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Since fascist rage-farmer Catturd is trending again, here’s Florida man Phillip Buchanan who runs it.… ImageImage
There may have been a few minor alterations to the previous version of this photo. Apologies to Mr. Turd. 💩
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So, who really took this picture hours before the migrant boat capsized off #Pylos in #Greece?
A short #osint thread... 🧵 Image
@SARwatchMED shows below that the photo was taken from inside a P355GR coastal patrol vessel. Which is exactly the type of @HCoastGuard vessel ΛΣ-920. That vessel left from Crete on Tuesday and approached the migrant boat.

According to the initial timeline of events (published by @HCoastGuard ) the LS-920 remained at a distance & discreetly observed the migrant boat. But this photo is yet another proof of the close encounter the HCG had with the migrants. At night, using headlights & later a rope.
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I would suspect we will see more and more of this; in the coming months ... pro-Kremlin accounts updating their usernames, bios and header images to pro-RFK jr related propaganda. Image
They follow all the pro-Kremlin influencers that you would expect .... ImageImageImage
Just about every one of these pro-Kremlin influencers shown in the previous tweet has their own #vatniksoup entry by the excellent #OSINT and #Disinfo researcher @P_Kallioniemi
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🌐 🤖 💡 I share 27 free sites similar to #ChatGPT:


#IA #Osint #InteligenciaArtificial #ManuelBot #intelligence #artificial #Osint #Socmint #research Image
1⃣ First compilation:

2⃣ Second compilation:

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Vous vous souvenez de la #cyberattaque contre @OnCloud_BTEnt, au mois de mars ? Elle vient d'être revendiquée. Une revendication qui en dit long sur les attaquants.🧵
#ransomware #OSINT…
@OnCloud_BTEnt La revendication est tombée chez #ViceSociety. Mais elle ne mentionne pas @OnCloud_BTEnt ! C'est #Nerim qui est nommé. Cela n'a rien d'un hasard... Image
@OnCloud_BTEnt est né au printemps 2021 du rapprochement de la branche télécommunications de #Nerim avec #Keyyo 💡 Image
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💥🔥🚀 ¡Hello #OSINT 👋!

🔥 Are you one of those people who like to search for webcams in real time?

I share with you a list of operators for researching owned and operated live streaming webcams.


#CyberINT #Ciberinteligencia #camera #livestreaming #Live Image
1⃣ First list of dorks operators, the results are really surprising.

💥 inurl:"view/index.shtml"
💥 inurl:"MultiCameraFrame?Mode=Motion"
💥 VB Viewer inurl:/viewer/live/ja/live.html
💥 intitle:"IP CAMERA Viewer" intext:"setting | Client setting"

⬇️ Image
2⃣ Second list of dorks operators.

💥 intitle:"Device(" AND intext:"Network Camera" AND "language:" AND "Password"
💥 intitle:"webcam 7" inurl:'/gallery.html'
💥 intitle:"Yawcam" inurl:8081
💥 inurl:control/camerainfo
💥 intitle:"webcamXP 5" -download

⬇️ Image
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3 June: 🇨🇳#China has a fleet of at least 15 🐟fishing ships working both sides of 🇧🇳#Brunei’s & 🇲🇾#Malaysia’s exclusive economic zones, while all 3 countries’ defense officials are gathered at the @IISS_org #ShangriLa talks in #Singapore. [🧵1/3]

#OSINT #SouthChinaSea Image
2/In addition, two probable 🇨🇳#China maritime militia ships—Qiong Lin Yu 11016 & 11587—are at the SE edge of the fishing fleet, providing security on 🇲🇾#Malaysia’s side of the boundary, together with a 75m cargo ship, Qiong Lin 11011 (possible 🐟fish carrier?). [🧵2/3] Image
3/Per @AsiaMTI & @C4ADS’ 2021 report “Pulling Back the Curtain on 🇨🇳#China’s Maritime Militia”, Qiong Lin Yu 11587 is identified with “high confidence” as militia. QLY 11016’s activity here seems to implicate it as well. [🧵3/3]

@GregPoling @mabishan…
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💥🔥🌏 ¿Eres de las personas que se interesa en la obtención de información #OSINT sobre sitios webs?.

¡Te dejo este Hilo que puede interesarle!

#whois #Osint #Ciberinteligencia #Socmint #WebOsint Image
1⃣ 2IP. Una buena colección de servicios digitales.
2⃣ The Harvester. Recopilación de correos electrónicos, puertos abiertos, subdominios, nombres de personal, etc.…
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Global Network on Extremism & Technology | Understanding the Trauma-Related Effects of Terrorist Propaganda on Researchers…

#Terrorism #Intelligence #OSINT #Trauma Photo: Global Network on Ex...
"This research project aims to determine if exposure to terrorist propaganda may be a factor in causing trauma for researchers or their development of mood disorders."
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THREAD #OSINT - Comment j'ai découvert un réseau d'entreprises fictives sur LinkedIn qui administre des centaines de faux profils.

