Thread. Good morning. Another turbulent day is expected in #Kazakhstan.

Shootout at Republix square in Almaty (Source: Sputnik Kazakhstan)

The military on armored personnel carriers and armored vehicles managed to encircle protestors in Almaty's city centre.

#Kazakhstan #KazakhstanProtests
A large-scale "cleanup" from looters began in Almaty as of this morning.

The military and representatives of law enforcement agencies are taking part in the operation, the Mir 24 TV channel reports.

#Kazakhstan #KazakhstanProtests
Near the government house in Nur-Sultan - reinforcement, near the capital airport - armored personnel carriers, military and police officers with firearms.

No changes regarding local transport, people off to work as usual.

Source: Sputnik Kazakhstan
At the moment, the situation is calm in Nur-Sultan.

In Almaty, the military forced civilians to withdraw 100 meters, after which a fierce firefight happened at the square.

#KazakhstanProtests #Kazakhstan
At Republic Square in Almaty, around 50 military vehicles, including armored personnel carriers, armored vehicles and military trucks with armed security forces.

#KazakhstanProtests #Kazakhstan
"The activities of all financial institutions have been temporarily suspended in #Kazakhstan", spokesperson of the National Bank Olzhas Ramazanov said on the air of the Khabar 24 TV channel.
#Kazakhstan is a huge Bitcoin miner. The government turned off their internet after #KazakhstanProtests.

That is why crypto is tanking currently.
Bitcoin mining hashrate drops 13% following #Kazakhstan internet shutdown. #KazakhstanProtests
Afghan soldiers used to ensure public order in Almaty (Sputnik Kazakhstan)

”Moscow police have reportedly received orders to arrest anyone spotted in the city’s center carrying any signs or symbols that represent #Kazakhstan. Officers have already arrested several people “who looked like "Kazakhstanis,” reports the Telegram channel Baza
There is a large queue at the branch of Halyk Bank in Nur-Sultan. People are withdrawing money since other banks are shut.

Due to the lack of the Internet, stores are only accepting cash.

#Kazakhstan #KazakhstanProtests
Latest stats about 2022 #KazakhstanProtests:

* 500 protestors wounded
* 317 police officers/the national guards wounded
* 200 protestors arrested
* 8 dead: all police officers
* At least 1 protestor died after getting shot in the head by police
Those who cannot afford to pay due to internet interruptions are allowed to use the buses in Nur-Sultan (Sputnik Kazakhstan).

#KazakhstanProtests #Kazakhstan
#Kazakhstan, with a population of 19 million, is by far the richest country in Central Asia, with a GDP per capita of $27,000 and more than $35 billion in reserves, yet it was still possible for the country to devolve into chaos in a matter of days.
Excluding Baltic states, Turkmenistan is the only country where Russia got no military presence at the moment.
Mobile connection is not working in Almaty at the moment. #Kazakhstan
A huge scale gunfight ongoing near Republic Square, Almaty. #Kazakhstan

© Valeriy Sharifulin
Uranium prices jumped 8% as Kazakhstan.

The country produces more than 40% of the world’s uranium, has disrupted communications networks and restricted some travel in a bid to quell the unrest.
Based on statistics, the social unrest is happening in the cities and the uranium deposits are obviously far away from those cities in #Kazakhstan.

But everything has to move around by truck and boat, and if those supply routes got impacted it could create delays.
The passengers of the flight Kostanay - Almaty spent the whole night at the Nur-Sultan airport.

Many went to stay with relatives and friends. Several dozen passengers of this flight are now at the airport. #Kazakhstan
Most servicemen left Almaty's central square. At least two protestors remain on the barricades and they are waving flags. #Kazakhstan
The price of #Kazakhstan’s dollar-denominated debt went down after the protests and the resignation of the government.

Shares in uranium company Kazatomprom dropped 8 per cent, and those of Kaspi bank lost more than 20 per cent.
In Nur-Sultan, all crucial facilities are operating normally, the press service of the city reports.

"Keruen" shopping centre is open.
Graphic videos are coming from Almaty. At least one protestor (aged 20-23) is dead. If we look at video, he was shot in the chest.

According to eyewitness accounts, soldiers opened fire on the crowd. #Kazakhstan
"The CSTO forces in #Kazakhstan will not restore order - their role is in the protection of military infrastructure and other facilities.

The local security forces will cope with the gangs,"

Head of the State Duma Committee on the CIS Kalashnikov.
Keruen, Keruen City, Asia Park and Khan-Shatyr malls are open from 10:00 to 21:00 in Nur-Sultan.

The govt officials is expected to update the public near afternoon and evening via "Khabar 24" and "Kazakhstan" state TV channels. #Kazakhstan
This prediction about Kazakhstan aged very poorly
At least 8 protestors are dead based on this footage from #Kazakhstan

Residents of Almaty near Masanchi, Karasai Batyr, Zhambyl, Baitursynov streets are asked not to leave their homes due to security operations near the area.

