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What is Web 3.0?

Web3 is not the future, it is already killing it in the present 🔥

Understanding web 3 is quite a daunting task, especially for Non-Tech peeps. 🤔

An Interesting thread🧵

#web3 #internet #evolutionofweb #web2 #web1
In order to understand what is web3, we need to understand how the web has revolutionized over time! 🤔
Web 1 (roughly 1990-2005) was about open protocols that were decentralized and community-governed. Most of the value accrued to the edges of the network — users and builders.

#msn #netscape #aol #yahoo #internetexplorer Image
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1/Today, I am announcing @ABCDECapital

ABCDE is a $400mm fund co-founded by me and huobi cofounder @DujunX . We dedicate to investing in web3 builders.

Hit me up on and telegram bmanfree if you wanna build something wild or join us to do something wonderful! Image
今天,我宣布@ABCDECapital 成立。

ABCDE是我和火币联合创始人@DujunX共同创立的4亿 美元基金。我们致力于投资Web3的builder。

2/Why start ABCDE?
We have a vision to support 100 CEOs in our lifetime.
We are in a great era, but also in a difficult era. The flame of web3 is rising globally, but it also encounter cold winds. Builders are more powerful than any era, but they also need more support than ever Image
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1. Linkedin
2. Indeed
3. Naukri
4. Monster
5. JobBait
6. Careercloud
7. Dice
8. CareerBuilder
9. Jibberjobber
10. Glassdoor
10 TECH SKILLS IN DEMAND (Incase in need to learn any)
1. Machine Learning
2. Mobile Development
3. SEO/SEM Marketing
4. Data Visualization
5. Data Engineering
6. UI/UX Design
7. Cyber-security
8. Cloud Computing/AWS
9. Blockchain
10. IOT
1. Coursera
2. edX
3. Khan Academy
4. Udemy
5. iTunesU Free Courses
6. MIT OpenCourseWare
7. Stanford Online
8. Codecademy
9. ict iitr
10 ict iitk
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Summary #STEPN @Stepnofficial AMA 15/06/2022:
* AMA on Twitter Spaces
* @yawn_rong and @Jerry10240
* User growth
* @shitirastogi
* Economical issues
* Why #STEPN will survive
* Recent updates
* Extra notes
* Realms
* Sneaker synthesis
* #GST vs #GMT
Townhall (AMA) on Twitter Spaces
* Monthly event from now on
* To reach as many people as possible
* Format might change for the next one (difficult to go over all user questions)
* @yawn_rong working on dev, marketing, front end etc. (Realm expansion, partnerships etc). It was too much.
* @yawn_rong & @Jerry10240 will talk about technical things from time to time
* Professional people dealing with professional things (Yawn talking & sharing too much)
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1/8 Will #Web3 replace the set of principles and technologies we know as #Web2? Web2 is the Internet as we know it today, whereas Web3 refers to the evolution and next generation of the Internet. What are the differences between Web2 and Web3, and what is their proposition? Image
2/8 The term #Web2 is closely associated with centralized social networks like Twitter and Facebook. These networks have become increasingly formalized - with their policies of moderation and #censorship, the use of potentially harmful business practices to society. Image
3/8 Companies providing information and communication platforms began to thrive in exchange for consumers' personal data. Allowing the use of personal data entails another major problem: data leakage, typical of centralized networks that rely on a single point of failure.
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Are you an extrovert, conversationalist, or people-oriented?

How can Solidsocial benefit you?

Let's find out.

A 🧵
As early as 2006,

the vision of having a fairer and more transparent internet existed, but the tools and technologies weren’t available for it to materialize.

Bitcoin hasn’t been introduced then, bringing with it the notion of a distributed ledger, or blockchain,
for peer-to-peer digital storage and movement of assets.

#Decentralization was the idea, while blockchain was the means.

Today we have human-centered internet.

Because users control their data, they gradually move their internet activities from #Web2 to #Web3 applications.
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Interestingly, Web2 businesses offered us a better service compared to #Web1

#Web2 gave us the ability to read and write on the Web at the exchange of our data, identity and value.

And just like everyone was fed up or got used to Web1's limitations to innovate,
everyone is gradually getting fed up with Web2's deliberate limitations to give users the opportunity to innovate.

Even if you innovate, you are constrained to favour Web2 business model (extract users data and identity and sell to advertisers)

Everyone is looking for
something better and Web3 seems to be the solution of unlimited innovation. 

With the three Musketeers of Web3 which are Blockchain, Crypto and NFT, we are hopeful to have a different experience of the internet.

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There are undeniably real problems with #Web2, such as

- inefficiencies in the financial systems
- systemic issues of financial inclusion
- & the dominating nature of big corporations that limit innovations that are not in their best interest.

However, #Web3,
having been described as many things to many people, will cure all our internet ailments.


