Since modern national governments are, generally speaking, tawaghit, it surprises me that most Muslims accept interactions with them as necessary, even for minor things.

In America I used to have contact with the "rainbow family," which some people might describe as...

..hippies, but this really would be too simplistic of an explanation.

The movement emerged for the most part out of the hippie movement, but now includes a lot of Christians who (rightfully) believe that the American government is Satanic.

A lot of them believe...

/2 prophecies about there being a small group of "saved" individuals in the end times that will retreat to the mountains and wilderness to escape the evil world government.

So there are actually a number of these Christians that really did move to the...

...mountains and wilderness and live there. Some of them avoid all contact with the government, and don't register the birth of their children, so they have no birth certificates or government issued IDs.

I heard stories that these children...

...grow up drinking only water from mountain springs and streams, and that when they go down into the cities and drink the chlorinated, fluoridated municipal water supplies, they become sick from it.

It's odd to me that so many Muslims embrace these Satanic governments...

...and accept concepts like, for example, that photography is haram, but it's allowed for national IDs. What is the real necessity for national IDs, such that is makes the haram halal? Will we die or face imprisonment if we don't use them?

Of course, I use citizenship and national IDs because my entire life and livelihood revolves around it, but at the same time, I know very well that it's possible to live without these things, and that if I were to live in this manner, I would likely be much nearer to...

...Allah, because it would mean being cut off from many influences in my life which I know lead me to sin and have a negative impact on my 'ibadah.

Beyond my personal life, I can see that nation-states and national borders have a hugely negative impact on the ummah...

...and when I analyze what the source of nation-states is, I find that they are simply mental constructs, or illusions, that are conjured through millions of tiny actions of recognition - rituals in the pagan religion of nationalism - and many of these "micro-rituals"...

...revolve around the concept of citizenship and legal status with national governments.

In other words, nations and nationalities only have validity because we act like they have validity, but the truth is all of the is baatil.

So to truly act and live like this falsehood is actually falsehood, and not reality, seems like it would be a very virtuous act - not one that I have the courage or faith to actually implement, but still something to aspire to.

In fact, the rejection of all of this...

...appears to me as a clear path to sainthood in the modern era. You can see something of this even if you look at people who live in remote areas in Afghanistan or Yemen, if you look at their faces, you can see a kind of purity and baraka in them, and one of my theories...

/12 that this is related to the fact that they have little to no contact with taghuti governments, but rather live in close contact with nature. By the same token, when you see people in the heart of the taghut, there is a kind of unwholesome aura surrounding them.

Christians in America are so hypocritical that it made me, and many others, reject the concept of religion entirely. These wilderness Christians, though, were some of the few Christians I met in my life who actually seemed sincere to me.

When I traveled to Muslim countries I saw this same kind of sincerity, but it was much more common. One of my theories was that this true piety is the trace of the Messengers (alaihim asalam), and that the reason it is more common among Muslims is partly because...

...less time has elapsed since the physical presence of our Messenger (sal Allahu alaihi wa salam).

Still, what is very strange to me is how so many people don't look for this light and purity when judging greatness, and look instead at wealth and technology to be a...

...sign of success, when it's very visible that those who are immersed in wealth and technology, in many or even most cases, have their spiritual light drained from them.

If purity of mind and heart are the measures of development, it's very clear to me that the...

...poorest Muslim countries are the most advanced on earth, so it's really odd how so many have been deceived by this spell, so that they're running towards wealth and technology and degrees. Isn't it clear that all of this is a dead end? And Allah tells us this over and...

...and over and over and over again, and we are listening to the Quran and reciting it and we continue to run towards this illusion.

It truly is an illusion, and the illusion is only maintained by people believing in it and wanting it.

If we all collectively stopped believing in this illusion, like any false deities, it would simply disappear. So much of the money people are chasing is imaginary, and so is much of the power of the technology.

This was one of the lessons of Afghanistan; it was...

...because of being "uneducated" that the Muslims won, because no one had indoctrinated them with distorted beliefs about the power of this wealth and technology.


• • •

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Saudi's stance on jamaat at tabligh is completely hypocritical, but they really should not get a free pass on their mistakes out of solidarity/sympathy (nor should any of us).

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...and Allah's religion. These hadith refer to fighting to defend Islam and the Muslims, killing and being killed to make Allah's word the highest.

That is an act with far more virtue and more hardship than traveling and verbal preaching.

This is also very destructive...

/2 families, because when the sahaba (radhi Allahu anhum) went out in the path of Allah, they brought back wealth to feed their families with in the form of grain, weapons, slaves, horses and camels.

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A society with a continuously increasing level of mechanization and automation will inevitably normalize homosexuality.

Large scale unemployment is largely a byproduct of industrialization. Humans are effectively rendered obsolete by machines.

Mechanized economies need lower birth rates, because they need a smaller number of technicians with specialized technical knowledge rather than a large number of laborers and craftsmen.

Specialized technical knowledge requires lengthy theoretical education, while labor...

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Furthermore, the sexual and emotional frustration of these worker populations leads to depression, anxiety, and other...

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The Cantillon effect applies to gold, which points to the importance of an economy based upon multiple commodity currencies rather than a single currency, whether fiat or gold.

If a new gold mine is discovered somewhere, the influx of newly mined gold into the market...

...will drive up prices, but before it does, the recipients of the newly mined gold will have a window of opportunity to buy things up at cheap prices before inflation kicks in.

The presence of multiple commodity currencies like livestock, grains, and spices protects...

...the economy from this effect being too pronounced.

This dynamic has a parallel in traditional vs. modern agriculture. In the past, farmers would produce multiple crops, and even multiple varieties of a single crop. This way, if one crop was affected by a blight or...

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