Every Shafi’i ought to know this; and Have his chain to Imam #Nawawi:

أما طَريقَة الخراسانين فَإِنِّي تفقهت على أبي رَحمَه الله وتفقه هوشيا على شيخ الْمَذْهَب فِي زَمَانه أبي الْقِسْمَة بن البرزي الْجَزرِي بِجَزِيرَة ابْن عمر
وتفقه ابْن البرزي على الإِمَام أبي الْحسن الكيا الطَّبَرِيّ وتفقه الكيا على إِمَام الْحَرَمَيْنِ أبي الْمَعَالِي وتفقه أَبُو الْمَعَالِي على وَالِده الشَّيْخ أبي مُحَمَّد الْجُوَيْنِيّ وتفقه أَبُو مُحَمَّد على الإِمَام أبي بكر الْقفال الْمروزِي وتفقه الْقفال على أبي زيد الْمروزِي
وتفقه أَبُو زيد على أبي إِسْحَاق الْمروزِي وتفقه أَبُو اسحاق على أبي الْعَبَّاس بن سُرَيج وتفقه ابْن سُرَيج على أبي الْقسم الْأنمَاطِي وتفقه الْأنمَاطِي عَليّ أبي إِبْرَاهِيم الْمُزنِيّ وتفقه الْمُزنِيّ على الإِمَام الشَّافِعِي رَضِي الله عَنْهُم
وَأما طَريقَة الْعِرَاقِيّين فَإِنِّي تفقهت على وَالِدي كَمَا سبق وتفقه هُوَ على الشَّيْخ المعمراني سعد بن أبي عصرون الْموصِلِي وتفقه أَبُو سعد على القَاضِي أبي عَليّ الغارقي وتفقه القَاضِي أَبُو عَليّ على الشَّيْخ أبي اسحاق الشِّيرَازِيّ وعَلى أبي نصر بن الصّباغ صَاحب الشَّامِل
وتفقها على القَاضِي الإِمَام أبي الطّيب الطَّبَرِيّ وتفقه أَبُو الطّيب على أبي الْحسن الماسرخسي وتفقه الماسرخسي على أبي اسحاق الْمروزِي
هذا هو سند طريقي مذهبنا #مذهب #السادة #الشافعية (وكان يعرف قديما ب #الشفعوية).
This is the #sanad of the two methods of pur #Shafi School.
If you have been studying and went through the proper school path you have received your chain of Tafaquh.

• • •

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9 Jan
@abuzaidtweet @LastTantrum Where is the book?!
@abuzaidtweet @LastTantrum So we can conclude; that the book doesn’t exist.
It is an obvious fabrication; for the following reasons:
@abuzaidtweet @LastTantrum 1. Karji claimed he was a student of alShaikh, he wasn’t. So either Karji was lying and I doubt that, or the fabricator was lying, I guarantee that!
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9 Jan
كَانَتْ تَقُولُ: إِنَّ اللَّهَ أَنْكَحَنِي فِي السَّمَاءِ "
وهذا يفسر ما قبله؛ أي أن الأمر جاء من عند الله.
وَزَوَّجَنِي اللَّهُ تَعَالَى مِنْ فَوْقِ سَبْعِ سَمَوَاتٍ
هذا اسمه لا داخل العالم هو ولا هو خارجه.
فزينب اثبتت عقيدة أهل السنة ووضحته
She Said: He Married me in the Samaa.
He Married me beyond the seven heaven.
He Married me in the Samaa.
The Lord of the Throne Married me.
Allah Married me to the Prophet.
Allah sent Jabril to Marry us.
Allah Married me not my father.
Many versions!
all can be understood in with the correct creed but the sick will remain sick!
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8 Jan
This is a #thread defending the honor & creed or our great #Imam , #leader , #pious #predecessor , the editor of the whole #shafi fiqh , whose word is the final , whom we seek to understand our Islam universally!
Muhi AdDeen #Nawawi -May Allah be pleased with him-
For years the #wahhabi sect has attempted to claim #Nawawi as a fellow #Karrami!
Lies, fabrications even tampering with his works has been the norm.
But no more!
Today we shall once and for all shut this nonsense DOWN!
What was one of #nawawi primary text for creed issues?
Al #Irshaad By Imam Al Haramain #juwaini
Which even IT called the Gospel of the Asharis! Disrespectful ofcourse ! ImageImageImage
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8 Jan
Good we do not differ!
All we say is Ibn AlMibarak missed the Hadith that says he Him self doesn’t descend.
But we agree as the concept of He does as he wishes.
Wahhabis are the ones that speak of his original location devoiding of Him! We don’t think this sick way! Image
Now we are adding this here to be naughty and misbehave!
Please not that there are 3 Makan here. 2 literal and the 3rd is not!
Is nuzul for him meant as moving from A to B makan to Maan?!
It’s a question, the definition of Nuzul!
The answer…? Image
He is in his place and comes close as he wishes.
In his place here isn’t A Place, nor is it in Makan!
It is him saying: He is as he said, and comes to his servants as he wishes.
Thus he is refuting anyone who says Makan, or movement!
This by default dismantles wahabis!
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7 Jan
A linguist
A jurist
A poet
A Muhaddith
A Shafi’i expert
A theologian
An Usuli
A true mujadid
He was referred to as the reviver of the religion!
Those who sought fiqh looked for him
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7 Jan
This is what we call a Munkar narration.
There agreement this is a weak story
But ask you know by now these people are ok with lying!
In the chains;
Qudamah bin Mohammed his narrations are only accepted if there are witnesses. If not then no.
Yahya bin Atub horrible memory, not acceptable.
That chain is rejected.
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