A brother who is very active on here supporting IS and who has a lot of knowledge about history suggested there is no evidence for bin Laden working with Iran on the US embassy bombings in East Africa, so I thought I'd post some.


He was trying to craft an idealized Taliban/AQ 2.0 narrative and then contrasting them to the current Taliban/AQ leadership, but there is actually a fairly high degree of consistency throughout the history of both movements.

There are certainly arguments that can be made against the strategies of both Taliban and AQ, but the reality is that the biggest inconsistency in this story is from the followers and intellectual descendants of Abu Musab az Zarqawi, aka IS.

They accuse AQ of "changing their manhaj," but the biggest change in manhaj was IS shifting from accepting to work with AQ despite differences of opinion, to condemning them as deviants for remaining upon the same views which they always held.

We could argue that the events in Syria in particular shifted the strategic calculus, such that AQ should have reassessed their stance towards Iran and prioritized the Shia over America as a primary focus, as Zarqawi advocated.

However, AQs strategy has long been to advise, but to support whatever decision leaders of local groups take even if it goes against the advise, based on the assumption that they better understand the realities on the ground in their areas of operation.

So AQ supported Zarqawi and the early IS despite the differences of opinion, and his view makes sense in Iraq, but on the level of the entire ummah, there are a number of problems with giving it strategic priority.

For one, Zarqawi cited the fact that Salahuddin...
...al Ayyubi destroyed the Fatimid Ismaili state before moving against the Crusader kingdoms in Sham.

It's true that Shia can't be trusted, and as such it's necessary to assume treachery from them, but this move also had clear economic motivations.

Egypt was the main economic base for fueling the war effort against the Crusaders, so attacking the Shia was as driven by material as much as ideological concerns. That is, the need to acquire the necessary force to effectively confront the Crusaders.

Secondly, the entire purpose of the strategy formulated by AQ through a lengthy process of shura with scholars and mujahidin was to enable the Muslims to reclaim control of Muslim lands (which would serve as the economic base for liberating more lands) by weakening America.

This strategy is not incompatible with removing the Shia, since the Shia in Iraq were major helpers of the Americans in their invasion of Iraq (as has been the case throughout the history of Christian invasions of Muslim lands), and this support continues until today.

In fact, focusing on America makes much more sense than making Shia the primary focus, because until today, it's only with American support that the predominantly Shia government of Iraq is able to stay in power, in Sunni areas in particular.

But more importantly, it is American influence, more than Russian, Iranian, or Chinese influence, which is preventing ahl us sunnah from liberating Muslim lands which have the capacity to provide an economic base sufficient to liberate other lands.

The major industrial and agricultural power centers of the Muslim world - Egypt, Turkey, Pakistan, and Iraq - are all major recipients of US military aid and/or support. Natural resource rich regions like the Gulf and Niger are also ruled by US proxies.

Ashkenazi Jews, through centuries of experience as a minority in Christian Europe, have mastered the art of using debt and soft power to play their enemies off against each other.

The dynamic between the Gulf states and Iran is a classic example of this dynamic.

Pulling strings to allow certain powers to grow stronger is a good way to cause insecurity in another potential enemy, forcing them to take on debt from Jewish-dominated financial institutions to buy expensive weapons manufactured by Christians.

So it's worth trying to be aware of this geopolitical manipulation, and keeping a keen eye out for traps, and considering how to best avoid them.

And Allah is the the best of planners.


• • •

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12 Jan
The argument that Sirajuddin Haqqani or Abu Muhammed al Jolani must be American agents since the US doesn't launch drone strikes against them is pretty shallow.

The US is actually legally bound not to use military force except with congressional authorization or...

...in case of self-defense.

This is somewhat similar to Israel's policy vis-a-vis Hamas, where they directly retaliate to any hostilities, by tracking rockets and launching air strikes on the locations they are launched from. It's a tit for tat policy.

The policy of the rebel groups from early on in the Syrian civil war was to avoid confrontation with the US and NATO, because they understood Assad was the most present threat, and that he was backed by Russia.

This exemplifies the tension between global and local outlook.

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7 Jan
The word "aqeeda" (عقيدة) comes from the same root as 'aqd (عقد) meaning to tie or knot. 'Aqd also refers to a contract, a binding obligation.

Aqeeda is our bond to Allahﷻ but also to ahl us-sunnah, just as the link to the mother and father links brothers and sisters.

Beyond this, it is an obligation to act, like a contract. To affirm the aqeeda of ahl us-sunnah means to carry the obligation to act in accordance with it, and belief is by actions, not only words, and both are important.

Yet there are some who will affirm that belief...

...is by actions, but will focus almost all of their energy on speech, while hardly considering actions.

We may all have deficits in our knowledge and understanding, and these deficits may lead to mistakes. But these mistakes may be erased by means of acts of obedience.

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17 Dec 21
Since modern national governments are, generally speaking, tawaghit, it surprises me that most Muslims accept interactions with them as necessary, even for minor things.

In America I used to have contact with the "rainbow family," which some people might describe as...

..hippies, but this really would be too simplistic of an explanation.

The movement emerged for the most part out of the hippie movement, but now includes a lot of Christians who (rightfully) believe that the American government is Satanic.

A lot of them believe...

...in prophecies about there being a small group of "saved" individuals in the end times that will retreat to the mountains and wilderness to escape the evil world government.

So there are actually a number of these Christians that really did move to the...

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16 Dec 21
The brother asked me making takfir on a group of men *engaging* in riba would be extreme, while the kufr ibn Taymiyyah is talking about would be a group with established structures of governance *permitting* riba.

If we accept his understanding, it would be necessary to make takfir on every group of Muslim bandits in history, since they were armed and allowed violating the sanctity of the lives and property of Muslims and dhimmis for themselves.

The confusion here relates partly to the absence of an authority recognized as responsible for appointing governors and judges. In this vacuum, someone can take ibn Taymiyyah's fatwa, and think it's necessary to pronounce takfir on any group that fails to implement some...

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15 Dec 21
Since the topic of the taifa mumtani'ah (abstaining sect) is so central to a lot of takfir, I'm going to clarify my understanding of why I have a lot of difficulty accepting IS's application of it, and maybe someone can correct me.

The abstaining group is a label that can be put on a group that accepts Islam, but then rejects the implementation of some aspect of sharia and actively fights against those that try to implement that aspect of sharia. It could be zakat, the prohibition of wine...

...or any other part of sharia which is agreed by ijma to be part of sharia.

This was the justification for IS's takfir on Jabhat an Nusra and has also been invoked more recently to try to support the takfir on the Taliban.

To understand this concept, it's helpful to...

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15 Dec 21
Saudi's stance on jamaat at tabligh is completely hypocritical, but they really should not get a free pass on their mistakes out of solidarity/sympathy (nor should any of us).

Using hadith about the path of Allah to describe their khurooj is dishonesty against Allah...

...and Allah's religion. These hadith refer to fighting to defend Islam and the Muslims, killing and being killed to make Allah's word the highest.

That is an act with far more virtue and more hardship than traveling and verbal preaching.

This is also very destructive...

...to families, because when the sahaba (radhi Allahu anhum) went out in the path of Allah, they brought back wealth to feed their families with in the form of grain, weapons, slaves, horses and camels.

Those who go out in what jamaat at tabligh call the "path of Allah"...

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