ICYMI I interviewed 2 of my favorite marketers, @DevMachette_ & @jaydeipowell about how brands and content creators can take their strategy to the next-level in 2022.

We talked trends, analytics, influencer marketing, TikTok & more.

Here are 16 useful takeaways.
1. Start with goals and work backward.

The basis of a content strategy should be built based on the goals that you're trying to accomplish.

Once you’ve outlined your goals, whether it’s brand awareness with a certain audience, sales, etc, you can start talking about execution.
2. Consider a phased approach.

Don’t try to be everywhere at once.

You can identify a primary target channel to focus on, and then develop a phased strategy where you integrate additional channels as needed.
3. Step one: Content audit.

Figure out where do you already have a presence, and use that information to identify priority channels.

For ex: if you already have an active existing community on one channel, does it make sense to push it to the side to focus on chasing a trend?
4. Repurpose content with intention.

You can’t just post the same content across all channels. It's a matter of knowing channel-specific culture, and then tailoring your hook and the formatting so it doesn’t look lazy.

Experiment with this to find the right templates for you.
5. There’s no easy definition for virality.

Virality feels like a ratio that doesn't make sense outside of your engaged audience.

For ex: You get 20K views or 12M views on TikTok. But if that doesn't result in sales, growth or achievement of business goals, it's pointless.
@DevMachette: “Being a one-hit wonder is great, but being a Beyonce is better.”

@jaydeipowell: "Something is viral when it transcends platforms. I want to hear my grandmother who isn't on social media talking about it."
6. Shares are one of the most important KPIs to measure.

This KPI can help indicate content success better than likes.
7. TikTok requires its own dedicated resources.

TikTok has become crucial to consider because so many consumers are actively engaged on that platform.

But it’s unique and requires a heavy lift to create dedicated content. Consider hiring experienced creators.
8. If you want to be successful on TikTok, try chaos.

Unpolished content performs best on TikTok. Your content needs to have low production quality.

Pro tip: Try piecing together short clips, even cutting off speech between clips. That chaotic bounce/pace keeps people engaged.
9. Don’t try to be hilarious or trendy.

Not every brand needs to be hilarious or edgy.

And definitely don’t feel like you have to insert Gen-Z-esque lingo. It can come across as cringe, which will alienate your existing community if that isn’t authentic to your brand identity.
10. Leave room for trends.

This is especially true for social media strategy, and even more on TikTok.

You need to have flexibility in your calendar that allows for you to create for specific trends of the moment. But don’t overdo it bc that reduces originality and creativity.
11. Successful influencer outreach is hard.

DMs on TikTok to reach out to creators is a HUGE no. Sending outreach via Twitter or Instagram DMs is more acceptable, but also can be hit or miss. In many cases it’s easiest to get in touch when you have an existing relationship.
You can also try out influencer marketing platforms, but that can also be tough because you’re adding a middle man.

The quality of content may not be as high because you haven’t directly briefed the creator yourself. You don’t have a working relationship.
12. Gifting can yield great results.

One way to drive UGC or get organic influencer/creator engagement is by gifting.

Send product or swag, but keep in mind, it’s a gift. There’s no obligation for them to post. This can get results when you’re thoughtful w/ product or package.
13. Your influencer budget is too low.

Influencer marketing and content creation are expensive. Costs per post can range from $500 to over $5000.

Just don't try to lowball creators because you'll get a bad brand reputation.
14. You have to make your agreements with influencer or creators very clear.

Make sure you’re outlining all the details of your relationships with influencers or creators.

Do you want them to post to their accounts or do you want to use the content on your account?
Will you run their content as paid ads? On which channels and for how long?

Important to note: A brand or marketer can NOT take someone’s content from their organic channel and run it as you please without their agreement and fair compensation.
15. Keep diversity in mind.

Don’t fall into the trap of featuring faces in your content that all look the same.

The pool of experienced creators is broader than ever. Make sure you’re being mindful of the inclusion of your content marketing.
16. Community management can’t be overlooked in 2022.

Brands like @Netflix, @Spotify and @Duolingo nurture community relationships across multiple channels. They embrace inclusion, they’re responsive, and they deliver content that they know will resonate with their audiences,
without trying too hard to be just like any other brands.

Look to nurture your community relationships with your content.
17/ Chasing virality can ruin your brand.

When virality is your true north, content looks sporadic. It doesn't feel like you're telling a cohesive brand story, but rather a series of short, unrelated stories.

This can hurt your long-term brand building efforts.
Here's the full video so you can get all their advice. Plus the interview was way more entertaining than I conveyed here. (Would also appreciate if you liked the video or subscribed to the channel!)
And if you enjoyed these tips, please follow these amazingly brilliant individuals:
@DevMachette_ and @jaydeipowell

Also you can follow me @ccmarce_writes - I love sharing interviews with people way smarter than I am so we can all learn together!

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