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In October, 2018 I attended the #MichaelJackson: On The Wall exhibition at the @NPGLondon Gallery with my mum.

We stood for a long time in awe of @MarkRyden's painting which we all are familiar with, soaking in the fact that this was the original #Dangerous cover painting.

My apologies for the lighting, flash photography was not allowed at the gallery. Here's the caption beside the painting, some of the text is in the next tweets with a couple of visual references & a video about the construction of the frame. 👇
Mark Ryden
"The King Of Pop" #135. Acrylic on panel with wood carving, 1991-2018.

This #painting was commissioned by #MichaelJackson to be the cover artwork for his album Dangerous (1991).
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please share this thread to anyone who's loaded and collects art or records. I'm selling this for £2000. It's one of only 12 promo copies of my remixes EP. Hand sprayed by DJ Kista. I will be splitting the money with him to help fund our small record labels. see thread...
for sale (see thread) #records #art
for sale (see thread)…
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The lost art of Old Delhi - #Kabootarbazi
Retracing Delhi’s 800 years old tradition of pigeon keeping. Old Delhi is older than myths and mythologies and here is a glimpse of it.

read on - (1/6)

#UnknownIndia #IncredibleIndia
#Art #Delhi #OldDelhi #History
@tourism_delhi ImageImage
Pigeon keeping has a long and rich history in India. It is said that Shahjahan transported the tradition when he shifted his capital from Agra to Delhi and built Shahjahanabad, the original name of Old Delhi. (2/6) Image
Kabootar-Baazi was first mentioned by William Dalrymple in his book on Delhi, he talks about the skill of men controlling flocks of pigeons – making them fly up and land back with just a few verbal commands. (3/6) Image
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#NFTs is a store of culture why is that? 👇
#NFT captures the imagination, ideas and creativity that shape a digital collective born through human achievement which has recently been best expressed with #art #nfts…
Investing in #NFTs makes you a participant in a creative collective and in so doing allows you to help shape and influence that community. It is #social and far more powerful than just value which is why we believe that #NFTs are going to bring mainstream #blockchain adoption
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KORRAKANI BEWARE – Evidence of BellaToons’ Return!
The following thread contains evidence showing that Korrakani may indeed be BellaToons under a new name and an updated art style.
#Korrakani #KorrakaniBeware #BellaToons #BellaToonsBeware #Art #Artist #Furry #Beware #Scam
As a lot of you finding this account already know, there has been some controversy over Korrakani and who they are. Many people think that it is BellaToons simply because of her art style. While I understand how similar Korrakani’s and BellaToons’ styles are, I know some...
...people want more evidence – the style similarity is simply not enough. In this thread, I will explain all the evidence I have gathered in an effort to prove that Korrakani is in fact BellaToons. Please read through everything carefully – some things may be hard to follow...
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🌊I took out an older model from me and loaded it onto @Sketchfab. It is one of my favorite works and part of my #IndieGame project.⚓

#IndieGameDev #GameDev #3DArt #DigitalArt #JulesVerne #Steampunk #CGI #Rendering #Cinema4D #Substance #DigitalArt #Art
These renderings are not new, but for the completeness of it, I will post them right here as well.

#IndieGameDev #GameDev #3DArt #DigitalArt #JulesVerne #Steampunk #CGI #Rendering #Cinema4D #Substance #DigitalArt #Art
The whole thing was meant as a rework for myself to see my progress. I did my original work at the beginning of my studies(2015). The new diver was created shortly after my studies(2018-19)
This is the old one i made at the beginning of my studies. it is much simpler and chunkier
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Few Glimpses of Chennakeshava Temple, Belur

An Hoysala Wonder #Karnataka #IncredibleIndia @IncredibleIndia

A Selected Series of the #Photographs

#Travel #Photography #Art #Architecture #Sculptures
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Classical Artwork of the Week - The Hellenistic Prince 👑🏛️

(1/6) This stunning Greek bronze sculpture of a relaxed, heroic young man was made in the 2nd century BCE, and stands at an imposing 2.04m tall!

#Classics #Art #Archaeology #Roman #Greek #Hellenic
(2/6) Produced using a lost wax process, the sculpture depicts a naked and athletic figure reclining on his spear in a pose traditionally associated with heroism. Inspired by the 4th century BCE "Heracles" of the artist Lysippos, it was likely produced in the city of Rome.
(3/6) The identity of the figure has been a point of academic debate. Alternatively known as the Seleucid Prince, the sculpture was originally believed to depict either Seleucus I, the founder of the Seleucid Empire, or Attalus II, the King of Pergamon.
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Here's a thread on how I make scientific illustrations for describing new species of invertebrates #sciencetwitter #art #science #illustration #taxonomy #teaminvert
My favorite way to learn a new group of inverts is to describe & draw a new species. You have to do all this research on known species so you learn a lot. Then you do detailed drawings that ensure you learn each structure. Hard to forget something you spent hours drawing
The end result is a series of drawings like this that show important anatomical structures that are used to identify different species #draw #science #art #scienceillustration
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Is #FINCEN coming for #NFT #Art markets? A thread about the #NDAA, Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2020 (AMLA), its expansion of BSA coverage to include “dealers in antiquities,” & what it might mean for the #crypto art world: (link to notice here:… ) /1
Why regulate transactions of antiquities (&maybe art)? The concern is that art & antiquities can be used for money laundering, to violate sanctions, & “have been linked to ...criminal networks, ...terrorism, & the persecution of individuals or groups on cultural grounds.” /2
On Jan. 1, 2021, Congress passed the NDAA, which expands existing anti-money laundering (AML) requirements on a variety of fronts, including the addition of “dealers in antiquities” to the definition of “financial institution.” /3
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[Manifesto. #1 One]
#CivicWave is an #informalgroup of the #progressist area, on Twitter, but attentive to movements on other #social and off-network that, aware of the importance of active #participation, intends to take...

