prezentem"😉 będzie śledztwo mojego kolegi @BenDoBrown ,jednego z najlepszych na świecie researcherów👍.
Czy można ustalić gdzie to zdjęcie było robione? 😎@MariuszCiarka
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This creeper social engineering his way into these underage girls SM & texts is wild...

POS needs the script flipped...

@_Luke_Slytalker @D3m0A @2xwide_dreaming @battleofever

Sis can you get this to the Dragons 🙏🏽💕

Initial app looks like Snapchat.

Grabbing the Snap user and Spicy’s trip advisor...

We get quite a bit...
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Another potential #OSINT match from the list of 38 soldiers. 张宇 (Zhang Yu) is/was a military communication program graduate from the Information Engineering department of PLA's Strategic Support Force university. Zhang Yu should be 36 years old. Image
Zhang Yu wrote an exam in 2019 to join the Beijing office of the Strategic Support Force. #OSINT Image
A lot of inactive webpages related to Zhang Yu and others. Even cached pages wouldn't load.
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#thread online safety and what is basic #OSINT
#OSINT Techniques 

I don't personally endorse this because my style is different.
I have respect for the good #OSINT accounts I follow. 99% of the time they get the #BreakingNews long before you see it. I do too. I don't broadcast it if it's a dangerous situation.
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About fucking time...

🔥 Covid bong hits in her cell Image
This is a fascinating correlation 👇🏽🔥
In case you haven’t had a chance to read this yet...

Crazy how long this was allowed to go on 🖕🏽… Image
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