I'm going to start this thread about #Qredo by listing many things @QredoNetwork has

- Security
- Speed
- Siloed Liquidity
- Reporting for institutions
- Unmatched privacy
- Blockchain interoperability

Let's discuss them further...

Let's discuss security firstly.

To understand the uniqueness of $QRDO you need to understand what lies in the core of #mpc

So how would we best define MPC?

Defining MPC.

Multi party computation is a cryptographic tool that allows multiple individuals to make calculations using their combined data.

This is without ever revealing their individual input.

#QREDO uniqueness lies in its decentralised MPC

Let's examine further into the security of #QREDO.

#MPC implementation breaks down the private keys into separate aspects, encrypts them and distributes them across the world.

Institutional grade security at its finest.

That's not all to do with security

#QREDO has custom two factor authentication signing up, with greater levels of wallet permissions you can add to your account.

Regulated institutions and centralised exchanges can use this

How much value will this bring into $QRDO

On the final point of security in @QredoNetwork

You can set signing thresholds, where users have permission to sign but the limit can be whatever you choose.

Institutions and hedge funds can set up big deals in this way. Where all parties can approve a single transaction.

Now onto reporting for institutions

#QREDO is a blockchain visible to all

There is no need for data to be collected from a variety of different sources

It all can come straight from $QRDO

This increases the ease at which institutions manage their asset investments .

Let's talk about private keys and privacy.

Our assets are really not in control if we are using an exchange or a custody wallet provider.

This means they can be traded in and out...

This means if regulations shuts down a lot of these incompliant exchanges.

This can lead to your assets being frozen.

You may be unable to touch them for a significant period of time.

Most hacks happen at #custody level.

Failure occurs for institutions trying to invest in the #collateralised landscape

There is too much regulatory risk and not enough security measures in place to justify such integration.

Not understanding fully. Keep reading...

#QREDO avoids private keys as a whole with #MPC

Eliminating the threats of hacking can bring a whole different side of money inflows into the space and $QRDO in particular.

A bit more on MPC now that we understand it better...

We discussed and defined MPC earlier briefly

Using MPC allows users to avoid

- Counter party risk
- Increases the compliance of centralised institutions
- Reduces the need to customise digital assets
- Reduces the need for a custodian license

Basically just massive benefits.

But let's talk about the value of the actual token. This is where the tokenomics are accrued and the benefits of fundamentals come into play.

As a #QREDO holder the benefits you'd gain are as follows

- Customisable governance (decentralised)
- Peer to peer trading
- Volume based trading
- No cost to move assets onto the network
- 0.5 BPS for withdrawal

There's more..

The list is quite lengthy so let's address a few more points

- Decentralised trading
- Ease of Usage
- Compliance automation
- Transaction secrecy and security
- Easy app development
- Cross chain swapping on #QREDO via @QredoNetwork

Let's dive further into the TOKENOMICS behind $QRDO

Where does the utility lie in the token?

This is where you, if you are a token holder, find fundamental value...

As a token holder you gain benefits from

Transaction mining - Upto 99 % of transaction fees paid are rebated back via #QREDO rewards

Custody mining

-Upto 99% of the custody fees paid are rebated back via $QRDO rewards

Validator Rewards

-Rewards from user fees and an emissions schedule

Market maker mining

- Market makers pay no fees, get rewards in L1 and #QREDO tokens for providing market depth

Let's move onto holding the token and staking.

There is a variable 10.1% APY for holding $QRDO in their wallet

Partners is where total value increases

So who are $QRDO partners/investors and why this is crucial for their success?

Their most renowned investors and partners include but aren't limited to

-Borderless Capital

These strategic part allow for future pathways in terms of value locked and really increases the value of the utility token.

So a decentralised MPC to summarise...

Avoids the collusion of bad actors.

It doesn't need to assume all parties are honest for it to function and #QREDK has institutional grade infrastructure

To summarise this brings us to a truly decentralised infrastructure that doesn't act as a counterparty to any transaction

Upcoming partnerships can include #Aave #Grayscale and much more.

These partnerships I will be covering more in depth in a video on $QRDO where I will be doing a deeper dive into the token.

I hope that this thread helps you guys and helps clear any misunderstanding you may have had.
All in all, I think this is a great project.

There is massive potential and I'm looking forward to see it's expansion.

Metrics and key entry points I will reply to this with a video later today for.

Hope this helps :)
I'd appreciate that if you guys enjoyed this.

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Comment what you liked most about this thread.

Let me know what thread you would like to see next🤝

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