The Book of Boba Fett: Laney does a script doctoring session. #BobaFett

Spoilers for episode 1
First off, as usual, this is with the benefit of hindsight having seen the show.

So lets kick off with a few important changes. For my take I will not be relying on the dream flashback trope and instead using the present and hinting that we will be showing his escape...
...from the Sarlacc later on when he is ready to tell the story.

I will be keeping my narrative for the first episode in the present, and kicking it off BEFORE he takes Bib Fortuna out.
So we start with Boba and Fennec arriving in Mos Espa, with Boba wanting to visit Bib Fortuna to retrieve 'something important to me'. He will not say what- this is a theme with Fennec and Boba's relationship.
She wants him to open up, speak of the past and find out who he is
This kicks off some questions that the audience need to be answered. What is it he finds important?

He asks for an audience but Bib laughs and says Boba Fett is dead.
Back in the town, Boba and Fennec make plans to sneak in.

But they witness how lawless the town is now, and how Bib's criminal make the people suffer. Then, a rival gang shows up and it is a massive shootout, killing innocents.

Boba saves some people to show his good side.
In the aftermath, Bob decides that there is no honour in these theives, no rule. He changes his plan. He decides to take the throne himself.

A simple ploy using fennec to draw out the guards to fight a rival gang, and Boba seizes the throne.
The court and guards return to see Fett on the throne, and there is a squabble. Many of the guards are confused, unsure what to do. But two loyal Gamorean guards will not back down, and fight Fett.

The fight is brutal, powerful, and takes all of Fetts strength
We learn earlier he is still weak and his wounds haven't healed properly, so we know he is at a disadvantage. But he shows no weakness, and prevails.

The remaining guards turn, capturing the dissenters and the two gamorean guards.

But Fett declares that they...
...are loyal, that they fought with honour and are a shining example of what needs to change.

He spares them, in return for fealty. And we see a hushed respect passing through the court. Some slip away, some look angry and scene, but as a whole, we feel a wind of change.
We close on Boba in the penthouse, and Fennec is peeling away his bloody armour.

She asks why he spared their lives when killing them would strike fear into everyone. That fear leads to obedience. He responds with...
"Do you fear me, Fennec Shand?"

"I fear noone."

"Then why do you serve me, Fennec Shand?"

She nods and leaves him, and we close with the droid (give Matt Berry a larger funnier part) bringing the bacta tank.

"Have you found that which I seek?"

"No, my lord."
"Keep looking." Boba says.

He enters the tank and we cut to an exterior shot of the palace, pulling slowly back over the town to give an idea of the scope of his challenge. And finally, we show a shadowy, hooded figure staring up at the palace, suggesting there is more to come
So the thing, it turns out, is someone Boba cares about, who has been frozen in Carbonite. This is why he served Jabba, because Jabba had leverage on him.

The person who looked after him after geonosys. Older than him then, but frozen for so long they are younger now
This adds a heart character aspect to Boba- he has Fennec for shady, shadow stuff, he has himself for strength and honour, but he needs someone to represent heart.
As far as action goes, we need to show Boba as brute force, mandalorian suit weapons and Sand People honour, but Fennec needs to fight smart, cunning, dirty. She is an assasin. The action didn't nail that, and made them look weak and ineffectual.
For me, this is a story about what is under the mask of Boba Fett. What motivated him to serve Darth Vader? What happened to him on Tattooine? Or his ship?

Who is he?

And that is the core of the story.
For me there is a huge gap in the Star Wars mythos for seeing the rebellion and the republic as a positive. If the Stormtroopers leaving Tattoine left the place lawless, and slavery still happens... what is the point of defeating the Empire?

This show can be about the void
Left by totalitarian society and the struggle to rebuild after. And it is about building a structure that is better.

Boba Fett steps up to fill the void by the Empire like King Arthur uniting Britain, creating a round table of honour- s a better Tattooine.
It is about uniting for the benefit of all, and fighting corruption that feasts on a power vacuum.
Rather than tribute and the bar scene (omg Jennifer Beale has my heart!) I would have spent the budget on making the palace filled with extras, and the streets packed with beggars and the wounded from territory wars. I want to see a place ruled by fear and evil.
I need to see the villains, and those that are questionable in the opening. I need to see what is at stake. And I am sure as hell willing to wait to see the Sarlacc scene pay off later.
I would have used brief flashes at most to tease.

• • •

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