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#Maria Versuch einer Einordnung

In Berlin wurde vor Kurzem eine psychisch und physisch erkrankte junge Frau im Rahmen eines Polizeieinsatzes erschossen. Diese junge Frau war Antifaschistin, eine von uns. Nicht nur, aber auch deshalb sticht dieser "Fall" 1/11
aus der Reihe der tödlichen Schusswaffeneinsätze durch die Polizei heraus, denn er birgt neben der Tragik eines evtl. vermeidbaren Todesfalls auch eine erhebliche politische Brisanz. Er hat "Mobilisierungspotenzial", viel mehr Menschen als in vergleichbaren Fällen 2/11
fühlen sich "persönlich" betroffen, denken 'das hätte auch mich/uns treffen können'. Ich persönlich halte die Einschätzung mancher, #Maria sei mehr oder weniger "gezielt" von "den Cops" ermordet worden, WEIL sie Antifaschistin war, für nicht zutreffend, 3/11
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As Dorian is being is tracked I thought it would be a good time to reshare @njstandupspeak "Long Road Home" along with the very personal side of severe weather and climate chaos. It's my own personal story. 1/…
I'm a Jersey girl. There is no doubt about that. I'm half Portuguese but grew up in South Jersey but that's another thread. My mother is a Rhody. I spent my summers in Ocean Citu, NJ and in Narragansett, RI. My grandmother's house sat on Narrow River. 2/
I had a relationship with water- salt or fresh. But salt water was always like a dear friend; healing my body & spirit, embracing me in the warmest of hugs, daring my sense of adventure. I was always *home* of I was on the sand. My uncles taught us to fish. My grandmother 3/
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THREAD/ Yesterday, two years ago.

Me and five online friends watched as Twitter users pleaded for flood rescue during #Harvey. The 911 system went down. Fed, state and city officials told people to use 911, and not to use Twitter.
We saw as anxiety turned to fear, then terror.

We saw volunteers wasting critical time boating to homes based on outdated posts.

We decided to focus on supporting fed agencies by giving them actionable, accurate, timely data for search and rescue.
First up was the Google spreadsheet.

Then we coined the term #HarveySOS, and asked friends to go out and tag distress calls using that hashtag.