#KazakhstanProtests #Kazakhstan
"Dozens of attackers were eliminated at night during an attempt to storm a police building in Almaty", according to local authorities.

#KazakhstanProtests #Kazakhstan
The situation in Nur-Sultan is calm, there is no protest activity, the Internet is still off.

The transport functions as usual. The residence of the president of the country is cordoned off by special forces.

Source: TASS
Expect death toll to surge from 20 people to over 150 people. Unfortunately, most of them are going to be young people.

Around 51% of Kazakhstan’s population aged under 29, millennials are a significant bloc in the country.

#KazakhstanProtests #Kazakhstan
Right now there is a military operation near the area of the police department in Almaty. #Kazakhstan
Police spokesman Saltanat Azirbek:

"In Almaty last night, there were attempts to storm administrative buildings, the police department, as well as district directorates and police branches.

Dozens of attackers have been eliminated, their identities are being identified."
Several hundred protesters remain in the central square in Aktau. New protesters joining them at the square. They surrounded the square with barriers.

There are no patrol cars or police. Mobile and internet networks are down. (Sputnik Kazakhstan)

Tokayev appoints new head of the Agency for Strategic Planning and Reforms:

Aset Irgaliyev (the Minister of the National Economy)
Another change:

Aytkurman Omarbekov was appointed Acting Deputy Head of the State Security Service of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Commander of the Special Forces
Consequences of the protests in Almaty © Valeriy Sharifulin
SMS notifications about the anti-terrorist operation in the city sent to all Almaty residents.

Everyone is asked to stay in a safe place.

#KazakhstanProtests #Kazakhstan
Update. 2022 #KazakhstanProtests in figures:

✊🏼 Protestors

Wounded: 500+
Dead: 30+
Arrested: 200

🚨 Police and the national guard

Wounded: 317+
Dead: 8
More updates from #Kazakhstan:

* 7 Magnum supermarkets damaged in Almaty
* Nur Otan branch completely burned down in Taraz
* Winter holidays for schoolchildren have been extended until January 17
Tokayev instructed to create an investigation group to identify the causes of the protests in Kazakhstan and bring the perpetrators to criminal responsibility.
More than a thousand people in Kazakhstan have wounded as a result of the riots (the Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan)
Update. 2022 #KazakhstanProtests in figures:

✊🏼 Protestors

Wounded: 1000+
Dead: 30+
Arrested: 200

🚨 Police and the national guard

Wounded: 317+
Dead: 8
Nur-Sultan Airport is operating normally, but flights for today are canceled. #Kazakhstan
More than 1 thousand people throughout #Kazakhstan were wounded as a result of the protests:

* Around 400 people were hospitalized;
* 62 people are in intensive care

Source: Khabar 24

The death toll has not been reported.
Now official: CSTO sent soldiers to Kazakhstan

From Russia, the contingent includes units of the Airborne Forces (VDV)
Footage from the airport in Almaty. This was recorded yesterday.

#Kazakhstan #KazakhstanProtests
Around 200-250 protestors gathering at Republic Square in Almaty.

There are no police or military personnel...yet.

#Kazakhstan #KazakhstanProtests
Azerbaijani social media are very sympathetic to #KazakhstanProtests:

"Now Kazakhs also got their own "Black January*"😢

* A violent crackdown on the civilian population of Baku on 19–20 January 1990 by Soviet Army. During the events - 170 people died and 800 injured.
People gathering again on the square in Aktau but they did not put forward new requirements.

They are discussing about organizational issues, including the need for garbage collection. #Kazakhstan
Residents of Mangystau Region urge each other not to attend rallies anymore.

Their requirements have been met, and they are distributing the corresponding message via WhatsApp.

#Kazakhstan #KazakhstanProtests
The head of Russia’s space agency Rogozin tweeted today that the situation at the Baikonur Cosmodome is calm despite the political turmoil in #Kazakhstan.

Russia pays Kazakhstan for use of the cosmodrome, built when the country was part of the Soviet Union.
Residents of Almaty were informed about the anti-terrorist operations via pro-state TV channel as more military operations ongoing in the city. #Kazakhstan
Protesters surrounded some hospitals in Almaty. They are trying to block patients and doctors' entrance.

Source: Khabar 24
Two hospitals encircled by protestors in Almaty. #KazakhstanProtests #Kazakhstan
Footage from Almaty. Residents asked to stay at home. #Kazakhstan
Siloviks in Almaty. #KazakhstanProtests #Kazakhstan
Taldykorgan. #Kazakhstan #KazakhstanProtests
More footage from Almaty. #Kazakhstan #KazakhstanProtests
Residents of Taldykorgan complain about the shortage of gasoline.