We call it #gentlerevolution.
[Manifesto. #2 Two]
Joining #CivicWave #OndaCivica is compatible with all progressive Italian and international hashtags, including:
#FR, #6000sardine, #Forumalcentro,
#FBPE, #FBPEGlobal, #FBR.

The symbols in bio are:
#OndaCivica🌊🌊🌊 #CivicWave🌊🌊🌊,
or for short #OC🌊
[Manifesto. #3 Three]
#CivicWave promotes the #civil and prolific confrontation of ideas and experiences, in #respect of the diversity of views, to reduce #conversions and protagonism, in the conviction that #dialogue is stimulus and richness and allows to highlight # common...
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 03/09/2021…
Scientists find evidence of mathematical structures in classic books | James Joyce | The Guardian…

#fractal #joyce #evidence #books #structures
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CLIP + StyleGAN + #mylittlepony A thread 🧵starting with @ElvisPresley

"A pony that looks like Elvis Presley"
#AI #art #NLP #ML
CLIP + StyleGAN + #mylittlepony + @Beyonce
CLIP + StyleGAN + #mylittlepony + @billieeilish
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CLIP + StyleGAN FFHQ (noise vecs) is amazing! Same seed for each image (9):

"it was one of those rare smiles with a quality of eternal reassurance in it that you may come across four or five times in life"


"Grey eyes that grow sadder than sunset or rain"
#AI #art #poetry
I think the problem vs other methods (CC CLIP gang @advadnoun @erocdrahs @JanelleCShane) is an unstructured image+network is too complicated to optimize -- starting with a limited latent space (humans? cats? churches?) limits the space for CLIP to shine. Credit to @l4z for idea
More CLIP + FFHQ(noise) optimization (seed 27):

"A person with big anime eyes"


"her white face turned upward the hands thrown out and clutched full of grass the clothing deranged the long dark hair in tangles and full of clotted blood" (Ambrose Bierce)

#AI #art #anime
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 03/06/2021…
The climate crisis shows how rich people blow through their “fair share” of carbon emissions - Vox…

#carbon #climate #share #emissions
Climate change and infectious diseases in North America: the road ahead

#ClimateChange #InfectiousDiseases #consequences
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My 555 #nft batch is an exception, a one time only gift and thank you to the rad community that expressed has about $100 to play with. It is not intended to be a rare collectible its my version of prints or stickers. 99% of my art has always been 1/1 🙌🎨continues in comments👇
I do believe in scarcity and all my other #nfts are 1/1 or max 5/5 . How do we keep art rare and also include everyone to have access to play and be a part of the space. I feel if each artists released 1 big batch for their comm that doesnt take away from the scarcity👇
There is enough room for most of the art to be rare and also have a category of accessible stamp logo sticker print like thank you that comm can hold and be a part of the space. Thoughts? Lets @clubhouse about it 💗🎨🙌👇
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Surprise Drop! 🙌🎨I rarely create big batches of anything but this piece keeps getting requested and as a thank you for your love and support I have made a 555 batch of BTC Balance on the Chain, gracias!🥰❤️ via @rariblecom

#NFTs #nfts #nftart #art Image
omg 30 sold immediately 🥰😀😍😭🤩😀❤️ thank you! Im so happy i can finally get art to yall! #nft learning curve even if you've been in it for a while. the limited shirts from this collection sold out! so here is a way to own a bit of this piece still <3
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#Efemérides #TalDíaComoHoy #OnThisDay #BOTD #Art #Painter #joaquinsorolla

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Hoy, día 27 de febrero, nacía JOAQUÍN SOROLLA Y BASTIDA (f. 1923), pintor español.
Formado en su ciudad natal con el escultor Capuz, estudió posteriormente las obras del Museo del Prado y, gracias a una beca, pudo residir y estudiar en Roma de 1884 a 1889.

En esta época se dedicó sobre todo a cuadros de temática histórica, que no ofrecen demasiado interés.
Un viaje a París en 1894 lo puso en contacto con la pintura impresionista, lo que supuso una verdadera revolución en su estilo.

Abandonó los temas anteriores y comenzó a pintar al aire libre, dejándose invadir por la luz y el color del Mediterráneo.
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Arte 🎨 Natalie Shau
#arte #artwork #art ImageImageImageImage
Spell, Witches, Folk
Arte 🎨 Natalie Shau
#Arte #artwork #art ImageImageImageImage
Spell, Witches, Folk
Arte 🎨 Natalie Shau
#arte #art #artworks ImageImageImageImage
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