Democrats are mad that the vast majority of unvaccinated people have suffered no health consequences of their inaction to get vaccinated.

It's why they're pushing other punishments.
Dems out here banging on DeSantis about Florida. Meanwhile, Florida just keeps on living.
Nikki Fried would shut down Florida's economy rather than allow the unvaxxed to continue in society.
It's not about science.
It's not about public health.
It's not even about power at the moment.

Right now, it's about vengeance.
It's about punishment.
Nikki Fried or Charlie Crist would turn Florida into NYC in a heartbeat if they had the governor's power.
Read the comments in any pro-mandate thread.

"Why are they collecting unemployment?"
"They shouldn't be allowed in stores."
"They shouldn't get medical care."

But they're the compassionate side?
Democrats so hate DeSantis, they'd willingly give up their fellow citizens and their own lives if it meant Ron was out.
The cognitive dissonance is driving them batty, though.

"COVID is killing Republicans 50% faster than Democrats."

Meanwhile Republicans outnumber Democrats in voter registration for the first time ever.
I am not saying every Democrat is bad, especially since some are waking up to the insanity their party has become.

But if they're tweeting "DeathSantis" or talking about how Ron has done a bad job, they don't need to be anywhere close to a position of power.
Oh and btw, in Florida, the Dept of Agriculture is in charge of concealed carry permits.

Nikki Fried is in charge of the Dept of Ag.

Guess what people have been having issues getting?
If you don’t think she’d use the power of government of force her will and political beliefs onto people, you haven’t been paying attention.

• • •

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28 Dec
Look. I know we're just coming out of Christmas, but the next holiday is upon us.

Have you decorated for Insurrection Day? Make sure to hang the velvet ropes with care.
What are you leaving out for FedBoi to find? I'm thinking a bag of Bugles. Those are always fun.
Remember to decorate your laptop with pictures of expensive ice cream and wine.
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28 Dec
Fear is a drug, and there is a huge population that are addicted. It has been peddled from the highest office to the media, and the sudden stop of supply will leave many addicts hurting.
Look around at those who are saying things like "the unvaccinated shouldn't be allowed in hospitals!"

Just a couple years ago, they all had M4A in their bios.

What changed?

The fear. The addiction to fear.
Rather than proposing alternatives, they have landed on the side of cruelty, something they claim to oppose.


Because the fear that has been peddled to them, and their "proper" response to that fear, has put them in a position of supposed moral superiority.
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27 Dec
"But how can we teach history without teaching CRT?"

America, like every country to ever exist, has done some really bad things and some really great things.

The great things don't erase the bad things.
The bad things don't erase the great things.

Pretty friggin easy, really.
America had slaves. Bad.
America fought a war over ending slavery. Great.

People captured slaves in Africa. Bad.
Tribes in Africa sold slaves to the traders. Bad.

There is still slavery in Africa. Bad.
White people passed laws that made life harder for black people. Bad.
White people voted to give black people the same rights as white people. Good.
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27 Dec
The party of F Trump is suddenly concerned about acting Christian, family values, and vulgarity.
You don't like LGB? Then admit it's because it's "your guy". Don't hide behind "they're not living up to their values" when they start living by yours.
I do find the attempts at reclaiming LGB to be the most hilarious though.

"Brandon won!"
Brandon means..."
"Yes, Let's Go, Brandon because Biden is doing great!"

LOL You're not helping your cause.
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27 Dec
If the subject was “having your life’s work called out for being filled with errors”, then you definitely have the expertise.
As far as the point you’re making, we’ve just been through 2 years of “subject-matter expertise” being woefully wrong at every turn.
And if you can’t teach actual history without blaming a kid’s skin color, you shouldn’t teach history.
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26 Dec
Men, imagine that for 24 hours, there were no women in the world.

No women are being harmed in the creation of this hypothetical. They will all return. They are safe and happy wherever they are during this hypothetical time period.

What would change? What would you do that day?
See, she likes to play this game that men are primarily responsible for women feeling unsafe and so if men disappear, women would be safe to do whatever they want.

We all know it’s bullcrap but still she plays this game.
“Take a walk downtown at night without looking over my shoulder.”

First, it’s not men’s fault you choose to live in a big city crime hole.
Second, men look over their shoulder all the time, day or night.

Situational awareness isn’t a woman only thing.
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