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Had a moment at shopper’s drug mart last night, a 22 year old child didn’t have the funds for his medication, he was so embarrassed and was almost in tears, went to leave, a woman and I at the same time said we got you, I chased him back, said I have a son your
Age, and we understand, we got you... he came back, was so incredibly embarrassed, it broke my heart, the youth are just not taken care of, the pharmacist could have released the med under his name, price of 2 Starbucks, they wouldn’t, so we did. I said to the
Boy... my son is your age, I know this is hard, we just care, come back, you are worth it. We did not expect a parade, we did not want a hero cookie, we did not want the young man to feel indebted, I just wanted him to have what he needed. He hung his head,
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Wow. Das ist mein 10.000. Tweet. 💯x💯

Das hätte ich mir nicht träumen lassen, als ich mich damals bei der #Knowtech dazu habe überreden lassen, diese neue @Twitter-Plattform auch mal auszuprobieren - dabei fing alles so gut an!

Eine #Lernreise in mehreren Akten... (1/n)
Mein 1. Follower war nämlich Dave @snowded Snowden, der in seiner #Knowtech-Keynote einlud, ihm zu folgen. Nach so einem Start wird's schwer, das Niveau kontinuierlich zu steigern. Damals habe ich auch nicht kapiert, wieso ich Beiträge auf 140! Zeichen einschränken sollte 🤔(2/n)
Level 1: So habe ich die nächsten Jahre eher passiv / mitlesend verbracht. Ab & zu vorbei geschaut, selten mal was retweetet (wer erinnert sich noch an "RT" oder "MT"?) und noch seltener was gepostet. Also mittendrin in der 90%-Schublade der 90:9:1-Regel. (3/n)
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Thank you to Dr. @RobAnders1 for inviting me to present to Dr. Sarita Verma (@ddsv3) and @TheNOSM at one of their faculty retreats. They asked me to speak about a few things, but I will be tweeting my keynote which focuses on:

The Future of #MedEd*

*As seen by @TChanMD
As many of you know, I am here on Twitter. So I started my talk by inviting the @TheNOSM crew to engage with me online to talk more after my talk. The convo doesn't have to stop when I log off of WebEx...@Twitter is the ultimate #DigitalCorridor for those in #MedEd & #MedTwitter.
My intellectual & financial conflicts of interest pertaining to this talk are:
@PSIFoundation who gave me $ to study #SoMe for Education and Knowledge Translation.

@ALiEMteam honorarium to teach/administer for @ALiEMfac

@McMasterU for their patronge of @MacPFD

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Today has been fantastic!
Celebrating black history with @jasleonce @CelinaMfuko and the honour of receiving an EoE regional midwife @WENDYMATTHEWS8 award for improvement and innovation work we have led on to improve outcomes for Black Asian and Minority ethnic women and staff💃🏽
A second generation “paddy immigrant” racial issues have been part of my family culture. I am aware I receive the award as a white ally in a privileged position and of the importance of elevating the black and brown voices of those around me.
I am dedicated to using my leadership position to reduce healthcare inequalities, raise awareness and promote anti-racism. It is also important for me to say I do not get it right all the time I am learning, educating myself and seeking to create space. #doingthework #antiracism
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Since it is #ShamelessSelfpromoSunday this thread will be all about what makes my podcast special.
Revel Revel promotes "regular" people"s life stories. We all have amazing stories to share. Not just famous people.
The stories typically have coincidence, chance, fate, god, serendipity, the universe, whatever you call it at play in them.
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Good morning #30days30waysUK 😀👋
Day 2 September is #Preparedness Month packs in a lot of really important resources and it's all about 🌟Trusted Networks🌟. So get your ☕️🧁 and ...
Misinformation is dangerous. Having #TrustedNetworks is key especially for vital emergency or health info resources. Today we look at
1⃣PAUSE + CHECK #TakeCareBeforeYouShare
2⃣THINK: is it true, helpful, inspiring, necessary, kind?
3⃣Fraud: don’t become a victim + how to report
⚠️Misinformation is rampant. This endangers public health and people's lives. We all can do something to help the spread of untruthful and harmful information.
Here is how: Image
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@CalgaryResponse Bat houses are helpful in areas where few roosting opportunities exist (i.e., no old trees) esp in combination with good foraging habitat (wetlands, riparian or natural areas).
@CalgaryResponse Joining our #citizenscience project which involves reporting bat roosts, counting bats as they exit and sending us samples of bat guano will help us monitor populations and possibly protect significant colonies.
@CalgaryResponse Research suggests that "fat bats" do better overwinter in the face of white-nose syndrome. So keeping wetlands, ponds and other waterbodies pollution free & productive (especially in late summer) will help foraging bats be more successful & get nice and FAT before winter!
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„Sie ist da! Die #StVO-Novelle tritt am 28.4 in Kraft. Ich freue mich, denn damit machen wir unsere #Mobilität sicherer, klimafreundlicher & gerechter!“ BM @AndiScheuer

Wir sind verliebt & nicht nur wir... 😊Kommt mit & erlebt mit Harry seine #StreetLoveStory! 💕(1/17)
(2/17) Harry, lass es - die Rettungsgasse ist für Lebensretter da! 💕🚑

