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good morning from unceded Darug lands☀️this week on #Insiders are ABC Indigenous editor Bridget Brennan, TSP political corro Karen Middleton and murdoch politics editor James Campbell. The interviews are with Liberal Party campaign rep Simon Birmingham and Greens MP Adam Bandt.
opening spiel: a jump in inflation, probably interest rate rise, and now cost of living is front and centre in the campaign, says Speers. #Insiders
in other words, headline economic figures reflect Coalition economic management so disastrous that even the press gallery has noticed. #Insiders
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the media narrative is solidifying. I’m hearing that bad economic and national security news - reportedly occurring independently of disastrous Coalition leadership in both (all) areas over these 9 years - might (as opposed to voters voting) enable Labor to scrape into power.
disastrous economic and national security outlooks are made to serve press narratives: journalists frame the inevitable result of Coalition governments as a shock upset to the garbage tropes they falsely attribute to 17 million voters and love to repeat at every opportunity.
waiting to see what press gallery journalists say about a week of Labor front benchers being provided - by newsroom bosses - with something resembling air time parity with the Coalition. If they concede it maybe turned out well for the Labor campaign, the switch is in.
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Kathryn Greiner is on ABC radio arguing against payrises for frontline health workers because it will just be swallowed up by inflation and spruiking a private meditech company that she chairs as an alternative. To payrises. For HCWs.
it is always the sleaziest most brazen Liberals who muscle onto ABC panels to hawk their self-serving careerist barrows wrapped in garbage ideological lies that are wholly inconsistent with the existence of the public broadcaster and public health system and public education.
Sheridan should have been banned from the ABC after frothing at the mouth in full public view at both Baird and Trioli.
Speers invited van Onselen back after a defence of his alleged rapist mate Christian Porter left both Annabel Crabb and Katherine Murphy literally speechless.
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we start with the formalities that conveniently veil the fact that this is a wholly partisan speech and corruption of incumbent power.
he starts with “the war in Europe” - he means the Putin invasion of Ukraine - to try and uplift the fiscal failings of his government with a vague international comparison. Stay classy mate.
the expected list of numbers. Compared to last year ie internal KPIs, like the “expected” trope that follows. People are of course obscured and disappeared into “welfare” and “unemployment” and “jobs”.
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RN is reporting the federal budget will include “help” for first home buyers. In 2019 the Liberal Party campaign launch centrepiece was “help” for first home buyers.
Public money for commuter car parks also in the federal budget, reports RN. Not kidding.
maybe the many expensive strategists hired by Morrison on our coin saw #Insiders responding to corrupted Coalition administration by chuckling contemptuously at voters and Labor yesterday. And gave a relieved thumbs up to their only idea, bald-faced vote-buying.
with Labor ahead in the polls, the budget is becoming even more important as a launch pad for the government’s re-election chances - Karvelas.
A government will be elected. She means the Liberal Party and National Party campaign strategy.
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good morning from unceded Darug lands☀️today on #Insiders are Guardian chief politics corro Sarah Martin, 9fax (The Age) economics writer Shane Wright and 9fax (AFR) economics editor John Kehoe. The interview is with shadow Treasurer Dr Jim Chalmers.
this thread is not fact checked. I block snitch-taggers. If that is a new term to you, google it.
opening spiel: it’s a critical week ahead.
What’s the Morrison perspective, skip? Well, the federal budget is the “last chance” for the Coalition parties to turn their electoral chances around. Speers calls Morrison government vote buying “a spending spree”. #Insiders
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every single bit of media coverage on this re-announcement by the Morrisons is free campaign advertising for the Liberal Party. Every column inch. Every second of airtime. All of it. Clowns.
framing the re-announcement with line items is specifically designed to make Liberal Party #CampaignComms look credible. It is bookended by poor Jenny narratives. Wholly partisan. Straight up advertising, for the Coalition, during a federal campaign they are losing ON MEDICARE.
the partisan health messaging from Speers last night was so irrational I wondered if he is okay. Is hospital funding a good idea? Will Labor pay “aged care” more? He seemed unaware that federal “aged care” cash is currently given to wealthy Liberal Party client donors.
