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15 Jan, 25 tweets, 5 min read
1...I think Albertans of “both sides” can come together on this.

First, lets be clear. @AHS_media = @dryiu_verna = @CMOH_Alberta = @JasonCoppingAB = @Shandro = @GoAHealth = @YourAlberta = @UCPCaucus = @Jkenney*. One entity, one strategy.
2...We have been a victim of an offensive perversion of “our democracy”.

Regardless if you side with/against vaccines, with/against social distancing/restrictions, schools open/closed etc etc
One thing holds true.
3...This one entity* has consistently and unendingly been DUPLICITOUS IN EVERY SINGLE DECISION/RULE/ANNOUNCEMENT it has made.

We have witnessed “personal responsibility” and “stay home” while restrictions are refused or lessened and schools are opened.
4...We have witnessed “thankful for the frontlines” while undermining the frontline’s ability to stand in service.
We have witnessed “vaccines are our only hope” while undermining access and emphatically supporting “my body my choice”.
5...We have witnessed “small business is important” while only serving large corporate desires.

We have witnessed “its only a cold/flu” while also declaring “we have to protect the healthcare system”.
6...We have witnessed “Alberta first” while selling off parks and opening mines for foreign firms.

We have witnessed them “Consult the experts” while every single body of experts screams foul.
7...We have witnessed them set standards for us that they will not follow themselves (aloha-gate, mask-gate 1 & 2, Jamieson-gate)

The list really is endless.

These are not actions to lead us and protect us.

These actions are meant to divide us, scare us, control us.
8...It becomes abundantly clear, our government is absolutely uninterested in leading Albertans towards a better tomorrow.
9...Their communications, decisions and actions consistently are those of an entity who wishes to obscure the truth and exploit our afore to confused passivity. I presume this is for access to more of the “almighty dollar” but that is neither here nor there. ...10
10...The truth is, they have sought to protect and consolidate their power.
11...I believe, based on their actions to this point, regardless of elections, regardless “leadership reviews” there is little intent on them legitimately giving up that power they have amassed.
12...This has happened countless times in human history. Power structures start from potential benevolent leadership and direction; sink into comfort, prestige and privilege; rot into exploitation and oppression and are finally excised by revolution.
13...Egypt, Rome, Peasant Revolt, French Revolution, American Civil War, USSR. Each of these examples takes generations to culminate in definitive action by the people. Then the cycle begins again with the elites slowly consolidating their privilege into power.
14...Never once was that power, so craftily gathered, given back without a fight.
15...So, ask yourself: “Will your passivity be your childrens’ prison?”. Will you stand near the beginning of this slide, knowing human history, and just say “eh, this isn’t so bad”, only to pass the increasing misery to your children?
16...The power structure in place will not relinquish its power willingly. Some of us may hope that an election will change the flavour of government. But will it really? Others will suggest that the alternative is worse.
17...Because we all instinctively know the system is rotten to its core.

18...That’s where new direction starts. Hold back the tide of elitist exploitation for a generation or two.

But what does revolution look like?

General strike and tax strike.
19...General strike is self explanatory. Deny the elites access to you labour, to your permission, to your compliance, to your obedience.
20...As for tax strike. All levels of modern western government rely on the compliant submission of taxes. Luckily, Alberta has no sales tax (score!). But, your employers (or you yourself if self-employed) submit taxes readily.
21...I believe you can submit Form T1213 to take on the responsibility of submitting taxes for yourself (I don’t know. Tax advice on this would be appreciated).
22...Finally, COVID may be the name of the current crisis, but COVID is merely a tool coincidentally dropped into hands of the elites when they needed to control us the most. They would have used “environment” if need be, but COVID was easier to divide and control us.
23...Masks will not work, vaccines will not work. Not because these are technically unacceptable tools, but because the leadership that wields these tools has no intent on helping us with them.
24...Before masks, vaccines & restrictions (or the abolition of such) can help us, we have to remove the malignant oppressors who are wielding these tools to their own ends. COVID doesn’t kill people. Tyrants wielding COVID kills people.
25...Power from the elites, back to the common folk. Futures of opportunity, not oppression. It's your choice.

• • •

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1/ With the recent attempted soft stance on Nazism being pushed by @Jkenney's @UCPCaucus @YourAlberta w/ @AdrianaLaGrange, does anyone one find this particularly disturbing. Disturbing when you think this is a long game /2
2/ A long game in that you don't indoctrinate grade schoolers to win votes in 2 year's time. This is an attempt to soften fascist trends for decades to come. What govt ever plans out past the next election?!? Clearly this isn't in @Alberta_UCP's best interest /3
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3…I can’t leave Alberta. For so many reasons. I really feel committed to you (and to many other things as well). But, if WE aren’t going to leave, and WE want to convince others to stay then WE are obligated to each other to make this place worth staying…4
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1…Tonight my dog died. Metastatic Cancer. Not the only case of cancer currently brewing in my family. Had to put her down. As I held her and felt her last breath, I realized how hellish my work-life balance had become this last year…2
2…Don’t get me wrong, medicine has always been tough to find work-life balance. Notoriously. But, we had been making inroads as a profession to attain that balance. But, when UCP came along that all halted. Then COVID came along and that was shattered into a million…3
3…into a million pieces.

In that moment, with that last breath, I realized Alberta isn’t worth this. You Albertans want to tolerate this despot @jkenney? I won’t have it any more. I am seriously thinking of bidding Alberta adieu…4
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1…In the lead up to WWII, Hitler engaged in a campaign of “re-uniting the Germanic Peoples”, and Lebensraum (“living space”). Despite the rest of the world watching him (esp France, England, USA, Russia), he was able to hostiley annex (though without a single shot fired)…2
2…He was able to annex Austria, and approx 80% of Czechoslovakia’s industry and resources.

A) a slick PR campaign
B) “Divide and conquer” politics
C) unwavering ideology

He gained the power and righteous delusion to take the world to the brink of destruction
3… But this was not enough.

During the Nuremberg investigations & trials it was revealed that many of Hitler’s trusted military generals were staging a coup.

That coup was planned to occur before Hitler took over large sections of Czech lands.

But what prevented the coup?…4
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29 Jun 21
1…Discussed with an immunologist: new variants are appearing with mutations in the human tissue receptor portion of COVID, which is also the portion of the spike protein that the vaccine-induced antibodies (AKA your immune system)…2
2…while this does not increase the infectivity or virulence (disease severity) or the virus, it could lead to significant decrease in vaccine effectiveness…3
3…Further, there is absolutely nothing stopping this from recombining with (or spontaneously occurring in) variants already possessing greater infectivity and virulence…4
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11 Mar 21
1...I think it is official...the "contract" offered the docs by @shandro is not actually a contract. Its an autograph book that Shandy wants to collect COVID-hero signatures in. It is so vague that this contract lawyer of a minister...2
2...has generated a document that can't be legally upheld as a contract by any self-respecting contract court.

@shandro can't even do his original job as a lawyer correctly
As it is not actually a legally binding contract...this makes this document nothing more than a vehicle by which this minister can continue his abusive attack upon doctors. This document is the written equivalent of gaslighting. My gosh...@Shandro you are classic. Never change
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