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76.01/ Week seventy-six, Dec. 25-31, 2021, thread here.

Week 75 below
76.02/ #MotzeiShabbatMovieNight continues. This week: "Mission: Impossible"…
76.03/ Bait and switch alert: Optimum in NJ said we'd be getting #BUFvNE instead of the - let's be honest, but fair - putrid matchup of Jaguars-Jets. Nope. We're stuck with the worst game of the year. Do even Jets fans want to watch this?
76.04/ In addition to rooting for the #Steelers to beat the #1 seed, 2 time AFC Champs, Chiefs, it would help for the Ravens and Patriots to win. This is the purest, most painful, #ravenfreude ever.…
76.05/ Kennerly is right, and I'll add that the attitude of appeasement is a hallmark of bully-victims who recognize the violence but choose to attribute causality, and blame, on the victims.
76.06/ Look, the #Steelers losing in a humiliating fashion is typical this year. I'm used to it. But hearing the #RacistChant by the KC fans - while being humiliated - is infuriating. Seriously, DC & Cleveland changed their names, keep it going!
76.07/ The humiliation is complete: CBS has switched off the #Steelers game to the Broncos-Raiders.
76.08/ Rest in peace, John Madden. His voice and attitude defined my football watching since I was a boy. In my mind, Superbowl 43's team had the best team: Al Michaels (play by play) & Madden (color).

76.09/ Barukh Dayan ha-Emet! Reid made the world a better place and we definitely need more like him. A great senator and leader.…
76.10/ It was this thread & comment that put in my head that I'd enjoy #Encanto and she was spot-on. It's a very affecting, well-done story basically about treating people as people, not objects. Well recommended.
76.11/ I closely share Rosner's sentiment (but replace "Tradition" with "Gefen" which, IMO, has better noodles plus the ability to moderate the amount of soup-powder)…

76.12/ The discourse is getting frenzied On Here recently. I quipped: "the chicken littles are getting more chicken, and more little" about the doom pronouncements, but that's unkind. People are in "kotzer ruach" - crushed spirits. Be well, all of you.…
76.13/ Two very important medical/COVID threads from experts:

(1) Masks (by Prof. of Public Health, Harvard)

(2) Positive signs for the future (by "Chair, UCSF Dept. of Medicine"):
76.14/ This line - from a policy expert, not medical/public-health - strikes me as correct: get vaccinated or get Omicron (and if both, it'll be significantly less damaging)

Me: Vaccines (boosted) & masks are paramount; please delay parties for a few wks.
76.15/ This interview between @nhannahjones and the contemptable Chuck is a great illustration of how the MSM centers whiteness as the default with everyone else as an exception. IMO this paradigm implies our identity as "American" is conditional.
76.16/ As expected, Roethlisberger is likely to retire at season's end. Frankly I'm happy to move on from a person whose (even years ago) indefensible violence against women makes him unfit to be the face of a proud franchise.…
76.17/ While I like the Color Rush, I understand the symbolism of the standard uniforms for last regular season game. I propose that if we win the division, we can wear the alternates. Deal? #HereWeGo
76.18/ #NFL playoffs are nigh and here are some of my favorite calculator tools:
Magic & Tragic numbers:……
76.19/ This is a solid political platform. I second their motion.
76.20/ Oh, man, I feel this in my bones.

2021 is nowhere near as horrible as 2020 (which ended when Biden was sworn in) but I am ready for this crisis to end.
76.21/ The #Steelers offense has been inconsistent, and often putrid, and I hope it will soon change for the better. Not sure if the O-line coach was the cause, but, as I said when he left:

76.23/ This is a great way to analyze it, and I totally agree.
76.24/ So far, my favorite of the CDC joke format:

76.25/ Good summary of some of the major accomplishments of the Biden-Harris admin. And it's been less than a year, with near total GOP nihilistic obstruction. I'm still holding hope for BBB & election reform (because our survival depends on the latter)
76.26/ Yidden: if you can wear a yarmulke or sheitel you can endure a mask. If you can fast Tzom Gedalya & then Yom Kippur a week later, you can handle vaccination. Halakha trains us to swallow our discomfort & perform our duty. The pandemic safety measures should be easy for us!
76.27/ "Another booster?!"

Acceptable reason to be upset: you're afraid you'll lose your job if you take more time off for the vaccine b/c they make health care as hard as voting

Unacceptable: you've never taken regular medication and/or don't understand societal obligations
76.28/ Idea: pestilence is a horseman of apocalypse because disease always comes with war. COVID19 is continuing for that same reason: we're in the midst of a civil war and we can't get the virus under control because of war's civil disruption (plus RedHats are weaponizing it).
76.29/ Rav Steinsaltz's "Biblical Images" had an enormous influence on my understanding of Tanakh and my exegetical methods from an early age. I cannot overstate how his essays are embedded in my brain as basic p'shat. Enjoy this excerpt (Miriam & Aaron):…
76.30/ 2021 doesn't disappoint in being disappointing. Sigh. Rest in Peace, #BettyWhite…
76.31/ I haven't written about the C.W. situation because I'm just sick to my soul about it. But the way the Haredi world is sticking by him, even now, doesn't surprise me. I felt the same way, inevitability of evil, while watching the Jan 6 Insurrection. Full-bore avoda zara.
76.32/ We can't celebrate the secular Rosh Hashanah because of Shabbat, so we'll need to recognize it on Yom Tov Sheni Shel Goliyot. #HappyNewYear everyone & #ShabbatShalom!

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163.03/ So many consumer comforts I took for granted have recently disappeared. Locally, I lost my grocery store, bank & a favorite restaurant. Online: Amazon Smile & soon Netflix DVDs. Most left because, while profitable, they didn't make infinite growth money. Kinda grim.
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162.03/ #ChochmatNashim thread for #KiTetze #KiTeitzei 5782 (last year). @ChochmatNashim

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