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133.01/ Week one-hundred and thirty-three, January 28-February 3, 2023, thread begins here.

Week 132 below.
133.02/ #MotzeiShabbatMovieNight continues: one of the best superhero movies ever made, "Batman Returns"…
133.02b/ I'd forgotten all the explicit Moses/Exodus imagery in the movie. So it's perfect for tonight!
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Presenting: the Family Madrigal IRL. 🤩⬇️ #Encanto (1/10) Image
Presenting: the Family Madrigal IRL. 🤩⬇️ #Encanto (2/10) Image
Presenting: the Family Madrigal IRL. 🤩⬇️ #Encanto (3/10) Image
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Here are all the cool @figma illustrations created in #2022. I learned a lot of new techniques in order to achieve the result I wanted by using just Figma. Small recap below 🧶 Image
Year started with Mirabel. I loved the #encanto movie so much I didn't stop creating it.

Learned: some new techniques for creating small details on cloth, especially that wool butterfly.

Turning Red: Love the color combinations and adorable face of panda.

Learned: Experiment with different technique to achieve the fur look.
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i think i'd never explained the lore of my AU to you guys, so this'll be a long thread, and it'll be in spanish, pls use translator

#Encanto #encantotwt #brunomadrigal #mirabelmadrigal #bruno #mirabel #encantofanart #au #alternativeuniverse #papabrunoau
Bruno conoció a la madre de Mirabel desde que eran adolescentes, ya que era amiga de sus hermanas. su nombre era Marina, y Bruno desarrolló un crush hacia ella entre los 16-20 años, pero no era correspondido. ella es un año y pico mayor que los trillizos, así que llegó+
al Encanto cuando era una bebé. jamás conoció a su madre porque fue asesinada, y toda la vida vivió con su papá. a Alma no le agradaba del todo la idea de que Marina fuese tan cercana a sus hijas mayores porque no era nada recatada y femenina pero tampoco se oponía a su amistad.
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I’m going to rethread over this older thread with specifics about how I approached the initial sound design and FX organizational workflow for #Encanto. We had four sound effects editors, plus me and one assistant. Just me designing sounds. 🧵 1/?
First watch, I gathered character names, relationships, gifts, and listed out design elements like candle and door magic, casita stress/cracks, animals, ambience ideas, where and how often things repeated (e.g. casita formation in opening and ending). 2/?

I also note my feelings about the themes, character arc, narrative shape, setting, and focal points of the story, because story needs to be my core focus from the start. This will inform the aesthetic direction and also where I spend my and my team’s energy most efficiently. 3/?
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Continuamos hoxe con outro fío de filmes nominados este ano nos #Oscars !

Imos repasar as longametraxes animadas. Dentro fío! 👇 Image
🎞️Encanto (Charise Castro, Byron Howard, Jared Bush, 2021)

A nova aposta de Disney polo seu tour cultural arredor do mundo recala na Colombia do realismo máxico cun conflito familiar no clan dos Madrigal. 🦋

#Encanto Image
🎞️Flee (Jonas Poher Rasmussen, 2021)

De absoluta actualidade, o relato da vida dun refuxiado a través da lente do documental e mais da animación.

#Flee Image
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I'm supposed to be writing right now, but #DaylightSavingTime has me all messed up, so instead I'll take this moment to get something off my chest. This is about #TurningRed. I should probably do a video, but I'm a social media dinosaur, so Twitter thread it is!
Been thinking about that critic's review that the film wasn't universal and was limiting since I saw it. I don't think there's any bigger way to announce "I'm a mediocre white man" than to claim you can't see the universal themes in a Disney movie.
To be clear, I love Disney. "Lion King" is one of my favorite movies of all time and "Encanto" might tie for first. I have a whole case of Disney movies on DVD. I watch Disney+ on the regular without my kid just because.
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Trauma Therapist Reacts to Encantó - Part 6: Isabella Madrigal

The central theme of Encantó deals with Generational Trauma, the kinds of hard feelings and attitudes that are passed down in our own families from generation to generation. Each character has their own (1/4)
vibrant story that ties into relatable parts of any family, especially in the Latinx community.

Today's video from @iamyolandarenteria on TikTok focuses on Mirabel's older sister Isabella Madrigal, whose gift is magically growing flowers.