La semaine dernière, j'ai reçu une invitation LinkedIn de ce profil qui m'a tout de suite paru suspect.

Je vous explique ⤵️ Profil LinkedIn de Richard ...
Pas de chance pour Richard, j'ai beaucoup travaillé sur les faux visages générés par intelligence artificielle et je sais les reconnaître en un coup d'oeil.

L'indicateur le plus évident, c'est la position des yeux : certaines IA vont toujours les placer au même endroit. Photo de profil de Richard ...
Par curiosité, je vais jeter un oeil à la page de Digitize, l'entreprise pour laquelle travaille Richard.

Et là, énorme surprise : parmi les 43 employés de l'entreprise, la quasi-totalité présente une photo de profil qui semble générée par une IA ! 6 comptes LinkedIn avec des...
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💥🔥 El Poder de los datos para #OSINT: ¿Qué tan expuesto está nuestra #HuellaDigital en internet?, ¿Es fácil recopilar y vincular en diferentes servicios digitales nuestro #RastroDigital?, pues claro que si, y en este 🧵MEGAHILO🧵, te enseño como...

#Ciberinteligencia #Socmint Image
1⃣ Iniciaremos esta ciberinvestigación, desde un mensaje #Spam o #Phishing, esos que a diario se difunden en las diversas aplicaciones de mensajerías como WhatsApp.

💥 El número de remitente empezaba con el código de área "+62", que al parecer era de Indonesia...

⬇️ Image
2⃣ Realizando una búsqueda inversa del teléfono podemos encontrar registros en los sgtes servicios digitales:
💥 WhatsApp
💥 Instagram
💥 Google
Y lo más importante... Una vinculación con una cuenta en:
💥 Telegram
(Esto nos servirá para continuar nuestra investigación)

⬇️ Image
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The recent #Ukrainian attack on the #Russian spy ship Ivan Khurs in the Black Sea has lessons in explosive boat concept. But probably not what you think!

Thread 1/10

At face value the attack was unsuccessful. Of the 3 reported ‘maritime drones’ (USVs), at least one was destroyed, and the ship appears undamaged (or minimally damaged)

Many people are disappointed

So it looks like these boats “don’t work”

But that’s not my thought Ukrainian USV destroyed by ...
But at least one got close enough to hit the ship. Ukraine’s USVs have done that before, with a kalibr cruise missile carrying frigate, and a minesweeper

Common theme is, no real damage Image
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Les images et vidéos russes sont à prendre avec des pincettes.
Il semble que leurs propagandistes utilisent désormais l'Intelligence artificielle pour créer de toute pièce une séquence vidéo ou une image.
Ils auraient utilisé cette nouvelle technologie pour créer ces images... Image
...très réalistes d'une explosion à proximité du Pentagone à Washington DC.
Elles ont dans un premier temps été prises très au sérieux avant que la supercherie soit dénoncée.
L'effet multiplicateur des réseaux sociaux a propagé à grande vitesse ce fake.
(faux compte Bloomberg) Image
A Wall street, la panique s'est emparée des traders, un violent courant baissier a provoqué la perte de plus de 500 mlrds US$ sur le SP500
Il va falloir apprendre à faire preuve de sang froid et de discernement face à cette nouvelle forme de guerre économique. Image
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Proud Boy Christopher Worrel (of Naples, FL) who sprayed pepper gel at police convicted in Jan. 6 attack - The Washington Post 1/…
Here is Roger Stone w/ the Proud Boys in Naples, Florida on Jan 3. I wonder if Worrel is in the photo. 2/ Image
It sure looks like Christopher Worrel was one of the guys with Roger Stone. Figures. 3/ ImageImage
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This morning blue check accounts accounts claimed large explosions at the Pentagon.

... then the White House.

Russian state media amplified the faked Pentagon image from their gold check account.

The images look AI generated, as folks identified. 1/ ImageImageImage
2/ The images, when you zoom in, are literally *all wrong* and it didn't take sharp eyed observers to notice obvious inconsistencies.

3/ Exactly as we have all warned, one of the blue check accounts was designed to impersonate Bloomberg, the news agency.
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#WagnerGroup PMC is still active in #Mali.

Wagner's operation in UA may have distracted the reporting, but the story continues, with it the expansion, possible atrocities, the hunt for minerals and the looting... funding the war in Ukraine

An update: #OISNT thread Image
In mid-September 2022, 14 civilians of the Tuareg, a Berber ethnic minority, are allegedly killed by Wagner soldiers. Some 6km from a place called Nani, central Mali. Wagner was building a presence there, for months. Bodies are being shoved into a crater.. Image
...the crater was created earlier when a soldier allegedly ran over it with his motorcycle, which then exploded. As a response, civilians were killed and stuffed in this crater...
The violent & disgraceful behavior by Wagner mirrors to details of the massacre analyzed by the UN Image
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He wiped his machines of evidence and said so out loud. Meanwhile, the Telegram swatter continues to terrorize America.