- rebranding of cryptocurrency,
- disruption of Silicon Valley,
- the democratization of data,
- & inclusion of financial systems(DeFi).
It is important to note that Web3 (read, write & own) is less likely to make Web1 (read-only) and Web2 (read & write) go extinct. 

Since new Web generations are building on top of previous generations and improving them.
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Let's take a step back and re-analyse StepN from afar based on what we know.

Should we be worried about #StepN moving into a death spiral or is this just FUD?

I'll lay out what I know and my thoughts. None of this should be taken as financial advice. 🧵👇
#StepN is an investment which has done extremely well during the BTC downtrend. Until recently. We must stay focussed & vigilant.

Investment is a process. A daily uphill battle. Patience is key.

We all want to make money without opening ourselves up to high amounts of risk.
We do so by working hard, finding bargains and claim any edge we can get.
As a result there is no easy money. It requires dedication and effort.
You want to do better than average and outperform others thus you need to think on a different level as well.
Be ahead of the game.
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1) Welcome to #Futureverse, the culmination of 5 years of strategy, research and the development of the foundation for a scalable #OpenMetaverse infrastructure with world-class content and community at its core.

Step into the future at

2) The #metaverse represents a potentially limitless digital future, where much of what we love will reside. But, with a handful of companies monopolizing our current #Web2 experience, the threat of corporate control of #Web3 is ever-present.

Enter the #OpenMetaverse 👇
3) The #OpenMetaverse is the next evolution of the internet and digital economy: decentralized, trustless, community-owned and secure, where boundless immersion meets autonomy and ownership.

But this digital utopia can’t exist without an unshakeable foundation…👇
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A shower thought on "will #GameFi sustain" and if so, "what are some meta metrics to prove so".

#web2 #web3 #games.
Trying to argue why gamefi is not yet a sustainable construct. No numerical evidence, just challengeable logic.

Games in 2022 are distinguished from that in 2008. Graphics are better, sound effects are more remarkable. We've got epic OST and even play-to-earn to spice things up.

Blizzard, Ubisoft, Kojima production, and many others defined my teenage memory....

...but will web3 gaming be that for this generation of teenagers?

I begin with this because history is continuous. If the next generation isn't even interested or doesn't have interaction with gamefi now, I wonder how generation-passing web3 gaming will be.
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What is Web3⁉️
A thread🧵

Web 2.0 + Decentralization = Web 3.0🔐

Before starting with what exactly Web3 is, let's talk about the previous generations of the Internet 🌐

#web3 #decentralisation #web2
2/15 Web 1.0: The Read-only web📚. In Web1 the users were the consumers of the content created by others.

Web 2.0: The read/write web📚✍🏻 or Social web. In Web2 users are the creator as well as the consumers
3/15 While Web2.0 changed the whole perspective of the internet in many aspects it gave rise to some problems too.

Problems with Web 2.0❗️
- 📍Centralized
- ⚠️Single point of failure
- ❌Censored
- 🔐Security and Privacy
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If the endgame for @yugalabs is essentially a #Web3 videogame, it seems like a good opportunity to examine the closest #Web2 equivalent.

Let's look at @Bungie, who were acquired at a $3.6B valuation in February. Not far off Yuga's $4B valuation from their raise in March.

Bungie are responsible for building a few monster IPs. The most well known is @Halo, established in 2001 and owned until 2010.

Halo: Reach, their last title in the series - and not even their best seller, sold roughly 10 million units.

But it's not Halo I'm interested in.
Their more recent IP, @DestinyTheGame, is a better example - as a 'virtual world' online role-playing game.

Destiny 1 had ~30 million account holders. Destiny 2 has ~38 million, and the annual revenue from that title alone is estimated at $100-500M.….
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A Tip of What is Inside Solidsocial.

- What is #Web3?
- What is Solidsocial?
- What is Solidsocial disrupting from Web2?
- How does Solidsocial's disruption improve the lives of users?

A thread.
There is no doubt that social media will shift in Web3.

It will usher in a new age of creator-driven economy.

If you haven’t locked yourself out from what has been happening in the crypto space for several months, you’ve probably heard about Web3 and how these ideas will
usher in the next digital revolution.

Web3, which is expected to be the greatest version of the internet yet,

has already shown to be pretty controversial,

with some people adoring the idea of a decentralised entity while others are hesitant.
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If you are looking to train your technical skills for the #Web2 & #Web3 🚀🚀

There is a place you can get cash rewards as you learn and complete quests 📚💰

A Thread 🧵↓
You can learn about programming languages like Rust, Python, Go, Solidity, and other technologies, while being rewarded for your time.
This is how to get an Early Access to the platform now:

✧ Go to
✧ Use code “Aakash” when signing up!