They say that there is no fuel at filling stations.

There are practically no products left on the shelves - no pasta, no bread, no flour. #KazakhstanProtests
Some people in Kazakhstan robbed banks and gave money to poor people.

#KazakhstanProtests #Kazakhstan #SharingIsCaring
Today's footage from Almaty. Grim... #KazakhstanProtests #Kazakhstan
The rally in Aktau is over. Some activists said they were leaving the square, some decided to stay.

The body of a decapitated man was found in Almaty.

#Kazakhstan #KazakhstanProtests
More update:

✊🏼 Protestors

Wounded: 1000+
Dead: 50+
Arrested: 200

🚨 Police and the national guard

Wounded: 353
Dead: 12 (All of them in Almaty)

#Kazakhstan #KazakhstanProtests
Airports in Almaty, Aktau and Aktobe still not functional. #Kazakhstan
Lufthansa announced that it no longer offers regular flights to Almaty. #Kazakhstan
Police managed to "neutralize" protestors in Kyzylorda.
More updates from Kazakhstan:

* Armenia sent about 70 servicemen to Kazakhstan

* Offices of five TV channels in Almaty got damaged and looted: MIR, Kazakhstan, Khabar, Eurasia, KTK

* All Air Astana flights canceled until January 7
Latest update

✊🏼 Protestors

Wounded: 1000+
Dead: 50+
Arrested: 200

🚨 Police and the national guard

Wounded: 353
Dead: 13 (Almaty only)

#Kazakhstan #KazakhstanProtests
Lavrov and Cavusoglu discussed by phone the situation in Kazakhstan and the upcoming meeting of the Russia-NATO Council, Turkish TV reports.
From 5th to 6th January, 1644 Kazakhs arrived from Kazakhstan to Kyrgyzstan.
Tajikistan sent about 200 servicemen to Kazakhstan
Updates from #Kazakhstan:

* In Taraz, 3 police buildings and 50 police cars were burned down - the regional department, the city administration and the police department No. 1.

* The situation is calm in Atyrau
In Ust-Kamenogorsk and Semey: there is no Internet and money in ATMs. Some of the workers were sent home.

From time to time Beeline mobile connection appears, but there is no Internet.

The situation is calm in both cities.

There are some protests and looting happening in Nur-Sultan.

A state of emergency is in force in the capital. There is a curfew from 11:00 pm to 7:00 am.
* Today there were at least 3000-4000 protestors in Aktau. They demand two things:

1. No to civil war
2. Half of them are against public rally

* There is a clash between security officials and rioters in Almaty's hospital No. 1 and No. 7. #Kazakhstan
* 14 people died in Kyzylorda.

* 3 decapitated bodies of police officers found in Almaty.

#Kazakhstan #KazakhstanProtests
Update as more grim statistics are coming:

✊🏼 Protestors

Wounded: 1000+
Dead: 64+ (14 in Kyzylorda)
Arrested: 200

🚨 Police and the national guard

Wounded: 353
Dead: 14 (Almaty only). 3 people decapitated

#Kazakhstan #KazakhstanProtests
Protests are still going ahead in Aktau. #Kazakhstan #KazakhstanProtests
6000-7000 people gathered in Zhanaozen.

Local authorities of Mangystau district said to the public that "no local activists will be arrested". #KazakhstanProtests #Kazakhstan
Around 10 detained at protest in support of Kazakhstan people at Chistoprudniy boulevard in Moscow, according to the BBC Russian.
The internet is restored in Nur-Sultan. #Kazakhstan
The Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Defense Committee Yuri Shvytkin:

"The operation of the CSTO peacekeepers in Kazakhstan may last a month."

Source: Interfax (Russia)
The Kazakh authorities have banned all foreigners from entering the country in connection with the state of emergency.

Except for the CSTO troops.
People armed with machine guns are standing at the city hospital No.7 in Almaty, which is located in Kalkaman.

They do not let anyone in or out, including ambulances.
Kaspi, Halyk and Otbasy banks will not charge interest for late loans. The offer is valid until January 19.
Protests in Zhanaozen. #KazakhstanProtests #Kazakhstan
In Kyzylorda, windows and doors in city buildings have been broken.

ATMs do not work in the city, there is no bread in the shops.
Around 200 people arrested in Almaty, according to Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan.
Updates from #Kazakhstan:

* The sale of alcohol is banned in the north of Kazakhstan in connection with the state of emergency

* The total amount of damage after the protest in Kazakhstan is roughly $ 92 million
At least 4 police officers died in Shymkent.

