THREAD: This is Ethiopia!
I have been exposed to 10,000s, if not 100,000s, of horrendous images over the past 15 months. But, this image is the most perfect representation of what Ethiopia means to #Tigray!

Ethiopia has always laughed at, smiled, and enjoyed the agonies of the people of #Tigray following the heinous atrocities she would inflict on them generations over generations.

In the image, this innocent #Tigrayan boy has no strength even to hear the barbaric woman soldier giggling let alone to hear the gunshots.

So, this is Ethiopia - a country of the most cruel & treasonous people on earth who would let their fathers, mothers, sisters, ...

... brothers, wives, daughters, grandchildren, grandparents, schoolmates, colleagues, ... be slaughtered & gang-raped by foreign armies [troops from Eritrea & Somalia] at the invitation of their government and ....

... Ethiopians keep glorifying their government for its fascistic moves, actions, & decisions.

Painfully, Ethiopians consider fascism as patriotism - the most bitter truth which Ethiopians don't want to hear because they consider themselves to be ...

.... "the chosen people" of God and they think that they can't be wrong; according to them, they are always correct, perfect, godly, religious, and God-fearing.

Practically, they are the most hypocrite people who have two faces. For God, they are "the most humble" and for their own people, they are the most cruel.

But God says, "if you don't love the person whom you can see, you can touch, and you can hear, how dare you claim that you love me while you can't see & touch me nor can you hear me?"

Alas, it's because this is Ethiopia!

🛑A polite warning🛑:

No one can be more Ethiopian than me and dare to say "you can't describe Ethiopia in this way". If anyone ever tries to do so, then I will lecture them about Ethiopia beyond they would be able to carry.

The type of Ethiopianism I valued and grew up idolising to was not about narrating history but about how much I as a person valued every individual human being.

And I say such an Ethiopianism is none-existent today and no one can ever dare to lecture me about Ethiopianism anymore.

I won't allow that to happen to me. No one can say "you are traitor; you are not Ethiopian anymore, ..."

I say, you have a zero say on my choice whether I would like to continue being an Ethiopian or not, never can you open your mouth on me, never.

Mind your business!

All that has happened over the past 15 months is so horrendous but this is Ethiopia -- a land of hypocrisy, religion-sugarcoated cruelty, & uniquely glorified fascism -- where religion is not a means to bring people closer to their Creator but a tool to disseminate fascism.

• • •

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14 Jan

If @MSF @MSF_Espana @MSF_EastAfrica do really want to know the whole story that led to the execution of their 3 staffs in #Tigray in June 2021, I'm more than willing to put you in touch with a medical doctor who'd been working with #MSF_Spain under the leadership of #Maria.

Needless to say that the medical doctor had survived repeated murder attempts at the hands of the Ethiopian troops before he finally fled Abi Adi hospital because he felt death was imminent for him.
@LaetitiaBader @jbgallopin @GerrySimpsonHRW @KenRoth @LABailey @ZekuZelalem

He is more than willing to testify if @MSF @MSF_Espana @MSF_EastAfrica are willing. So far, he has given his testimony to @hrw.

Again, I say that I am more than willing to put in touch if @MSF want to learn the truth behind the execution of #Maria, #Tedros, & #Yohannes.
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14 Jan

THREAD: 🛑the untold agony🛑

A heart-wrenching💔💔💔 testimony from a Mekelle based #Tigrayan journalist!

A journalist who was abducted & tortured by the Ethiopian troops [some soldiers were even vowing to murder him] in February 2021 shares his agony with the world.

Fitsum Berhane is a #Tigrayan journalist who was abducted from his home in Mekelle & tortured by the Ethiopian troops last year only because he served as a translator for the int'l media during their visit to the sites of the most horrendous massacres ever.

His today's post on Facebook is very painful.

Here is an English translation:

<< Have you ever encountered?

When your former teacher pleads with you for a help saying "I could not get anything to feed my children" ... and when you are not able to do anything, ...>>
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12 Jan

Attention: Fire at Um Rakuba refugee camp in Sudan!

Note: today's fire accident is for the 3rd/4th time in the past two months.


@FilippoGrandi @antonioguterres @BradSherman @SamanthaJPower @AsstSecStateAF ImageImage

Bear in mind that Abiy Ahmed, high ranking govt officials, and high military commanders of the Ethiopian Army have been continuously dehumanising the #TigrayanRefugeesInSudan.

So, the @UN needs to take these repetitive fire accidents very seriously.

#StopTigrayGenocide ImageImage

The #Tigrayan refugees have been through unspeakable levels of traumas following the tortures, persecutions, ethnic cleansing, weaponised rape, vandalising, ransacking, massacres, executions ... etc inflicted on them by the Amhara forces in #WesternTigray

@LaetitiaBader ImageImage
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12 Jan


Ethiopian fascism at its climax stage!

The demonisation & dehumanisation of ethnic #Tigrayans have been conducted publicly by Ethiopian journalists, politicians, public figures, activists, & genocide apologist & paid sympathisers of the Ethiopian regime.

Here I provide tangible evidence to support my claim.

Alemneh Wasa of zehabesha is a journalist by profession and has been at the core of the anti-#Tigrayan movement, especially, for the past 15 months.

Pan-Africanists should #KnowMore before saying #NoMore!

@HabenGirma Image

An English translation to his bio on his @Twitter account:

<<This holy country Ethiopia is in trouble today due to her traitor children. The treasonous are unapologetically doing their best to destroy her. Beloved Ethiopians, I will do all I can in the battlefield of ...>>
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14 Nov 21

THREAD: "We are almost dead bodies!"

What a heart-wrenching💔 expression from one of my contacts in #WesternTigray!

I saw the following picture going viral on Facebook. I was curious to know more & contacted the very person who posted it.

"A translation to his post: "Those who are in this picture are Tigrayans whom the Ethiopian govt announced about saying they are PoW. One of them [the one pointed out with an arrow] is a person whom I know very well. He's detained at Milabferes, Adigoshu, [Western Tigray]."

" His name is Muley & he is originally from Selekleka, [North_Western Tigray] and now they are parading him [who is a civilian] as a prisoner of war. They are torturing our civilian people."
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13 Nov 21

Ethnic profiling at the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia!

One of my friends in Addis Ababa:

<<Gerewa, yesterday they took a copy of the employment IDs of every #Tigrayan employee at the Head Office of the Commerical Bank of Ethiopia.>>

I was curious and asked: " Wait, did they take the copy of the IDs of only the #Tigrayan employees or of all employees regardless of their ethnic background?"
To which my friend replied, "It is only the #Tigrayans ..."

@RepMcCaul @SenatorMenendez @USAmbUN @AnnLinde

"They might start detaining #Tigrayan employees tomorrow; that is what I feel."


@LaetitiaBader @hrw @GerrySimpsonHRW @jbgallopin @amnesty @AmnestyEARO @ICRC @katie_polglase
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