#EncantoMovie #encanto (2/4)
#IsabellaMadrigal #TheFamilyMadrigal #PerfectGoldenChild #AHurricaneOfJacarandas #TraumaTherapistReacts #PerfectIsAnIllusion #GenerationalTrama

ID: A Latinx woman with dark brown hair is wearing patterned shirt & a chocolate brown headband. She is on the left on a (3/4)
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Je viens de voir le dernier Disney, #Encanto

Non seulement c'est un super film, mais c'est également une leçon de psychologie sur les 7 archétypes de l'enfant intérieur (du docteur LaPera)
- the caretaker (le gardien: le type qui se sacrifie)
- the overachiever (le surperformant: l'ambitieux)
- the underachiever (le sous-performant)
- the rescuer / the protector (le protecteur)
- the life of the party
- the yes person
- the hero worshipper (l'adorateur de héros)
Le Pitch : Dans une famille, tout le monde a des pouvoirs magiques (depuis que la grand-mère a fuit la guerre et vu son mari assassiné sous ses yeux) SAUF l'héroïne, Mirabel. Mais un jour Mirabel découvre que le pouvoir de la famille s'effondre.
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Ahora sí, amigos. Unos meses después del estreno de la película, y ya que es seguro hacer spoilers, tengo algo que decirles: Necesitamos hablar de Bruno.

Yo soy Will, bienvenidos a su #HiloMusical, primero de una serie grande sobre #Disney y #Encanto.
Como algunos de ustedes saben, durante principios de año vivimos una locura con Encanto. Primero, Luisa Madrigal. Vendiendo más figuras y juguetes que cualquier otro personaje de la película.
En segundo lugar, "No Se Habla de Bruno" rompiendo madres en todas las charts, y logrando lo imposible: destronar a "Let it Go" (Libre Soy) de la película Frozen como la canción de Disney más reproducida en la historia.
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cactus beatdowns are definitely the answer to ppl making her sister do unnecessary labor
#encanto ImageImageImage
I'm so glad many of you agree donkey guy has to get his shit figured out 😤
it makes me real giddy inside that you all liked this so much and even though I can't like or read every comment I appreciate them all <33
(tbh that 200k doesn't even look like a real number wth)
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Alright let's talk 3D Layout on #Encanto! For those that don't know, our dept is responsible for translating 2D storyboards into a 3D blueprint for the movie! We grab sets and characters from our modeling dept and create, animation, effects and lighting. Examples incoming...
3D Layout Example 1: Surface Pressure! This was our "Friend Like Me" song where we felt free to jump through time and space in abstraction. The inspiration was also meant to pull from reggaeton music videos with strong compositions, bold colors, and lots of fast cuts!!
We Don't Talk About Bruno! Because the dancing was at the center of this song, we focused the cinematography on the choreographed movements of our characters, as if they were performing on a live stage in a Broadway show. #Encanto
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Another way to put it:

🎶Welcome to Family Omicron🎵
🎵The home of the Family Omicron🎵
🎶Where all the variants are mutational and interesting 🎶
🎵BA.2 is part of the Family Omicron🎶 💃

Tia BA.1/21K
It's mutations affect antibody-binding
When spreads quickly
Well, existing immunity gets weird

Tio BA.3
We don't talk about BA.3
(It's rare, there's nothing much to say)

Oh! And that's BA.2/21L...
Here's its deal (whoa)
Its spike fairly similar to BA.1 for real (whoa)
The truth is, it's spreading on BA.1's heels (whoa)
But it's mutations differ in some other genes
If you're intrigued, imagine how scientists feel (we're on it!)

Welcome to the Family Omicron🎶
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79.01/ Week seventy-nine, January 15-21, 2022, thread here.

Week 78 below.
79.02/ Every erev-Shabbas I say 'stay safe' and while that's generally about the pandemic, for my fellow Jews it's also about the onslaught of antisemitism that assaults us since the dominance of unchecked hate on social media which led to the rise of Trump (ym'sh) and others.
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Disney’s latest movie, #Encanto has hit us all in the feelings.

The film features the song ‘Surface Pressure’, and it details the underlying stresses and anxieties the character Luisa Madrigal experiences as the big sister.


The song has become a viral hit, with many sharing their experiences of being the eldest sister in the family.

