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The story of Gomer in the book of Hosea is a testament that God gives second chances but when we've had a colourful past, it takes a lot for us to leave it.

It must have been hard for Hosea to accept a woman who was once a prostitute but he did because God instructed it.
Gomer would leave Hosea and go back to her past but Everytime she comes back, the Lord would have him take her back.

This act was symbolic of how God takes the children of Israel after they have gone back to their gallivanting with other idols.
They see that the pull to do as they please is always shortlived. This is what many of us go through when our past calls.

It calls because there's a whisper that you're missing out of something but I've seen that it's really dust and chaff.
I've noticed that we somehow fail to see that everything we have done in the past has been completely wiped away by the blood of Jesus and even God remembers them no more.

Why do we still remember them? The devil plaques us with it and we feel undeserving of forgiveness.
We keep shouting "Have Mercy on a sinner like me" and the devil preys on this thoughts and uses them to wage a mind warfare against the person.

When Jesus walked the earth, He never asked "Why are you blind?"

The woman caught in the act of adultery? Did he condemn her?
In the Old Testament, Rahab's family knew who she was.

Her trade wasn't hidden. In ancient times, prostitutes sometimes served as spies to the government and we're handsomely rewarded.

After some drinks, the tongues of man would loosen up.

Rahab was well to do.
Yet she sought more and when she heard about the God of Israel, she made up her mind.

When Matthew wrote about the Genealogy of Jesus, he made everyone see Rahab's name.

God was proud of her and never did her past matter.

Her husband, Salmon was proud of her.
Her son Boaz who later married Ruth the Moabite and died a day after the marriage was consumated was proud of his lineage.

What lineage? The lineage of God.

Tonight, we delve into deeper waters as we intercede for our Women both Believer and Unbeliever.
Why do we pray for Unbelieving women?

1. It is scriptures
2. It is for our long term advantage else their children will become strange voices that will lead ours away.

I don't know what you've done in your past? Many abortions? Violence? Cult activities?
Were you at a point institutionalized? Are you living with a man whom you know won't marry you and you know you deserve better?

Are you a prostitute? A lesbian? Involved in fraudulent practices? Do you desire a way you?

Tonight is your night.

Remember, there's no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus.

Come. You've thirsted enough and wept enough and beaten yourself enough.

Come. You've been weary and discouraged and abused and ostracized but come.

Tonight is your night. Come! Jesus is waiting.
If you want to talk or give your life to Christ, send me a DM & we shall come out better by the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Blessed Woman prayers continue tonight by 10:00PM.

Christian Twitter, please retweet & let's get many back home.

#Jesusloves #JesusSaves

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Jan 20
Conversations of Truth

I spent most of my growing up years in Oshodi and it was an environment where words were spoken with reckless abandon.

It was a place that was sometimes filled with too much anger, bitterness and disappointment so you want to put it on anyone.
Sometimes, parents would put it on their children and curses are established and patterns begin to operate.

So you see a child you knew growing up becoming a product of the words spoken to them.

It would take only the word of God to heal them - nothing more.
I remember a young man then. His mother was a legend in the hood.

No one has ever won a verbal war with her. She prided herself on being an Ibadan woman hence she would insult all day.

The young man was not spared. He was as quiet as his father and that was his fault.
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Jan 19

There are many quotes going up and down. One I have come across a lot is "Do what makes you happy".

That quote does not apply to a Believer who has the Spirit of God indwelling.

At all.

When you understand that your life was paid for by blood, you'll think twice.
It's a baby that puts everything in their mouth and the fact that sweet makes a baby happy does not mean you'll pack sweet and give the child.

You and I know the end result.

Look, certain actions we have taken all in the name of "it makes me happy" have led to many issues.
Paul said, "Yet No I but Christ that lives in me" (paraphrasing Galatians 2:20).

An expression of our sonship is " Being Led".

This year, give thought to things before you do them. You want to send that hot response in anger, think on it.
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Jan 18
A Gate and Many Sieges

Yesterday, we came to understand that there is nothing that God can do on earth without the willingness and availability of humans and this applies to satan and his minions.

Whereas God seeks permission, the enemy uses guile until he finds a human vessel.
It must have been a shocking thing for the devil to realise that despite his attempt at frustrating God's plan, God found another way - a woman to give birth!

Again, he laid a siege on the mind of Cain until he killed Abel even when God warned Cain.

Again, Adam knew his wife...
... and from that union came Seth and then, men began to call the name of God. It must have infuriated the devil knowing all his plans kept being thwarted.

I will tell a story and perhaps many of you including men can begin to understand why we need to spend time praying.
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Jan 17
The Woman.

Sometime last year, December precisely, @AbrahamSpeak did a teaching on Woman. In the course of the teaching, he mentioned women are gates and it made so much sense.

Since last year, I have been keeping watching and seeking the heart of the Father on issues.
And as we prayed on Friday on the Battle Axe Platform, the word came: a special prayer for Women.

This morning, during the morning devotion, we read Genesis 29:31 : “When the Lord saw that Leah was unloved, He opened her womb; but Rachel was barren.

God saw.
We sometimes paint God as one who does not care but this scriptures proves it all.

There's a love God has for women and if you're in ministry, you'll understand why.

Women give their all! Leah kept wishing Jacob could look at her with love but he didn't.

He was so upset.
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Jan 15

Of Hard Men and Love Languages.

A believer that is conscious of the divine life at work in him cannot claim to be a hard man.

Such a concept cannot exist when God is in you for His will and good pleasure.

The world has built stereotypes.
One of those stereotypes is Men should not show emotions as emotions are a sign of weakness.

This isn't true.

Jesus wept. His cousin Lazarus just died and it got to him.

Jesus mourned. His relative, John the Baptist was just beheaded and he left for a place to be alone.
Jesus had compassion. Great compassion for that matter. He knew the widow of Nain was in trouble seeing that her husband was dead and now, her only son.

Jesus was Empathetic.

A woman walked into the synagogue while he taught and he knew what pains this woman was under.
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Nov 5, 2021

When you see People walking in the supernatural and doing great things, ask yourself what they do.

Are they given to consistent prayer?
Are they given you consistent study of the word?
Are they given to consistent lifestyle of intercession?

Did you notice anything?
The key to the dimensions of the supernatural is consistency - nothing more.

Make out time to study and pray. Lagos is positioned to douse the fire of God but there are many ways to rule over that attack.

Traffic? Time?

I'll share an experience that helped me.
A couple of years ago, while I was still engaged in employment, I just moved to Abule Egba and three weeks later, they started constructing the bridge.

My office was at Ikeja and though not a distance, the routes were still unknown to me. My wife worked at Ijesha.
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