HOT PANQUAKE NEWS!!! November Delivery Thread

For the first time, the public is getting to see the design chops of our dev team, with the impending release of the WLDragnet app!

Full event video here:

Check out the slides, info & more details below

As always, first comes the Panquake campaign updates!

This is the month we will cross the rubicon. Panquake Phase 2 (of 3) funding is at 94%!

We are only $9,947 away from launching our final phase - the Panquake delivery phase!!!

Help us help you:

For the build team, November was all about:

* Security & Cryptography
* Scaleability
* Ensuring multiple Panquake users can share devices if they want
* Account deactivation, reactivation & restoration functions

+ a super duper side project that I'm about to show you!!

With regards to @tl_eng every month we release our subscriber figures, our conversion rate & our publication opening rates. Here's this month's!

AND every dollar of net profit from gets fed straight into the Panquake build fund to advance the project!


Last month we released WLDragnet Part One: revealing 1,000s of docs about activists & journalists being targeted by social media surveillance

Now our dev team have built an AMAZING search tool so you can find out if you're on those lists!

Every aspect of the WLdragnet app design adheres to Panquake design principles:

* Super hot mobile-first design
* Simple interface - no unnecessary pages or clicks
* Privacy and Security - no cookies, no tracking, no data collection, no nasty algorithms, no analytics etc

The WLDragnet app will be published to a public code repository under FOSS licensing. Techies will be able to download and run the code themselves, review it & interact with our devs.

We're currently in integrations, and will release the app formally as soon as its complete

For a ton more info about the release of the WLDragnet app, its significance, how much time we put into it & how we're traversing the full SDLC with this little mini-project to show the public what our dev team is capable of, watch the delivery video:

Also in the vid: we teased WLDragnet Part Two which is even more significant & groundbreaking than Part One

The NodeXL rabbit hole leads to the Department of Defense, the National Security Agency & US Cyber Command

And according to their own docs, ***EVERYONE*** is a target

So if you haven't already, go subscribe at - we haven't paywalled ANY of the content because the information is too important to restrict

If you elect to pay for a subscription, you'll get amazing content AND directly support the @pan_quake build!

With every passing day we get closer to social media liberation. Phase 1 established the business infrastructure. Phase 2 funds the build. Phase 3 will enable us to not just give you the best product around but the best service. Real, human support (not AI!) to interact with

We first presented the Panquake idea in January to find out if ppl wanted it. The answer was YES!

The only question now is WHEN we can deliver it.

We promised to show up & present our progress every month. We've never let you down. 100% consistent delivery record to date.

Every day, a handful of paid staff members & a score of volunteers give their all to bring you a future free of the surveillance & censorship plagues Big Tech have been subjecting us all to for far too long.

Help us break their chokehold:

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14 Nov
Nearly everyone understands how dire the world situation is & how dark the future is but far fewer connect those realities to an extremely advanced underlying system of control that exists to ensure that no one - individual, organisation or population - can diverge from this path
What I am telling you is that we are living in the net effect of that system having control. Some will tell you that system is capitalism, others will say it is technocratic, or geocentric, or just a moral deficiency, the nature of humankind, but it's not - its an architecture
An architecture that was designed, consciously constructed, built, tested and honed, refined, in this case across generations and at the largest imaginable scale. I'd say global, but now that system's aspirations & view have expanded even beyond the limitations of this planet.
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9 Nov
PSA: Talk Liberation Investigates is currently working on #WLDragnet Part Two

A long form deep dive investigative piece exposing Pentagon & DoD contractors, US Air Force Cyber Command & private sector

Throughout this process we're being attacked & smeared relentlessly online.
Hashtags we post to are bombarded for hours on end with the most depraved lies imaginable, to the tune of 100s of smear tweets per day.

Our reputations are attacked. Our friends & colleagues are being smeared just for knowing us. Every possible tactic is employed to distract us
Any activist or journalist worth their salt goes through similar online targeting, to greater or lesser degrees.

Seasoned followers of our work recognise the smear operations for what they are & know that the smears are deliberately timed to undermine the information we release
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1 Nov
THREAD: @pan_quake's October delivery meeting up now

Full vid here:

Key info & updates from the event are in the below thread

Donate to support the Panquake build here:

Or subscribe to @tl_eng at!

This month's delivery meeting opened with a tribute to @eynelys, our beloved and recently departed colleague. Please help to support her family at this devastating time:…

Eynelys, we love you

October was a really hard month for Panquake but we still moved forward. Below are the key campaign metrics. We are now only $23,192 away from capping Phase 2 and moving into the final BETA delivery round. Please help us get there ASAP:

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28 Oct
THREAD: Now complete, w/ new images, evidence & quotes:

#WLDragnet Part 1. Social Media Mercenaries: CIA & DoD-connected Organizations Mapping WikiLeaks Supporters…

Part 2: Social Media Mass Surveillance COMING SOON!

Key Pt 1 findings in the below thread
How vast is the US-led intelligence operation targeting WikiLeaks? To whom was ex-CIA Director Mike Pompeo referring when he coined the phrase ‘Assange and his ilk’?

These are the initial questions addressed in this groundbreaking series from @tl_eng by myself & @seanodiggity
The #WLDragnet investigation is based on multi-source primary documents, including from US defense contractors, government agencies & House Intelligence Committee testimony. None of the documents were obtained from hacking or leaking. We have published a repository of the files
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27 Oct
Some quick points you should know about the current status of #WLDragnet

* Our most significant, far-reaching evidence & conclusions are not yet in the piece but will be soon

* We worked day & night on this release to try & prepare it ASAP, but the scope of it is enormous

* Remaining to come: comprehensive testimonies of affected WL supporters, data analysis related to that & trail of evidence that leads far beyond NodeXL or Graphika & straight to US military agencies targeting Julian

* The implications/impact is global & not limited to WL

* Also still to go into the piece, a significant number of official statements and reactions by high profile persons named in #WLDragnet that we collected over the course of the last few days

* A deeper dive into the targeting of each of those people will occur in follow-ups

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30 Sep
It's here: the PQ September Delivery Video

Full details in the thread below :D
We kicked off the public delivery by recapping our key development milestones to date

This month we achieved another ENORMOUS development milestone: nodes can now send, receive & most importantly verify encrypted messages on our platform. This is a huge leap forward for PQ!

Thanks in part to funding injected into PQ by @tl_eng subscriptions we're proud to now be at 85% complete on Phase 2 funding. Only 15% to go til we burst into the final phase!! Help us get there ASAP by donating at or subscribe:

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