2/ "Over these next 11 months, our efforts will be dedicated to defeating Pres Trump and Trumpism at the ballot box and to elect those patriots who will hold the line."

For four months, we fought largely in the shadows. Republicans hissed their hate and most Democrats shrugged.
3/ And then...Gasoline, meet fire.

So when we dropped "Mourning in America" the world -- and Trump -- was watching.


We blew up. Became more than just a group of former Rs trying to save democracy. You helped us become a movement.
4/ When we, as Americans, were outraged together, it mattered.

This spot we produced with Doc Rivers was one of our most powerful.

5/ Every time we poked the bear and reminded people of the stakes, it hit home.

You may thing Covita was just in fun...but it was also to disrupt the Leni Riefenstahl games the Trumps were playing as COVID raged.


Although, it WAS fun.
6/ In the end it all came down to one day.


And sure enough -- no matter how many Big Lies Trump makes the GOP spout...it worked.

The big, viral ads were the tip of the iceberg.

Our focused, targeted campaign in swing states moved the numbers we needed.
7/ And America chose something better, brighter, and more decent and sane on November 3rd.

8/ But right away we knew we couldn't exhale.

We had warned that Trump wouldn’t leave power quietly. That he’d resort to any measure to hold power. We were – as we often are – right.
9/ As @reedgalen wrote a few weeks before: the Fight Against Trumpism was just beginning.


Then the Trump mob attacked the heart of our democracy on January 6th. We asked America – which side are you on in this fight?

@reedgalen 10/ And every day since, it's become more clear.

In the fight between democracy and the American Republican and Trump’s authoritarian nationalist party...we know where we stand: at the edge of the fight.

@reedgalen 11/ Since Trump is inevitably returning to darken America's life we'll keep knocking his plump ass in the dirt. And we'll smack the Trumpalike Freedumb enablers to help kill the virus of Trumpism.


@reedgalen 12/ The fight includes going after corporations funding Trumpism. Fox News antivax bullshit has killed thousands of Americans. (And also, lol at your snowflake Christmas tree faux moral panic, Rupert. Toughen up.)

13/ When Toyota funded the seditionists, we took them on and won. They stopped funding the seditionists the same DAY you made your voices heard.

14/ We're also making sure the world knows who's doing the hard work...(P.S. Democrats you should be doing this instead of bickering with the progs.)

15/ We're also proud to honor the best of America:
16/ While doing what we do in our unique brand of psychological warfare against the bad actors.

17/ All of this is working. Showing people just how far the rabbit hole goes and the real, and potent risks we face. Americans are realizing saving Democracy is so hot right now.

We have an uphill battle next year, but the mission is clear:

18/ A lot of people have tried to take us out, from the constant violent threats against our people and their families to anonymous mailers, to hiring a DC oppo and PR firm to pitch endless, dumb stories about us.

They failed.
19/ Not because we’re perfect – Lord knows, we make mistakes, own them, fix them and get back on task – but because it’s not about us. It’s a movement to protect the American Republic that doesn’t give a damn about the old, dull DC games that put the nation at risk.
20/ It’s a fight to defend democracy, not an ideology. We’re not lobbyists or special interest activists. We don’t have a client other than the future of America.

A former DC friend – a GOP operative whose name you’d know – said to me, frustrated, “You’re seemingly unkillable.”
21/ Maybe so…but only because of you all.

You kept us alive against attacks that would sink any other group. We are all sincerely, deeply grateful.
22/ OK. OK. End of rant. Back to work. Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals.
23/ P.S. One more for you to close out the year:

The Fight:


• • •

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21 Nov
1/ Trump is an ongoing political reality. His imitators and acolytes will try to launder Trumpism and racial nationalism with less overt insanity and more Ivy League gloss.

If you lack the strategic vision and historic context to understand Trump will be the GOP nominee…🤷‍♂️
2/ The question you have to ask yourself is simple: do you want to leverage trumps destructive jealousy against his successors to weaken them for 2028 and beyond?

or, if Trump drops dead of a heart attack or struck by a meteor do you want a bloody, divided, brutal primary?
3/ further, given the unbelievable loyalty he controls with the base Republican voters, anything that divides them from the rest of the party is a benefit to pro democracy forces.