The head of the Health Department said that there are many dead.
Scary figures. Update:

✊🏼 Protestors

Wounded: 1000+
Dead: 50+
Arrested: 2400 (2000 in Almaty)

🚨 Police and the national guard

Wounded: 353
Dead: 17 (13 in Almaty, 4 in Shymkent)

#Kazakhstan #KazakhstanProtests
The internet is partially restored in most regions except for the city of Almaty and Almaty district
* Shots and sounds of explosions are heard in Almaty near Republic Square

* The Altyn Kor ("Golden Fund") storage facility of the "Kazakstan" TV channel burned down.

* Siloviks guarding the presidential residence in Nur-Sultan
Stores of large retail chains of food and non-food products were looted in Almaty, Taldykorgan, Uralsk and Shymkent. Most of them are in Almaty.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan denied info about the suspension of the entry of foreign citizens into the country.
There are wounded people during the shooting on Republic Square in Almaty, eyewitnesses say (TASS).
Military operations is ongoing in Almaty's central square. The situation is severe. #Kazakhstan

✊🏼 Protestors

Wounded: 1000+
Dead: 100+
Arrested: 2400+ (2000 in Almaty)

🚨 Police and the national guard

Wounded: 353+
Dead: 17 (13 in Almaty, 4 in Shymkent)

#Kazakhstan #KazakhstanProtests
Latest situation in Kostanay.

According to eyewitnesses, some rioters wore same uniform as security officials. #Kazakhstan
"Terrorists have been killed near the police headquarters of the Almaly district of Almaty," said an official representative of the commandant of Almaty.

There is an information about the seizure of the TV tower "Koktobe" in Almaty as well. #KazakhstanProtests
Germany has suspended the work of the consulate in Almaty and recommends its citizens to refrain from traveling there, the German Foreign Ministry said.

• • •

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6 Jan
Thread. #KazakhstanProtests in numbers:

✊🏼 Protestors

Wounded: 1000+
Dead: 100+
Arrested: 2400+

🚨 Police and the national guard

Wounded: 353+
Dead: 17

#KazakhstanProtests by city.


✊🏼 Protestors

Wounded: Unknown
Dead: Unknown
Arrested: Unknown

🚨 Police and the national guard

Wounded: Unknown
Dead: 4

✊🏼 Protestors

Wounded: 500+
Dead: 100+
Arrested: 2000+

🚨 Police and the national guard

Wounded: 353
Dead: 13

#KazakhstanProtests #Kazakhstan
Read 6 tweets
6 Jan
Turkey and the UAE have been at loggerheads because of Turkish allegations that the Emirates had funded a failed 2016 military attempt to topple President Erdogan and Emirati objections to Turkish support for political Islam, particularly the Muslim Brotherhood.
Turkey and the UAE have fought military and political proxy battles in Libya, Syria, the Eastern Mediterranean, and France, where they were on opposite sides of the divide.
Furthermore, Ankara supported Qatar and expanded its military presence in the Gulf state during the 3.5 year-long UAE-Saudi-led diplomatic and economic boycott of Qatar that was lifted in January.
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6 Jan
Pakistani political and military leaders have vowed to eradicate ultra-conservative religious extremism that drove a mob to torture, brutally lynch a Sri Lankan national, and burn his body in the eastern city of Sialkot.
235 people arrested in connection with the killing.
Kazakhstan's some TV channels started to show "doctored" footage from the events.
Read 5 tweets
6 Jan
If you are interested in Kazakhstan's political sphere, read more Zhanaozen massacre.

In 2011, more than 14 protestors were killed by police in the town as people clashed with police on the country's Independence Day, with unrest spreading to other towns.
According to Amnesty International, the massacre was a stark illustration of the country's poor human rights record.
And guess what...

Tony Blair gave damage-limitation advice to Kazakhstan's president and helped him craft a response which was later delivered before Western media.…
Read 6 tweets
6 Jan
Iranian support for Arab militias has long threatened Iran’s foes, unable to develop an effective counterstrategy.
A string of recent events suggests that the usefulness of at least some of the militias in Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq, and Palestine is fading as their popularity reduced and relations with Tehran encounter headwinds.
Of course, Tehran is not going to dump its non-state Arab allies.

They remain too powerful a military force to defeat and valuable leverage of Iranian regional power in Lebanon and Iraq even if they may be past the peak of their lifecycle.
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6 Jan
Nursultan Nazarbayev was the last barricade blocking a Russian-Kazakh confrontation.

But as he got older and weaker, Putin managed to beat him.
Most Kazakh activists pushing for Russian inherited from Soviet days to take second place to Kazakh as the country’s primary language.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov charged that xenophobia had sparked several attacks on Russian speakers in Kazakhstan.

Alexander Boroday, a former separatist leader in Ukraine’s Donetsk-turned-member of the Russian parliament stated:

“Unfortunately, in Asia, only the language of power is well understood." - referring to Kazakhstan.
Read 9 tweets

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