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Politics typically boils down to a choice between two tough options - perhaps two awful options. We all sort of know this, but at some point this concept becomes a hot reality. In 2021, I supported #NoMore &
viewed sanctions as borderline betrayal to the homeland. I viewed the west as being permanently fixated on installing TPLF, specifically, in order to destabilize the HOA region for one reason or another. I viewed changing the narrative in the west to be virtually impossible.
But since then, I've seen the deterioration of the nation under @AbiyAhmedAli 's growing dictatorship. I've seen the mounting evidence that his government, in concert with Gov. @ShimelisAbdisa's & Mayr @AdanechAbiebie's respective administrations, is highly likely behind the
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Solomon Bali, an expert on anti-Semitism and radicalism and member of the international Jewish organization B'nai B'rith,
has publicly objected to Bulgaria's attempts to portray Bulgarian King Boris III as a "savior" of Jews during the Second World War. Bali told Bulgaria's TV1 that Jews in Bulgaria were not saved during the Holocaust
but "survived after their postponed deportation" to the Nazi death camps.

In his role as head of the Bulgarian state at the time, Boris III was responsible for the deporting - and the death -
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Бугарскиот стручњак за антисемитизам и радикализам, Соломон Бали од меѓународната еврејска организација „Б'неј Б'рит“ (B'nai B'rith) се противи на обидите - бугарскиот цар Борис Трети да се претстави како некаков „спасител“ на Евреите од Бугарија во Втората светска војна.
За бугарската ТВ1, тој вели дека немало спасување на Евреите во Бугарија, туку „преживување по одложената депортација“ во логорите на смртта.
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1/ Zvekumhepo zvinochengetwa nevari kumhepo, zvemumvura zvinochengetwa nevari mumvura uye zvemuvhu zvinochengetwa nevari muvhu. @ZANUPF_Official doomsday is nigh, mineral resources & land that belongs to the native Zimbabwean mapedza kupa maChinese nemaRussians. #Chimurenga3
2/ Youths of this generation you are sleeping on laurels, one day you will wake up & be strangers in your own country. It is not surprising that our country is being mortgaged slowly. Why do we need unending loans when we have vast mineral resources? #MindaKumaYouthOse
3/ We recognize the significance of the liberation struggle & the contributions of the war veterans who waged it. I'm not ignorant of the reasons that drove many gallant sons & daughters of the soil to fight exclusion, oppression & repression to ensure a free sovereign state.
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1/ If one has not been in mainstream activism & politics it is quite easy to rubbish facts because of ignorance. Verily much that is consumed by the public worldwide is always a script. Yes, it is always hard to prove with evidence in intelligence operations. #Nomore
2/ Covert operations conceal every inch but l have studied enough about CIA operations post World War 2 to an extent of being able to tell their footprints even in grotesquely clandestine operations, economic hitmen projects, destabilization projects that include assassinations.
3/ I learnt how operations were carried out in various countries from their confessions. I am well versed with their patterns. Zimbabwe is country of Strategic interest to US.
Their effort to capture it started in 1963 when they created ZANU with M15 to thwart USSR backed ZAPU.
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Nice try to deflect the topic.
Nevertheless, as you brought it up:
Ethiopia was the aggressor as the war in 1998 happened because of #TPLFTerroristGroup border incursions during '97.
Obviously U take the flaring point on 12 May 1998 so to conveniently pont the finger at #Eritrea
The other 2, namely Djibouti n Yemen:
1st: in 1996 the Djibouti dictator lied in regards to an inexistent incursion by Eritrea while Petros Solomon, at the time foreign minister, was on official visit to the country.
The reality was the opposite, which dragged into 2018 events
All was about Djibouti trying to overcome the agreement made by France n Italy in 1935, and establish a status quo in regards to Ras Doumeira, an area that was given to Italy following the treaty signed & rectified in Rome.
Djibouti used a non exchange of documents are the time
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1/ Our Solidarity message to the people of Palestine as LEAD is clear.

