Saudi's stance on jamaat at tabligh is completely hypocritical, but they really should not get a free pass on their mistakes out of solidarity/sympathy (nor should any of us).

Using hadith about the path of Allah to describe their khurooj is dishonesty against Allah...

...and Allah's religion. These hadith refer to fighting to defend Islam and the Muslims, killing and being killed to make Allah's word the highest.

That is an act with far more virtue and more hardship than traveling and verbal preaching.

This is also very destructive...

/2 families, because when the sahaba (radhi Allahu anhum) went out in the path of Allah, they brought back wealth to feed their families with in the form of grain, weapons, slaves, horses and camels.

Those who go out in what jamaat at tabligh call the "path of Allah"...

...often leave their families to fend for themselves and facing serious hardship that in some cases can cause them to develop resentment towards Islam. This is rightfully so, because this is not from Islam to behave irresponsibly toward your family and calling it "tawakul."

Of course this is not the attitude of all tablighis, but even those who are responsible can often be found encouraging irresponsible behavior in others because it is integral to their entire methodology.

It's a noble thing to drop everything and set out for the sake of...

...Allah, but in the true path of Allah you attain either victory or shahada. If you attain victory you bring wealth for your family, and if you attain shahada they are at least free to receive charity as widows and orphans and able to remarry.

Whereas if you are...

...gone for a significant portion of the year, it is as if the wives are neither married nor divorced. As for the children, in the true path of Allah, they know their father is risking his life not only for the sake of Allah, but also for the sake of their security and...

...wellbeing in this world and the hereafter.

One could argue that there is no possibility for actual armed struggle at this time, so dawah is filling the precondition and takes on the same ruling, but this is not the case. From the East to the West, there are kuffar...

...occupying the Muslim lands, and even where the Muslims have security in their persons and property, they do not have security in religion, and they are prevented from teaching and practicing the religion completely and authentically.

There are groups and movements...

...fighting, and this entails hardship, but with that hardship comes purification, and this is as the Prophet, sal Allahu alaihi wa salam, said: "A man is tested according to his religion. If he is firm in his religion, his trials will be more severe."

The mujahideen who are fighting are very much in need of support and assistance in money, manpower, and in dawah, and this is their right upon us. Just as Allah has commanded us good behavior with parents or providing our wives with upkeep, we are commanded to struggle...

...with our lives and wealth, and if we deny this obligation and say instead that this command refers to a particular formula of traveling and preaching, we are neglecting to fulfill our duty and neglecting the rights of our brothers.

No doubt, some brothers have been...

...guided to this path by the work of jamaat at tabligh, but generally speaking, this is in spite of their operational guidelines rather than because of them.

I don't believe any masjid or country should close its doors to jamaat at tabligh, but the "apolitical" stance...

...should be rejected, because it's simply not from the sunnah to be "apolitical."

Yes, being apolitical makes it possible to reach more people and have more freedom of travel for dawah, but the quality of this dawah is also lower, and also diverts wealth that could go...

...towards establishing Islam and repelling the dominion of kufr over the Muslims.

The true path of Allah will not feed the economy of the kuffar through purchasing plane tickets, food, and hotel bookings, without any commensurate strengthening of the finances of the...

...Muslims. The true path of Allah weakens the finances of the kuffar and thus their capacity to wage war against the religion of Allah, while strengthening the finances of the Muslims and our capacity to carry out the kind of dawah which leads to entire tribes and...

...villages entering Islam, not only in the sense of belief, but also in the sense of Islam as a true system of law and way of life and polity.

Islam was established not from the bottom up, but from the top down. The Prophet, sal Allahu alaihi wa salam, preached for...

...13 years and barely a few hundred people entered Islam, and his was preaching by the best of creation, receiving revelation from Allah.

10 years after hijra, 10,000 Muslims marched on Mecca. This is a testament to how much more effective dawah is when Islam is a...

...system of government, as Allah revealed it, rather than a private affair of belief and morality, which is what secularism wants to make it.

And Islam as a system of government is not established except by military means, so a system of personal preaching that...

...actively calls people away from supporting the military efforts to reestablish Islam is actually impeding, rather than supporting dawah.

It's better to reach 10 people in your community with the authentic and unadulterated message of Islam than to reach 1000 people...

