THREAD: Christian groups like the Good News Club use public schools to proselytize other people's children. This terrible idea was unconstitutional until SCOTUS ok'ed it in 2001 in a case brought by the Christian Nationalist legal outfit ADF (Hobby Lobby, gay wedding cake case).
The After School Satan club is only possible because evangelical Christians insisted on using the machinery of the state to proselytize.

So if you're angry about this, take it up with the "religious freedom" champions at ADF.

This is what a equality looks like.

But wait,...
...there's more. ADF and Good News Clubs want to be in public schools bc they want to use the authority of public school teachers and the trust families put in them to spread their message. Children are taught to accept what they learn in school—math, reading, science—as true.
The child evangelizers—which is how they think of themselves—know that children will conflate the truth they're taught during school hours with the religion they're taught after school.

Evangelicals are co-opting the authority of the public school system to spread Christianity.
If this bothers you, and it should, wait until you hear about the curriculum the Good News Club teaches its children.

@kathsstewart has done brilliant work exposing the group. She wrote a book (The Good News Club) and explains here:
Here's how one GNC volunteer explained his mission to Stewart.🖼️

They are literally coming for your children.

Please read Stewart's book for more. It's eye-opening:…
Some of you might be thinking that this isn't so bad, it's all voluntary. Parents don't have to send their kids.

True. But the GNC isn't entirely honest with parents. They mask their hellish theology and proselytizing purpose, as Stewart documents.
Good News Clubs also take advantage of the fact that parents in this country are desperate for help with child care. An extra hour after school every week can be a huge benefit. It's one reason GNC insists on doing it after school. Again, co-opting the machinery of the state.
Some of you may also be thinking that, however hellish the evangelical Christian curriculum is, it can't be as bad as After School Satan.

That'd be wrong. The curriculum is actually pretty good (if cheeky) and morally superior threats of eternal torture.…
To close: After School Satan exists because Evangelical Christians claimed a religious freedom right to use our public schools to convert your children with promises of free childcare and undisclosed threats of hell. ADF, a Christian nationalist outfit, won that case.

And so...
... if you're a believer and you're angry about Satan in public schools, consider the words in 2 Kings 20:1:

“This is what the LORD says: Put your house in order..."
Update: @kathsstewart has added some of the rich, haunting detail you can find in her book to this discussion starting with this tweet:

• • •

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1 Nov 21
If we stop expecting intellectual and doctrinal consistency from this Supreme Court, we'll stop being so disapppointed.

If we stop expecting decisions based on legal principle instead of politics, we might stop getting blindsided by vicious decisions.
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I see you saying there's no point getting vaxxed because you can still get and spread Delta.😡
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Basically, by helping undermine public health measures, you helped create a virus more transmissible than Ebola. So well done.
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Constitutional attorney here.

Your freedom is not unlimited. All of your rights are limited in some way: free speech, religious freedom, 2nd Amendment, privacy (even in your home).

Most obviously, your freedom isn't a license to harm or risk the lives and health of others.
Your "freedom" doesn't include the right to drive drunk.
Your 2nd Amendment "freedom" doesn't let you carry a gun on a plane.
Your freedom of speech doesn't include defamation.
Your home can be searched with a warrant.
Your religious freedom ends where others' rights begin.
These limits are the price we pay for living in a civilized society.

About the only unlimited right you have is freedom of thought. And while you're free to believe any bullshit floating around this interconnected hellscape, that doesn't give you a right to act on it.
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Some parasitic insects lay their eggs in other living things. The larvae hatch and eat the live host from the inside out, leaving an empty shell behind.

The Supreme Court is doing the same with the Voting Rights Act, state/church separation, and, coming soon, abortion rights.
SCOTUS is leaving behind the empty shells of the Voting Rights Act, the First Amendment, and reproductive rights, while not actually striking down any statutes or overturning any precedent. This one weird trick suggests incremental change, not massive legal rewrites.
It's dishonest, but also political. Directly striking down or overruling, for instance, the VRA would build more popular support to #ExpandTheCourt. So instead we get the Shelby County and Brnovich cases, which gut the VRA and leave us with an empty husk. ImageImageImageImage
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25 Mar 21
The Supreme Court is going to hand down the decision on whether the Catholic Chruch’s foster care services in Philadelphia can discriminate against LGBTQ people any day now (Fulton v. Philadelphia). With this court, I’m not optimistic. Here’s what I’ll be looking for…
First, Sotomayor’s dissent. Because she’ll get it right. Read that first. I have little hope that she'll be writing the majority opinion. The Supreme Court is broken, politically packed, hopelessly Christian nationalist.

If you don’t know the Fulton case, it’s pretty simple....
Philadelphia takes care of foster children. It contracts out some of those responsibilities. Catholic Social Services is a contractor but refused to vet LGBTQ couples as potential foster parents or visit their homes. Why? Because Jesus.
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