Every person has the right to life. We have been watching with sorry and heavy
hearts the massacre of the people of Palestine by the state of Israel. #PalestineDay
2/ The Israel Government has not been remorseful, they continue to justify bombings, gruesome murder, torture & incarceration of Palestinians including children.
Since 1948 the Palestinian people have known no peace of mind and continue to be
subjected to ethnic cleansing ...
3/...through displacement. It is sad to note that US backing
which has given Israel License to Kill & Maim Palestinians
Palestinian scholar Hanan Ashrawi described Israel's assault on Gaza as
turning life in the besieged territory into "sheer hell," aided by U.S. military...
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Well now, if you read about what the western puppets and #TPLFTerroristGroup supporters are writing, you'll notice a shift to Wolkait & focus against #Eritrea and #Amhara. Just like they attempt to break apart the #NoMore movement, now the attempt is to separate #Amhara from 1/3
#Ethiopia. They have already been working to create wages between @AbiyAhmedAli & #Amhara by pretending to be #Amhara & spreading poison. Now, they are accusing #Amhara of atrocities in Axum stating the "Claim on western Tigray is for the purpose of Genocide" The west has not 2/3
changed a bit. #Ethiopians need to understand the plot, be wise, be united, & plan for a long-term fight to change the game against the enemy. It is time to save the poor in Tigray from the vicious enemies working day & night to turn it into a currency in the new conflict. 3/3
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There is a good reason - a very justifiable reason - for people to be unapologetically & very vocally anti-USFP in the Horn of Africa. The United States of Sanctions & Chaos will do everything in its power to keep our countries divided & in a constant state of subservience.
Read this 👇🏿 arrogant briefing. Pay attention to the deliberate sequencing of questions. Read between the lines. Notice how Nairobi is given more value than Pretoria. Zoom in on every statement, said & unsaid. If this doesn't convince you, nothing will.…
The "observer" isn't interested in promoting peace, stability, cooperation, development, etc. It doesn't intend to support the people. It certainly won't stop its destructive meddling. It wants a spineless 🇪🇹. It wants a suffocated 🇪🇷. It wants spoilers to reign. Plain & simple.
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I Will Catch You …

The LEAP Of Faith .. ImageImageImageImage
For so many in this world they have been living dead inside their whole lives, feeling dead inside has felt “normal” so ones never questioned if that is truly how they’re supposed to feel, #NoMore .✍️
No More “living”wondering what it would be like to truly live for just 1 more ImageImageImageImage
Second in your life …

You were never alone, you win even when you lose & even when “Broken” you’re NOT broken.
Don’t believe me?
See for yourself, look in the mirror—Who you see is LOVE.

Let’s Live .✍️ ImageImage
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Hammer represents the "gardners" who've tried everything under the sun to control, silence, & had it been possible, erase Eritrea. This country has defied all odds & challenged every imperialist maneuvering. Added bonus? Ethiopians saying #NoMore & refusing to UNsee the truth!
In his first interview after the signing of the Joint Declaration of Peace & Friendship between 🇪🇷 & 🇪🇹 Pres Isaias placed this new period (post 2018) in a broad/historical context, which includes the now *failed* hegemonic plans (via TPLF) for the Horn of Africa...
He broke down the past 8 decades into 4 stretches of time. Understanding each stretch is crucial to appreciating the sacrifices paid, opportunities lost, resilience needed to endure, & strength/lessons gained. As long as we, 🇪🇷🇪🇹, keep saying #NoMore, there's no way back ✊🏿
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1/ Sommes-nous d'accord que nous, les Africains noirs autochtones et les Africains en général, devons nous déclarer comme UNE RACE et être également d'accord sur l'AUTO-PRÉSERVATION DE CETTE RACE ancrée dans le MILITARISME qui a toujours été le REMPART PRINCIPAL de tout
2/...le CAPITALISME qui a été institué contre nous au cours des quatre à cinq cents dernières années ?🤷🏾‍♂️

L'UA peut-elle être RECONSTITUÉE À NOUVEAU après avoir ABOLI les souverainetés nationales, les intégrités territoriales nationales et les indépendances nationales ?
3/ Quels arrangements institutionnels cette plate-forme peut-elle proposer, ce qui peut amener tous les cinquante-cinq présidents africains actuels à se légiférer pour ne plus être présidents exécutifs pour devenir, par exemple, gouverneurs de SOUS-ÉTATS d'un seul GOUVERNEMENT...
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Do you know what #UNITY means?

