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My segment last night on @TuckerCarlson is having a bigger impact than I ever imagined.

It's causing pro-war pundits and politicians to lose their minds!

Let's catalog their meltdowns. A thread... 🧵
First, the man, the myth, the moron, Bill Kristol:

ESPN anchor turned paranoid xenophobe, Keith Olbermann, says we're traitors

Four bad takes doesn't make one good one, David French.

Rick Wilson writes... this. He thinks "comrade" jokes are clever burns in 2022.

Obama's favorite speechwriter says we're on the side of an "entho-nationalist authoritarian."

The first part of that claim shows he has zero idea about Russian domestic politics, btw. Clownworld insult.

This famous #RussiaGate believer thinks the segment makes Fox News a "hostile foreign propaganda outlet."

The founder of the DailyKos now cheers on war with Russia from the Left!

A sitting Congressman calls Tucker and I "right-wing agitators spewing Russian propaganda."

CNN's chief White House correspondent says the segment was orchestrated by Russian intelligence

Congressman who was seduced by a Chinese spy, now vocal about dangers of foreign influence!

Will anyone have the courage to call you out for being a twit, Joe Walsh?

This #resistance "fact checker" somehow ties my segment to .... January 6? How? Why?

Not relevant, since these aren't serious claims, just casual insults.

This lawyer with a big following wants Tucker to be prosecuted as an unregistered foreign agent!

Academic specializing in propaganda... hallucinates seeing propaganda. Shocking.

Film critic wants Tucker arrested for being an agent of a hostile foreign power. You can't make this stuff up.

Jonah Goldberg claims Ukraine would not be under U.S. military control if it joined NATO.

Apparently has no idea how NATO's command structure works.

DailyBeast columnist says my segment will be "all over Russian TV."

This is... actually true. But Russian TV shows American stories about Russia whether the takes are positive or negative.

Being #NeverTrump now means anyone you disagree with is in league with Putin

Ex-GOPer thinks being against war with Russia means we want to make America like Russia.

Totally logical conclusion...!

Natsec lawyer claims the segment "dusted off Soviet talking points."

CNN contributor doesn't have a good enough burn about Putin, so she throws in vaccines.

"Ebola expert" offers her takes on foreign policy. Results make you question her medical judgment.

Reminder: The people who want to censor Tucker and me are the ones trying to make America MORE like Soviet Russia.

More "comrade" jokes from these people. The 1980s called, they want their humor back.

I'm sure this joke sounded better in your head.

Who's controlling your teleprompter?

Because it sure seems like everyone in this thread is on the same page...
Wow, I missed the craziest part of this tweet:

She says our segment was "hybrid war," so she wants Tucker prosecuted for *treason.*

He would face the DEATH PENALTY.

A former Assistant Director of the FBI claims we were using "Russian talking points."

And *more* comrade jokes. This one in actual Russian.

I bet this joke really killed at parties 40 years ago.

German journalist gets in on the act, calls Tucker a "useful idiot of the Putin regime" for running my segment.

Swalwell is *still* tweeting about us. Claims Tucker "overtly did Putin's bidding" by running my segment.

They spliced the Russian National Anthem over the intro to my segment.

For the record, it's a lovely piece of music, and mocking other countries' anthems doesn't advance our national interest.

We're on America's side – the country you want to endanger by adding former Soviet states to NATO.

Washington Post columnist claims I'm a "Russia sympathizer" who Tucker brought on to "rationalize Putin's aggression."

CNN anchor accuses me and Tucker of advancing Vladimir Putin's propaganda strategy in America.

Sitting GOP rep complains that we're sabotaging America by dissenting – says we need "a unified front as Americans against Putin and the Russians."

Tucker's follow-up defending my interview has triggered them even more.

Here's a prominent natsec pundit calling him a "5th columnist" who "openly broadcasts for America's enemy"!

This Canadian diplomat calls Tucker a Putin "toadie."

Compares him to men who broadcast Nazi propaganda from German soil.

• • •

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The U.S. government has been paying me to build a replacement for Bitcoin and Ethereum.

It's called KRNC (@KRNCinc) and it's a protocol that upgrades the U.S. Dollar.

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The West is pushing Ukraine to attack inside Russia.
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Journalists are claiming Elon Musk doesn't know what he's doing buying Twitter.

In reality, they're the ones who are clueless.

This acquisition will go down as one of Elon's crowning achievements – right next to SpaceX & Tesla. 🧵👇
Their primary argument is that the deal doesn't make financial sense for Musk.

Megan McArdle from the Washington Post says he paid too much and "there's no obvious way he's going to squeeze more money out of Twitter operations."

1. That's BS; and

2. It doesn't matter.
Let's start with why it's BS.

First of all, Twitter already brings in enough money to cover the cost of servicing the debt Elon took on to make the $44B acquisition.

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Apr 26
This is a remarkable piece of misinformation being spread by major accounts.

They claim the FSB is so dumb that it forged a neo-nazi letter and accidentally signed it "Signature Illegible."

It's amazing that stories this dumb get RTed +10,000 times... 🧵
In reality, "Signature Illegible" is the alleged moniker of the neo-nazi extremists.

Here is the cover of a piece of extremist literature where it's prominently displayed.

The meaning isn't entirely clear: it could refer to e.g. the "signature" of a criminal group.
Another book showing the same moniker is shown in the original video from the FSB.

So it's obvious this wasn't a bizarre oversight in signing the letter.

It's clearly supposed to be a moniker associated with the extremists.
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Apr 25
Today, U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said America wants to see a "weakened" Russia.

It's an example of a senior Biden administration official saying the quiet part out loud.

A quick thread on the implications... 🧵
First, this is simply bad diplomacy.

Russia has always argued that the West's goal was to bring Russia to its knees.

That was part of Putin's justification for launching the invasion of Ukraine.

Publicly endorsing that strategy helps Putin by apparently vindicating him.
Second, it raises questions about America's actual goals in Ukraine.

I believe we should seek to end the conflict in order to minimize the suffering of the Ukrainian people.

But I've long argued that is not the Biden administration's policy.
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Apr 23
Many people are celebrating Ukraine's unexpected battlefield successes against Russia.

In reality, NATO assistance to Ukraine is pushing us closer to nuclear war.

There's a clear path from where we are today to the first combat use of nukes since WW2.🧵
Today, Zelensky gave a press conference inside a metro station in Kiev.

He stated that if the West provides Ukraine with sufficient weapons, then Ukraine will begin a campaign to take back all of the territory that Russia has occupied.
These were Zelensky's exact words, threatening to retake all Russian occupied territories using NATO weapons:

"All that they [Russia] occupy we will return. It is a question of weapons. If we have enough of them, we will immediately begin to return the occupied territories."
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