the Japanese prime minister has cancelled a trip to Australia? Morrison says it is because they are dealing with the “exact same challenges” we are, a lie.
They do not have a terminally lazy leader who has chosen to prioritise pandemic politics for two years.
btw ABC News24 billed this presser as an announcement about a tennis player and his invalid visa.
his children have access to the best vaccine program in the world so getting kids back to school.
oh here it is. Morrison is repeating the #CampaignComms he tweeted out this morning. Chest thumping border talk. Drink.
incredible. There is no confusion over what is the responsibility of the ABF. From memory, this is a first.
turned around with a visa? Happens “all the time”, says Morrison, a classic trope from the political spin kit.
he does not know if quarantine was going to be waived, Morrison says, deflecting onto a state Labor government. He is now reading out the ministerial advice from Hunt to Tennis Australia “in November last year” lol the props tho😂
states will supply their own PCR tests says Morrison. He recites the 10 million tests figure that was a big favourite yesterday. That is less than one test for every two people, over an unspecified period.
how will Australia report on positive RAT results? Will you consider RATs with QR codes? Morrison says they are “working on” something. So, no.
he then says - wait for it - that “case numbers will be under-reported in Australia” because people are testing and “self-managing at home”.
whoops. “Given the supply issues”. What supply issues would those be. Nobody asks. He quickly defaults back to states responsibilities. Someone asks another tennis Q.
rules are enforced at the border, says Morrison. He wants to make it very clear that people are responsible for their own assessment of whether being issued a visa to enter Australia by Australian officials means they can actually enter Australia [paraphrased].
he says his government is very focused on the distribution of health workers and aged care workers and food. Adds that we need truckies to keep on trucking like the slogan bogan he is.
the pandemic leave payment is in place for when state governments enforce isolation requirements, says Morrison. He would “encourage” journalists to “familiarise” themselves with those “arrangements”, but demonstrates no further knowledge of his own.
pandemic leave has been in place for two years? I think that is what he said. If so, a lie.
[butterfly meme template]

Scott Morrison, a politician: tweets about tennis player thing, calls press conference to chestbeat about tennis player thing.
9fax journo: is this politicised?
at least I think it was Harris who put that disingenuous nonsense to him, but can not be sure.
emotion alert. He was at a war memorial with Abe, the Japanese pr pr pr prime minister, says the Australian prime minister, wiping his eyes, but figuratively.
lmao Tingle asks if perhaps we could be prepared for virus variants during a pandemic. Morrison calls this basic proposition “plenty of armchair critics”. Someone else - Martin? - says but surely we can prepare for a pandemic during a pandemic?? He hates this.
and with one more tennis distraction Q from, I assume, one of the usual plants, off he fucks.

• • •

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6 Jan
unions “can put in place” the protections “we need”. Casual workers can not.
omg fuck me I can not describe how bad casual conditions are and how much worse it has got. Being casual is eleventy times more fucked up now than it was five, ten, twenty years ago.
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6 Jan
we pay Scott Morrison $550K a year to watch him learn the limits of “because I said so”, which has never worked, as a way to manage human beings.
how many parents learn this the hard way. How many bosses. But we still are forced to stand by while Scott fucking Morrison works out the most basic lesson known to man - yes, man - in real time.
just speaking for myself here… I learnt that “because I said so” does not work when my oldest child was oh idk around four years old? He turns 30 this year.
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5 Jan
ya fave Samantha Maiden, who knows he announced publicly funded RATs at “point of care” - the old “testing clinics” - for the ranks of non-unemployed yesterday.
presumably she also understands the publicly funded RATs handed out to Morrison, his ministers, and their staffers are not limited to fewer than one per week.
and the idea that lazy slob earns his massive salary is obnoxious. He is paid $550K every year. He does not “earn” a single dollar.
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5 Jan
“convenience purposes, casual purposes, peace of mind purposes” - Morrison is still accusing us of wanting to test for the hell of it.
omicron is pushing that curve up, says Morrison, hunching his shoulders and using both arms to weirdly simulate an exponential curve.

Old enough to remember when delta was blamed for his government making really shit spending decisions.
he keeps saying 10 million RATs supplied to “point of care” testing clinics. That is fewer than one for every two people, at places which have largely been closed, shut down, or do not exist.
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4 Jan
the political economy of Morrison’s decision to enable price gouging and deny RATs to everyone who cannot afford $10 or $20 or $50 per test.…
it is the usual combination. Liberal Party political decisions enrich client donors and the shareholder base, people who want for nothing plus breathtakingly wasteful use of public cash, costing far more than every other option, making poor people sick and rich people richer.
as well as the eyewateringly wasteful spending of public money, there is of course the bone idle laziness, hopeless incompetence, and stubborn refusal to lift a finger for anyone outside the Coalition class.
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2 Jan
three months ago, with delta at 1K+/day, Berejiklian constantly bleating about double dose privileges and heavily policing west and south west Sydney… back then. NSW Health did the contact tracing, delivered a thermometer and oxymeter to your door, and called every day.
for the record, I am not even slightly surprised that male Liberal politician-led governments have abandoned basic public health settings. They may be surprised when their callous disregard hits them where it hurts. In their political careers. After the damage is done. As ever.
we didn’t tell people when my son got it. We just isolated and covid safed the home. Masks inside. Gloves for kitchen stuff. Threw out all the toothbrushes and bits of soap. Towels and tea towels etc on high wash rotation. Sanitiser and wipes next to all the door handles.
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