Or sign up using the link
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Web2 and Web3 users connecting with
“Subnets” and “Hypercasual” games on a hybrid platform.
Web2 database: @Firebase
Web3 network: @avalancheavax
Hybrid user interface: @toonlandsnft "ToonID"
⬇️ In the article, the methods...
Problem about limited #nft supply and gains A sample statistics report ...
Combining #Web3 Projects with hypercasual games to appeal to #Web2 users In 2021, the hypercasual ge...
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Great #AMA done on @Stepnofficial #STEPN by @HuobiGlobal , co-hosted by @CryptoCoinCoach and speaker @shitirastogi from StepN.
* StepN in short
* Mission
* NFTs
* Price stability
* Security
* SocialFi
* #BSC
* Luck
* Success stories
* Partnerships 🧵👇
#StepN in short:
* #Move2Earn health and fitness application. Users equip sneakers and then move outdoors to earn token & #NFT rewards.
* Built in wallet & swap marketplace + other features to facilitate easy onboarding of non crypto users.
* #STEPN wants to build a lifestyle app. Not just gamification.
* Mission in 3 steps:
1. Fitness application for people to move outdoor
2. Bridge between #web2 and #web3 (simple mechanic & UI) where people own their own digital assets through NFTs
3. Carbon neutrality
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1/n How to unfuck web2 (#twitter) ? And why decentralized social networks are inevitable?

@elonmusk's $44Billion cash WILL shift control of the social media platform populated by millions of users, we are here to call for radical changes for social media:…
2/n We reiterated the essence of social networks — digital public infrastructure for information exchanges and human interactions — but it's been abused and distorted by profit-driven platform models in the past decades.
3/n Evidence has shown that centralized social media platforms in Web2 are stifling innovations of third parties and hitting the glass ceiling in their own growth. #Web2 giants suppressed third-party applications and innovations in the name of privacy.
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🧵 After days of digesting .@punk6529’s insights w/ .@RaoulGMI on .@RealVision, I found it valuable to share a thread with some takeaways… 👇
.@punk6529's big “AHA! moment” emerged since he realized that all modern society runs on database.

#Bitcoin is a deep idea in the social context. It allowed people who don’t know and trust each other, to agree on a set of facts and information that’s not stored in a database...
Furthermore, big data and machine learning, tend to be centralized.

Plus, we have economies of scope, scale, and data, and all of these lead to centralization… 🧐
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Join @Mo_RELS and @G4sp4rD in just a few here at @NFCsummit to learn how NOT to get rekt in #NFT land!

Follow along below as we live-tweet their talk! 👇 Image
"The whole idea is that now, you're becoming your own bank. What we usually say is that with big freedom comes big responsibility. The problem today is...lack of education for how to properly secure your assets" - @Mo_RELS. Image
"The #blockchain is a public ledger that's open to everyone. When you create your first address on the blockchain, you're being given a pair of keys - the private keys and the public keys...the private keys are the most important thing to secure in the crypto world" - @G4sp4rD
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Our CXO @iancr is about to take the stage @NFCsummit for the opening keynote!

He'll be kickstarting the conference, and making some exciting announcements - you won't want to miss it!

Follow along in @TheNemesis_io #Metaverse:… Image
"This is an exciting moment to be alive because we have this new invention - digital scarcity. This is about more than a digital version of art...this is about having digital versions of all scarce goods." Image
“With critical digital assets, you have these digital assets that you could lose or that could be stolen. With this comes a new freedom - the freedom of self-custody. And because of this self-custody, we also have a new responsibility” - @iancr Image
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Here’s a detailed thread on what @Mintifyme is and why you should care about it if you are into #NFTs as a collector, artist, or trader. 🚀

2/ Mintify ( is an NFT platform that helps you discover, analyze, and trade your next favorite #NFT. We launched our MVP in 60 days 🤯, assembled a team of 10, and sold almost 💰200k worth of memberships with 0 marketing. 🚀 Mintify NFT Platform
3/ Here’s a list of some of our features that you might be interested in as a #trader:

- Smart notifications (ENS, SMS, Email, Push)
- Upcoming Drops Calendar
- Collection Analytics (#ETH/#SOL)
- Volume & Floor Notifications
- Wallet Analytics (PnL, ROI, Value) Mintify Trending Collections
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At #disruptedtimes22, @joshgans says no one can define #web3, but we think it might be one better than #web2.

He calls for a show of hands: who doesn't have a Facebook account, and who doesn't have MS Word installed? (I'm the only one who raises his hand for both)
Why are we angry at FB, but not MS? Because Word is interoperable, so you have a choice. If you have Word, you chose it (over Libreoffice, Pages, Gdocs).
Choice lets us test claims to superiority. If more people have Word, it's because they prefer it. We don't know that about FB.
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Web2 #互联网 大厂迎来寒冬,之前的高薪稳定,现在的美其名曰优化人才,你从公司毕业了。
2022年,互联网大厂 #股票 有的从历史最高点跌倒现在已经跌去了99.7%。详情请看下图统计:
#Web2 公司不好过,业务没有增长,支出不减反增,自然也就没有很多钱来养活这么多人,所以互联网大厂们开始 #裁员
#上海 #游戏 行业大裁员潮没结束。
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