Another team grabbed those tagged tweets and entered them using consistent formatting.
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1. En este hilo analizaré declaraciones de @CosseCarolina a lo largo de la campaña, que demuestran el contenido de su discurso. Para quienes hemos seguido de cerca su gestión pública en @AntelDeTodos y en el @MIEM_Uruguay no nos llama la atención.
I: Presidencia
2. Aún estando en el @MIEM_Uruguay ya estaba en su rol de candidata y repetía mentiras que el @Frente_Amplio ha repetido desde hace años -como es la leyenda que afirma que los niños comían pasto- y han quedado en evidencia por parte de los propios protagonistas.
3. @CosseCarolina (27/09/2017): "(En) los primeros años había compatriotas que tenían hijos que comían pasto, y por eso el gobierno en su momento desarrolló un plan de emergencia", actualmente, "los problemas que se nos plantean son la obesidad y el sobrepeso en niños y jóvenes".
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–«Ana, sal a despedir a tus tíos».
Caleb y Judith eran en realidad tíos de su, desde ayer marido, Joaquín, y volvían a Nazareth después de la boda. Había que despedirlos con honores pues habían sido los más generosos con los regalos. #HiloDeLaInmaculada #InmaculadaConcepción
El resto de invitados se quedaría de celebración en Belén al menos una semana, pero estos familiares tenían que adelantar su regreso porque la enfermedad de Judith le impedía pasar largas temporadas fuera de casa.
–«Gracias por todo, Ana. Lo hemos pasado muy bien y volvemos encantados por vuestra acogida. Que Adonai bendiga vuestro matrimonio y os haga fecundos, que Él no aparte nunca su mano de vuestras cabezas».
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Seeing the Jeffrey Epstein case suddenly back in the news may be indicator that the Cohen-Pecker role in Trump-Epstein pediphile crimes may soon be ready to drop. @MiamiHerald report on link to Labor @SecretaryAcosta. A @realDonaldTrump cabinet member. #Maria
The MSM refused to report on the Doe case in 2016. Here is a video discussing the case. Donald Trump and Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein (LIP) via @YouTube
Jane Doe case was dismissed four days before 2016 election. Base on past practice this would have been in the Michael Cohen - David Pecker Trump job description. The complaint alleges Trump threatened to do to Jane Doe what was done to "Maria" who it alleged had disappeared. Jane Doe Notice of Voluntary Dismissal
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Ca c'est 1 vraie "cagade" de #Trump, totalement incompréhensible et illisible en plein début de campagne des #midterms. En faisant du bilan humain abominable de #Maria à #PortoRico le produit d'1 théorie complotiste (ce serait les démocrates…), il franchit 1 ligne jaune...1/
Quand, comme hier, #Trump affirmait son mépris pour #PortoRico et son sous-développement,il pouvait séduire la frange identitaire blanche de son électorat cible. Mais là...pourquoi partir dans 1 telle controverse aussi indécente alors qu'il a 1 bon bilan économique à défendre? 2/
3) #Trump n'a que 2 chiffres à marteler d'ici les #midterms: 4,1%((de croissance) et 3,9% (de chômage). Et pourtant, sans cesse, par sa simple obsession d'avoir raison, toujours,partout, il met à la une des polémiques soulignant ses "traits" faibles: manque d'empathie, d'à propos
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(1) HW's running thread of information and updates about Hurricane #Florence and other less severe storms affecting the US this week. #Olivia #Isaac and potential #Joyce aka #95L in the #Gulf.

Thread #1 was:
(2) Official FEMA PSA on Hurricane Prep, please RT:

(3) The first clouds of #Florence arriving now. Please evacuate this afternoon, it's the last chance to do so safely. Eventually even first responders will stay put until she passes.

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(1) The only time Democrats care about the US citizens of Puerto Rico is when they can make political hay out of them.

At all other times they ignore the territory & it's extreme poverty, economic dependency, & rampant political corruption.

Hurricane Maria deaths estimate.
(2) Watching hurricanes #Katrina & #Harvey from afar was an experience that radicalized me to become a Hurricane Watcher, focusing on storms affecting the US. Harvey had the potential to be another Katrina. Thanks to sterling work at all levels, Katrina-level tragedy was averted.
(3) The fact is, #Harvey, #Irma, & #Maria were handled well by local, state/territory, & federal government. Far Left Democrats FEEL that Maria wasn't, but Far Left Democrats feel a lot of things, especially since the #TDS pandemic outbreak on 11/8/16.
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As the govt continues to ignore the crisis in Puerto Rico after #Maria, I urge those affected to prepare for #Florence

It’s a Cat 4-5 & flooding is predicted.

Here’s how to prepare & what to do if you run out of bottled water after.

Please RT this thread— it could save a life.
First—listen to your state & local news. EVACUATE if you’re mandated. Don’t leave your pets behind.

I worked on the rescue efforts after Harvey & Irma. I spoke to people on dying phones who didn’t evacuate. They required rescue from rooftops.
If you’re not mandated to evacuate for #HurricaneFlorence, see @NOAA’s list of numbers and supplies you‘ll need

@Firechatapp is a web app & works when cell towers go down between phones.