Watch this video. Screenhots below 👇
Local evidence wiped ImageImageImageImage
Anyone want to try and geolocate this video from the swatter's Telegram? He posts these as proof. Buyer clearly sent this to him.

Buyer was at scene of the crime.

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How would you determine when this photo was taken? Youri van der Weide explains all 🧵
#OSINT #chronolocation #geolocation… A photo of a stadium with s...
If you were to investigate this image, you might start zooming in to find the banners in the background labelled ‘2017’ and ‘’. But that only provides you with the year and the possible location.
With that information you might then start to google the relationship between brands like Habitat (seen in the photo) with the New York Mets from that year.
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I just realized I hit 20,000 followers on Twitter. That's really incredible. I wanted to say thanks to everyone who has stuck with me over the years.

🧵To celebrate this milestone, I've compiled some of the top #OSINT content I've posted over the last year in this thread.
Finding creative loopholes in the Discord signup page to confirm email address registration.

Using Bitmoji's API to confirm email registration on Snapchat.

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🇫🇷 "Mon métier est de fournir une information fiable à 95% ou 96%."

Retour sur l'audition à huis clos du général Jacques Langlade de Montgros, directeur du renseignement militaire (#DRM), sur le projet de #LPM 2024-30.

THREAD ⬇️ Image
🇫🇷 À la #DRM "nous produisons du #renseignement d’intérêt #militaire, c’est-à-dire une compréhension des capacités militaires des compétiteurs et groupes armés susceptibles de nuire à nos intérêts ou à nos forces. Ma mission est de réduire le niveau d’incertitude."
🇫🇷 "J’agis simultanément dans trois espaces-temps différents : le temps long, qui est celui de l’anticipation, de 6 à 24 mois – au-delà, c’est de la prospective, pas du #renseignement." #DRM #LPM
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You come across a video in a language you don't understand. Annoying. 😠

Wouldn't it be great if you could watch that video with English subtitles? 😍

You can! With a little help from AI!
#OSINT #tutorial 👇1/...

(got the idea from @matt0177 🙏) Image
@matt0177 First thing you have to do is install Whisper (this is software from #OpenAI, same guys from #ChatGPT).

It's FREE, but not so easy to install. I used this tutorial:

All info on Whisper here: 2/...
@matt0177 If you installed Whisper correctly, you download the video on your PC and go to the folder where the video is.

Now you type "cmd", to open command-line-interface. 3/... Image
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New info on Nord Stream attacks confirms Russian Navy ships repeatedly visited area in months / days leading up to explosions

Pattern of activity revealed by Nordic journalists from DR, SVT, NRK and Yle #OSINT

BBC article, English… Map of Russian navy ships o...Image

New episode of Shadow War on Nordic TV tonight with more details

Main leading article at DR (Danish)…

The new info is based on Communications intelligence (COMINT) via open sources, which has been tested and supported by other means Image
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#OSINT: En esta oportunidad, realizaré un recordaris de todos mis tweets (Hilos) populares sobre Herramientas y métodos para investigaciones.🔎

Thread of Tools and methods for investigations.

#DataBreach #Socmint #ThreatIntel #GoogleCloudShell #ManuelBot #Leaks
🧵HILO🧵 Image
1⃣ Hilo de Heramientas y métodos para investigaciones🔎 por correos electrónicos. Thread of Tools and methods for investigations by emails.

⬇️ Image
2⃣ 12 recursos gratuitos de OSINT (libros, manuales, presentaciones y documentos de investigación traducidos al Español) para pasar de cero a héroe.
📌 Image
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🎓 ¡ATENCIÓN #PERÚ 🇵🇪 🕵️‍♂️!

💥👉 Nueva Modalidad de #Phishing #Smishing y #Pharming que simulan ser una página idéntica a la entidad @interbank. A fin de captar información de usuarios para luego cometer actividades ilícitas (Ley N° 30096 Ley de Delitos Informáticos).

🧵HILO🧵 Image
1⃣ El dia de ayer 27/04/2023, una amiga recibe un mensaje de texto de "+51931585464" (número reportado como estafa según #Truecaller), donde contenía un enlace acortador, que al parecer servía para consultar si es que habríamos sido acreedores de una supuesta Bonificación.🤑
⬇️ Image
2⃣ Examinando esa url acortada (https[:]// a través de un tip (que se usa muchísimo en estas áreas de investigación #OSINT), vemos que esta URL, hace un redireccionamiento a una página web diferente a la de la entidad financiera #Interbank. 🚨🇵🇪 Image
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