It means #WE ALL ARE 1 people.

All anyone wants is to touch the hand of God, the whole world is waking up.
Why do you think ones come into this Country?
They know God is here & are showing they stand with God?

Your once MAINSTREAM minds
Have Been programmed to see the glass half empty, why ?
Do ones come here to stand with God, KNOWING God is here?
[THEY] make you think differently, WHY?

When the Flood happens, the wall was specifically built/designed to do something
specific for when the water freezes, would that be A SOLID FOUNDATION for an ICE WALL?
Receding water?

If there were to be A Mini Ice age, THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE of what [they] want you thinking, who would be prepared?

Programmed minds that think “global warming”, would
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Reminder - 🇪🇹 was untouchable for almost 3 decades (meaning the US/West's best friend, no matter how destructive its policies were within the country itself!) as long as it held the noose around 🇪🇷 - a country whose only sin was saying #NoMore, believing: Africa for Africans...
This is why when Eritreans #SayNoMore & join the call to #DisarmTPLF they're doing so b/c every aspect of their lives was affected by TPLF's warmongering in this region & by the US/West hostility & foreign policies that aimed at suffocating our development & peaceful coexistence!
& why every peace-craving Eritrean, especially those most affected by this - those at the border, forced to give up their youth to defend the country from constant threats - will not think twice about the need to support #NoMore & #DisarmTPLF to find lasting peace for all 🇪🇷🇪🇹🇸🇴
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Good Morning HoA, please remember that the *narrative manufacturing* in favor of one group/country over another that you see happening today isn't new. The West has been at it for decades. The difference right now is that *so many more of us* are aware of the game & fighting it!
Right now we have one common goal - #disarmTPLF & #SayNoMore to neocolonial tools that have held us hostage, deliberately keeping our energy and focus on wars, and even more deliberately kept us from talking/listening to each other & understanding that we're in this together!
...when the dust eventually settles - and it will - we will have ample time to correct narratives, and maybe even reach out across the isle to apologize for misunderstanding each other. Right now isn't the time to argue - it's time to say #NoMore hate, war, division!!
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Nazi-Fascists of Bulgaria:

IVAN - VANCHO MIHAJLOV - "The Man Who Murders For Von Ribbentrop"

"But even high officials of the German Foreign Office, accustomed to these constant visits from bloodstained ‘leaders,' were startled when, Image
oneday in the spring of 1940, their chief was called upon by no less a person than Ivan Mikhailoff, confederate of Pavelic and head [usurper] of the IMRO - the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organisation".
- "Of all the murderers on Hitler's visiting list, Mikhailoff is the most brutal and cold-blooded."

Source: "The Voice," Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, Saturday, 30 August 1941.
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Hi Claire, I have now re-read your report in full, incl. Footnotes and Appendices and a lot of the links.

And I thank you for your willingness to engage on this.