We spoke to Aiysha, who is the oldest daughter with four younger siblings, about her feelings of greater responsibility within her family unit.
‘Even in adulthood, when making decisions I was always taught to think of my siblings, to the point where my dad didn’t let me go to university until I was 21 because he didn’t want me to move out.’
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Si je vois encore une personne râler sur #Encanto en disant que la fin est mauvaise parce que la morale c'est qu'il faut pardonner ses abuseurs je vais commencer à cramer des truc je pense.

Venez on parle de trauma intergénérationnel un peu vous et moi 🔽
Sans dire que tout abus est pardonnable ou surmontable : les abus perpétrés par des personnes minorisées sur des personnes du même groupe comme stratégie de survie c'est pas la même chose que la violences des dominants en fait.
(spoiler Encanto)

Vivre dans une famille de personnes traumatisées qui font des choix discutables dans l’espoir que t'aies pas à subir la même chose à ton tour, c'est pas la même chose que de te faire exclure ou violenter parce que t'es minorisé·es et elleux non.
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Thanks to Disney+, Encanto has been a breakout cultural hit, the first non-Frozen Disney soundtrack to top the Billboard charts in a decade.

Here's what #Encanto tells us about #Disney's evolving strategy for animated features, a 🧵👇 #ship30for30 (1/14)…
To make sense of Encanto, we have to go back to Frozen (2013), which was a small experiment in two new directions, both of which paid off big time, and laid the groundwork for the Madrigals. (2/14)
First, Frozen was a subversion of the traditional Disney princess marriage plot. In fact, it's Anna's blind desire for a fairytale that puts her relationship with Elsa at risk. (3/14)
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So I watched #encanto either the day it came out or the day after, but it was one of those situations where it was so chaotic in the house that I felt like I really wasn’t taking it in. So I watched it again in calmer circumstances. I think ultimately it’s a good but not…
… Great movie.

like remember in frozen where despite the existence of a nominal bad guy, the real conflict was just working out the differences between these two sisters and their love winning out? That was new and different…
#encanto is pretty much nothing but that. It really amounts to a family group therapy session. And because it’s not new, and because there’s pretty much nothing else happening, it’s not very good as a plot. A few other complaints include…
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“encanto” é um filme sobre a manutenção de poder de uma oligarquia burguesa periférica

segue o fio 🧶 #encanto #disney
antes de tudo, o elemento mais curioso é "o milagre" da família, às vezes também referido como "a magia". desde sempre, marx apontou o caráter fetichista do capital, sua capacidade de mistificação e magia. ou seja, a magia da família madrigal é o capital, o que os torna burgueses
interessante o fato de o filme basear toda sua construção de mundo em um país da américa latina, um território historicamente explorado e alvo de imperialismo estadunidense. no filme, a família é retratada claramente como uma burguesia dependente
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Here’s a thread of my favorite things in media that came out this year 🥳🧵
My favorite documentary has to be Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami on Netflix! The editing is fun and makes the doc very entertaining. Also the theme song is a bop 🤩 Image
My favorite Tv show is @RezDogsFXonHulu! It’s the first show that features indigenous writers and directors!!! It’s really funny and I highly recommend it 🤠 Image
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Time for #Encanto ! Image
It only makes sense for Maribel to become an author. 😩 #Encanto
I was not emotionally prepared for this at all. #Encanto 😬
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76.01/ Week seventy-six, Dec. 25-31, 2021, thread here.

Week 75 below
76.02/ #MotzeiShabbatMovieNight continues. This week: "Mission: Impossible"…
76.03/ Bait and switch alert: Optimum in NJ said we'd be getting #BUFvNE instead of the - let's be honest, but fair - putrid matchup of Jaguars-Jets. Nope. We're stuck with the worst game of the year. Do even Jets fans want to watch this?
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Proud proud proud. In 9 part thread 👇🏼… it was only three years ago that #CrazyRichAsians was released… This weekend @henrygolding stars in his first big super hero movie #SnakeEyes as one of the most iconic heroes ever created and a ninja very close to my heart (go see it!)
Later this year @GemmaChan is the star in @MarvelStudios #Eternals in what looks to be the start of a whole new chapter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe… (2/9)
Later this summer we will be seeing @awkwafina star alongside #MichelleYeoh and @ronnychieng in @MarvelStudios #ShangChi (3/9)
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