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1/6 Vous êtes un peu plus nombreux à me suivre depuis quelques jours, l’occasion pour moi de me présenter pour ceux qui se seraient arrêtés à mes derniers tweets ! 🧵⬇️
2⃣Je suis doctorant en géographie à l’université de Rouen et travaille entre autre sur l’#archéologie des #paysages appliqué aux #forêts, l’interaction des sociétés humaines dans les espaces forestiers sur la très longue durée. J'explique ça un peu ici⬇️
3⃣Concrètement j’essaye de comprendre sur la base d’#archives manuscrites et sédimentaires, comment les #sociétés anciennes ont influencé le #paysage actuel. Un petit exemple ici avec des #charbonnières
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🚀 AI researchers have made a major breakthrough in the field of AI-generated art with "Make-A-Video," a new technique that creates videos from text prompts. The results are impressive, but slightly creepy.
💻 Make-A-Video uses existing techniques for image creation but also incorporates unsupervised training on unlabeled video content, allowing the AI to create realistic video frames from text prompts.
👍 According to the researchers, Make-A-Video sets the new standard for text-to-video generation, achieving fidelity in line with images from past generation systems.
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Welcome to Week 10 #Tezos Wallet Collection Review. Throughout the week artists of new discovery, known favorites, #AI, #photography, code pieces...just never ending talent. Come read along. Like♥️ Retweet♻️Tag a fren🫂 Find a new piece. Enjoy the review. #art
Out 20 @celloteli
Images that have light movement, action inside the work, and create an immersive experience are always engaging. This piece allows the viewer to be part of the surrounding. Great work.
Jair Souvenir @glauberbnunes
A new discovery artist for me. Clever design with haunting visuals. The chain rotates perfectly. A unique effect in the centerpiece appears to have a trapped moment or individual in fear or anger. Not sure I have seen this concept before.
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Get an exclusive inside look into the mind of @Gnogen's founder!🕵️‍♀️

We sat down with him last Wednesday and had a chat about his goals for the project and his view on the future of #NFTs.

Read on for the top 3 key takeaways from our conversation.🧵
#MultiversX #EntityFinance
Q: Some NFT projects just seem to storm onto the scene and capture a significant share of the attention within the NFT ecosystem. In your opinion, what are the factors that contribute to the success of these projects and enable them to quickly build large and engaged communities?
A: First you have to have a very detailed and thorough plan of attack, also the core team has to be made up of a set of high-performing individuals who can execute at a high level in their field of expertise, and all members have to push towards the same direction in unison.
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The #RaisinaEdit offers a selection of commentaries that unpack, interpret, and problematise contemporary global developments corresponding to the pillars of the #RaisinaDialogue2023.

Curated by @WarjriLaetitia & @anahitakhanna95.

Read them here 👉…
S Paul Kapur writes on how the #American leaders must abandon their decades-long dream of achieving strategic convergence between the US and #Pakistan.
#Australia’s reformed policy towards #China is not a turn to China; it’s a return to normality.

From @MConleytyler.
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Effective and memorable advertising campaigns that connect with audience are communicated with art. Check the below thread about using art in advertising.
#Advertising #Art
Art can help advertisers convey their message in a clear and concise way. By using visual elements such as line, shape, form, texture, color, value, and space, they can create images that catch attention and communicate meaning.
#Advertising #Art
Art can also help advertisers appeal to their target market’s emotions and preferences. By using different styles and genres of art, such as realism, surrealism, pop art, or abstract art, they can create a mood and a tone that resonate with their potential customers.
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If you aren't sure about the difference between creative direction and art direction, here you are
#Advertising #Art #Artdirection #Creativedirection #CreativeIndustry
Creative direction is the process of overseeing and guiding the overall vision and strategy of a creative project. It involves coming up with original and innovative ideas that align with the client’s goals and objectives.
#Advertising #Artdirection #Creativedirection
Art direction is the process of executing and refining the visual aspects of a creative project. It involves creating a cohesive and appealing aesthetic that communicates the message and evokes a reaction from the audience.
#Advertising #Artdirection #Creativedirection
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Fantastic presentation by Sophie Weeks of @polareducators at #ASSW2023 that made me think about how to communicate across knowledge systems🧵 #Arctic #Indigenous #IndigenousKnowledge #bridging #traslating #Westernscience #policymakers
with different epistemologies, ways of knowing, ontologies, understandings of nature and human existence, and axiologies, values, value judgements, and ethics.
Using #art to demonstrate that even working within one knowledge system has translation issues when shifting mediums from drawing to speaking or reading. The drawing demonstrated that objectivity is in fact a myth, having scientists all draw the same thing can demonstrate that.
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#Madre de 14 hijos, #artista y pintora oficial de la corte del papa Clemente VIII.
Si no lo habéis descubierto ya, nos referimos a Lavinia Fontana. Estudió en la Universidad de #Bolonia, que fue la primera en aceptar a mujeres para que cursaran estudios.
#FelizMartes #art
El estilo de #LaviniaFontana fue muy cercano al #manierismo tardío que practicaba su padre.
Lavinia Fontana se casó con Gian Paolo Zappi, que también era #pintor del taller del padre de Fontana.
La #pintora siguió pintando durante su matrimonio para mantener a la familia, mientras su marido se encargaba de la casa y asistía a su mujer como ayudante.
#mujeres #FelizDia
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Finally got around to finishing Andor! Very well done! A powerhouse of a series with sharp writing, beautiful sets/photography, compelling characters, and inspiring stories! I enjoyed it so much more than I thought I was going to.