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it is not a tightrope. That’s a thing circus performers do. It is a stimulus measure that has known multiplier effects on quarterly figures which these men will then “report” during the election campaign to promote Liberal Party lies.
there is no pub test. Journalists use pub test as a euphemism for corrupted decisions made and corrupted actions taken by the Morrison government.
culture wars means violent bigotry, pass it on.
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good morning from unceded Darug lands☀️today on #Insiders are 9fax columnist Jennifer Hewett, 9fax columnist and former Liberal Party staffer to 9fax chair Niki Savva, and murdoch editor James Campbell. The interview is with Liberal Party backbencher James Paterson.
this thread is not factchecked. It is not reporting. This is comment, representing nothing and nobody else. I block snitch taggers. Regular reminder that whatever Speers frames as “bad news” for the pro-emissions pro-corruption pro-sex offender party is good news for the polity.
opening spiel: “the prime minister has set his comeback course”: cue Speers repeating Liberal Party campaign messaging, for free.
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The Liberal Party is targeting its toxic attack ads at males on Facebook.

Happily for Scott Morrison, the press gallery spent the entire week advertising the same Liberal Party #CampaignComms for free.…
the Guardian could have chosen a picture of Liberal Party politicians for the thumbnail on a story about Liberal Party attack ads. But they chose to publish the attack ads - for free - instead. This is how it works.
for the 2019 election, the corporate press advertised Liberal Party death tax lies every single day. We are still three months out from the 2022 election and already they are obediently enabling and facilitating the Liberal Party campaign.
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so many deaths especially in aged care homes are a problem *for the Morrison government* which was apparently “too optimistic”. Also Liberal Party politicians feel sad about maybe losing power this year.
lmao the poor Scott narrative which was kicked off by Murphy last week by elevating a view expressed by one white male blue collar voter is gathering speed with press gallery sympathisers👏🏼 Image
pretty funny* that Morrison is so desperate he is already pivoting to underdog comms and the press gallery bless ‘em are right there alongside him to kick Liberal Party #CampaignComms along in an election year.
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seems journalists can not recall the RBA dropping interest rates since the first Abbott Hockey budget tanked our post-GFC recovery, and throughout the Turnbull and Morrison governments, because Coalition economic management is so bad.
long before the pandemic, the RBA Governor was trying to save garbage Coalition fiscal policy from itself - mountains of debt, eye-watering waste, austerity budgets - by dropping interest rates to stimulate the becalmed economy.
press gallery journalists, who understand next to nothing about macroeconomics or any economic theory, out here amplifying political lies about what conclusions one can surely draw from a possible future minuscule interest rate correction.
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the Japanese prime minister has cancelled a trip to Australia? Morrison says it is because they are dealing with the “exact same challenges” we are, a lie.
They do not have a terminally lazy leader who has chosen to prioritise pandemic politics for two years.
btw ABC News24 billed this presser as an announcement about a tennis player and his invalid visa.
his children have access to the best vaccine program in the world so getting kids back to school.
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good morning from unceded Darug lands☀️today on #Insiders are Saturday Paper journo Karen Middleton, ABC (Triple J) journo Shalailah Medhora and murdoch ass. editor Cameron Stewart.
Interview is with Scott Morrison.
This thread is not fact-checked.
Kabul falls, the Taliban is back, opens Speers. Back home NSW has reported highest ever daily case numbers, which Speers calls a “record”. #Insiders
the scenes from Afghanistan have “dented American prestige”, Speers editorialises, and Australia “scrambles” to get its people out. #Insiders
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wild cases are up to 546 in NSW today. Berejiklian is boasting about dose and testing numbers and saying “stay home”. She has extended the regional NSW lockdown to 28 August.
she is promising “opportunities” to the fully vaccinated population again “to do some things you can not do now”. This is her #CampaignComms to the Liberal Party base in northern and eastern Sydney.
no mention of whether fully vaccinated Liberal Party voters will be allowed to go skiing with their unvaccinated children.
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