Every day, a thousand recruiters post a thousand LinkedIn requests like this:

"Hi network! Looking for [incredibly niche skillset possessed by almost NO ONE but that you could train ANYONE to do in 3 months]. Please reach out if interested or know someone to refer!"

🤦‍♂️ 🤯
Seriously, this is such a massive source of alpha that companies are just burning away.

If you need some niche skillset, train them for it! The recipe isn't *that* hard:
Say it's a $120k/year job.

1. Select for smarts, culture fit, etc. Pay people for their time in your process.

2. Offer them $80k. They'll take it. Please believe me that this is true.
3. Train them for 3 months in the niche skill. All while fully integrating them into the company, the culture, etc.

4. Let them loose!

- You saved $40k in 1st-year salary.
- You have room for big raises in yr 2 to keep them happy.
- They're super engaged with your company since you trained them in the new skillset.
- Oh, and you saved $30k in recruiter fees.
- And you have a culture of growth and development.
Where's the catch? It's just that you have think slightly out of the "pay an external recruiter to solve this problem for me" straitjacket.

I know this works because I've seen it. Smart companies crush the run-of-the-mill ones through stuff like this.

• • •

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11 Jan
"What gives Aggregators their power is not their control of supply: they are not the only way to find websites, or to post your opinions online; rather, it is their control of demand."

This seems like the Achilles heel of decentralization maximalism.

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- Most people go where things are safe, easy and comfortable.
- So the aggregators who win will do all the moderation and custody and yes censorship that crypto-anarchists hate.
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My mom can't be trusted to have the necessary opsec to handle her $ in irrecoverable ways.
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Add in the tennis, golf, running, and other individual sports and you're surely around 70%.
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Watched the new Bond last night.

I think I've discovered a common cognitive error which I'm going to label the Physical Embodiment Fallacy.
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The solution in every movie is simple: kill the bad guy and destroy his evil lair.

I.e. eliminate the physical embodiment of the problem, and the problem is solved.
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