I will do so in the manner that you have opened this discussion. Focusing on facts.
In terms of "extending and updating" your first investigation of this took place as the war broke out and resulted in this story in the Washington Post.on
November 17th -…
And the conclusion in this initial story based on "my analysis of nearly 90,000 recent tweets, along with interviews with Ethiopia’s diaspora." Is the same as that in the final report. Namely that the SM information activity which accompanied the start of the war was "authentic."
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THREAD: Seeing quite a lot of people reporting - often with surprise as they've never interacted before - that disgraced former DHS 'disinfo expert' Nina Jankowicz has blocked them. It would be unsurprising if Amil Khan of Valent Projects gave her a blacklist to work from.
In wake of @MaxBlumenthal and I exposing how Khan and @PaulMasonNews conspired to get The Grayzone deplatformed, he took to Twitter to declare article had primarily been shared by "coordinated networks" of bots and trolls, and that information on these had been passed on...
These charges completely false. Khan was even repeatedly challenged on this nonsense by a supporter of his (in since deleted tweets). Assumed this to be a copium-inspired lie, but no - he truly believed this. And tens of thousands of people will have been put on lists as a result
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1/ As Zimbabwe moves towards another phase of the electoral cycle in the
midst of numerous configurations, mutations and reconfigurations in the
international relations, political and economic arena. #NoMore #AfricaUnite #Zimbabwe #AFRICOM
2/ The Russia-Ukraine
war that is currently taking place has motivated the US to take a hardline
stance against countries that are perceived to be collaborating with
There are ongoing machinations by the Western Powers to unilaterally
control and dictate... #Nomore
3/ African countries, their Western positions, to force
African countries to take sides with NATO.
These machinations have seen @POTUS
Joseph Biden (former Senator who sponsored the Zimbabwe Democracy
and Economic Recovery Act ZDERA in 2001), push for the passing ...
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1/ People who are candid , fair minded & honest will always ruffle others' feathers. The reason is simple, when one is sitting in a comfort zone, whether clandestinely, by prejudice or on merit, he/she turns a blind eye to the legitimate calls for fairness and meritocracy.
2/ With the whole world rigidly biased and relentless on this, our seemingly raucous voices, nomatter how genuine and correct they are, are drenched into a world filled with warped philosophies, ill-conceived ideologies, that are not supported by any scientific research.
3/ It is naive for one to conform to wrong things just inorder to be labelled correct by the majority. l would rather belong to the minority group of men/women of principle and integrity. I would rather lose all privileges than enjoy them premised on blue lies...
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I Am one of you.

#Stranger Things

Ring Ring
💍 Image
Don’t Be #BLIND Image
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Actually, there is something we can do. Every person who works in a school building should stop coming to work. Every single one. All across the country. Stall the economy and demand sensible gun laws. Until they pass, we don't work.
Reminder to all: I do not debate with people who won't do anything to protect our children. I will block. I don't care about your opinion. Children keep dying. Teachers keep dying. Enough is enough.
There shouldn't be a debate about ANY of this. CHILDREN ARE BEING MURDERED IN THEIR SCHOOLS! Has everyone just completely lost it? FIX this. NOW. Do SOMETHING. ANYTHING. #nomore
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In its May 17th edition, #Eritrea's newspaper, Haddas Eritrea, had an editorial titled, "The #TPLF's new war adventurism: Why & for what objectives".
The editorial asserts that the main target of this latest TPLF war preparations is Eritrea & its people.…
«Because they never learn from their previous disastrous experiences, are never bothered by massive deaths of the people of #Tigray about whom they pretend to care, & the only thing they care about is their hunger for power, #TPLF are now beating the war drums for the 3rd time.»
«In #Ethiopia, #TPLF's lust for power has as its aim to control again Welkait, Tegede & Humera, where they've committed genocide in their 27 years of misrule, & to open the corridor to the #Sudan, thereby plunging the country into chaos & disintegration.»
#BreakTheSilence #NoMore
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The US has military operations [outposts] in 53 countries out of 54 on the African continent. The only country in which they don’t have any military activity on the continent is Zimbabwe, hence there is no pin on Zimbabwe.
#BreakTheSilence #Nomore
2/ This is information you will not easily find in the conventional mainstream media because it’s being handled with such secrecy by the US State Department. Albeit, due to the Access to Information Act, some information has been released through pressure from civil society ...
3/...groups to shed light on US operations in Africa.
These military operations or outposts range from:
• Military Bases
• Forward Operating Sites and Locations
• Contingency Security Locations
• Contingency Locations
• Lilly Pads
• Refueling stations
• Airports
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