A lot of the complaints about the strategy from dollar store Sun Tzu types rests on delusion.
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19 Nov
1/ How to interpret Qevin McCarthy's rant last night?

First, it has nothing to do with stopping the actual bill. It was a late night C-SPAN circle jerk of de minimis legislative import.

It was sound and fury, signifying nothing, a mouse produced after a prodigious labor.
2/ No, what this was really about is Kevin watching the reality of Speaker Jim Jordan looming over his shoulder.

The House now has a critical mass of MAGA Trumphadis who view Kevin as a dangerous accommodationist, an impure vessel.

That number will increase.
3/ The same redistricting and gerrymandering that ensures about 12-14 seats (for reasons too long and boring to explicate here) will be added to their total will also bring a new cohort of purist lunatics more in line with Gosar, Green, Gaetz, and the rest of the mutant parade.
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20 Oct
1/ The dull inevitability of the Facebook rebranding effort is already boring me. You could rename it Miss Mary Sunshine’s Cute Kitten Memetown and the following things will still be true:

Marc Z is a broken, sociopath without the ability to interact with or understand humans.
2/ Marc will still exercise absolute control over the platform and all of its pathologies will reflect that control.

It will still be the world’s primary modality for exercising algorithmic sorting and manipulation.

It will still be a morass of conspiracy nonsense.
3/ it will still be imbued with the belief that its technology is morally agnostic and that the gods of quarterly shareholder value must be appeased.

As has been consistently demonstrated, the worst and darkest impulses of humanity will find a fertile ground there.
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8 Oct
1/ I have some bad news. After multiple calls I have some extremely grim news.

As of now 1/6 commission is dead already, and will not enforce the subpoenas.

Trump wins.

The 1/6 terror plot will go unexamined and unpunished.

To say I'm livid is putting it mildly.
2/ This is staffed wrong, led wrong, and a gutless exercise to get back to talking about infrastructure.

They're not taking the risk seriously, they're not taking the data before them seriously, and they're eager to run out the clock.

3/ I'm told that the whole plan is to bring in academics to examine the information from that day, when it should be a LE/IC style counterterrorism investigation.

The leadership has already decided to slow roll it and write a tsk tsk memo at the end.
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23 Sep
1/ Now, let me take a moment to note something for the 1/6 committee.

Each one of these Trump mooks will resist the subpoenas. Each one of them will demand to testify in private. Each one with make spurious claims of executive privilege. Each one of them will lie and lie.
2/ Now...and this is the tricky part, but do try to pay attention.

Fuck. These. Guys.

Don't let them or their lawyers wedge you into the phony courtesies and hollow formalities of the Old Washington.

These are people who would have gladly burned down our nation.
3/ They TRIED. 1/6 for them wasn't a failed coup. It was training exercise. Bannon -- an avowed Leninist who wants to destroy every institutions to rebuild them in his own alt-reich vision. Meadows, an apparatchik who would carry out any excess. Patel, dirty from the jump.
Read 8 tweets
2 Sep
1/ The Democrats have stuck a deep, painful nerve with this request for phone records from a number of 1/6 figures.

As the Aged Elder (my grandmother, long since departed) would say, "The cut hog squeals loudest."

Well, we've got a whole lot of cut hogs, from Qevin on down.
2/ Now I'm going to tell you what the GOP is going to do to try and kill this line of investigation. Because it's EXACTLY what will happen.

They'll find a couple Members who aren't raging lunatic MAGAs.

Those Members will go to Pelosi, Schiff, et al.
3/ And in reasonable, quiet tones, they'll talk about working together. About bipartisanship. They'll privately hint at their disappointment over 1/6.

They'll say, "Sure, maybe Brooks and Greene, but not Kevin...not X and Y and Z. He's a good guy."
Read 12 tweets

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