But I’ve two trains of thought: 🪡 #Andor ImageImageImageImage
One: The Obstruction of Myth aka How I long for the simple beauty of a Luke Skywalker.

Due to a variety of factors, I believe the purpose of myth in our stories has been forgotten. Perhaps it is due to cliches, poor writing, the exploitation of utilitarianism - #art #Andor 1/6
- but probably mostly due to disillusionment & cynicism infiltrating our culture, but whatever the cause - we started to believe that Myth was outdated because it did not reflect back to us the reality of our experience. #Andor #StarWars #art 2/6
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"You'll live in the pod. You'll eat the bugs. And you'll be happy."

🔁 Seamless audio/visual loop
🔊 (headphones pls)
#Art #DigitalArt #Loop

Let's take a closer look... 👇

🧵 1/6
Before you scroll further, please RT the above tweet if you like my work 🙂
Some close up details

🧵 2/6
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Realm Research Index 𐂫

➤ Mercury 🚧
➤ The World’s Fairs
➤ Bells, frequency, health
➤ Electrofield
➤ Sound
➤ Starforts
➤ Sigils & Circuitry
➤ Nukes 🚧
➤ Sophistication (external)
➤ Airboats 🚧
➤ Radium
➤ Dicyanin

Realm Exploration
➤ Structures
➤ Giants
➤ Giant trees
➤ Shape of the Realm
➤ Creatures and things
➤ A Map
➤ Paris

Mercury, a key element? (1/x)

Perhaps you might not yet be familiar with the (al)chemical and rather magical properties of Mercury, so before we get into Red Mercury let’s
have a look at regular Mercury.

>Only metallic element that’s liquid at room temperature
>Extremely dense
>Still used in electrical apparatus
>Found in nature as Cinnabar
>Cinnabar is either red or black
>Mercury amalgamates with almost all metals
>Doesn’t merge with iron,
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🧵 Greek firms made 1600 trips from Russia, on ships with 136 million DWT (35% of total) since #Ukraine invasion started.

A month after EU sanctions intro’d on 5 December, 🇬🇷 ships still dominate #fossilfuel exports. But who are behind these often little-known tanker companies?
TMS Tankers is controlled by billionaire art donor George Economou. He has a gallery named after him at London’s Tate Modern, and is a supporter of many global #art institutions 🖼

His firm conducted 11 voyages on ships with more than 1 million DWT in the month after 5 December.
The Andreas Martinos-led Minerva Marine, meanwhile, embarked on 13 trips from #Russia with 1.2 million DWT ship capacity during the period.

Other high-profile Greek shippers include a trio who also control major media outlets in the country – all highly critical of the invasion.
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Meet some of India's most renowned and best-selling #NFT artists who are disrupting the perception of #art and how it should be viewed.⁠⁠

#NFTArt #IndianArt #Talent #MakingIndiaProud
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THREAD: #Virology: Unmasking a 100+ Year Old Lie

Everything You Think You Know About Disease Is Likely Wrong.

#vaccinegenocide #vaccines #vaccinedeath #PfizerLiedPeopleDied #thread…
We Need To Base Our Understanding of Reality Upon Reality, Not Manipulation.