...with a version of Islam which is censored and trimmed down to keep the enemies of Allah from hindering your dawah.

So I have no doubt that Allah will reward jamaat at tabligh for all the beneficial reminders they spread, and their inviting the people to obedience...

/21 calling them to pray salah in jamaa and leave sins, but I don't believe that Allah will reward them for leaving the methodology of dawah used by the sahaba, radhi Allahu anhum, and instead implementing a newly invented methodology, and then claiming that the newly...

...invented methodology carries the same or similar reward as the original method of dawah - even if the latter can be supportive of establishing the former.

And Allah knows best.


• • •

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15 Dec
Since the topic of the taifa mumtani'ah (abstaining sect) is so central to a lot of takfir, I'm going to clarify my understanding of why I have a lot of difficulty accepting IS's application of it, and maybe someone can correct me.

The abstaining group is a label that can be put on a group that accepts Islam, but then rejects the implementation of some aspect of sharia and actively fights against those that try to implement that aspect of sharia. It could be zakat, the prohibition of wine...

...or any other part of sharia which is agreed by ijma to be part of sharia.

This was the justification for IS's takfir on Jabhat an Nusra and has also been invoked more recently to try to support the takfir on the Taliban.

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A society with a continuously increasing level of mechanization and automation will inevitably normalize homosexuality.

Large scale unemployment is largely a byproduct of industrialization. Humans are effectively rendered obsolete by machines.

Mechanized economies need lower birth rates, because they need a smaller number of technicians with specialized technical knowledge rather than a large number of laborers and craftsmen.

Specialized technical knowledge requires lengthy theoretical education, while labor...

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Since this zindiq lives in the UAE, how about discussing how slavery would be better than the humiliation of Muslim Bengali workers who serve him.

The migrant labor system brings primarily male workers into Gulf countries. This leads to major gender imbalances...

...among the population, which causes and increase in the incidence of masturbation, homosexuality, prostitution, zina, sexual harassment and rape.

Furthermore, the sexual and emotional frustration of these worker populations leads to depression, anxiety, and other...

...psychological and physiological conditions, which lowers the overall quality of life for everyone.

Slaves in Islam are required to have living conditions and food equal to those of their owners, but South Asian workers in the Gulf commonly live in very low quality...

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30 Nov
The Cantillon effect applies to gold, which points to the importance of an economy based upon multiple commodity currencies rather than a single currency, whether fiat or gold.

If a new gold mine is discovered somewhere, the influx of newly mined gold into the market...

...will drive up prices, but before it does, the recipients of the newly mined gold will have a window of opportunity to buy things up at cheap prices before inflation kicks in.

The presence of multiple commodity currencies like livestock, grains, and spices protects...

...the economy from this effect being too pronounced.

This dynamic has a parallel in traditional vs. modern agriculture. In the past, farmers would produce multiple crops, and even multiple varieties of a single crop. This way, if one crop was affected by a blight or...

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27 Nov
Not only are currency systems affected by politics, they're also heavily affected by psychology.

Mainstream economists are trying to cast Turkey's currency crisis as Erdogan's foolish idea that lowering interest rates can reduce inflation, but the actual catalyst...

...for the recent rapid devaluation is investors and speculators closing their Lira positions in response to the *perception* that lowering interest rates will cause inflation.

This is why it's very deceptive to treat economics as a "hard science" like chemistry.

Much of economics is built upon the assumption that all phenomena can be understood rationally, but humans rarely behave rationally, especially when it comes to hers dynamics like panic selling a currency.

An example of this is the Asian currency crisis, in which...

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26 Nov
One of the scary thinga about ayah which states

(و لا تطع من أغفلنا قلبه عن ذكرننا تبع هواه و كان أمرره فرطا)

is that it is the heart that remembers Allah, not the tongue. So it may be that we remember Allah with our tongues, but our hearts are closed to his remembrance.

What makes this even more disturbing is the hadith

اذا كان احدكم في الصلاة فإنه يناجي ربه

"When any of you is engaged in prayer, he is holding intimate conversation with his Lord..." [Muslim 551]

We've all had conversations with someone who was not focusing on us...

...instead checking their phone and clearly not paying attention, and it's very rude and unpleasant to deal with such a person.

Yet it's very easy to fall into similar behavior in salah, to recite the remembrance of Allah with our tongues, while our hearts are closed to it.

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