Prepare & have 1 gallon/day water supply for 7 days minimum.
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(1) OK listen up. Hurricane #Florence is going to cause extreme flooding, wind & storm surge over a huge area. Due to shallow water off SC & NC, already sodden soil in ~6 states, & the storm's power, size, & forward speed. Explained in this brief story:…
(2) You can follow the thread I have going at the time, which covers all hurricane and storm threats to US territory. Current thread is below. I also have a couple of Twitter lists & links to other info sources there: ]

(3) I'm going to add below some photos and other things from my 2017 coverage of #Harvey #Irma #Maria and #Nate. That storm season was a historic event in American emergency management and community life. There were moments like #NoPoliticsOnTheBoat:
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1. Hilo sobre el extrañísimo combo Sharia, Feminismo, Diversidad Sexual y Derechos Humanos:


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NZ was one of the only populated places on the planet yesterday where there were temperatures under 15 degrees celsius.
Another perspective on the global heatwave that NZ appears to be missing out on (which may well turn out to be a good thing)…
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Bundesweite Medien wie #DLF berichten üblicherweise nicht über einzelne Gewalttaten - wenn sie nicht eine politische oder gesellschaftliche Bedeutung haben.

Wenn derart raumfüllend (nur) über Fälle wie #Susanna berichtet wird - kein Wunder, dass die Medien der #AfD helfen.
1. Straftaten werden nicht berichtet.
2. #AfD und rechte Hetzer "zwingen" Medien bei #Flüchtlingen zu berichten.
3. NUR Straftaten durch #Flüchtlinge werden weit verbreitet.
4. NUR #Flüchtlinge begehen Straftaten wird durch #AfD und rechte Hetzer verbreitet.

@DLF @ZDF @DasErste
Dadurch, dass nur Straftaten durch #Flüchtlinge weit verbreitet werden, bekommen sie "gesellschaftliche Bedeutung" - auch bei im Vergleich kleinen Fallzahlen.

Dadurch, dass sie "gesellschaftliche Bedeutung" haben, berichten Medien künftig "automatisch".

#AfD braucht nur warten.
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Freya, una de las activistas del Movimiento #120dB, hoy dará un discurso en #speakerscorner (06:50).

Los "adorables amigos" de #antifa también se unirán al evento.

La #LibertadD
eExpresión debe ser protegida por lawcDklCI9cj
¿Qué es #120dB?

Programa de radio en Español al respecto:…

Mi nombre es #Mia
Mi nombre es #Maria
Mi nombre es #Ebba

Las Hijas de Europa.…

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I keep hearing 7.1+ & seeing Oaxaca
Just putting this here^…
I seem to have missed this one:…
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(1) Team Trump photos thread started on 10/8/17 that will bear no resemblance to the chronological order of events of the last 2 weeks.
(2) I begin with a pic that paints a thousand words. Crooked, Commie Carmen Yulin Cruz has to acknowledge the President while others smirk.
(3) Carmen Yulin Cruz is the failed Mayor of San Juan who won't lift a finger to help #MakePuertoRicoGreatAgain, while millions will.
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22.9.2017: <1/2 of mainland Americans know Puerto Ricans have U.S. citizenship. #Hurricane #PuertoRicoSeLevanta…
12.9.2017: "It is American land. Has been for 100 years." #Hurricane #USVirginIslands #Maria #Irma
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(1) President Trump photos thread starting Friday 9/22. Previous *80-tweet* photos thread here, lol:
(2) GREAT Trump rally in Huntsville, Alabama. I've learnt some things that make me like #BigLuther more. I'll support the primary winner.
(3) #ThatsMyPresident and #ThankGod every day that Crooked is #NotMyPresident and NEVER WILL BE. #KeepDiggingDemocrats
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Thread: Looking to to support hurricane victims in Puerto Rico? Here are a few legit options. #Maria
You can give to Vive Borikén:

Learn more about them here: #Maria #PuertoRico
Support Frontline Puerto Rican Communities in the Recovery from Hurricane Maria (Center for Popular Democracy):
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One thing I’m worried about—in addition to my family’s safety—re: #Maria in #PuertoRico is how #colonialism capitalizes on #NaturalDisaster
In the early 1900s US #businesses were able to monopolize #PuertoRican farm land after Hurricane San Ciriaco (1899) devastated the #island
#Farmers who were never able to rebuild after the #hurricane were forced to either give up their #land or enter unjust agreements
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