Everything You Think You Know About Disease Is Likely Wrong....
In order to understand the world around us as the truth about it is emerging from a 100+ year slumber, it’s going to be important to challenge ideas that have absolutely zero basis in reality.

I will start off by saying that we have been duped - ALL OF US.
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Calling all #artistsontwitter ! Take on a new #challenge and complete one of these 3 semi-finished pieces. Show off your skills and #creativity . Tag your finished work with #ArtChallenge and let's see who can take it to the next level.

#Art #artchallenge #artistsupport
Art Piece #1
Art piece #2
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This tutorial is being sponsored by MY PRECIOUS TIME.
I want to keep creating free stuff, so I'm not using paywalls, but if you'd like to support me - LIKE, SHARE, SPREAD THE WORD & SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL!

on to the tutorial...…

Storyboarding is hard.

Really, really, REALLY hard.

Twenty-Five years ago I went in for a job interview at Klasky Csupo for a character design gig and met with Mitch Watson - a producer for their new show, “The Wild Thornberrys”.

cont. Image
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Saira Wasim, a gifted artist from Pakistan, now based in the United States, has continued to depict the state of her homeland (and its position in the world) through a candid and allegorical lens for the past decade and a half. She has, rather remarkably, taken up (1/13)
taboo themes such as the naked hypocrisy of Pakistan’s leaders, the mullahs, and ‘honour’ killings of women.

Wasim graduated from the National College of Arts in 1999 and not surprisingly found international recognition soon enough. In 2003, her works were featured in (2/13)
a show at the #Whitney #Museum of American Art. In the same year, she undertook a residency at the #Vermont #Studio Center. Since then the US has been her home.

Wasim’s artistic expression is also influenced by her personal story. An Ahmadi by faith, she has (3/13)
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“No one thought I could make a name for myself in the arts. I grew up in a time when academics was more important," says #NRI Harminder Boparai from #Punjab, who has gained worldwide acclaim for #sculpting artwork from #scrap pieces of wood and metal.
Harminder was not academically sound, which invited the wrath of his family and teachers and was looked upon as a sign of non-competency. He was often referred to as “trash” and faced undue pressure to excel in #academics.
“For all the hardships I encountered, my life now is filled with contentment.”

#PravasiBharatiyaDivas #Inspiration #Artist #WasteMangement #Upcycling #NonResidentIndian
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India has a rich legacy of folk art that has been passed down through generations. And many of them are still alive thanks to these pioneering #artists who've toiled tirelessly for their preservation >>>

#IndianArt #FolkArtists #Legends #IndianHeritage #Art #Culture #India
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Demonic Symbolism Alert Activated 🚨

Mark Ryden.

Net Worth $15 Million - $500 Million

Pervert who likes mixing satanic imagery with little children and tells them to use his one eye bathroom

Partner #Barbie
Thread 🧵
#FashionGate #FashionHellGate Mark Ryden Artwork Thread &...Image
1. This guy creates Eye-catching material.

The use of small symbols to speak big words that not a lot of people remember because it goes back through hundreds of years of time buried from the American school system. A way of speaking from our ancestors.

#Art #FashionGate ImageImageImage
2. @DavisSalika showed Barbie partnered with him to create a unique Anniversary #Barbie edition

So I looked into what they created and things he has also created to see what kind of environment it produces.

An investigation is needed to take place. #SaveOurChildren #Twitter ImageImage
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1/ 🎄🦄 It’s time for a special #Christmas #AIart #contest from #1inch!

Prize fund: $2,000 in $1INCH💰

🥇 $800
🥈 $500
🥉 $350
🏅 $200
🎗 $150

🏁 Entries accepted until Jan. 3

👉 Join in the fun:

#artcontest #ArtificialIntelligence #DeFi
2/ 👨‍🎨 Theme: #1inch mascot carries a big bag with gifts, wearing a Santa Clause suit and standing in front of a chimney.

✅ To enter:

1️⃣ Join the #1inch Discord server
2️⃣ Post your submissions to the “#art” channel:
3/ 🤖 Only AI-generated entries are accepted, but you can choose any AI tool you like.☝️ Don't forget to write the name of the AI tool you used.

‼️ Please note that only one submission per person is allowed. Don't try to steal from other participants or you will be excluded.
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