Ab dem 28.4 drohen dem, der unerlaubt die #Rettungsgasse nutzt, Bußgelder zwischen 240 und 320 Euro💶, ein Monat Fahrverbot und 2 Punkte. #StreetLoveStory #Verkehrssicherheit #StVO ℹ️
(3/17) Harry, mach Platz für die Lebensretter! 💕🚑

Wer die #Rettungsgasse blockiert, dem droht Bußgelder zwischen 240 und 320 Euro💶, ein Monat Fahrverbot und 2 Punkte. #StreetLoveStory #Verkehrssicherheit #StVO ℹ️
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Today I complete my 5 years at @Razorpay . Time flies really fast, it all seems like yesterday. Having played multiple roles at the company, I thought might be a good milestone to look back and summarise my key learnings. As people who know me wd relate - #sharingiscaring (1/11)
First professional learnings - 1. Always, Always be there for the customer. I remember times when our services were disrupted n down, but we always picked up customer calls, no matter what time n day. This built immense trust with our initial clients, they still use us :) (2/11)
2. Innovation is the key for the business, always find a way to innovate. Usually once you reach a certain stage, it is very easy to be bogged down by day to day ops. Imp to take a break and brainstorm with the team on 10 year vision. Always encourage ideas, no idea is bad (3/11)
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“Sharing is caring” salah satu hal yang dilakukan Pemerintah Kota Surabaya kepada Pemerintah Kota atau Daerah yang melakukan kunjungan kerja ke Surabaya

Keep stay tune di Bangga Surabaya!

#SharingIsCaring #BanggaSurabaya ImageImage
Hari ini (2/3) Pemerintah Kota Singkawang, Kalimantan Barat beserta jajarannya melakukan kunjungan kerja ke Pemerintah Kota Surabaya

Wali Kota Singkawang Tjhai Chui Mie menegaskan maksud melakukan kunjungan kerja untuk belajar tentang tata kelola kota

#BanggaSurabaya ImageImageImage
Tata kelola kota mulai dari pengelolaan taman, penanganan banjir hingga pengelohan sampah menjadi hal utama yg ingin dipelajari o/ jajaran Pemerintah Kota Singkawang

Tak hanya itu seusai melakukan paparan Wali Kota Surabaya Tri Rismaharini langsung mengajak meninjau bbrp lokasi ImageImage
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"Die große Wende voraus" - Dieser Vortrag von Prof. Will Steffen zur #Klimakrise ist es echt wert, sich eine Stunde Zeit zu nehmen.

Wir zeigen ihn erstmals auf Deutsch. Danke an alle Unterstützer*innen des Übersetzungsprojekts!

➡️ ⬅️ #SharingIsCaring
Insbesondere danke an @Jumpsteady!
@Jumpsteady Das englischsprachige Original gibt es übrigens unter
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Today is #SharingIsCaring Day

Please share your factory shops and outlets and such stuff

We're all trying to save money and such information helps us

I'll start ☺️
Baby Boom Factory Shop
78 Loper Avenue

If you love #WonderBra then you don't want to miss the #Playtex factory shop Christmas sale

They also have socks and undies

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Vor dem #Klimastreik heute haben wir für Euch noch ein paar #Klimafakten zusammengestellt. Geht auf die Straße! #AlleFürsKlima #SharingIsCaring [Thread]
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A man married a beautiful girl.

He loved her very much.

One day she developed a skin disease. Slowly she started to lose her #beauty.
It so happened that one day her #husband left for a tour. While returning he met with an accident and lost his eyesight.

However their married life continued as usual. But as days passed she lost her beauty gradually.
#Blind #husband did not know this and there was not any difference in their #MarriedLife.

He continued to love her and she also loved him very much.

One day she died.
Her death brought him great sorrow.
He finished all her last rites and wanted to leave that town
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Edit tutorial ala Dorippu

[a thread]
Udah aku share di Instagram sih, tp gapapa ya share ulang di Twitter juga karena masih suka ada yg nanyain biar pada tauu😚 #Sharingiscaring
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This is a common sight in some parts of Johannesburg. Adverts claiming to assist with "penis enlargement".
Most of us know that this is a scam ... but sadly people do fall for it 😞
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Tumekuwa kati ya watu wa mwanzo mwanzo kukipata na kukisoma kitabu maarufu hivyi sasa ulimwenguni #FireAndFury ambacho kimemchambua raisi wa #America @realDonaldTrump Image
Muda si mrefu tutawaletea uchambuzi wetu juu ya matukio mbalimbali yaliyoelezwa kwenye kitabu husika huku tukiangalia na kufananisha ili kuonyesha ni kwa kiwango gani matukio hayo yanafanana na matukio yanayotokea nchi #Tanzania kwa sasa
Pia tutaangazia Juu ya namna raisi huyo wa #marekani anavyofanana na raisi mh @MagufuliJP kuanzia uendeshaji kampeni, jinsi wawili hao wanavyoongoza na kutumia madaraka yao
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